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describe yourself?


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any thing about plcs?

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plc trouble shootings?

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how can i communicate with non-national instruments device with pc via labVIEW8.2

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sir, i preparing hpcl,ongc,barc,hal exams(instrumentation engg)pls send a placement papers


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sir,would you please send me the Hindustan petroleum corporation limited papers(HPCL).my e-mail ID is



sir ,iam in dem urgent need of HPCL Paper of Instrumentation Branch plz send me at your earliest convenience at



send me HPCL paper

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who discoverd ohms law?


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who discoverd ohms law?

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please send me hpcl placement papers


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what are the steps I have to deal with?



what are the different types of Protocols? & their applications.

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why micro controller 8051/52's clock frequency is internally divide by 12 ?? and why it is further divide by 32 in UART serial communication ??


I have installed a RTD whose length is 2250mm(RTD stem length), but it's upper 200 -250mm is out of the reactor, and this upper 200mm stem is surrounded by atmospheric temp. And the lower portion i.e. 2000mm is in contact with the measuring fluid, then does the final measuring temp. Gonna change as the upper 200mm RTD stem is out of reactor?


god evening sir i am studying & i elegible to all industies


what is the working principal of pribe


1.what is the effect of vapour presuure in orifice plate flow measurement 2.which is more effective 2 pressure sensors or one single differential pressure sensor in orifice plate measurement to design a v/i converter and i/v converter many type of thermocouple are there many leads are there in thermocouple measurement pressure sensors are connected in level measurement in differential pressure method 7.what is the output of capacitive pressure sensor (ac or dc),how its o/p is signal charactarized 8.what is the physical meaning of discharge coeeficient,why it is calculated,orifice plate what is its value,why it is less than 1,Q at upstream is equal to or not equal to Q at downstream of orifice plate why?what is vena contracta in orifice plate 9.why rotameter is called variable area flowmeter,it can measure flow even if area is not varying,why it is made tapered a 10 bit counter ,which counter you will prefer to remove self heating error in RTD 12.which is more sensitive pt100 or pt50 13.why thermocouple are connected in parallel 14.what is lead contact error in RTD,how to avoid 15.what is P,PI,PID,PD controller,why there is no ID controller 16.what is override,split range,sequential,ratio,feedforward,cascade controller 17.why we moved from SR to JK and then JK to master slave JK flipflop,give correct reason to measure level of a closed container which contains vapour and liquid,remember no vapour gas should be leaked,so ultrasonic and capacitive is not an option,design another method to design horse race counter including sensors and signal conditioning element 20.what is bevelling


what is the reason while warning lamp is on while the engine is cranking?


Is it ok, to use non-contact type Radar type LT, on a tank that is half circular from the bottom side? If yes the, isn't the waves gonna bent in other directions? 


In turbine what does term CDP, NI, NH, HSSOC means.


i hav applied for the post of engg. in iocl so please require the past test papers fro instrumentation engg please please help me and send me the papers or tell me the pattern and type of ques asked in examination......


how many type of plug are used in pneumatic control valve,name them.


Please can anybody help for control valve sizing step by step procedure?


pl give the guidance for DUBAL written test


we want to control pump in let pressure and tank (for exp) our inlet line if water cam and pump will on and when our tank will full pump will off also if our inlet pressure low pump will off even tank not full.this pump i want to uses on our water supply line.


Specific gravity.


what are the use of belew gear in general ??