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what is the definition of doctor and tell 5 qualities of good doctor    0  1030
how can i prepare or CAT    0  495
giving an example describe how the modulus function works    0  631
polic sub inspector modual question papers cisf   95  112744
what are the common question that can be ask me during interview me as health assistant.    0  811
plz send me model question paper and syllabus of sbi clerical examination 2009 state-bank-of-india-sbi   6  2929
which is the earliest engineering educational institute in india?    1  2632
jabalpur is in city    3  1507
how to prepare & appear for gd & pi's in exams?    2  1686
Multiply all the integers from -4 to +4. The product obtained is ignou   3  1315
what would be 50% of 10% of 25% of 40% of 60% of 2000? ignou   5  2321
Please send english model paper to my email id    0  606
In the manufacture of safety matches, which of the following material is used to coat thetwo sides of the match-boxes?1.Yellow phosphorus 2.Red phosphorus 3.Glue 4.Glass powder ignou   2  2958
Iam preparing for Group 1 services. please send me any material related to this.    0  1003
Briefly describe your ideal job?    0  1403
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Un-Answered Questions
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patent right is in the nature of ? 775
do you know what role play hr in the organization? 978
What are you career plans for next five years. 846
What is the qualification/illegblity And When fillup forms 861
please send me NTPC previous papers on my email ID or 463
which of the following is said to be an important aspect of industrial relation? 1.profit and loss of the org 2.future expansion programme 3.conflict and co operation 4.quality control 2. The Govt strategy in maintaining indusstrial relation in india is 1. laissez faire 2. total intervention 3. required intervention 4. none of above 538
used of viscocity in petrolium 745
folly disk is ram type memory or rom type memoty 1024
could u send me the model papers for drug inspector exam at 544
How to help engneer 657
main() { int *ptr=(int*)malloc(sizeof(int)); *ptr=4; printf("%d",(*ptr)+++*ptr++); } 567
Mangal Pandey fired the first shot of the Revolt of 1857 at 790
Is MLA consider as Gazetted Officer? Can we issue character certificate from him? And NOC from Police station consider as character certificate for Bank interview. Please answer me early as i need it. 1260
A father has three daughters find out the age of three daughters ? 1-the product of their age is 36. 2-the sum of their age is equal to your house number . 3-my eldest daughter has green eyes. 677
all cat related question 592
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