Government Interview Questions
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Which party system do you suggest for effective working of Cabinet

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To which the local government is accountable

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In a Federal Government with which the powers are rested

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In Federal Govt by which the powers are divided between state and Centre

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The word ?Federation? was drawn from which term and language

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In a Presidential form of Govt. to which the President is head

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In India who is the nominal Executive

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In India, by which the resolution of vote of ?No confidence? passed

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Which type of Government is adopted in our country

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What is Political Homogeneity means

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In Parliamentary form of Govt, from which house the ministers will be taken

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If vote of ?No confidence? motion is passed by the legislature against the Prime Minister, what happens

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Why Parliamentary form of Govt is useful

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Who plays a key role under the Parliamentary form of Govt

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In which country parliamentary form of Govt was first developed

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starting salary and oualification


Why solar energy is not used


if you get 1 crore what will you do for your country


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what you will do if police comes and arrests your father in charge of corruption??


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current affair related questions wid answers also,,if any body know ,,,,which may b asked in sbi interview???????


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hii, I am vikas pandey from jaipur. I have cleared sbi clerk exam 2009. I want to know what questions are asked in Interview. If you have some details please mail me at


Where do you find yourself after (five or) ten years?


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