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Hi, I hope the information which I posted earlier may be useful to your goodselves. Feel free to contact 9492038751 Now some information regarding bank clerical interview is as follows : First Bank in India is Bank of Hindustan & General Bank of India, but they are defunt now. The oldest bank that is functioning today also is State Bank of India. It was established in 1806 by then British East India Company as a private firm in Calcutta as "BANK OF CALCUTTA". Later, its name was changed as "BANK OF BENGAL". In continuation to this, other two precidency banks were established in India at Mumbai - BANK OF MUMBAI (1840), at Chennai - BANK OF MADRAS. In 1925 these three banks were merged into one and named as "IMPERIAL BANK OF INDIA" under the control of Reserve Bank of India(1935). But after Independance of India in 1955 as per SBI act 1955, it was changed as "STATE BANK OF INDIA" with independent under Government of India. In 1959, as per 1959 SBI(Subsidiary Banks) Act, Subsidiary banks were started. Today SBI and its Associate Banks have more than 16500 branches with 52 Foreign Branches. State Bank of Hyderabad has 1104 branches, State Bank of Patiala has 750 branches. Other Subsidiary Banks are State Bank of Mysore, State Bank of Travancore, State Banke of Indore, State Bank of Bikener and Jaipur. Recently in 2008 State Bank of Sourashtra was merged with SBI as a policy decision. In the current it on the process to merge SBH and SBP into SBI. According to a survey, in coming 10 years there exists only 6 national banks against 27 banks we have today. Apart from this we have 31 private and 38 foreign banks in India. Today Banking definition not confining to providing financical services, it is also extending to offering Insurance services, Selling Mutual funds, stock market operation as Depository participants. May be in coming days, Banking industry going to sell products, payment of bills of all kind, fee of all examinations with low commission/without commission in addition to the above. Thats all friends. We will meet in another post state-bank-of-india-sbi   4  1273
Hi, this Udaya Bhaskar (9492038751) again. I posted a post already today (23.05.2009, 11:30 hrs, SBI Staff Training Centre, West Maredpally, Sec'bad) morning immediately after i attended the interview of SBH Clerical from Hyderabad Region. Now I am giving some material on Clerical interview for the benefit of your good selves. SLR - Statutory liquidity ratio - 24% at present (RBI range25% - 40%) CRR - Cash reserve ratio - 5 % at present Repo rate - 4.75 % at present - It is the rate at which RBI lends money to Banks Reverse Repo Rate - 3.25% - It is the rate at which Banks park their funds with RBI Bank Rate - 6% at present - It is the rate at which RBI lends money to Banks Main difference between Repo rate and Bank rate is that Repo rate is the discounting offered by the RBI on the monetary bill hold by the Banks Savings Bank Rate - 3.5% for SBH & SBI Call money rate - 2.25% - 4.30% - It is the rate of interest charged by the banks for temporary borrows among banks Legar Tender Money - Currency issued by RBI Optional Money - Cheques, DDs, Bankers Cheques Plastic Money - Credit card, Debit card Credit card is ready made overdraft in e-form for buying good and services by the card holder within specified limits and according to terms and conditions of the issuer Bank without having any account. Debit card is e-Cheque which can be used within the limits of the credit in the account associated with it for financial transactions. Core Banking - Networking of Banks for providing any where any time Banking is called Core Banking Merchant Bank provides capital to firms in the form of shares rather than money. Investment Banks tend to provide investment to firms. Corporate Banking looks after the needs of Big firms, companies, business entities Business Banking looks after needs of medium level business firms, entities, individuals Retail banking focusses to provide services to individuals Private banking focusses to provide services to high networth individuals Lead Banking focusses on providing all type of financial services Narrow Banking focusses on a particular sector like Mortgage, Auto Finance etc. With best wishes, Udaya Bhaskar 9492038751 state-bank-of-india-sbi   26  2285
old question paper for rrb junior electrical engineer and refrence book rrb   6  7559
Where i can get the information about IDBI BANK - INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT BANK OF INDIA - MANAGER JOBS 2009 idbi-bank   3  2832
