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some one broke the inheritance relationship b/w parent and child role,we want to know who broke the relationship.?    1  824
how do we get list of users who are having mail-id’s in SU01 (Address tab)    4  1605
Hi All, We have few users with SAP_ALL profile from 90 days, now i want check what are the transactions they are used till now and i didn’t activate any audit filters in SM19. In this case How can we find?    3  1123
what is the user table including account number and cost center in one table? patni   2  1305
What are major changes happened in GRC 10 compared to that GRC 5.3? sony   3  3437
What does below stand for? SAP ERP ECC ABAP BASIS infosys   3  1215
what is meant by "Password is not downward compatible"? colgate   1  1291
How to restrict Table access in SAP? wipro   2  1654
What is difference between BW and BI Security? accenture   2  1267
How to create user in SAP without giving LASTNAME and INITIAL PASSWORD ? accenture   1  1827
What is the difference between User group in LOGON DATA tab and user group in GROUPS tab in SU01 t code? deloitte   6  2153
in which table we can find all authorization groups cognizent   4  1526
Difference between 4.7c and ECC 6.0 in security aspect? I tried in many website but still not able to find the correct one. cts   2  932
How to identify which Authorization Objects contains which fields \ activities? ibm   6  1509
I want to give access to sec admin for assigning roles to users, but self assignment should not be possible . how it is?    1  974
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Un-Answered Questions
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how we Completely designed and implemented methodology for controlling end user access to plants, cost centers, etc. and how we Applied to both R/3 and BW environments. 167
how to we Assigning Portal groups for Business users in BI 169
What are the upgrades happened in GRC 5.3 from GRC 5.2? 473
Hi, Can any one tell me the authorization objects for SOD 629
What do you mean by SOX and Gxp? 1918
whats the meaning of relocation in transport request ? 569
How to do SAP R/3 Security configuration, design, development, testing, implementation and production support. 590
how we Custom Authorization Objects and Custom Transaction maintenance and how we do User classification, Running systems measurement reports during license auditing through USMM and SLAW 240
Which transaction should not be given to BASIS and DEV team in Production? 185
how to do Restricting nodes and Hierarchies through characteristic values and authorization objects 179
Please provide me defination for the follwing objects.  S_user_GRP S_USER_AUT S_USER_AGR S_USER_PRO S_USER_SYS S_USER_SAS 9
why fire fighter id is using in the production system ? 1674
Hi, I want to import my Transport request from DEV. to Test system (from STMS buffer of DEV.(domain only) but I don’t want Login/PWD screen while importing from DEV to Test System. But I need login/pwd screen while importing TR from Test to PRD system. Presently I have activated all systems as a non trusted systems. If any one has idea please let me know. Thanks in advance! Regards, Raj Chavan. 380
How to Maintenance of User Master Records, Profiles, Authorizations 174
Giving fire call access and extending fire call access by using VIRSA’s VFAT tool? can u brief give the explanation 438
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