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 Categories >> Software >> Operating Systems >> Unix
  Unix Commands (243)   Unix Threads (13)   Unix IPC (34)   Unix Socket Programming (58)   Unix System Calls (8)
  Unix General (41)   Unix AllOther (133)
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What UNIX command will control the default file permissions when files are created?    4  5418
How do you execute a UNIX command in the background?    6  10379
How do you list the files in an UNIX directory while also showing hidden files?    6  6881
What are the read or write or execute bits on a directory mean?    2  2605
What does iostat do? ibm   4  6571
What does the ?route? command do?    2  2990
What are the main differences between Apache 1.x and 2.x? ibm   1  5134
What steps are required to perform a bare-metal recovery?    1  2957
What is a level 0 backup? atos-origin   2  6405
What is an incremental backup?    2  2380
Name key files or directories on a Windows system that should always be backed up?    2  2105
Name key files or directories on a UNIX system that should always be backed up?    1  3258
From command line how will you add a user account?    2  2323
what is a profile?    1  2263
what happens when we create a file system?    1  1705
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Un-Answered Questions
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How do I use TCP_NODELAY? 32
How can I set the timeout for the connect() system call? 27
what is output mkvg pvname 51
How can I force a socket to send the data in its buffer? 37
What are the main differences between Apache 1.x and 2.x? 5134
I am new to Unix and Unix Shell scripting could you guide me on how to go about these subjects and where to start from with concern to Oracle?. I also would like to know where does UNIX shell Scripting help in terms of development of a application in Oracle? I have no clue in the subject so do help me. Thank You Neelima 930
When i run a programm of orphan process. Instead of getting child's parent (ppid)=1 ..i get 1400 and it varies as per system. How can i findthe right soluion??? My pgm: #include<stdlib.h> # include <stdio.h> int main() { int pid; pid=fork(); if(pid < 0) {exit(-1);} else if(pid==0) { printf("Child Process is Sleeping ..."); sleep(10); printf("Orphan Child's Parent ID : %u ",getppid()); } else { printf("Parent Process Completed ... %u ",getpid()); exit(0); } return 0; } Output: 357
Whats the difference between select() and poll()? 43
why unix commands simpler rather than complex task 2230
Why does the sockets buffer fill up sooner than expected? 29
How can I tell when a socket is closed on the other end? 30
. Using sed and grep, write a command which lists files and directories with following properties: (i) created in 1999 (ii) with user's as owner and group 1049
How do I convert a string into an internet address? 33
Why do I get EPROTO from read()? 38
What is Fork swap? 1492
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