Call Centre Interview Questions
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What is KPO?

Wipro, IBM, Intel, ArcGate, KPO,

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What is HRO?

WNS, Wipro,

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What do I need to enter the BPO arena?

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What is IVR?


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if u will be the principal of a school what will u can do best for school?

TCS, Zenta, Kankei,

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tell me something abt ur dream?

Knoah, HCL,

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how imp is smile to u?

Nipuna, IBM,

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if u win 1 crore rupees what will u do ?

EXL, Genpact, Pharma, Medha Servo, Portland, Wipro, Medha,

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tell me something abt ur watch?

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which 2 major changes u prefer for mumbai city and y?


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how imp is computer in todays world?


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what do you prefer to be paper or pen and y?

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tell me something abt colour pink? and blue?

C3I, R N Exports,

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if u became P.M of this country what the best u can do for it?

Sitel, IBM,

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tell me about yourself introduction?

TCS, Sitel, HDFC, Tricom, Banking, IBM, Microsoft, Satyam, Salix, Tech Mahindra, Van Heusen,

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Un-Answered Questions { Call Centre }

What is technical voice process job in BPO? Please give answer in details. What type of work i have to do?


why animal cells are not totipotent like plant cell?


What about your strength and weaknesses?


please mail me the questions which are asked at the time of interviews in the call center


how to give your interoduction ,what are the necessayr thing which about we talk .


How do you describe your management style?


Discribe Banglore?


Favourite Song that inspired u and explain? Favourite Advt in TV and explain? Is fitness important in day to day life?


what is most memorable moment?


for some training is a neccesity and for others it's a luxury comment about the above statement


How do you handle an irate customer?


Can I build a good future in "IT profile(non-BPO)" by joining as Technical support voice at IBM/ Wipro/Dell .....??? Please do guide me in this case...


why jobs been done night time


have you seen a manhole? why do you think it is shaped like a circle?


How would you manage your accommodation?