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What are different types of JVM's? for example we use dalvik jvm for android then what about the remaining operating systems?    0  155
i=20;k=0; for(j=1;k-i;k+=j<10?4:3) { cout<    0  192
Where You Can Use Interface in your Project    0  264
how many types of notations are in java    0  476
what is the 3 types of system development life cycle    0  1179
what is difference between class template and template class?    0  1021
WAP to generate 2n+1 lines of the following pattern on the computer screen:    2  2458
Following are the class specifications: class {int a}; class {int b}; Using friend funtion,calculate the max of two objects and display it.    0  669
What is this interview room ? Is it a class or an object. cybage   3  7104
The type of variable a pointer points to must be the part of pointer's definition so that: infosys   1  2241
OOP'S advantages of inheritance include: infosys   1  2731
How to create a comment page in C #??    2  1891
what is difference between thread and programme. ncc   0  842
can you give the dynamic polymorphism types? wipro   2  12551
what is the new version of c++ ignou   1  2241
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Un-Answered Questions
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can we make game by using c 1351
what are the realtime excercises in C++? 1186
assume the program must insert 4 elements from the key board and then do the following programs.sequential search(search one of the elements),using insertion sort(sort the element) and using selection sort(sort the element). 621
#include <string.h> #include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> #include <conio.h> void select(char *items, int count); int main(void) { char s[255]; printf("Enter a string:"); gets(s); select(s, strlen(s)); printf("The sorted string is: %s.\n", s); getch(); return 0; } void select(char *items, int count) { register int a, b, c; int exchange; char t; for(a = 0; a < count-1; ++a) { exchange = 0; c = a; t = items[ a ]; for(b = a + 1; b < count; ++b) { if(items[ b ] < t) { c = b; t = items[ b ]; exchange = 1; } } if(exchange) { items[ c ] = items[ a ]; items[ a ] = t; } } } design an algorithm for Selection Sort 713
How to call a non virtual function in the derived class by using base class pointer 2619
What are different types of JVM's? for example we use dalvik jvm for android then what about the remaining operating systems? 155
Write A Program to find the ambiguities in Multiple Inheritance? How are they resolved.(Virtual Functions) 2375
any one please tell me the purpose of operator overloading 891
is there any choice in opting subjects like 4 out of 7 605
explain sub-type and sub class? atleast u have differ it into 4 points? 793
Please send ford technologies placement paper 2 my mail id 597
what type of questions 643
Write a program to sort the number with different sorts in one program ?? 799
what's the basic's in dot net 604
Write a program to reverse a string using recursive function? 694
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