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What is the renewal class? ebix   0  881
what is the difference between virtual function and destoctor?    1  1898
what is code for call by value and call by reference?    1  2324
Iam doing my project on instant messaging , if you any new ideas regarding this project ,please suggest it?    2  1370
Write an operator overloading program to write S3+=S2.    2  1664
Write A Program using Single and Multiple Inheritance.    1  1945
Write A Program to find the ambiguities in Multiple Inheritance? How are they resolved.(Virtual Functions) accenture   0  2194
WAP to find the ambiguities in Multiple Inheritance? How are they resolved.(Virtual Functions)    1  2516
Write an operator overloading program to Overload ‘>’ operator so as to find greater among two instances of the class.    1  2446
Define a class to represent a bank account. Include the following members: Data Members: Name of the Depositor Account Number Type of Account Balance amount in the account Member Functions: To assign the initial values. To deposit an account. To withdraw an amount after checking the balance. Write a C++ main program to display account number, name and balance.    3  17900
what is the use of classes in c++; hcl   2  3192
tel me oops defination in single line    2  2715
what is the difference between javap and jad utility wipro   1  3119
can we create and enter the data & hide files using programmes ? wipro   2  1932
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Un-Answered Questions
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define oops concept with example 486
class type to basic type conversion 668
write a programe to calculate the simple intrest and compund intrest using by function overlading 462
Why is it so that we can have virtual constructors but we cannot have virtual destructors? 1445
They started with the brief introduction followed by few basic C++ questions on polumorphism, inheritance and then virtual functions. What is polymorphims? How you will access polymorphic functions in C? How virtual function mechanism works? 293
How to Increment the value of the empid E001 for each and every employee by using the programe? 553
write a C++ program for booking using constructor and destructor. 637
can we make game by using c 1100
What is byval and byref? What are differences between them? 409
Write a program to reverse a string using recursive function? 589
Why can't we have instance(stack) of a class as a member of the same class like eg.Class A{A obj;} as we can have self refential pointer 389
what is the sylabus for priliminaries? 458
what is the 3 types of system development life cycle 873
if i have same function with same number of argument but defined in different files. Now i am adding these two files in a third file and calling this function . which will get called and wht decide the precedence? 856
i got a backdoor offer in process global,Bangalore..Can i work with it? 1112
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