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What is the difference between floating and fixed voltage?    1  122
How to do ma trim in massflow meter?    2  89
What is standard procedure of manual mapping in Radar type level transmitter?    0  49
What is frequency factor in massflow meter? When using frequency output?    0  53
What is first echo & echo window in radar type level transmitter?    0  53
How to do manual mapping in radar type level transmitter?    1  102
how to adjust relay in smart positioner ?    1  262
how eddy current loss in probe and induced gap voltage accros probe trip and shaft    1  361
In field side transmitter voltage droping here no loose connection then what will happen?    2  539
In dcs contol valve parameters showing like this Gain=1 or 2 , ti=7 sec, td=20sec. But temp,pressure,level control valves we are using in which type parameter side using ti,td clearly tell me    1  301
How many interlocks at turbine? Plz explain briefly    0  100
How to convert 0-2500mmH2o into kg/hr? Or how to convert mmH2O into kg/hr,t/hr etc    2  423
What is the potential contact / output??    0  102
How to calculate the flow rate in Vortex flow meter?What is K factor?Can you give me an example calculation to understand the same as better?    0  103
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Un-Answered Questions
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How can measure flow in oil line?which type of transmitter is generally used? 1300
How a conductivity sensor & analyzer work at boiler, whats the principle & science is beyond this,How conductivity sensor sence & convert signal & move toward analyzer & analyzer show reading in percent? also what is temperature compensate option in conductivity analyzer 984
How DP Transmitter can be calibrated for crud application in floating roof tank? 111
Advantages of servers over normal desktop in PLC SCADA system 573
i have been asked by QAFCO to appear for interview for thy post of Instrument Designer(INTOOLS)..i m engineering graduate with 5 years exp. in design engineering.Will this job profile suit me??i need all ur help n suggestions for thy same? 530
wich is coming the first HAZOP OR SIL 818
Please tell me details about Sox,Nox,SWAS analyser???? 1926
What is the purpose of bypass valve across AS valve. 401
Explain level troll principle & interface level measurement. 308
all questions related to instrument technician in any offshore oil and gas company. 7070
1)How many tpes of vibration probe and how many tpyes of vibration. 2)how we can calibrate a vibration probe with tk3 3)what is RMS value in vibration measuring application and how we calculate it. 737
If a warning lamp will operate with the ground circuit is bypassed with a jumper wire to ground, what should you check? 383
hi sir yhis is zahid ali i am preparing for the jspl at oct.4.please send me the recently updated sample paper. 472
Sir, I want junior executive, Instrumentation question papaer for IOCL, Plz send to 353
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