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A Norwegian Company rents some equipment to a customer in India. The Norwegian Company does not have an office in India. The new tax regulations make in mandatory for them to furnish a PAN number without which a with holding tax will be deducted. The Norwegian company will be paying tax on this rental income in Norway. India and Norway have a Double Tax Avoidance Agreement. I wish to know 1) Is it possible for the Norweigian company to avoid the with holding tax in India?    0  251
Can anybody explain me entry for TDS receivable with example    5  18289
AOP meana association of persons which includes individuals BOI means association of individuals .so my question is how to recognize a client whether he is aop or boi when he is a associaton of INDIVIDUALS.I will be helpful to those answered my question    1  2242
Where show the sales return of exciseable goods?    2  2178
What diffrance between TDS & TCS.    2  2130
our Consinor Vat rate @14.5%(revised rate) In pujab , is the same rate applicable in A.P. Ex:I have billed 10 auto tubes each @ 120/- = 10*120=1200 + vat 14.5% = 174 total bill value Rs.1374/-...can we collect 14.5% vat or 12.5%(in A.P.) vat from customer..    2  2429
If Mr.A (Individual)Net income Rs.2,00,000 in F.y.2009-10.How much income tax he has to pay.. Is it Right or wrong Total Net income = 200000 (-)Nil Tax 160000 ------- 40000 x 10/100=4000 (-)    6  1665
please inform the all tax rates (i.e. TDS, VAT, CST, Service Tax, PF, ESI, IT)with payment date, returns filing date and form Nos. for the same.    6  7886
What is the %age of T.A.,D.A.,H.R.A.,BASIC    0  2222
When & how vat audit takes Place in haryana. Is Scrutiny & vat audit is same?    0  1756
IVrth quater tds return file last date    3  2051
when Form-16 and Form-11 issued? what is difference in these two? sabic   2  4980
Can anybody tell me what is Due date to file Form-501 under MVAT to claim refund?    1  4688
How can the management breakup the salary of employee(if salary Rs.10000/-) which % they calculate the Basic,T.A,D.A,H.RA.and e.t.c.    0  393
what is the Last date of Yearly VAT Return in Haryana Sale Tax ?    11  27163
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Un-Answered Questions
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What is turnover limit for Auditing of Service Tax, VAT, Income Tax, Provident Fund, P. Tax and WCT? Please mail me at gautam_ch2 @ or call me at 09831707812. 1387
Hi, I am a VAT/CST dealer in Pune. I had got a work contract with other AP state government. can i purchase material in AP state on 2% CST on issuing 'C' form and supply the same material to the AP state government on VAT /CST 5%. As the government departments are not issuing 'D' forms. please guide. 189
IF a vendors charges WCT @8.75% what is the rate of TDs to be deducted against that? & can we take the Input of it? 2020
I am working as account in one of the logistics company for one year. I would like to know about service tax and how can I post necessary entries 752
Any body tell me about VAT (Karnataka)shortly because, iam reading vat book but iam not able to understand that. if any body tell me shortly about karnataka vat, retursn, tax collectng, tax payment, CENVAT utilizing etc. pleseeeeee 720
From Karnataka,while sending material out, which are all the states required Form 38? 285
what is the method of work contract tax computation 1032
Is there any change in the section 80DD for the financial year 2009-10 853
what is the exise limit in granite manufacturing 299
Dear Sir, We are running a security agency. Please suggest us Notification No.:15/2012 service Tax dated 17.03.12 which is effected from 01.07.12 Please suggest how to raise bill on our clients. 1063
which items should be covered the Entry Tax by HP Govt instead of Purchased 270
when we want bought a new asset (for ex. car)how we calculate our income with the eye of income tax 316
What is "Crossing the customs frontiers of india"? Please explain in layman language. 493
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