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Expand RMP    0  288
Expand DEHM    0  268
Expand PETL    1  1083
Operating Income means--------------------------    1  1316
Under the accrual basis of accounting incomes are recognised at the time -------------------    0  397
Interest earned on investments is an__________    0  332
Is interest of a business unit Operating Expense or Non Operating Expense    0  282
A company disposed its old asset at rate lesser than its wdv Then how it will recorede and under what account group    1  1360
A business unit disposes an old asset at a rate higher than its written down value. Then how it will be recorded and under what head of income    1  940
Amounts earned by a business organisations are called _____    1  1026
Earning made by a business organisation outside the main operations are called----------------    2  1181
How can someone prepared for Syndicate Bank Interviw? Do interviewer going to ask any aptitude questions or will it be similar to other PO Interviews? Answers solicited.. syndicate-bank   0  327
What is Budgeted capital ?    0  335
what are the seven accounting rules cisco   0  558
How to prepare monthly P&L and Balance Sheet (I am using Tally 7.)2. Please guide me in detail(step-by-step) from JV to finalization and also how to start on the first day of the next month if we close the books in the previous month.    1  4014
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plz send all previous question papers for SBI clerical post.My email id is 335
The Analysis of flow of funds through an organization can be very useful to the managment. Elucidate 925
Do you need an income statement if you do part time contract work at home? 366
Dear all, Could you suggest me that if got a job in a/cs in Big org but on payroll of Outsourcing company,What should to prefer the company payroll or job the ? 490
let me know the difference between net cash flow and income 545
What are the different payrolls? how we calculate the exmployee payroll? how we calculate the employee salaries details? 485
Expand-------ANCS 340
is advance against FD or RD is treated as NPA .if EMI is not in scheduled . or classification of npa as per day is is made from sanction date or last payment date of repayment . please suggest me 257
define fixed assets 346
why are you selecting for the profitbulity analysis costing based& active based 462
Provision of Bad Debts is made in compliance with the convention of ----------- 303
I have complited my ERP course in FICO module. Now I want to work in ERP package. Please suggest me how I will apply for the organisation works in ERP environment. 325
Hi any one send me the configuration steps for make to order and make to stock in sap .send to my mail id 494
What si the differance between REVENUE and PROFIT? 343
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