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how to calculate sub contract tds his bill 48500?

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how to calculate tds?


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1. How to calculate vat @4% on a bill which also suffers Service Tax @ 10.30%. ie. Whether i hav to calculate on the basic or on the sum of Basic + service Tax. kindly clarify in this regard immdly. because som part of people says it sholud b calculated on the basic, another part of people says it should be calculated on the sum of Basic + Service tax.... 2. when we deduct TDS for the invoice? ie. In the invoice which suffers Vat & also Service tax or the invoice which suffers only Service Tax? Kindly clarify me immdly.

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what to in pro



Hi, I am working in MNC, I Want to Know about TDS. What is Deposit date of TDS for all categaries & Which challan or Form What is date of Submit tds return quarterly for in a Company & Which form fill up


I want to know whether entry tax is applicable for capital goods imported ? and is it applicable if imported capital goods purchased from dealer?

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What is the tds (194C) deposit date for the payment made to a contractor on 31 March.

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we have some central purchase bill against c form i want c form against this bill what requirment for form because we have not recived any c form from the cst office please advice me what i do . thanks


what is the tds rs for commision , and other

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what is the difference between FBT and Income Tax.both are interrelated with each other or not?if not then why

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what is cash credit limit please give me answer in detail

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what is capital account? how to manage it? what is the process?


HOw to pass vat adjustment entry while paying vat return?

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I want to know the TDS ammount which deducted by company.

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which is the first liability for pay Service Tax to GOvt


Our business is an international call center. we are selling antivirus which is buying rs 200 & selling Rs 4500.what will be the purchase & sales.& what will be taxation processor to calculate tax


Beginning Balance, Dec. 31, 20xx Creditable Income Tax 211,829.00 Income Tax Payable (132,808.00) > Balance 79,021.00 ITR (1st Quarter) - Jan. 31, 2016 - Mar. 31, 20xx Normal Tax (30% of Taxable Income) 2,205.02 MCIT (2% of Gross Income) 7,865.71 Aggregate Income Tax Due (Normal Tax vs. MCIT whichever is hihger) 7,865.71 Less: Tax Credits/Payments Prior Years Excess Credits 79,021.00 Creditable Tax Withheld - 79,021.00 Tax Payable, per return (71,155.29) What should be the entry in my book to record the above transactions? Thank you!


what is the difference between vat return and return for remittance on value added tax.


We have paid service tax of March Bills on 30 March. we forgot to include some bills for service tax, now we can deposit the tax in april/may and how we enter the tally....


Please some one tell me what is the VAT or WCT rate for works contract at Tripura


i want to know that how much input credit we can take of service tax if our input service tax is greater than of out service tax what we should do?,,,,,,,,,,plz reply as soon as possible


sir mai ek bar cst online tax payment kar raha tha to sar maine tac par na click kar ke interst par click kar di ho mai kya karu please give a anwers


what is the difference between vat 100 and vat 120?


How We know we are liable for Profession Tax liability. I have an optics shop & I want PT Number so what should i do?


What doyou mean by assesment order? and for what purpose it will be passed?


what is the prime cost? and factory cost how to calculate it?


what is Bank Stock Statement and which companies required bank stock statement, how can we make the bank stock statement


hi how can we know and how to caulata pf. caucaltion of diffrent copany how much rate of pf deducted by company which is the best site to know our pf information


Hi,when we pass a clearing entry of paid and unpaid tax how do we show the business area the way the business area can be there any change that i have to do in the configuration of this client wants that the business area also reflects when we post the gl.please help.