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What is re-financing in Letter of Credit settlement


how to see the resluts of the bank clerical exams? can someone help me on tis.. i've written oriental bank of commerce but not able to know my resluts...

Oriental Bank Of Commerce,


What are the duties of sales tax department? Explain it


If i want to establish a company in which i want to manifacture and sell the Wine. So how many permissions i have to taken and who will issue those?



define the REVENUE

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Define the PROFIT.

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What is the definition of LOSS. Give the formula if any.


In a organization what are comes under DEBIT side? Ex" all assets natural position is debit. like

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Sir i want bill payable meeaning,Entryes

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Who are called as partners

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Definition of partnership

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What is the meaning of FIRM

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Explain about Fluctuating Capital


Explain about Fixed capital


What is meant by consignment

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What is the journal entry for Call and a Put option both in the books of buyer and seller


i want know how to calculate it in payroll please mail me the percentages using there ?


Please send me full details of MIS report how to prepare which item to be consider in MIS report? 2) full details of Esic, PF and Fbt and maharashtra labour welfare fund




Hi, I would like to check if my understanding is correct I have a negative amount for provision of income tax in my balance sheet from my previous financial year.What are the accounting treatments for income tax paid and then refunded to you for the current year? Is this correct? For payment Dr provision of income tax cr bank For tax refund Cr provision of income tax Dr bank Do I need to input anything in income tax expense acct?


is it necessasary to make a partnership deed


Short Answer on _________National Debt


Q5 Prepare a Balance sheet from the following particulars: Gross profit =Rs.80,000 Gross profit to cost of goods sold =1/3 Stock velocity =6 times Opening stock =Rs.36,000 Accounts receivable velocity =72 days (year=360 days) Current assets=Rs.1,50,000 Account payable velocity=90 days Bills receivable =Rs.20,000 Bills payable=Rs.5,000 Fixed assets turnover ratio (on cost of goods sod)=8 times


A----------involves transfer of money or moneys worth from one person to another


Apportion Nett profit of rs 325600 among the partners A,B,C and D as per sharing ratios of 26%,13%,32% and the balance to D.Pass journal entry


What is Accommodation Bill


How to raise my credit score if I have 500 credit score?


Can anyone mail journal entries for me? my Mail id


How are fund-raising and publicity and management and administration costs apportioned over funds?


Purchase book is a ----------journal