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Do you have a market report for the project? vita   0  487
Have you done any professional training ? michelin   0  455
Have you left the Present Employer already ?    0  453
Any relation between your current employer and US employer? hp   1  1448
How many employees in US Company? microsoft   0  782
What is the annual turn over of the company?    0  651
What kind of projects US Company is working on?    0  810
Who is the President or CEO of US company?    2  1941
Who are the clients for your USA company?    0  476
Can you give me the dates of your interview?    0  830
Who had taken interview for you?    1  1286
How many rounds of interviews the USA company conducted? What are they?    0  504
What are the technologies you are working on?    0  814
What are the software?s you know? Have you worked on those areas?    0  830
Can I see the Employee petition to USCIS, Tax Returns of the Company?    0  908
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Un-Answered Questions
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why u going to us and how do i believe that u will be back after completing ur course 685
What is your highest education level? 556
a US company has filed my H1B visa ,, and i got selected in random number process.I wanna ask Could they ask regarding my languages(java,c++) or there will b just general questions?? And wat kind of questions will they ask in embassy interview?? 542
potential problem and preventive measures 952
hi all. i got admission in trivaley univ ,i had written ielts ,and i am appearing to interview on 21st without gre,already the classes had been started from sep 7th ,but i got extension upto oct6th,how can i overcome tthese to get visa ,,kindlt suggest some answers 490
my son is attending for f1 visa intervew next month to study at usa, in case not make it can he attend once again in weeks time 648
Why is he staying in California when his company is in Philadelphia 488
what is mean of kpo 718
Is Police Checking Done for getting visa confirmation as that done when we have applied for passport?? If police checking doesnot include personal interview by police officals, then how is police clearance done for getting visa.......... Please reply soon if any one knows 727
My name is Sunisha Thapa.I've applied for student visa to A/a and i was also called for interview at Delhi from Nepal. The interview went all good but after 2 weeks i got the result where they told me that I was not the genuine student who really wants to study. Only because of the political situation of Nepal I had planned to go A/a and I was rejected for this silly reason where it was also written that my all the part of documentation was good.Can someone help me that what is this? I just want to say that "DON"T JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER". It's about the matter of my life and my future...... 1232
visa rejected first time... Do you have any changes from previous time? 798
why this university ......... a have choosen FAIRGEIGH DICKINSON UNIVERSITY MADISON 07940 624
i want to go to us on visitors visa to give entrance exama s for dds. so pplz guide me in interview whether i shud disclose that my brother is there or not 753
From which year the company is in the same office complex? 554
i want apply visitor visa for usa and my reason is my real sister is pragnant n she has babyshower so plz help me for question and document 2042
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