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Do you think you are overqualified for this position? cmc   5  11508
What motivates you to do your best on the job? cmc   12  23509
What have you learned from mistakes on the job? cmc   2  3123
If you had enough money to retire right now, would you? cmc   7  23363
Explain how you would be an asset to this organization ? cmc   10  19795
Tell me about your dream job. cmc   8  20385
What irritates you about co-workers? cmc   6  21554
what are your strengths ? satyam   24  19715
What is the difference between micro computer mini computer&super computer? satyam   2  14281
What is the difference between assembler language& m/c language? satyam   2  2421
Can you explain any program from microprcoser 8086? satyam   1  2124
What is micro controller? satyam   4  3134
what is flip-flop? satyam   4  4619
What is your geographical preference? microsoft   5  9314
How long do you want to stay in USA and why ? microsoft   1  1520
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Un-Answered Questions
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hi friends, i would like to write scjp 1.6. anybody have dumps,please send to my mail id 529
Today i completed my telephonic interview . many questions they asked from my projects.all questions from my resume. even that person who took interview he gone thro sites which i given in my profile. i answered well. Finally he said their ppls will call me and nice to talk like that he said I will get select???? 1397
About peer reviews ? 530
What do you like to do best related to computers now (programming, administration, testing, manage projects, etc)? What is it about that area that you specifically enjoy? 757
About effort estimation ? 754
what will be the questions asked by interview if we mention cooking as hobby? 12515
How to stimulate the people in the recruitment procces? 1356
Hi. I had attended an interview with Polaris in the month of 24th April 2014. I got selected and a pay discussion too.. I had submitted all my documents to the HR person. But, I did not get any response after that. They did not respond to calls or mails or msgs. So, I heard of a walk-in drive happening on June 14th. I decided to walk-in to know about my candidature status. They told me that a candidature of an selected candidate who did not receive an offer letter, expires in a month's time. So, my candidature has expired and I will have to attend an interview again. But, HR personnel told me that they'll inform the interviewers that I'll be prioritised as I was already shortlisted. I attended the interview again and got shortlisted again. Again, they conducted a salary discussion and asked for my documents again. I submitted scanned copy of all the documents the same day by mail. Even this time I did not get any response from them. Its 15 days now and I have not got even a call or a mail stating any delay or assuring the offer letter.. I'm in a professional break for a year(for personal reasons), after working for 8 years. I'm doubting that, this could be the only reason they put on hold every time. Please help in finding me why am I not getting the offer? 441
sir,i have L&T infotech campus placements in the next week. can u please send me the actual procedure,previous written test papers and technical questions? 1604
Is it recommendable to start working with process areas at CMMI-level 4 before attaining all levels at level 3? 664
Hi.. Iam working as Test Engineer. I want to become a business analyst. is domain knowledge necessary for that? CAn u guide me to approach? Is there any course? 620
Give us details of your present employment status 1704
I have applied to accenture in-person and they have scheduled me interview at 26thjuly but they have not shared me venue details and still my candidate status is showing as "scheduled for weeken walkin"? what should i do now? 346
Is Grautity payable on NPA portion of salary ? 905
Has anyone received the offer letter from Accenture after attending the final HR interview on 22nd April,2010? 1436
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