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how to calculate sub contract tds his bill 48500?

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how to calculate tds?


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1. How to calculate vat @4% on a bill which also suffers Service Tax @ 10.30%. ie. Whether i hav to calculate on the basic or on the sum of Basic + service Tax. kindly clarify in this regard immdly. because som part of people says it sholud b calculated on the basic, another part of people says it should be calculated on the sum of Basic + Service tax.... 2. when we deduct TDS for the invoice? ie. In the invoice which suffers Vat & also Service tax or the invoice which suffers only Service Tax? Kindly clarify me immdly.

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what to in pro



Hi, I am working in MNC, I Want to Know about TDS. What is Deposit date of TDS for all categaries & Which challan or Form What is date of Submit tds return quarterly for in a Company & Which form fill up


I want to know whether entry tax is applicable for capital goods imported ? and is it applicable if imported capital goods purchased from dealer?

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What is the tds (194C) deposit date for the payment made to a contractor on 31 March.

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we have some central purchase bill against c form i want c form against this bill what requirment for form because we have not recived any c form from the cst office please advice me what i do . thanks


what is the tds rs for commision , and other

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what is the difference between FBT and Income Tax.both are interrelated with each other or not?if not then why

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what is cash credit limit please give me answer in detail

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what is capital account? how to manage it? what is the process?


HOw to pass vat adjustment entry while paying vat return?

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I want to know the TDS ammount which deducted by company.

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Dear Experts, Please advice, what are the rate of WCT , and is it differ from individual to companies in case of deduction ( if i am the deducting person)


Can u provided all the dues date and depositing date which are used in general manner or Income tax..


what is the difference b/w deferred tax exp and defeered tax liab? should Deffered Tax expense be deducted b4 computing Net profit?


How can the management breakup the salary of employee(if salary Rs.10000/-) which % they calculate the Basic,T.A,D.A,H.RA.and e.t.c.


What doyou mean by assesment order? and for what purpose it will be passed?


Can I use a single way bill for 1 vehicle dispatching material from multiple consigners to a single consignee???


Ganesh & Gopal joined a firm drawing salary of Rs 25000 per month.After serving 3 yrs ,they started business of their own in partnership,contributing Rs200000(expected life 10 yrs,bought spare parts worth Rs 33000 from Kundu on credit.Office supplies were purchased for cash.Initially they were very busy in conducting their business operations but by the end of the 1st year,31/12/2005 they were disappointed when they found their bank balances.Following is the summary of their bank statement. Receipts: Share Capital Rs 250000 Collections from Customers 412000 Payments: Equipment 200000 Salaries of Assistants 88000 Rent advance for 2 yrs 96000 On-year ins. Policy on equipment 12000 Office stationery 27000 Payment to Kundu 29000 Withdrawals of Ganesh 90000 Withdrawals of Gopal 90000 Closing balance c/d 30000 ----------- Total : 6,62,000 Still amount receivable from customers for services to them amounted to Rs 30,000 & closing balance of office stationery is Rs2000,spare parts Rs2600 were utilised by the end of the year .Prepare trial balance with the available information and show total. Also what is the net profit.


IF a vendors charges WCT @8.75% what is the rate of TDs to be deducted against that? & can we take the Input of it?


what is D-1, D-2, Vat-C4,


how much TDS required in telecommunication services ? Any types of Telecommunication, provider or services receiver


Dearlers Margin Received for Direct sale from our Creditor, that TDS deducted for us. How to accounting in my records in Tally ERP 9


What is the date of depositing entry tax and submission of return?


What is means by Central Excise ? How to calculate Central Excise ? Central Excise form No. is ?


Are woollen Blankets (Rugs) taxable under CST ? Can unregistered party sell it.


I have transfered the goods in F-Form (i.e. from one state to another) but now the problem is when I have sold the material in the Local market say for 100+tax=100tax, some of the material got defective say 50+tax=50tax. We will have to issue F-form of how much ??? 100 or 50. Kindly send me the same to my mail address -