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WHY THIS COURSE?. us-consulate   7  6642
WHY THIS UNIVERSITY?. us-consulate   7  12554
WHY YOUR TOEFL SCORE IS LAW? us-consulate   5  3980
WHAT YOU DO YOUR FAMILY?. us-consulate   6  3630
WHO WILL PAY FOR YOUR EDUCATION?. us-consulate   3  3756
why usa?. us-consulate   8  3865
Can my uncle can sponsor my US education? Since my father is expired as my mother is not working, My mothers bother I mean my uncle can he finance my studies I mean can his sponsor will be allowed with any restrictions of getting visa?    5  4659
I have been applied for student visa. I am marroed. This status makes any problem during my interview.My spouse is in US.    0  375
can anyone tell me what's the procedure and eligibility to apply for a working visa in UK?    0  433
I have applied for an undergraduate course in America and got admitted, but the problem is i have done my undergraduate in India also. So I was wondering will they give me F-1 Visa again. because i have heard that once u do undergraduate they do dont give visa again for undergraduate. Also if I still sit for an interview and they reject me, is it true, that i will never ever get Visa again. prime-bank   0  887
What is the procedure of the U.K HSMP Visa and without taking any assistance from consultancy,how do we apply for this visa. i am qualified for HSMP visa according to new criteria.    0  1705
Hello,I'm going to take my interview on August in order to take have my master in Business Administration.First I didn't take my TOEFL Since i don't have much time for it,and I was also told that it doesn't matter if I got it or not.Secondly,My sponsor is the father of my sister hasband;in fact he has a lot of money cuz he owns a Company.I want to know if this will affect my chances of gaining my VISA.Thanx in advance. us-consulate   0  298
hi friends,i took ielts exam instead of toefl but i got the admission from the lamar univ. if vo ask why did you did u take the ielts? then what we have to tell?    2  2812
how i will prepare for the visa interview on june 9th.can any one please help me ho i will face it and also send u r email address who attend or planned to attend to face visa interview? tech-mahindra   0  584
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Un-Answered Questions
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what r the frequently asked questions at embassay by visa officer and send me the answers too for those questions 621
i have got thru cornell univ for phd with full schol and stipend. i wanted to know wat kind of questions do they ask ? i mean do they really grill you. wat kind of questions are phd students normally asked ? 970
I am having 6.5 years of experience in IT and presently I am working in a reputed MNC. My company is soon going to apply for L1A for me. The reason I am worried because, the first company where I worked almost 2.7 years sold there business and presently there are no existence of it. Except the appointment as well as release letter from this company I don’t have any other documents like bank statement or form16 (As it was a small company we used to get the payment in cash.). So, in this situation if my present employer asks these documents during verification process I will be in deep trouble. Please advice me what should I do in this situation. Thanks a lot in advance. 591
me and my unmarried partner wants to get a dependent visa for uk... my partner is a european citizen (spanish citizen) but residing in uk for more than 10 years and stable for his job in american airlines. can u advise me the requirements and sample interview questions for visa. 980
i have planned for fall 2010.. i wl complete my btech by the mid may.. and results wl b released by june.. is der any compulsory dat we should attend to visa aftr completing final ear.. ? r else we can attend before completing the final year..? plzz help... me.. already i have completing my total processing and i got admit also.. 277
I have 2 police clearance certificates(PCC),one from local city & other from passport visa office(have stemped on passport for PCC upto 15 october2010)but my interview date is on 13 october2010 in new local PCC has enough period but my PCC of passport visa office will be expire after 2 days of my interview.Sir, please tell me that will the embessy take any action against it or not? will they give me vissa for U.S.A ? or i would have to renew my PCC. PLZ tell the answer as early as possible with in hour.THANKING YOU,Sir. 849
why lamar university 820
i was offered to study in UK. i have all the documents ready for the VISA process. but my IELTS has got expired a month back. are there any chances of rejecting VISA for this reason? ? 454
hi im nagarjuna, if any one plse assist me, i had complited my mba from indian university, i had a toefl score of 103 and no gmat, and now i applied for mba in usa and i got admission from dowling college newyork, so what answer should i say while the v.o ask's about why double mba, and plse tell the visa sucess rate for dowling college. 199
My sister-in-law is giving birth with my first nephew and first grandchild for my parents in a few months in the US. I am a single lawyer with the government and my parents are both retired government employees. Both of my brothers are american citizens. We want to take a short vacation and also to witness my nephews' birth. My parents and I went for a visa interview recently and were denied. The consulate only asked us few questions; 1. are you the only child left in the philippines? yes sir because I work here in the philipines. 2. And both of your parents are retired? yes sir. Then he said, Unfortunately, I cannot approve your application because you fail to show strong ties in the Philippines. We intend to apply again. Just in case the consul will asked us, what changed between the time of our first interview and now, can I politely say that we were not given the chance to show our strong ties in the philippines? How soon can we apply again? Is it better for us to have separate interviews, I alone and my parents together? 799
I got H1B stamped in year 2008(september) for 2 years and it got expired on 2010,with myself ever going to US...can I file for extention 376
Hi, i am Diploma Holder in computer engg. + i have Done Diploma in Software engg (GNIIT Course).. of 3 yrs from private Institue called NIIT.. + i have 4years of Experience in IT Industry(MNC) ... Am I eligible to apply for L1 1191
My husband had to go to Switzerland for work for a week,and also get his H1b Stamping from there. Now the consulate there said it would take 3 weeks to process, do you think it would create a problem. They have also asked for his resume???? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE suggest....he's not stuck cos cant enter US...shuld he go back to india or stay in switzerland to process it??? 666
hi, i completed my MCA in india. i got I-20 for MS-software engineering Do i find any difficulty for getting visa. i'm going to face visa scores(gre-980,ielts-6) 347
My friend send me an invitation letter to play a role in the festival holding at his restaurant for one week 531
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