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how can i find which report(abap program) assign to which sap script? or how can we find sap script is assign to which progam?    4  11570
A PO has 50 items all the 50 items have the same price. Instead of entering the price for each item 50 times is there any option in SAP where the common price can be entered in one go?    15  8594
Can any one explain the following in length ACCOUNT MODIFIERS, SPLIT VALUATION, VARIANCES, TRANSACTION EVENT KEY. Explanation with an example would help me a lot.    2  4551
what is retro active billing?who is will create this? tcs   5  16067
If a company is having 2 company codes in 2 diff countries and maintaining 2 diff fisical yrs (India, US), when indian country is going to prepare Consolidated balance sheet in March, how can we receive data from US company code? How it is configured. tata   1  2158
In APP we are making payments on every friday. If client wants to make in between friday is it possible. How it is? tata   1  2408
Can we have 2 different fisical years to 1 company code at the same time? tata   1  2930
How many ways can we run depericiation in live environment? tata   0  789
Difference between select and select single statement    1  4655
what is a TEXT Table ? vcentric-technologies   1  3198
how to get ticket from end user? accenture   4  6890
which ticketing tool you are using? accenture   16  24738
what are various user types accenture   7  11383
how to transport roles? accenture   6  20020
how to adjust user master records? accenture   5  10214
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Un-Answered Questions
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data:zxyz type xyz. where xyz is a standard sap structure where it contains data type fields and line type (refer to other structure) fields. my question is how to assign values to field zxyz-str-matnr where str is a structure inside xyz structure. 630
Explain about the SC with CIN? And Import PO with CIN? 648
what is ECC in sap bi? 1246
What is the client concept in SAP? What is the meaning of client independent ? 451
A Client wants to connect his SAP ECC system to his SAP CRM system. What do you want to do to enable the integration. a)Install the plug-in on the CRM system and connect to the R/3 adapter in the ECC system b)Install the XIF adapter on the CRM system and connect to the R/3 adapter in the ECC system c) Install the XIF adapter in the ECC system and connect to the R/3 adapter in the CRM system D)Install the plug-in on the ECC system and connect to the R/3 adapter in the CRM system 282
In credit management if horizon period exceeded the warning message will not shown during sales 493
Extraction in mm and SD and FI? What is the requirement and name them? 299
If question will arrise that are you any project,because I am a fresher in sd but I have shown 1 yr of experience. So can I say I'm in implementation or support project? 322
What is the standard document category? 469
1/ How do u apprach if error occur in sending idocs ? 2/ where u assigned process code ? 448
Suppose Idoc is struced in the Q then how can I resend it? 487
How to do transports from OS level? 116
What is batch management 555
Is it possible to create aggregates for cumulative? 532
Hi SD Experts, what is the difference between the Consignment Issue (CI) & Consignment Pick up (CP) with relation to Sales Document Types, item Categories & Schedule line Categories? Also give definition of both Consignment Issue & Consignment Pick Up along with detailed explanation in relation to its configuration & customization steps along with Business Scenarios? Explain in detail about how do you copy an existing Sales Document type CI & CP, how do you name it( Plz give Name key from your real time data) and what are the customizations you have done for your client? Do provide the document flow for both the Document Types CI & CP? Please provide as many real time data examples as many as possible with reference to your client/ Project? I have interview within 1-2 days? So, I request you to provide solutions to above question as early as possible? Your timely help would be greatly appreciated? Thanks in advance Regards 666
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