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what are the suggestions to control NPA in rural areas? 2019
what are the aspects an auditor has to see when he/she is doing the Purchase,Sales and Journal Vouching 251
Sales for ABC Company were Rs.150,000 for 2003.The beginning inventory was 30% of the cost of goods sold.The ending inventory was 50% of the beginning invetory.Selling expenses were 10% of sales and absorbed 30% sales.Income taxes were 30% of net income before taxes. 349
What is the rate of basic excise duty and specific duty And I want to know that how can I see that vat rate in up ,excise duty and tds details Please tell me site plese 353
In Pricing the gallons of petrol sold,service station 'A' follows the first-in-first-out method,while service station'B'follows last-in-first-out method.On 1st January both has the same quantity in stock viz.6,000 gallons at Rs.26 per gallon.During the month,each station recieved additional supplies of 6,000 gallons at Rs.27.50 per gallon.Sales for each of these two stations,during the month,were 8,800 gallons at Rs.29 per gallon. Determine for each service station,profit earned during the month and value of the petrol in stock at close of the month. 278
What is Spin-off & spilts 291
How do you set the increment point in appraisal of salaries. It becomes so difficult for the employer to hear again and again about increment 322
state and explain THREE types of situation to which accounting concept might be applicable 377
does MIS reports are used in Tally n Focus software? if yes how it is used in focus software? for AR n AP 443
can any one send me payables real time scenarious or any projects 401
All Accounting Question Related Send Me .. 338
What is compensation theorem? 901
I have scooter , and its insurance expired for the past 1 yrs and i need to renew it ? how to , explain? 316
What three Specific Job Positions do you target from the Industry 474
What is meant by advance ruling? What is the scheme of advance rulings? 204
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