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Why integral control mode call Reset controller?    1  39
If I installed wrong directions orifice plate then what showing value d.p transmitter? sts   1  62
can anyone tel the syllabus or previous year question paper for BHAVINI(EIE)2014. bhavini   0  38
when the force applied on load cell the ohms will be varriying .and how its convert ohms to mv generate and have any formulae? uetcl-uganda-electricity-transmission-company-limited   1  55
why we are using negative range like -750 to 0 mmwc in closed tank?and what is the reason can you explain clear? aarvi-encon   2  61
How can i test procedure grounding for CAT-7 cable? Or How can we test procedure CAT-7 Cable Electrically safe?    0  27
What is Electrical Runout & Mechanical Runout in Vibration measurement.    1  46
if I did short to both AO connections, channel will burn or what? m sure in AI it will damage to channel. But what will happens in AO?    1  54
if RTD damage in plant, how we know? reliance   5  79
what are the on/off valve precaution? reliance   1  67
how do we commission inergen system?    0  21
what are different types of cables used in instrumention how to calibrate a level transmitter online ( rosemount )    1  59
what is disadvantage of field bus (ff)type of instrument    1  51
in rotark mov in display err msg showing how to remove the error    1  39
I want to use 1/2 inch SS316 tube in my high pressure & temperature (64 kg/cm2 & 500 deg C)after condensate pot in pressure tranmistter. 1) Is it possible to use 1/2" ss316 tube in high pressure and temperature line. Tube manufacturer is local vendor. 2)On sarting the plant, We need to do system fluse that time condesate is not in the condesate pot so steam is directly contact with the tube. We have no exact calculation to know our tube is ok or nor at this time. pleae,reply.    1  42
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Un-Answered Questions
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what is pressure control 147
What pressure results for a flow transmitter of range 0- 180t/h in the dcs and 0-301mbar in the field using square root extraction. Kindly also suggest formulae for the percentages 0,25,50,75,100? 144
god evening sir i am studying & i elegible to all industies 163
How to calibrate level transmitter with use of HART? 515
what is sequence table in DCS . make a logic in sequence table for tripping of ID fan in Boiler(in YOKOGAWA CS 3000 DCS). 242
Which language of programing is popular? how can i learn it ? 156
What does PCU means with respect to Dead Weight Tester? 184
How to Calibrate variable Head flowmeter (Orifice), here we dont know High pressure and low pressure then how to apply pressure on HP and LP side ? 450
how to calculate control valve bonnet size?? or how to select its material? 227
what is function of sensor, and how is it work , explain with difination 57
What is the differerence between hysterisis and linearity. 107
Actual using of tube bender to bend 2 opposite 90 deg at correct measurement center to center of tubing. 105
PT RTD Range: -200 to 500 degree celsius If I configured in DCS Lower range and Upper range . In face plate it shows red colour due to overa range how was the characteristics look If the temperature is more than operating range. how was the characteristics look . whether its in Resistance vs Temperature curve is Linear or Non linear 173
why we use cascade control and feed foreword control in 3 element control of boiler drum ?what is feed forward and cascade control system ? 217
How to derive IO Count (AI, AO, DI and DO ) from a Field instrument (FI) Bill of Quantities (BOQ) given by client. 871
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