Oracle Apps Interview Questions
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How is the GL Date derived by AutoInvoice process? Any set-ups?

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What is the use of the Default GL Date given in parameters of the Autoinvoice import program?

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Can it be set that the GL date is the Sale Order date or Ship to Date?


Can multiple Sales Orders be invoiced under one Invoice?


Can Adjustments be imported?


Grouping Rules and Line Ordering Rules


Is it possible to import invoices of a specific Sales Order?

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Can Supplier numbering be set to automatic?

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Substitute receipts and Unordered Receipts


What is the difference between Recurring Journals and Recurring Invoices? What is the need for the Recurring Journals in GL when Recurring invoices exist in AP?


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When does the Invoice price variance arise? What is the accounting entry?

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Can journals imported from sub-ledger, if unposted, be modified?

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What kind of budgets have you worked on?


How can FSG be generated to provide dynamic report i.e. current month, previous month and 2 months before balances for a given period?

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Where is the method of Supplier Number set? At what level is the supplier numbering controlled?

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Un-Answered Questions { Oracle Apps }

In hierarchical structure of a database? we have write query from where we should start?


Oracle report builder 6i is view based then what about report builder 10g?


How to define the global contract default for renewals?


please explain with examples the below mentioned "Creating the end to end business scenarios and executing the scenarios to perform the regression testing".


How do you adjust receivables?


how to processing the transaction-errors?


how to create instance?


is it possible to run the interface without using oracle apps?


How can a customer buy additional service for a product?


In India Localization how are generating Excise and VAT Invoice number both shippable and non-shippable Sales Orders/Transactions.


what is Planning budgeting & Funding Budget and Setup Steps For Planning & Funding Budget ?


2. what is receipt method.


explain with examples what r the roles & Responsiblities of a functional consultant who reviews the Test Scripts, Test Cases and Test Execution Results of AP, FA and GL.


Can u give the Documentation of Custom.pll in oracle apps


How to retry multiple errored workflow processes? What is the access level in workflow used for? How do you define start and end functions in workflow? How does they differ from normal functions? Give me some workflow tables? What is the difference between a function and notification in workflow? I have sent two different notifications to two different users and I want to wait till both they are approved to send 3rd notification. How can you achieve it? What is item type and item key in workflow? How do you use attribute values in workflow messages? How do you use lookups in workflow? What are roles in workflow and how they are used? How do you download or upload a workflow from a server? What are steps to customize the workflow? What functions can you perform from workflow administrator responsibility? To send an email to the user workflow notification is the only way or is there any other ways to send it? Give me some workflow standard procedures? How can you run/start/kickoff workflow? What is wf_engine package used for? How many processes can each workflow contain? What is Runnable option in workflow? At what level it exists? What are different types of attributes in workflow? How do you reassign a notification? What is process in workflow? How can you send direct oracle form link through workflow notifications? How can you send a notification to multiple users? Can you change the list dynamically? Can you send html code in workflow notification? I have sent two different notifications to two different users and I want to wait till atleast one is approved to send 3rd notification. How can you achieve it?