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Who is the first Indian Minister to visit the Indian Research Station at Antarctica ?    1  2407
Who composed the music of the Indian National Anthem ?    2  2818
What is the Mascot for the 2010 Common Wealth Games to be held in New Delhi ?    6  4032
FERA was changed into FEMA in 1998. What is the abbreviation of FEMA ? infoline   3  3779
How many languages are enlisted in the 8th Schedule of Indian Constitution ? ssc   7  38506
Who is the first Marshal of the Indian Air Force ?    1  1399
Name the India?s Research Station in Antartica ?    1  1333
From where the India?s first private telephone service was launched in 1998 ?    2  3488
What is the literacy rate in India as per the 2001 Census ?    5  3726
A mixture of 30 litres contains milk and water in the ratio 7 : 3. How much water should be added to it so that the ratio of milk and water becomes 3 : 7 ? (a) 40 litres (b) 49 litres (c) 56 litres (d) 63 litres    2  3582
The ratio of the two numbers is 4 : 5 and their L.C.M. is 120. The numbers are (a) 30, 40 (b) 40, 32 (c) 24, 30 (d) 36, 20    1  1358
A man walks a certain distance and rides back in 4 hours 30 minutes. He could ride both ways in 3 hours. The time required by the man to walk both ways is (a) 4 hours 30 minutes (b) 4 hours 45 minutes (c) 5 hours (d) 6 hours    3  1403
A moving train passes a platform 50 metres long in 14 seconds and a lamp-post in 10 seconds. The speed of the train is (a) 24 km/hr (b) 36 km/hr (c) 40 km/hr (d) 45 km/hr    1  1188
The population of a village has increased annually at the rate of 25%. If at the end of 3 years it is 10000, then the population in the beginning of the first year was (a) 5120 (b) 5000 (c) 4900 (d) 4500    1  1097
If the ratio of two numbers is 2 : 3 and their L.C.M. is 54, then the sum of the two numbers is (a) 5 (b) 15 (c) 45 (d) 270    2  2614
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Un-Answered Questions
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hi....I am Kanhiya Kumar singh DEO, in office of the AG(AUDIT), Uttrakhand, Dehradun, want mutual transfer to patna, jharkhand, allhabad, lucknow or kolkata, kindly contact me on 7895363950 280
Debarred 1 year because of attendance lag in college. Asked in attestation form. It will be a disqualification of job if selected? 773
in cgl 2014 i gave my academic details as masters but now i have given only graduation details because i don't want to want to this on masters basis there is some is there any problem if i give cgl on graduation.Is there to need same qualification same year ,can we change on our choice? 352
how you decrease overconfident 474
Sathis: i have written this year tier very sure ill be sort listed .i have prepared well for the exam . I have confusion in choosing post b/w iti and da under cag . Can any one give me complete deatils about the posts ,income ,salery ranges, promotion etc. And also iwant to know that after sr.da post what is the promotion oppertunities plz help me with this. 591
what will the initial salary of LDC selected through the combined higher secondary exam 2010? 3261
Dear Sir/Madam, I am applying for the post of Engineering Assistant in Prasar Bharti which was dated in Employment news on 23-02-2013. I completed BSc (Maths, Electronics, ComputerScience).As they said i am eligible to Eng.Assistant post. But when i am trying to enroll my self in Part I Registration at the Qualification column it doesn't shows any Electronics group. It shows Electonics Engineering, Electrical Engineering. So, in these which one i have to pick to my Degree Qualification. Kindly reply me asap. 1091
A sc candidate,rank 1737 out of 1895 total seats,scoring 273.75 can get Auditor or Any accountant post in ssc cgl 2011. I have given all states. Plzzz answer authentically. Plzz 1722
what is the qualifying mark of group2 exam for sc female category 752
Hello I am selected for SSC deo in 2014 in Cag raipur If anybody here wants mutual transfer From ag Gwalior to age raipur Please contact 8871059699 48
Got married in Nigeria 8/12. Is it better to file for I-130 then K-3 or B-2 visa? We want the quickest way to be together. I am a USC. 512
What would be the expected cut off for selecting a candidate in Assistant CSS through CGLE, 2011 considering CPT in UR category? 1212
What will be the expected take home salary for Tax Assistants in Vizag Central Excise (Y category city)? 1749
Kindly reply whether May I get my posting of tax assistant in cbdt in wb as my wb rank is 31 and all india rank is 184? When may I expect joining?I am selected on the basis of cgle 2010.Thanks in advance. 649
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