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Why do you want to work for this organization? cmc   7  25238
What position do you prefer on a team working on a project? cmc   6  17911
What qualities do you look for in a boss? cmc   8  6701
Do you think you are overqualified for this position? cmc   5  12115
What motivates you to do your best on the job? cmc   12  25352
What have you learned from mistakes on the job? cmc   2  3457
If you had enough money to retire right now, would you? cmc   8  25093
Explain how you would be an asset to this organization ? cmc   10  20722
Tell me about your dream job. cmc   8  22177
What irritates you about co-workers? cmc   6  24149
what are your strengths ? satyam   24  20640
What is the difference between micro computer mini computer&super computer? satyam   2  15374
What is the difference between assembler language& m/c language? satyam   2  2734
Can you explain any program from microprcoser 8086? satyam   1  2363
What is micro controller? satyam   4  3444
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Un-Answered Questions
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my question is that i want help 2-5-2010 on this date i have to go for interview and written test for og-111 officer post in national bank .any budy guide me which type of question comes into test from which web i get question and prepairation for test please if any body have any i dea than email me on this email adress thanks 537
hi friends... this is priya.i had 1 year of experiance in manual testing from jan-dec 2011 in a reputed level 5 MNC and my CTC was 3.25LPA . recently i cleared 2 rounds of technical interviews and in few more days i will have hr interview in a CMMI level3 company... in hr interview they may ask about expected ctc.what i should answer for this question? i had more than a year gap, so what package i can expect? same CTC or some % of hike or as per the company norms? 748
why do u choose mainframes? 163
When will you use the positive time recording in without time evalution? 466
Debenture,Mutual Fund& bonds Types? 1308
How Independent are you in taking your own discussions? 630
What is the syllabus for NIC exam ? 946
how many infotypes we will use in OM. 711
Primary & Secondary Market? 942
Is there anyone else in your set of peers or friends who you would like to recommend as a great candidate for Software Development positions at Microsoft? If so, please list their name and email address below. 582
Am a software professional having around 7-8 yrs of exp. Any job opportunites are available in the market for his profile? have exp in Java technology. Is it Ok to switch the job this time considering the s/w market condition? Also would like to have set of interview questions for Java+7-8yrs exp profile. 895
Have you ever been asked to leave a position? 973
what considerations might dictate an organization's differing staffing needs at different times? 1720
Hai Guys, Thi is Dinakar Please send me the navigation path of all oracle hrms subject. 580
About the current employer ? 572
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