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Question in Org Mgmt: Position work for 2 functions (70%-Nurse 30%-Doctor). how payroll pick the cost from 2 functions. Ans: IT1015 satyam   1  2987
Dear Friends, Hope you are doing good. I have following doubt.Kindly have a look at the query and help me in solving this issue. I have generated absence quota using RPTQTA00 using ‘Batch Input’ Option in SE38 Screen( for Casual Leave-8 days,Sick Leave-20 hours and Privilege Leave-3 days).Now I want to update generated absence quota in Infotype 2006 using SM 35.After entering SM35 transaction code in command bar,It is showing as follows.If I want to update this infotype 2006,I have to select Session Name,but generated sessions are not appearing.Please reply at the earliest possible. Thanks in advance. With regards    2  2241
1. What are factors to be taken into consideration to ‘define company’ in SAP HR ? 2. What is the scope of SAP HR Consultant in view of Absence Quota /Leave Entitlement? 3. Define WT for each PS and ESG(V_511_B), (In this table,we should check all boxes with 1( means Wage type for employee subgroup grouping and PSG is allowed).I know what 1 means here in this context,but I want to know,Why we should check ‘1 in all the boxes starting from 1 to 9 ? wipro   1  2649
What do you mean by special rule in factory calendar? wipro   3  5608
What is the difference between Easter to Sunday and Easter Sunday and illustrate with examples? wipro   1  2088
What are the public holidays and customer specific holidays configured for your USA based Client? wipro   1  1331
What are the challenges you have faced in Payroll wipro   0  1251
what is the difference between IT2000 and IT2002 cap-gemini   2  4551
what is meant by Residence Tax Area and Work Tax Area and what is the difference the between these two and what are you going to maintain in Residence Tax Area and Work Tax Area cap-gemini   2  2540
How many wage types we can default in IT0008 wipro   3  4271
Is it possible to delete data from IT0106??    2  2968
tell me the business process of OM,PA,TIME and Payroll? ibm   2  3830
what is time constraint 1,2 and 3 with ex. that ex is related to info types?    3  4067
what you mean by role in OM? what is the use of that in OM?    1  2292
can we create position without job in OM? will it allow to create?    2  2679
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Have you faced any situation where you are working on one module and at the same time had to work on a different module. how did you cope with such a situation? Give me an example.(plse answer this question as if you are a junior consultant) 833
steps to upgrade from sap 4.7 to ecc 6.0 ? 3965
could u please let me know sap-hr interview questions asked in various companies for a fresher. 1390
hi, these r the ques asked by tcs.. 1.what do sap hr consultants do in 5phases of asap methodology? how u did documentation? 2.Tables you come across in payroll process?n after copying wagetypes in which table they get stored?n table for indirect valuation? 3.wht r the steps u followed to create dynamic actions? wht r the dynamic actions u created? u do exemptions in indian payroll? 5.wht is igmod? wht is the use of it? 6.where u save payroll results? u do evaluation path? dont say the configuration path..say the process.. 8.wht configuration u did in OM in implementation? 9.wht r the steps to do hiring action? n on how many actions u have worked?how u configured all those things? 2475
If an Employee gets an off on a public system responds,what are the implications. how do you solve this. 1042
while working as a Junior consultant(working under a senior consultant)Tell me a difficult situation you have faced and how you solved it? What documents you have referred and documents you have Updated?What was team member's and team leader's reactions to the situation and the way you solved it? 1109
what is beta report 514
Tell me a situation where you have to handle huge amount of raw data in your implementation and how you handled it? 758
What are the configuration to be performed for Residence Tax Area and Work Tax Area? Please specify each step. 936
Give me a brief description of the IT Tax 536
What is the difference of counting(t556c) and counting class (Absence valuationT554c). Similarly, difference of cumulation and wagetype cumulation? 700
if user forgets to post to FI after payroll...can he post at will he go about it 1100
tell me a situation where you have faced a conflict in your team? who resolved the problem? If u did how did u do that? If Someone else did What was your reaction? 947
What are the challenges you have faced in Payroll 1251
i do not find the category Sap HR .Let me know who is the moderator for this forums 767
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