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 Categories >> Software >> Operating Systems >> Unix
  Unix Commands (243)   Unix Threads (13)   Unix IPC (34)   Unix Socket Programming (58)   Unix System Calls (8)
  Unix General (42)   Unix AllOther (133)
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hi.when will u come to klnce 4 campus interviews??/    0  887
How can u doing testing in Unix environment ? tcs   2  6198
What is the difference between windows environment and Unix environment ? oracle   8  7133
What is use of sed command? bitwise   12  18528
Which Command is Used for temprary switch User? bitwise   5  10431
Which mode is used for allowing file write,read and append mode? bitwise   9  10498
how to remotely move a file ??? that mean how to move a file one machine to another machine ??? altair   10  9146
what is the meaning of this command rm -rf / what will it do ? altair   5  9176
what is mount ,tell me about mount ,how can u use in real time project?? symphony   12  8361
What is file system in unix?? symphony   10  10649
which is the best book for learning unix and linux?    6  8541
what is difference between kernel and shell? juniper-networks   18  60821
How to set Windows as Default OS when Dual Booting Ubuntu?    1  2007
How do I log into a remote Unix machine(as a root/normal user)?Please specify with command user and argument.    3  3349
What is the job responsibility of a System Administrator (UNIX/LINUX),briefly describe (Also point out system admin's daily job details),specify job type & job description? tcs   2  5372
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Un-Answered Questions
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i m putting 2.6yrs fake exp in oracle/unix production support i want to know some real time issues,like tell me the challenging issue u ever faced? my project is credit card application plz help me! 6267
What are the pros/cons of select(), non-blocking I/O and SIGIO? 148
system choose one for me on the connect() call? Should I bind() a port number in my client program, or let the? 285
How can I write a multi-homed server? 321
why unix commands simpler rather than complex task 2455
What is the difference between read() and recv()? 198
I am new to Unix and Unix Shell scripting could you guide me on how to go about these subjects and where to start from with concern to Oracle?. I also would like to know where does UNIX shell Scripting help in terms of development of a application in Oracle? I have no clue in the subject so do help me. Thank You Neelima 1089
How do I use TCP_NODELAY? 86
How do I convert a string into an internet address? 80
What is the procedure to configure MC/SG Cluster services in HP-UX 11i v3 OS Environment? 3509
what is the time for incident, problem and change management tickets? 1162
what is difference between milestone and run-levels in Solaris ? 1434
Why does the sockets buffer fill up sooner than expected? 92
What is Have u seen that file? 700
Whats the difference between select() and poll()? 121
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