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Hi Can anybody tell me how I can get CCNA certificate for beginners

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hi , can you Suggest me the books (with author names) to learn Network programming from basics. Thanks in Advance... Prakash


hi , can you Suggest me the books (with author names) to learn Network programming from basics. Thanks in Advance... Prakash


An alternative to LAN is simply a big timesharing system with terminals for all users. Give two advantages of a client-server system using a LAN.

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Data link protocols almost always put the CRC in a trailer rather than in a header. Why?

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Many business computers have three distinct and world wide unique identifiers. What are they?

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Can a machine with a single DNS name have multiple IP addresses? If so give a possible example. If not then explain why not?

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Suppose an organization uses Kerberos for authentication. In terms of security and service availability, what is the effect if AS or TGS goes down?

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Give two reasons why PGP compresses messages.

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what is meant by printer configuration?


How to upagrade antivirus through network ?


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Who developed the UNISHA. and why they cannot continued this software?


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I want to known comparative networking features of windows and linux.

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i want to known about the ubuntu enumerate the various costs associated with the performance, security, support, and maintenance Thanks. please reply the


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Explain ATM reference model.


A binary signal is sent over a 3-khz channel whose signal-to-noise ratio is 20 db.Calculate the maximum achievable data rate ?


What are the basic functions of the data link layer?


Explain the following ARQ techniques in detail 1. Stop and wait ARQ 2. Selective repeat ARQ


I need to know the driver name associated with the DSN ? In java we can get it by using getDriverName()(implemented by 3rd party vendors.) method ? but i need the implemetation to get the driver name? so can u give me the code ? how to get the code ?


Explain Any Standalnoe Application with rispect to OSI model, letus Consider Voice Recognition....!! One Has To tell function of all layers with rispect to given Application.


In which of the 7 layers of OSI will a service handling conversion of characters is from EBCDIC to ASCII be normally implemented ?


1.Explain the main purpose of IP address? 2.List two purposes for a web browser? 3.Explain an advantage and a disadvantage of multiple search engines? 4.Describe two roles of Internet Services Providers (ISPs)?


Explain what is meant by the term ‘integrated service digital network’. Give three reasons a company might choose an ISDN link in preference to a leased line.


Compare satellite with fiber as a communication medium and enumerate the application areas where satellite still holds a niche(or special)marker.


how many types of backups are there & explain them in theory mode & practical mode?


How to communicate between difference process?


what are the major componets of client server application?


Convert the IP address into binary ?


Explain Difference between congestion control and QoS(or Quality of service)