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 Categories >> Engineering >> Instrumentation
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What is the difference between ff transmitter and non ff transmitter    0  16
Why rtd  out put is ohm how create the ohm     1  35
What is the live zero and dead zero    1  39
How to calibrate radar lt type transmitter    1  39
What is the formula of vabration sesore. i mean how to covert mils to volt plz share if any body knows   very argent : my mai is    0  22
How we are blocking 40 kg or more pressure through only 6 kg instrument air in control valve     3  63
what is the difference in Kg/cm2 and mmwc?    2  54
why pressure 3-15psi is used as industrial standard and what is the reason    2  74
Tyes of interface level measurement and how to use that technique for interface level measurement,    0  31
how to convert digital signal to analog signal in plc    1  56
Close loop and open loop diagram for instrumentation    1  54
What is the compensation of thermocouple    2  93
Can 2 transmitters be connected to Integral orifice meter taps? Does an integral orifice comes with 2 set of taps?    1  67
How I identify to solonied coil which is 24v or 230v In our lab.because there is no tag.    1  86
How can test or measure the probe and extension cable to identify if the problem at the probe or cable or at the driver it self? (pleast notify the measuring method)    0  34
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Un-Answered Questions
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What are the type of bonnets in the control valves? 86
which processor is used in dcs. 255
I am an intru engg frm pune n completing mba marketing in may 2010, what kind of profile would best suit my educational qualifications??? Also, i will move to US in jan 2011, so this job experience should count Over there too 'coz i want to continue workin even there.... 160
i have done DAE in Instrumentation and Process Control. i have applied for an apprentice training in chemical company after three day my interview will be conduct but i need more information about industrial process control and controller. my e mail is please tell me interview question relative to instrumentation ? 347
Explain the combusion chamber 136
Why is it necessary to use compensation leg to measure the liquid level in a closed or pressurized tank? 265
Make a ladder diagram on LSL valve will close, on PSL valve will open and start the motor 140
Which is your favourite subject & explain any one topic of it. 878
What is the use of each wire in three wire RTD 154
KAlman filter code for two dimension? 111
i need some objective type questions in instrumentation 1030
what is function of switch, and how is it work, explain with difination 73
what is surge and how is it prevented, what is the purpose of bypass valve across AS valve. 50
What are the error values can accepted in flow transmitter calibration?could u give any formula for this? 109
Basic working principle of control valves 8
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