Government Interview Questions
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Which party system do you suggest for effective working of Cabinet

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To which the local government is accountable

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In a Federal Government with which the powers are rested

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In Federal Govt by which the powers are divided between state and Centre

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The word ?Federation? was drawn from which term and language

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In a Presidential form of Govt. to which the President is head

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In India who is the nominal Executive

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In India, by which the resolution of vote of ?No confidence? passed

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Which type of Government is adopted in our country

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What is Political Homogeneity means

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In Parliamentary form of Govt, from which house the ministers will be taken

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If vote of ?No confidence? motion is passed by the legislature against the Prime Minister, what happens

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Why Parliamentary form of Govt is useful

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Who plays a key role under the Parliamentary form of Govt

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In which country parliamentary form of Govt was first developed

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How do you perform under pressure ??


Hi my name is srinivas.I am preparing for the post of Junior Assistant in APNPDCL. Please suggest books for Junior assistant post in APNPDCL which is going to be announced shortly... Thanks in advance...


I'm sc candidate expect to have 100 in math & 130 in english & overall 330. My preferance in application r non interview posts like jr accountant,auditor,UDC & tax assistant respectively in ssc cgl exam 2010. Will there be any chance for me to get a job except tax assistant,plzz reply.


sir i am completed in government apprentice in 110/33/11 kv substation in Tamil nadu electricity board now i am eligibility to aqpply and get c licence ?


Hi i am selected for sbi clerical intw. i am BE (E n TC) graduate. do anyone have idea what kind of questions are asked to an engg graduate on academics?? thx


Why airforce after Msc math?


how many nationalised banks


guys on which basis are they alloting interview dates.... MERIT or Reg num or Roll num........


please sent a rrb assistant station master previous question paper?


By selling 100 pens, a shopkeeper gains the selling price of 20 pens. Find his gain percent. A. 25% B. 2.5% C. 20% D. 50%


how can i get job in customs


Do you think that your academic performance is the best you are capable of? If not why? What you can do to improve upon it?


which one is the better job 1. Tax assistant in CBDT in delhi(grade pay 2400) or 2. Junior clerk in rajya sabha(grade pay 2400)


hi i am selected as auditor cgda for AP(2012) when will be the posting what will be my action or from where can i get information of posting


how do you check someone's honesty ?