Oracle Apps Interview Questions
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How is the GL Date derived by AutoInvoice process? Any set-ups?

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What is the use of the Default GL Date given in parameters of the Autoinvoice import program?

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Can it be set that the GL date is the Sale Order date or Ship to Date?


Can multiple Sales Orders be invoiced under one Invoice?

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Can Adjustments be imported?


Grouping Rules and Line Ordering Rules


Is it possible to import invoices of a specific Sales Order?

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Can Supplier numbering be set to automatic?

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Substitute receipts and Unordered Receipts


What is the difference between Recurring Journals and Recurring Invoices? What is the need for the Recurring Journals in GL when Recurring invoices exist in AP?


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When does the Invoice price variance arise? What is the accounting entry?

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Can journals imported from sub-ledger, if unposted, be modified?

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What kind of budgets have you worked on?


How can FSG be generated to provide dynamic report i.e. current month, previous month and 2 months before balances for a given period?

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Where is the method of Supplier Number set? At what level is the supplier numbering controlled?

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Un-Answered Questions { Oracle Apps }

What is the use of ADD to RECEIPT FILED in receipt localized? Then how to performing in SOURCE TYPE INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL?


testing tools?


How to generate the contract renewals?


Difference between header level tax calculation and line level tax calculation


Can i make restrictions for sales order? Like, book the sales order only for 100 or above quantities?


what is the difference between before pages trigger and after parameter trigger in reports ?


Substitute receipts and Unordered Receipts


can u send me the supporting issues in oracle apps scm functional such as inventory,purchasing and order management


Oracle report builder 6i is view based then what about report builder 10g?


As a functional consultant how much knowledge i should have about tools used in oracle apps r12.


how to create default-instance summary page?


A program must be written which accepts date parameter. The date parameter will accept data in the format DD/MM/YYYY. This data has to be validated and post validation, the following details have to be displayed for this date parameter 1. Input date must be defaulted to sysdate, It can be overridden by any other date. 2. Financial year should be displayed for this date parameter. Eg: If the input date is 30/11/2010, the financial year must be displayed as 1. From Date : 01-Aprr-2010 To Date: 31-Mar-2011 3. Calendar year and Calendar month must also be displayed. 4. The next payment cycle (say for EB), must be displayed based on this date parameter. 5. The previous payment must also be displayed based on this date.


What is the use of INV-Receipts and PO-Reciepts,Just give me the Differences&When,At what Instances to use Them...?


what is the differences between internal requisition and internal sales order?


What is purpose of oracle service contracts?