OOPS Interview Questions
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What is OOPS and How it is different from Procedural Programming ?

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what is meant by files?


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is java purely oop Language?

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What is Object and Class? What are the differences between them?

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What is Inheritance, Multiple Inheritance, Shared and Repeatable Inheritance?

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What is Method overloading?

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Can we call a base class method without creating instance?

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In which cases you use override and new base?

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You have one base class virtual function how will call that function from derived class?

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In which Scenario you will go for Interface or Abstract Class?

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polymorphism means?


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Describe the difference between a Thread and a Process?

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Describe what an Interface is and how it?s different from a Class.


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What is the difference between XML Web Services using ASMX and .NET Remoting using SOAP?

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write a code for this:trailer recordId contains a value other than 99, then the file must error with the reason ‘Invalid RECORD_ID’(User Defined Exception).


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I have One image (means a group photo ) how to split the faces only from the image?............ please send the answer nagadurgaraju@gmail.com thanks in advace...


write a code for this. serial_number contained in the header of the file will be read , if this serial number is less than a previous serial number within a successfully processed file, or is the same as another serial number within a successfully processed file, or if the field contains anything other than 7 digits, then the file must error with the reason ‘Invalid SERIAL_NUMBER’.


what type of questions


what are the realtime excercises in C++?


i am getting an of the type can not convert int to int *. to overcome this problem what we should do?


What is Difeerence between List obj=new ArrayList(); and ArrayList obj=new ArrayList()?


how to get the oracle certification? send me the answer


Please send ford technologies placement paper 2 my mail id


How to Increment the value of the empid E001 for each and every employee by using the programe?


There are two base class B1,B2 and there is one class D which is derived from both classes, Explain the flow of calling constructors and destructors when an object of derived class is instantiated.


Where You Can Use Interface in your Project


2. Give the different notations for the class.\


Write a C++ program without using any loop (if, for, while etc) to print prime numbers from 1 to 100 and 100 to 1 (Do not use 200 print statements!!!)