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what is a half wave, full wave, and bridge rectifer.    0  64
How to fix back the valve actuator stem    0  144
why we are using magnet for calibration of gas detector?    0  128
How to rerange a dp type level transmitter after installation?    1  121
when placing a vent or drain hole on an orifice plate should you measure from the center of the bore up or down for the vent placement?    0  88
Difference HAZOP and HIRA    0  109
Dear sir i m presently working in power plant nd my question is if any pump give flow 18tph then how would i know that how much range flow tx installed their flow line for flow measurement plz give me ans    0  133
what is the different between deflection type measurement and null type measurement in RTD?    0  143
1.what is the power consumption of three element drum level control in sugar industries? to reduce that?    0  113
we are used SAMSON 3730 Smart positioner.please tell me how to calibration this.    1  302
We are used ABB 800xa 5.1.please tell me how to instrall this.    0  83
how far the two wire transmission (loop power) maximum distance suitable?    2  393
Dear All can any one told me that VFD Make ABB Model ACS800-01 used for dual Source like 1.DC Source applied at terminal UDC+,UDC- 2. 3 phase 400AC,50Hz    0  82
What is the difference between a double acting and single acting positioner? what type of valves use single acting positioners?    1  394
Where Can i take a SPI INtools training in Mumbai? In Rolta India Ltd to whom I should approach regarding of SPI INtools Training?    0  124
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Un-Answered Questions
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when placing a vent or drain hole on an orifice plate should you measure from the center of the bore up or down for the vent placement? 88
what is the field bus calble ? what are diffrences in orang colur cable and black coular calble ? 1078
how is work pressure switch& level switch?what is the principle of this? 901
how do we commission inergen system? 351
what about your moleg in pogrees with company 453
why we use impulse line of flow transmitter at 45 deg. angle both side of orifice plate. 24
How it the difference between force balance system and dispalacement balance system? 342
Can u tell me the principle of the tc,rtd,level switch,pressure switch ,transmitter(pr flow level temp.),vibration...plz 304
What is the minmum distance between the electrical panel and Instrument panel 566
what is the difference between profibus and controlnet networking. 998
What is the purpose of bypass valve across AS valve. 442
1. what is modbus cable? 2. what kind of communication we are using for the interface of DCS, ESD and Third party cabinets? 3. What is serial communication and peer to peer communication? 516
What is the purpose of LO overhead tank in turbines. 481
where proximity sensor installed on tank in loading arm application 347
How can measure flow in oil line?which type of transmitter is generally used? 1504
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