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Rtd sensor how to calibrate sepam-group   3  81
What is the definition of direct acting valve & reverse acting valve    0  36
I have a close vessel tank which is under vaccum when in running condition so pl. Provide it's range for dp type tx whose flange to flange distance is 440 mm and density is 1    1  50
What is the difference in clamp on type and inline type ultrasonic flow transmitter.    1  43
TCD Principle    1  39
Why integral control mode call Reset controller?    1  54
If I installed wrong directions orifice plate then what showing value d.p transmitter? sts   1  81
can anyone tel the syllabus or previous year question paper for BHAVINI(EIE)2014. bhavini   0  47
when the force applied on load cell the ohms will be varriying .and how its convert ohms to mv generate and have any formulae? uetcl-uganda-electricity-transmission-company-limited   1  70
why we are using negative range like -750 to 0 mmwc in closed tank?and what is the reason can you explain clear? aarvi-encon   2  91
How can i test procedure grounding for CAT-7 cable? Or How can we test procedure CAT-7 Cable Electrically safe?    0  32
What is Electrical Runout & Mechanical Runout in Vibration measurement.    1  58
if I did short to both AO connections, channel will burn or what? m sure in AI it will damage to channel. But what will happens in AO?    1  70
if RTD damage in plant, how we know? reliance   5  107
what are the on/off valve precaution? reliance   1  87
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Un-Answered Questions
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What is three element drum level control system why its better than single element? 368
how can i check vortex shedder bar it is ok? if there is ohms condition are shown correct? 266
why is not useing in boiler skin thermocople 1066
Why all the drains(Gland sealing,ESV,Casing inlet etc) are directly connected to the flash tank instead of hotwell of the condensor in the power plant? My Email 265
How oil line flow measured?eplain about instruments used and working principle? 186
what step is taken for ESD ( emergency shut down) in DCS REPLY to 326
Can anybody explain what is the different between ESD & PLC 118
Specify eight technical requirements that you would consider important, when deciding upon a particular control valve? 132
Why humidity limit is 30 to 55 % for raw material storage? 660
What is Difference between Bench Set & Operating Range of Control Valve? 443
Instrument QA/Qc what is the project quality plan?conduit inspection RFI. which documents attache with package? 2391
Punj lloyd is coming in our Jadavpur Universtiy campus for campus placement. Please send me some hints about the writtend exam. My email id is 845
the whole paper was based on Transducers..questions like define repeatability, error,accuracy,precision..den there were many q. on the conversion of Pa to mmHg and other units.. also..der wer few Q. on some level sensors(with diagram) 106
What is the difference bitween control net scaner and device net scaner 1179
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