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scrap material value 5000/- vat rate is 5%+tcs. now my question is much value of tcs & vat. 2.after taxable value add vat or add tcs (before vat or tcs) & how much value of vat & tcs. Plz reply me    1  13262
Can i purchase fuel like LNG against C-form under Haryana Vat Act    1  1326
what is the difference b/w deferred tax exp and defeered tax liab? should Deffered Tax expense be deducted b4 computing Net profit?    0  346
if "a" is a party from gurgaon purchase goods from "b" a party of bhiwadi. "a" purchase goods at cst @2% against "c" form of rs(taxable amt) 10000/- cst @2% rs 200/- then the total bill amount is 10200/-. what is the amount of "C" form made by "a"? matrix   7  2485
we have got a bill of maintinance charges (material Bill only. bill amount is rs. 5000/- now my question is how much wct we have to cut.    1  954
Sir among the answers given by different persons, different answers are posted for the same question? regarding calculation of ESI & PF calculation whether on Basic or Gross salary? could u suggest the exact answer from the expert Pls.    2  940
I have transfered the goods in F-Form (i.e. from one state to another) but now the problem is when I have sold the material in the Local market say for 100+tax=100tax, some of the material got defective say 50+tax=50tax. We will have to issue F-form of how much ??? 100 or 50. Kindly send me the same to my mail address -    0  336
how will one calculate TDS when the bill is with service tax (SAY an AMC bill ) and what treatment will be there when it is a rent bill with service tax. is there any rules in income tax as to deduct double taxation?? pls help with rules sir    0  351
Is there any criteria for percentage define of TDS rates? and What is the major advantage of introducing DTC and GST by Central Govt?    0  211
Physician samples should be charged under CST @ 5% manufactured in H.P. and transferred to other states kpmg   0  545
in a company, if employee contributing To PF equal to employer contribution. can he voluntarily stop his contribution while he is in service with that company?    0  243
IF the turnover of assessee is below Rs 50 lacs but profit declared is less than 5% of turnover . IS he subject to tax audit?    3  1977
meaning of accessory for central excise purpose    0  2180
land lord raise Rs 107175/- as rent on leased premises plus the service tax @ 10.30/- we deduct tds at the rate of 10% we avail 50% how to pass entries and how much amount do we have to pay    1  898
If we purchase material against Form-C from Mumbai and two address mentioned in the invoice i.e.invoiced address - Delhi and Shipped address-Banglore(material delivered address).So,from-C should be issued from which state.    2  1887
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Un-Answered Questions
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how we calculate the tds on salary. 388
Hi, Please guide me in the TDS calculation. I know the slabs.But I dont have much idea about the deduction part.What is the need of Bsic and HRA while calculating TDS.Also I heard that LIC, Rent etc is excempted from TDS.Please guide email id is Thanks in advance.. 260
In India for various goods supplied Excise duties applied by suppliers on goods? How to check this.. Is there any website in 242
what is the detail procedure to filling ITR-I,ITR-II AND ITR- 1V V1 IE e-filling procedure 358
Basing on what we can made TDS payment 117
how to creat e-vat return in tally 452
What is the procedures for withdrawing of form C? 491
1. Defination of Contractor & sub contractor 2. In cash method of accounting can we claim TDS deducted on Advance Recevied from contractee. 474
our manufacturing company, i have received different type of excise bill. for ex. abc invoice purchased oil 17966.88 qty @54.80 inducing excise duty 14% tn how separate rate n excise calculated 356
How Many Category of VAT in West Bengal 63
Tell about dvat and dvat rate 1093
how to modify 12% to 13.5% in tallyerp9 release 1.6 569
Our company is engaged in a business of Real state developer in andhra pradesh. we want to purchase some material from other states. we have central sales tax registration. whether we are eligible for issuing a form 'c' to the supplier being a deeloper. 266
Rules for filling Income Tax return for an Individual ? 339
How to calculate entry tax ??(In karnataka) Pls advice me complete computation details. 4058
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