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How to create a simple or single role.?    1  8098
what is difference between master role and derived role ibm   2  8883
Give some examples for Remediation and Mitigation in RAR? ibm   1  8851
What is Preventive and Detective controls in GRC AC 5.3? ibm   2  6333
What is the benefits of ticketing tool? ibm   1  7125
which ticketing tool is used in your company?Explain ticketig process? ibm   2  6962
How to trace a Report User (Business User) in SAP BI? ibm   5  7996
How to find list of authorization objects which having org fields?    3  10943
11.If the user don't have the access of su53?then how to fine the user missing authorization with out using st01?    5  9127
What is the latest change that was done to the SU53 trace, which is used to find the last authorization failure in SAP..??? tech-mahindra   4  8330
In which scenario we use SUPC hcl   2  8715
Is SU25 step(2nd) is mandatory when SAP up-gradation happened? accenture   2  7612
i am 43, can i get a job in SAP security at this age.    2  6666
Hi we are working on the one company but location are different one location we are restrict the user pass word length 8 characters another location pass word length 10 characters but client is same and also we are maintaining the one app server. Could please help on this    4  4669
I have uploaded one role(its is derived role) from quality system to development system.After that, i have generated role and tried to move production. while transporting role i am getting below error ' ROLE TYPE IS UNDETERMINED ' can any body please provide the solution? cgi   2  5480
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Un-Answered Questions
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The user wants to create like a time table in BEX but when the open BEX its showing empty screen . in this situation what will u do.. And How will solve u …What r the steps u will take the to solve the solution.. 686
Tell me about the license types and what kind of users need to be assigned to these license types 281
what is the difference in grc background jobs 584
Any details about secatt apart from SAPSecurity 723
what is the table to find out roles for which profile are not genarated and genarated.I mean to say table to find the roles in which the authorization tab is green and roles in which authorization tab is red. 4041
what are the issues you faced with UME? 993
Provides online GRC10 online training,covers configuration & suuport activities on all the four components. ARA,ARM,EAM,BRM. SAP Securty covers--R3 Security,BW BI Security,HR Security,SRM Security,CRM Security Practicals on each component in GRC Provides documentation and notes on each component supports resume preparation and certification For more details contact 8499995600. 726
how we Completely designed and implemented methodology for controlling end user access to plants, cost centers, etc. and how we Applied to both R/3 and BW environments. 352
1) Explain different type of Users? Explain specifically Service User? 2) Difference between System and Communication User?Explain in Context of Profile Parameter? 3) There are 5 systems say BI, SOLMAN, CRM, PI, SRM etc etc. Which system will act as a satellite system in CUA and Why? HOw CUa system works? 4) State different types of Transactions & Tables in Strutural Authorization Profile in HR Security? 5) What is L0 , L1 , L2 , L3 , L4 code called in HR Security? 6) What fields are required to create Strutural Authorization Profile in HR Security? State significance of Evaluation Path? 7) What is Structural Authorization Profile in HR Security? When required Role has already been assigned to User then why Structural Authorization Profile is required by user? 8) How are structural Authorization Profile are created? 9) Important Authorization Object in HR Security? 10) Fields in P_ORGIN A.O? 11) Important infotypes and What is PA? 12) How access is provided for tables to user? Significance of Authorization Group in TDDAT table? 13) Difference between SU22 and SU24? 14) Explain Authorization Structure? 15) Which table stores the Authorization Object of a User? 16) What we do to keep Roles consistent in DEV QAS and PRD? 17) A User has create and display access? Will he have access to change as well? 18) How User can have access to view salary slip of other employees(HR Security)?Explain in detail. 19) In HR security does we add Employee ID anywhere in Roles? 20) Any issue you have faced while Transport? 21) Have you faced any issue in Upgrade? Expalain how to compare Roles from older version of SAP to new version of SAP? 22) Any typical issue you have resolved in HR Security? 2665
How we Schedul and administering Background jobs. 505
hat is transaction varient? 500
Hi Experts, can any one explain me the step by step process to implement security in BI/BW and what are the authorization objects we use to BI/BW , How can the security is different between R/3 and BI/BW, I appreciate your help 660
how we do CUA configuration in Quality system 673
what are the prerequisites we should take before assigning sap_all to a user even we have approval from authorization controllers ? 593
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