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After execution of a report we get parameter layout where we have enter From_date and To_date.After entering From_date and without entering To_date what happen a report will execute or not? hcl   2  2427
in general ledger it is posiible for reverse entry in any another option ( not reverse tab)    4  2109
In a table their 20 records.I had update 6 records???How can see and retrieve particular 6 records.i.e.,Latest updated. hcl   10  5193
In a Standard form a DFF is disable?How we can Enable it? caritor   5  8287
In SQL Loader i have 100 Records to be loaded into my table. How do i load the first 30 Records and skip the last 10 Records within a single .ctl file ? So my total no.of records to be loaded would be 60. Could anybody help me in this ?    2  3667
Assume i have three Procedures defined in a Package Spec. I have created the Package Specification. now i create the Package Body by including the three procedures in addition to that i include a fourth procedure which is not included in my Package Spec. I compile the Package Body. Will the Package body Compile ? What will the end result ? what will happen if the execute the package by calling the 4th procedure ? satyam   7  3277
Name the different Cursor Attributes. satyam   2  2334
What is the most critical part which you had faced in your project ? satyam   1  2048
Why Retained Earning Account is necessary for the set of book creation while implementing oracle new business.    3  3593
How will call a Key Flexfield Routine in Oracle Apps Forms and what are the arguments to be passed to that routines ? (He was asking me the Package name and Procedure) spider-systems   1  2808
What is the use of this Table AR_RECEIVABLE_APPLICATIONS_ALL in AR Module ? satyam   2  5457
What is the result of this query ? SELECT * FROM EMP WHERE ROWNUM = 1 satyam   25  7111
Write an SQL Query to Delete Duplicate records from a table using ROWID. satyam   24  41153
In GL Module When does the GL_BALANCES Table Hit ? satyam   4  7720
In AR module What is the difference between Debit Memo and Credit Memo ? satyam   3  10662
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Un-Answered Questions
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what is exactly oracleapps hr pay roll?what qualities one should have to get into this career. 215
How to perform the renewal manually? 150
What are the Standard Reports and Forms in HRMS? 401
How to stream the line level billing schedules? 217
encumbrence set ups? 422
If we have a repeated record in a table. But the repeated record how i can transfer from table to nested table? 188
How to copy the contracts? 146
How to authoring and signing a service contract? 154
What are the different types of excise exemptions? 184
how to view the salesorder information of product in install base? 166
there is something called "pragma" ?what is it ?on which context it is used ? 252
can we get profile values in report without using user exists is it possible how? 259
How to create service Item and serviceable item in inventory? 704
what are steps included in auto accounting rule? 13
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