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what the meaning of sql    8  6173
what is oracle sql,pl/sql with interfaces tcs   2  3544
how to remove records from table? no name 1 a 2 b 1 a 2 b 3 c oracle   8  5660
why use cursors? oracle   5  6107
how to delete duplicate rows from a specified table(only single table) how do you know which join is need to be used ust   11  6915
why should required for Indexed by table in pl/sql    3  2921
why should required nested tables, Object types, partition tables and varying arrays. what is the difference between these are all. give me example with explanation.    1  2724
With out using count() function. How to the find total number of rows in a table?    5  6006
Please let me know if UNION ALL and Natural Join does the same operation and are same... igate   7  6797
can use the following like overloading concept in a single package: procedure p1(a varchar), procedure p1(a varchar2), procedure p1(a char)    5  2841
how can we find the select statement is indexed or not? cts   3  6664
how to debugg a procedure or package using dbms_output.put_line in plsql polaris   1  4051
i want to display 1 to 10 numbers using one select statement. oracle   18  17025
i have one table with accounts and amounts as colums.accounts with columns c and d. and amounts with values 1000,2000,3000 for c and 4000,5000,8000 for d.i need to find the sum of these accounts c and d individually and find the differences between their sum using one select statement. hewitt   11  6855
i have doubt that any one tell ref cursor comes in sql pl/sql? pls clarify? tech-mahindra   4  3258
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Un-Answered Questions
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How do you use collections in procedure to return the resultset? 580
write a query that returns first characters of each word in Oracel/Sql pl sql 3866
Table 1: col1 Timestamp ---------------- 01-mar-2012 11:12:46 Table 2: col2 Timestamp -------------------- 01-mar-2012 11:12:10 01-mar-2012 11:11:23 Write a query to display a row with table2 col2 value less than tabl1 col1 value. Maximum timestamp value previous to table1 col1 value. Display a result as: Col1 col2 ----- ----- 01-mar-2012 11:12:46 01-mar-2012 11:12:10 541
if table named a is there and 4 records are there then how to swap (1 and 3) and (2 and 4) records at a time 680
a table has 2 classifications 1)liabilities 2)earnings this liabitity has 2 elements with 2 input values and the earnings have 2 elements with 2 input values i wrote a query so that my input is liability savings amount1 amount2 xxxx null xxxxxx 0 xxx1 null xxxxx1 0 null yyyy 0 yyyy null yyy1 0 yyy1 my problem is --when i developed a report(d2k) with this data my o/p is liabilities,amount1,savings,amount2 xxxx xxxxxx xxx1 xxxxx1 yyyy yyyy yyy1 yyy1 how could i move this savings,savings values 2 palces up. can any body provide me witha better solution 692
how will i became good database developer? 518
hello..... i am an comp science engineering graduate planning to do ORACLE certification in PLSQL 9i. just wanted to know whats the possibility getting job is their openings???? is it worth doin that course n certification 366
How well can multiple sessions access the same data simultaneously ? 492
what is the bond code in materialized view? 977
hi,i plan to put experience on PLSQL ,can anyone suggest me for any institutes in bangalore or how to prepare for interviews 299
How global cursor can be declare with dynamic trigger ? 59
What is window clause? 65
source destination distance chennai bangalore 500 bangalore chennai 500 hyd delhi 1000 delhi hyd 1000 bangalore hyd 800 Here chennai to bangalore and bangalore to chennai is same distance. and hyd and delhi also same criteria. Based on the distance i want to display only one row using sql query? 10
What will be the output of the following String S = 1+2+"abc" S = ? String S1 = 1+2+"abc"+5+6 S1 = ? 573
what is single byte over head in oracle..? 633
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