SAP Security Interview Questions
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How I can reset the DDIC user's password? I have changed it from the delivered default?

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how do we create firefigter Id in VIRSAs VRAT

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what are the common idoc issues in a cua do you solve?


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what are the issues you faced with UME?



what is the procedure to delete a role?

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a user is assigned with tcode to restrict him to execute only a few reports,say rsusr003.


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This is in continuataion to the previous question. a user is assigned with tcode to restrict him to execute only a few reports,say rsusr003.If you're going to modify the role(having sa38) assigned to the user,that will affect other users also because that role might be assigned to multiple users.I don' want that to what is the solution?


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what is the alternate tcode for su01?


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I want to reset the passwords of 100 do you do it?

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I have to create 1000 users. how do you do it?


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what all are the numbers of user types in system measurement?


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how do you go about system meaurement?


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what is the procedure for deleting a role?

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in my production system there are some 20 roles created in the production system itself without following the standard procedure of creating in dev testing it qas and then moving it to how do you find out all the roles created in prd system?


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how to add abap role to portal users?


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Hi, I want to import my Transport request from DEV. to Test system (from STMS buffer of DEV.(domain only) but I don’t want Login/PWD screen while importing from DEV to Test System. But I need login/pwd screen while importing TR from Test to PRD system. Presently I have activated all systems as a non trusted systems. If any one has idea please let me know. Thanks in advance! Regards, Raj Chavan.


Giving fire call access and extending fire call access by using VIRSA’s VFAT tool? can u brief give the explanation


Through CTS how we come to know the Role?


could anyone tell me how we can copy the mass roles from sap_all profiles???????


Userdone tasks with ffid n system send log reports to controller in his work inbox but whenever its open its showing blank screen, why?


Hi, Can any one tell me the authorization objects for SOD


how a t code works


how we Created over 120 customized end user roles and menus.


Hiiiiii ..frnds... Pls tell me.... We know that we are using 2 transport request. Customizing and work bench request.I want to know which are comes under work bench and which are comes under customising???


The user wants to create like a time table in BEX but when the open BEX its showing empty screen . in this situation what will u do.. And How will solve u …What r the steps u will take the to solve the solution..


what is hypercare and go live support?


How to do SAP R/3 Security configuration, design, development, testing, implementation and production support.


How to do Role Design, Testing and Implementation


Attributes in SE01?


Give an example of SOD with object level control & also decide the Risk implication from the Technical standpoint.