OOPS Interview Questions
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Plese get me a perfect C++ program for railway/airway reservation with all details.



Get me an image implementation program.


Prepare me a program for the animation of train


Write a program to get the binary tree.


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What do you mean by stack program? Get me an example stack program?

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Get me a number puzzle game-program


what is oops


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What is data binding?

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define oops with class and object

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why oops need in programming


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1. Strong name 2. how to prevent a class from being inherited 3. delegates 4. default modifier for interface 5. default modifier for class 6. base class for exception 7. diff bet trigger and view in sql 8. how to exchange values from one page to another page 9. can multiple catch block ll be executed at same time 10. can u store different data types in an array & array list 11. when we ll use trigger 12. try,catch,finally usage

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what is difference between c++ language and java language

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What is the main difference between C++ and Java


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I hv a same function name,arguments in both base class and dervied class, but the return type is different. Can we call this as a function overloading? Explain?

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what are the realtime excercises in C++?

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How to call a non virtual function in the derived class by using base class pointer


What is Difeerence between List obj=new ArrayList(); and ArrayList obj=new ArrayList()?


to find out the minimum of two integer number of two different classes using friend function


Is this job good for future? can do this job post grduate student?


String = "C++ is an object oriented programming language.An imp feature of oops is classes and objects".Write a pgm to count the repeated words from this scenario?


Write a program to compute for numeric grades for a course. The course records are in a file that will serve as the input file. The input file is in exactly the following format: Each line contains a student's first name, then one space, then ten quiz scores all on one line. The quiz scores are in whole number and are separated by one space. Your program will take it input from this file and sends it output to a second file. The data in the output file will be exactly the same as the data in the input file except that there will be one additional number (of type double) at the end of each line. This number will be the average of the student's ten quiz scores. Use at least one function that has file streams as all or some of its arguments.


hi, this is raju,iam studying b.tech 2nd year,iam want know about group1 and group2 details, and we can studying without going to any instutions? please help me.


why reinterpret cast is considered dangerous?


program for insertion ,deletion,sorting in double link list


just right the logic of it 1--> If few people are electing then every time ur candidate should win 2--> arrange books in box, if box carry weight == books weight then take another box..... find the no of box required.


Write a program to sort the number with different sorts in one program ??


what is difference between class template and template class?


This program numbers the lines found in a text file. Write a program that reads text from a file and outputs each line preceded by a line number. Print the line number right-adjusted in a field of 3 spaces. Follow the line number with a colon, then one space, then the text of the line. You should get a character at a time and write code to ignore leading blanks on each line. You may assume that the lines are short enough to fit within a line on the screen. Otherwise, allow default printer or screen output behavior if the line is too long (i.e., wrap or truncate). A somewhat harder version determines the number of spaces needed in the field for the line numbers by counting lines before processing the lines of the file. This version of the program should insert a new line after the last complete word that will fit within a 72-character line.


Following are the class specifications: class {int a}; class {int b}; Using friend funtion,calculate the max of two objects and display it.


write a program that takes input in digits and display the result in words from 1 to 1000