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What are associated files in QTP?    2  3345
Where are the snapshots stored?    2  5971
How can we call Winrunner functions from QTP?    1  2177
How will u declare a variable to access multiple actions? a)Dim b)Global c)Public d)Private    1  5475
How to parameterize Object Repository?    2  3285
What is creation time property and how does it work?    1  12697
Which object model is not supported by QTP? a)COM b)DECOM c)DOM d)DCOM. Pls explain about theese object models?    1  6026
What are the drawbacks of QTP? ordain-solutions   9  11959
Plz send one Tracebilitymatrix example? Anybody working on Realtime QTP Plz give contact deatils?    1  3095
Are u place all QTP Framework folders in VSS? tcs   4  5695
Suppose u write test case in Excel sheet . how u open that test case in Test Director? ordain-solutions   4  7103
Explain about Standard output value, Text output value, database o/p value, Xml O/p value, Xm o/p Value tcs   1  5437
What u say as experience(Interview) "TELL ME ABOUT UR SELf"? As a Fresher(interview) What u Say? shoprite   3  10616
If enter into interviewer room? how u introduce with him. with shakehand or waht?    2  3103
Plz explain about Virtual object? What is the situation u r using , explain with example?    1  2261
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Un-Answered Questions
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How to add verification steps to tests? 5974
Can we use index on view? 596
if there is a web table of having row and colmns.a button is placed at 2nd row's 3rd column which is worked for both edit and to write script for the button to test both operation on the web table using desriptive programing.. plz help me on script wheather using getroproperty Q2)what is the command for taking valiue from a web table in qtp 19016
Where is the Bitmap checkpoint information stored? 712
Want to verify notepad reports using QTP framework or any other BV script method. Can anyone share the method to achieve it? Eg. Person Name is the header and the actual name is John then how can we verify weather person name is John 1071
when to start the automation? 493
Hi, My name is kishan. I have good Conceptual Knowledge on QTP. In order to Boost up my Confidence Level, I want to do a Project oriented Training only on QTP in Hyderabad. Kindly Let me know which is the Best QTP Project Training Institute in Hyderabad. Thanks in Advance kishan 613
I want to do QTP Certification what is the pattern of Question paper. 723
What contains Data Driven Framework document in qtp? 425
We have a text file which contains 1 to 100 numeric values sequentially like 1 2 . . 100 Now we have to count them and transfer to XML file by writing a code in qtp. 706
How to customize checkpoints with parameters? 1698
In order to select an automation tool for automating ur application, what r the things u need to consider? For eg i will go for automation; 1) When there is a lot of retesting and regression testing. 2) Return on investments. 3) Whether the tool supports the appln. 4)--------------, etc. Pls give me more number of points because my answer did not satisfy the interviewer. Very urgent pls 445
write a script for allinterview-submit Question first we've to select Choose Category,second select Sub- Category(Which is comes in to runtime)third select Question Type.for that give some descriptive and vb script 409
explain keyword driven framework with banking domain? 525
Hi, I have 2 dropdown listboxes called region and city/area. It needs to select one region(Santa Clara) and one city/Area (Sunnyvale).So I put this in the for loop and I am storing the Items in the variable called itemname. The regions value will get changed,so I used reg expression for this regions. This is my code Browser("").Page("").Link("» County/Area").Click Browser("").Page("").WebList ("regions").Check CheckPoint("regions") ListSize=Browser("").Page ("").WebList("regions").GetTOProperty("items count") For i = 1 To ListSize-1 Itemname =Browser("").Page ("").WebList("regions").GetItem(i+1) Browser("").Page("").WebList ("regions").Select Itemname ................. If I run the script,I am getting the following error, Cannot identify the specified item of the regions object. Confirm that the specified item is included in the object's item collection. Any Help? Thank you, Uma 369
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