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What is the formula to convert mv to temperature in k type thermocouple?pls simply elaborate? I got one is Temp=mv×25°+atmospheric temp,but here what is 25°,i confusef ,so pls????    2  395
Why we are measuring 4-20ma? Why we are not taking 0-20ma? Plz answer this    1  527
If The RTD(PT100) Show .776 Kohm Resistance the Temperature of process fluid how much?    3  468
How much Resistance Show by RTD(PT100) when it is installed in process(Consider Process Fluid temp 29 Deg C)?    4  364
what will be the pressure in tank which has the total level of 2 meters and is filled 1.2 meters ?    4  651
what is the pressure in the tank when its level of liquid is 1.5 meters when its total capacity is 2 meters    2  328
Need Intergraph softwares like SPI(INTOOLS),sp3d,PV ELITE, SP P&ID. CONTACT : (8867825756)    0  141
field bus transmitter calibration procedure tell me    0  183
key phaser where is use and work    0  107
loop chech tools list    1  219
Give Detail information about plc,dcs,and scada system?    0  157
Witch type cable use for rtd ,why?    2  925
What is NODE in DCS?    2  671
what is the criteria to decide conductor size of a cable ?    0  146
what is principal of pressure transmitter?    4  922
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Un-Answered Questions
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what is the electrical operation procedure for switching on 27.6MVA electric furnace. 510
What is the advantage of using locally fabricated hook ups over Pre fabricated hook ups in process instrumentation? 523
what are the selections available in configuring a burnout protection of a controller? thanks 68
wat are the interview questions asked in air india for post service engineer 793
what different types of problems do occur while doing instrumentation commisioning and how to solve them? please explain in detail 195
Regarding , there is an air cooler which control the fans(50% of AV FANS) by temperature in outlet , and the louver of Air cooler is controlled by HIC from control system , So if on Air cooler we will consider 2 individual I/P converter or positioner? 155
What is hp & mp seperator .& what is its working principle ? 672
Tell about your IFFCO plant visit. 581
what is temperature compensation? 2844
Exothermic reaction./ endothermic reaction 343
what is the usage of QDV & VOLUME BOOSTER 599
Valve positioner and actuators in detail. 195
I was working on calibrating turbidity transmitters endress+hauser at effluent polishing plant.We calibrated using NTU buffers.What happened is that when we immersed the sensor, everytime we raise and lower the sensor gradually, the reading will question is that is there any specifications on what is the required distance from the bottom of the container with buffer to the face of the sensor?Is it ok to install the sensor in a medium which has turbulence specially if bubbles are present? 525
the 3 most common transmitter protocol being in refinery or qatar gas and aramco. 1183
what are the use of belew gear in general ?? 460
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