Where i can get info about BANK OF BARODA RECRUITMENT - SPECIALIST OFFICERS JOB VACANCIES 2009 bank-of-baroda   7  2951
Where to get information about Axis Bank Job Vacancies 2009 - Axis Bank Vice President / Manager / Executive Recruitment 2009 axis-bank   9  8737
Hi friends i attended SBH interview in Andhrapradesh State Region on 23.05.2009 at 11:35 hrs. It is fine. If you have any doubts about verification of documents and interview feel free to call 9492038751. There were three members in interview panel sitting on sofa and i was offered a chair to sit on. Now the inter view questions are : What is speciality of you district ? Ans. Important pilgrimage centres and tourist spots What is your father ? Why there is big gap after ur last education ? What are Newtons laws of motion ? (I am Diplomo candidate) What are todays main news ? What is ATM ? What is micro finance ? Who won Nobel prize from Bangladesh on micro finance ? Do u know hindi ? What is our rashtra basha ? ( Not rajya basha ) Do u read new papers daily ? Which english daily u read ? Ans : I said Hindu News Paper Do u know rifle shooting ? (as i am a NCC candidate) That's all friends. But i gathered some good information useful for this SBH interview also. I have attended interview class in a coaching centre also. Bye and best of luck to all those who got SBH interviews. state-bank-of-india-sbi   7  2779
Hi, guys this is sharan here... mine interview for clercial post in SBI is on 30th of this month i.e may 2009... just wanted to know the possible questions they might ask in the interview... if anybody attended before plz let me know.... plz mail me @ thanks in advance... state-bank-of-india-sbi   0  217
can attestation of Identity Certificate b done by Municipal Corporator state-bank-of-india-sbi   0  489
i have a confusion. I have got 59% marks in XII. But I have 60% marks in B.Sc. and 70% in MCA. Do I qualify for interview? As they have written that one should have 60% marks in XII. Somebody told me that they will also consider hogher degree.    2  755
Hi guys. I have clered the written test for sbi clerk post. and i have interview tomorrow i.e; 23may,2009 I have done MCA in 2008. some of my friends told that " dont say about MCA" because they wont prefer highly over qualifies people. So should i say this qualification in interview. If i say what is the best answer to defend this. Or If dont say then they may ask what did u do after ur graduation. Please answer my question...i have interview tomorrow    2  1584
what is the ratio to be selected the eligible candidates in the written test? state-bank-of-india-sbi   0  226
My interview for S.B.I (associate bank) was today 22may...09 state-bank-of-india-sbi   11  3343
Can anyone(who selected in writen exam)please post, how you are prepared for the exam?Is there are tips for solving problems...?How many marks you got in the exam(which is helpful people to give importance to the subject)...... This is very help full to the next prepare people to get success in bank exams? bsrb   1  607
hi i want to when the interview is started for sbi ,written test on 1st march??    0  170
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Guys ,Please tell me the coaching center names in Ameerpet or hyderabad...I believe who are selected in SBI they have taken coaching somewhere.(Without Hard work we won't get).. Thanks in Advance... 436
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i had applied for APPSC drug inspector post in 2008 notification. but till now ididn't get any reply. could you tell me about that entrance exam when will it conduct or it was it finish. and also could you tell me about next otification date and model papers send to my mail( 331
i request plz send me one question paper patter of previous years rrb junioe (JE) engineer for electrical and electronic enggineering also the syllabus to my mail id kindly send me very necessary comming dec 19 2010 i have my exam. i am waiting for your good replay 167
did anyone appear for the Deputy Field Officer(T) exam? I have exam on 7th March so i would appreciate if anyone can give me details regarding exam, asap. thanks Lalit Shekhawat 449
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dear orissa circle candidate selected in sbi clerk 2010, did any one has got the offer letter or any info. abt the medical test date.plz pass the news in detail at or at 9885560854 plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 178
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