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wat are the SAPscript symbol?which of the following is not a SAPscript symbol?    1  1227
which Editor does ABAP provide?    2  2475
wat is the difference between A-gate & W-gate?where are they used?    0  227
wat is the difference between ALE & EDI? sony   9  9973
wat is EDI Administration & EDI Administration procedure?    1  1561
which is a statement used to write a record to a file in ABAP?    3  1214
where are the passwords for ITS stores?    0  255
wat is the default file name of BAPI trace?    0  319
wat is the type of file processed by ABAP?    1  1433
wat happens when a smartform is activated?    5  3004
wat are the process that can be executed & tracked in a workflow?    0  244
wat is a workflow schema?    2  929
list the important field symbol?    1  690
how does data gets transported/transfered between a screen & ABAP praogram in a dialog?    1  1157
wat is a field symbol?    1  2917
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Un-Answered Questions
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What are the configurations to be made for PACKING? 113
How are exceptions handles in bapi's ? 154
why do we maintain conditions in the step Assign deduction rule to counting rule, hoe it will effect the absence and overtime? 597
"Document 20000000 MC01 2012 is not a clearing document" I did transfer from GL to vendor by using t.code F-58 now i want to reverse this document. system showing above error. i tried t.code FB08 and FBRA Please suggest the possible solution.. 202
Tell some sop 23
What are the 4 parameters in customer account group? 144
how to Create a smart form related to gate pass to be submitted to vendor’s location. This form outputs document number, date, vendors name, address, material details, quantity, unit,and the company logo. 1685
wht is the diff. b/n initialization and lotus of event 197
What is work center? what are the standard things have to maintain.... 26
what are the main issues you faced in the implementation project? 205
what is leading and non-leading ledger means in new GL Structure? what does it works for? 581
What Kind of Report we Can see in Cost based Profitability Analysis and Accounting based Profitability Analysis ? Technical things ? 129
i am new for sapabap. i want to about sapabap it is easy to learn or not ple give me answer. i am feeling about programing. ple give me answer. 267
i am working with NBFC- MNC in personal loan dept. I applied for Internal Job Position in banking Division. My overall (10 years) experience in sales and People Management and in Internal Job Posting they require person for backend activity. There will be not repotees and its individual performance job. My Question is 1. If they will ask why you want to change your field form sales to backend job what should I answer? 2. The opening is in Chennai and since 10 year I am in Gujarat so if they ask why you want to change your home town location? Arpan Thakkar 375
Hi, i'm a professional from hotel industry and looking forward for a better career in the field of SAP>> i visited some of the local institues where i was suggested that i too can try for SAP>>SD as my experience is related to FOOD and Beverage dept that sell food and drink and organises party to the customers in the hotel and also have experience in Banquet and conference sales...therefore related to sales...basic reason of changing my field is to earn better salary....can somebody put some suggestions to me on this.Thanx. 279
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