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Explain about Standard output value, Text output value, database o/p value, Xml O/p value, Xm o/p Value tcs   1  5209
What u say as experience(Interview) "TELL ME ABOUT UR SELf"? As a Fresher(interview) What u Say? shoprite   3  9895
If enter into interviewer room? how u introduce with him. with shakehand or waht?    2  2861
Plz explain about Virtual object? What is the situation u r using , explain with example?    1  2161
In QTP , Test Director combination . what is the role of Test Director? How QTP Launching QTP in T.D ? If it is Winrunner possible. but QTP How it is possible? tcs   1  2928
If u prepare bug report in Excel sheet . Is it possible to send thrw Test director? how it is? wipro   3  5013
In Manual testing , can u prpare bug report in TD? tcs   1  4483
How u send bugs to dev'lpment team all at once or one by one or waht is the process? kenexa   2  2645
How u prepare Test result summary in QTp? cgi   4  6434
Hi,Sudhanandareddy plz forword framework and ppts for QTP to me. This is my mail id: (your contact number also)    0  473
how can i prepare for QTP(8.2) to face interview ? give over view details?    52  13013
hi Sudhananda reddy, in my resume, i written as , I Am working as a Test Engineer for xyz company. IS IT RIGHT OR WRONG? WHAT IS THE ACTUAL meaning of "IN XYZ COMPANY", "FOR XYZ COMPANY", "WITH XYZ COMPANY".    2  2808
In smart identification, explain about 1. Base filter properties 2. optional filter properties with examples? tcs   2  7525
Plz explain about object propeties in object identification? means.. explain about 1. mandatory properties.2. assestive properties 3. ordinal properties. tcs   3  3279
Plz explain about InTERNAl Environment variable, External environment variable,builtin environment variables with examples? tcs   1  5311
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Un-Answered Questions
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Our company is having a windows client server application developed in so there is a treeview and i am not in a position to record the click events in QTP. so kindly help. Vivek 517
How we can use the database checkpoint on a java web based application in which the database connectivity is done using JDBC->Pure Java type (in this type there is no need to create a DSN). At present in QTP we can fetch database values using checkpoint only through DSN. Is there any programming for this if we don't have DSN (ODBC) 627
In a flight window we have to enter the name and meal request for every passenger.In that window if we give Total passengers=1 then the Psngr1 name field and psngr1 meal request field will reflects.if we give Total passengers=2 then Psngr1 name field and psngr1 meal request field,Psngr2 name field and psngr2 meal request field will reflects and so on.if total psngrs=100 then will we capture all the fields for the psngrs to Automate the app how we can handle this scenerio thru Descriptive programming? 393
Shall we add Local Repository to shared object repository,if yes,how we add 2217
I have qtp 9.5 demo ver,I am not able to record the yahoo anyone can tell me what setting i have to do in QTP for yahoo brower recording. why its not recognise the object of yahoo browser???? 782
How do you test DLL files using automation Tool QTP? 1498
how can we compare descriptive programing with a regular expression 726
What is the Command used to start the QTP 406
When I click on a link in web page.Link should open in new window.can anyone please let me know the script for this ---Koti 1318
What is ObjectParamater? 395
explain how to write vb script in qtp?when will you write own script? 800
Lets say,flipkart search button we have entered category[i.e watches] it displays some items...question is how to test price displayed each product is correct or not through qtp 1306
hi Friends ,willany body tell me what is the Scope for the automation Testing inht Future is their Or not And what is the Top Most Level in the testing section according the Pay scale 447
When Recovery scenario actually starts while testing the application? 493
Hi frnds, does anybody know if there is anything called "thin point" or something in qtp? thanks in advance. 1077
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