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could any post the real time issues related to FICO.    0  4
how to know the table name of the fields?¬†    1  5
What is validation and substitution?how to you create validation and substitution?    0  4
Where can we see existing Validations and Substituitions ?    0  16
when keeping postings in fi, how it will reflect in mm? can anyone pls explain    1  21
1)how many tr's you have moved in support project?¬† 2)tell me the complete process of idoc's? 3)what are the interfaces you have dealt wih in your project?    0  11
what is change control in sap    0  13
If customer is a vendor & vendor is a customer what is the configuration settings & how will u clear 1 against another ?    1  86
Best faculty for SAP -FICO in Hyd    7  311
How Many Numbers of Validations and Substitutions can be defined for a Company Code.    2  405
How to understand FICO tables so as to prepare Functional spec that ABAPer can work with? Please explain the data pulling logic? and how to map the tables after configuration¬†    1  2681
DME file configuration steps , how to attach DME file in FBZP configuration.    1  4377
How to get currency while creating Purchasing Order    1  1132
company have 2 company codes, now they want to combine as one company code. as a consultant what advise you will give ?.    2  1879
What are functional specifications and what are cut over activities.    1  531
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Un-Answered Questions
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where is excise amount posted?is he asking abt table name or any other t code? if he said table name so how to find the table name? 519
can any one send me the real time interview questions and tockets in sap fico ,my mailid is 324
what is the form name for use functional spec? what are the steps in functional specs? 371
What is GL accounting in SAP 437
master data of fi -gl , fi-ap,fi-ar,fi-as 461
Q.what type of issues you are getting and tell me some issues in asset acctng,fi-mm,co? 239
What is Plan Depreciation(AFAB) 341
what is the debt recovery management.what is use in Sap. If you are Implementing debt recovery management so what is basic thing.Means how to run I humbly requested please provide the Answer & All the basic thing 1596
What is Trading partner? why we use this, usually which will come whenever we configure vendor/customer/posting of any invoice etc. 518
What is mySAP ERP. How is it different to SAP ERP. 381
down using t-code -48 i have posted a dp..amt of 160000.while invoice was fully posted..but i cleared it t-code 58 instead of fbln1 in still shows open item..give a solution..tq 487
Bad Debts :- Friends, Kindly advice how do we configure Bad debts in FI 325
Can anyone please provide me atleast two Support Tickets of SAP FICO? 1280
1. I want to create an installment method payment term whereby my customer pays 50% as Advance Payment & 50% Net 45 days. How to configure the 50% advance payment term in OBB8 as system does not take negative days say -1 . I have created Z100 as 50% Advance Payment & 50% Net 45 days, Z101 as 50% Adv Pyt and Z102 as 50% Net 45 days in OBB8 and then assigned the same in OBB9 to Z100, 1, 50%, Z101 and Z100, 2, 50%, Z102. But the payment terms Z101 should be having -1 days instead of 0 days. How to configure this or achieve the payment term of advance payment? 2. My purpose is that during FB70, I should get a warning message that advance payment has not yet been received for this customer having this installment payment term Z100. It should not let me post the invoice unless 50% adv pyt has been received. At present we are not using Down Payment functionality. But I assume that without the Down Payment functionality the same cannot be achieved. Please confirm this. How can I achieve the above requirements? 3.Dear Group - Our Purchasing Dept has asked me to create a new payment term with the following terms: "Payable 90% upon delivery, 60 days net, 10% upon acceptance, 60 days net". So when we receive the invoice, we get a 10% discount off the total price, due within 60 days. The balance is due 60 days after that. Any ideas on how I would configure this using transaction OBB8. IT IS VERY URGENT FOR ME KINDLY SEND ME THE ANSWER ON MY 1913
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