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Provides online GRC10 online training,covers configuration & suuport activities on all the four components. ARA,ARM,EAM,BRM. SAP Securty covers--R3 Security,BW BI Security,HR Security,SRM Security,CRM Security Practicals on each component in GRC Provides documentation and notes on each component supports resume preparation and certification For more details contact 8499995600.    0  589
why we should not check " Generate automatically " option in SUPC? hp   1  5324
How to clean the data (users, roles, etc..) from GRC 5.3? tcs   1  4360
How to find the roles which are not contains profiles united-breweries-ub   1  5769
How to codify for an Item in SAP? How many digits are required for an item?    0  764
some one broke the inheritance relationship b/w parent and child role,we want to know who broke the relationship.?    1  4181
how do we get list of users who are having mail-id’s in SU01 (Address tab)    4  5617
Hi All, We have few users with SAP_ALL profile from 90 days, now i want check what are the transactions they are used till now and i didn’t activate any audit filters in SM19. In this case How can we find?    3  4169
what is the user table including account number and cost center in one table? patni   3  4562
What are major changes happened in GRC 10 compared to that GRC 5.3? sony   3  16232
What does below stand for? SAP ERP ECC ABAP BASIS infosys   3  6159
what is meant by "Password is not downward compatible"? colgate   1  4967
How to restrict Table access in SAP? wipro   2  6040
What is difference between BW and BI Security? accenture   2  4083
How to create user in SAP without giving LASTNAME and INITIAL PASSWORD ? accenture   1  5911
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Hi Experts, can any one let me know the Tables which we use for compliance calibrator & Access enforcer of grc and please let me know the background jobs of grc, Please it's urgent so please answer as soon as possible to these questions , I really appreciate your help, Thanks karunakar 596
what are the issues you faced with UME? 867
Tables so far used? 452
Hi Experts, can any one explain me the step by step process to implement security in BI/BW and what are the authorization objects we use to BI/BW , How can the security is different between R/3 and BI/BW, I appreciate your help 597
What is the Functionality difference between ECC 5 and ECC6? i.e. new functionality in ECC6 which is not in ECC 5. 2393
can you please send me SAP Security upgrade documents and guide for CRM 5 and CRM 7 and what are the differeces between crm 5 AND crm 7 according to sap security point of view. 931
Giving fire call access and extending fire call access by using VIRSA’s VFAT tool.can any one brief this 1365
Support types of WOs you have faced? 376
How to Maintenance of User Master Records, Profiles, Authorizations 443
Hi, Can any one tell me the authorization objects for SOD 986
how we Restrict the auth groups for table maintain, creating Auth group using SE54 to built new Auth groups to restrict tables via auth object S_TABU_DIS 407
Give an example of SOD with object level control & also decide the Risk implication from the Technical standpoint. 1428
how we Custom Authorization Objects and Custom Transaction maintenance and how we do User classification, Running systems measurement reports during license auditing through USMM and SLAW 410
when performing client copies what steps you need to take from CUA point of view? 718
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