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Describe how the implementation of a cost center structure could (or won't) lead to decreasing indirect costs? And can you think of any other ways to control indirect costs?

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What is the error that occurs while detecting the cardinalities in the universe pane if we create a join between the normal table and the aggregate table...


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If we take 2 tables(like emp and dept),we use join stage and how to improve the performance?


Why we use parameters instead of hard code in datastage.


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How can we perform 2nd time extraction of client database without accepting the data which is already loaded in first time extraction?

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How can we do null handling in sequential files?


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can we half project in parallel jobs and half project in server jobs?

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what are the different type of errors in datastage?


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30 jobs are running in unix.i want to find out my to do this?Give me command?

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what is the querry for all managers salary?

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what is IBMS when we define House Bank?


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What is the difference between callling a RequestDispatcher using ServletRequest and ServletContext?

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When we don't write any constructor for the servlet, how does container create an instance of servlet?

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What is servlet context ?

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What is filter? Can filter be used as request or response?

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int main() { unsigned char a = 0; do { printf("%d=%c\n",a,a); a++; }while(a!=0); return 0; } can anyone please explain me output????


Plz can any one say me how to get the informatica certification materials and dumps


Can anybody tell what is tool used to generate the list of PROCS used in JCL to generate a PROCTREE


How to avoid expanding a tree node when double-clicking on it?


how to find the instance 1 to item-vision control?


Can I do a payment of 50 bills on a post date. If yes, then how?


How to Create a rotated font?


Explain about the Optimizer values passed in Oracle?


What are the types of Error? In which areas the Error occurs?


iam working in QTP for 2+ of exp if i attend the interview what r questions asked in perfomence testing{loadrunner} ? pls any one can say answer to this question?


What Bearer Capabilities are and on which channel they reside?


What is the GSS-API ?


what's the latest ram lunch?


How to Controll and Deallocate Shared Memory?


What Contains in Business Design Document?