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Product attributes means? ibm   2  3452
How you will release change request in SD module? How often you release them? ibm   3  3992
what do u mean by SAP Best Practices? ibm   6  5854
how to get inspection lot certificate ibm   6  4681
what is NTEGRATION tOOL USED FOR sap?    2  1632
What is Lean Warehouse Management? ibm   4  10404
What is a Transfer order? ibm   7  2544
what is the most critical field in Delivery document (vl01n) ibm   9  3907
How does shipping point get determined? ibm   6  3842
account modeling and key figure modeling ibm   1  2094
what is exception aggregation ibm   4  10207
i finished my mba in 2004 on, i would like to join sap sd module . please give me suggetions about this. cse   3  1482
what are the most important control functions of posting keys? tcs   9  5080
what data is required for automatic a/c determination for tax amounts? tcs   4  4472
Define Statistical Key Figure? tcs   10  17504
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Un-Answered Questions
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Where do we do Budgeting for Campaigns? And what is the customization path for it? 260
The dunning for the 4 invoices is avilble, for 4 invoice for the 3 levels complted , 5 th invoice is also dunning progarm is calc how ? you can not understand for query plz send my mail 195
what are the extractions made in a sap bw project using lo cockpit extraction in mm and sd and fi?what is the requirement and name them? 1019
Please explain 5 general gaps in sap fico? 1554
Hi SD Gurus, Have you involved in any Development work for your client? What is the development task that you done for your client / assigned by your client? I want only Business Scenarios, no theory and how did you meet the client requirement which is not met by SAP Standard configuration? I want detailed Procedure, Analysis, Simple coding if any (Please Do not give complex coding steps) Detailed explanation, steps, along with resolution and give more emphasis on how did you arrived at the solution / resolution and logic behind it? I have been asked this question in an recent interview? It’s Urgent!!!!!! Please provide 2-4 real time data examples from your SAP SD Implementation Project? This is most frequently asked question in almost in all interviews. So, I request you to provide solutions to above question as early as possible? Your timely help would be greatly appreciated? Thanks in advance Regards 148
please give the remaining answers. 294
waht is mean by delta depreciationm what is use 243
what is the day to day work of SAP FICO Consultant. which are the documents,white papers he uses. who will assign him work and in what form, is it a flowchart,word document,power point presentation ?and also what is business blue print and how it is documented(word,flow chart),?? please answer my question 1043
How to transfer the objects? Have you transferred any objects ? 483
where is excise amount posted?is he asking abt table name or any other t code? if he said table name so how to find the table name? 259
how a t code works 276
What are the important aggregation usage indicators? 321
what is the difference between hashed & sorted internal tables? 171
What is the procedure to create a data mart? 215
what is documentation in SAP FI? and what is reporting in SAP FI? 122
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