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Where You Can Use Interface in your Project    0  1
how many types of notations are in java    0  166
what is the 3 types of system development life cycle    0  885
what is difference between class template and template class?    0  791
WAP to generate 2n+1 lines of the following pattern on the computer screen:    2  1951
Following are the class specifications: class {int a}; class {int b}; Using friend funtion,calculate the max of two objects and display it.    0  496
What is this interview room ? Is it a class or an object. cybage   3  5426
The type of variable a pointer points to must be the part of pointer's definition so that: infosys   1  1705
OOP'S advantages of inheritance include: infosys   1  2215
How to create a comment page in C #??    2  1388
what is difference between thread and programme. ncc   0  592
can you give the dynamic polymorphism types? wipro   2  12126
what is the new version of c++ ignou   1  1779
what is the new version of oops ignou   0  701
write a C++ program for booking using constructor and destructor. hal   0  649
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Un-Answered Questions
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What is byval and byref? What are differences between them? 415
write a program to find 2 power of a 5digit number with out using big int and exponent ? 458
if i have same function with same number of argument but defined in different files. Now i am adding these two files in a third file and calling this function . which will get called and wht decide the precedence? 867
given a set based questions and 5 questions based on it next data sufficiciency questions 2 and 2/3 english sentence completion with options very easy and 2 synononmys paragraph with 10 questions 10 minutes replace =,-,*,% with -,%,+,* type questions 5 3 questions lik following itssickhere itssickthere itssickhere istsickhere which is nt alike the others very easy 825
design a c++ class for the chess board,provide a c++ class definition for such class(only class definition is required) 3651 Interview Question A=10 B=5 C=A+B Print C The above will be given in a multiline textbox. You need to parse the above input, store values for A,B&c. And you have to display the value of C. 2349
assume the program must insert 4 elements from the key board and then do the following programs.sequential search(search one of the elements),using insertion sort(sort the element) and using selection sort(sort the element). 524
what type of questions 490
explain sub-type and sub class? atleast u have differ it into 4 points? 696
how to find the correct email address format by using the programe? 936
what are the ways in which a constructors can be called? 423
how to get the oracle certification? send me the answer 403
Write a c++ program to display pass and fail for three student using static member function 1258
program for insertion ,deletion,sorting in double link list 1039
How to call a non virtual function in the derived class by using base class pointer 2269
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