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transmitter in 3 connection +,-,And test mode so how Use To Test Mode    1  126
What is stripper & spilitter ? Diffrence in this.?    0  64
What is hp & mp seperator .& what is its working principle ?    0  38
What is SCADA ? WHAT is it role in DCS ?    2  118
What is hp & mp seperator .& what is its working principle ?    0  42
What is stripper & spilitter ? Diffrence in this.?    0  46
pl give the guidance for DUBAL written test    0  64
what is power factor?    0  42
What are the different type of instrument used in cement industry with uses lafarge   2  96
Hi all, I am Mohamed from Algeria, I'm a senior Technician qualified in instrumentation. I work in an international petroleum and gas company (SONATRACH: Separation of associated gas from crude oil. Production of condensate, LPG and re-injection of dry gas) within the regulation & Control instrumentation department.I am interested for working in Qatar Petrochemical Company (QAPCO) in Qatar.Now,I am seeking a position, which is an opportunity for me to put my experience to good use and actually participate in running on this company. So, Can anyone help how to contact this company? Thanks Mohamed,    1  62
how i can copy paste the program of smart transmitter to another smart one with hart communicator? koc   2  133
HOw To Use 24V DC in Instrument?    2  152 friends.i am an electronics & instrumentation engineer.i want to know Q1.why lugs use in instrumentation cable termination? Q2.if limit switch not working what to do?    2  127
what is the Instrumentation? gulf   9  177
What is MLFB number for Siemens?N How they are defined?Give me Answer with example like take any Signal module....    0  89
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Un-Answered Questions
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what is intrinscily safe system and where we use? 118
what is Green field /brown field exposure in chemicals /oil /petrochemicals /refineries /paints /speciality chemicals /gas /FMCG /glass industry 393
what is piezoelectric transducer?give an example in power plant n state its principle? 302
which type of zones used for boiler? & why ? 130
What does threshold mean? what does tolerence mean? 230
why we are using digital signals for I/O & how to measure this signals is getting or not ? 184
Draw a great bridge circuit. 89
defination of radial vibration? 125
How to calibrate DP tramitter in flow measurement application? consider my range of flow is 0 to 2000 kg/hr ? please give calculation of , How much pressure applied on low pressure side and high pressure side please give detail of calculation .... It so important for me please reply as soon as possible 251
How to check electrical health of Vibration probe? 248
Can please tell mi about SIOS, PRM, SERVER, and what is the diference between PIN LAN, PCS LAN,APC Server, and please send the Doc if possible for referance,mail id 110
Dead weight tester & comparator for calibration , which is more accurate , what is the application. 106
can you send remote seal interface level transmitter calculation steps for oil water saperator. 221
Q-Explain the different load conditions that will produced different offset which may or may not be acceptable to thhe control function 240
why we should maintain neutral earth voltage below 1V while calibration? why cant it be 1.2V or 2V 120
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