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Risk Analysis a) 2 step, b)3 step, c) 4 step, d) 6 step cashedge   0  443
How to generate Testcase id in Test Director? a)Testcase id 1, b)Testcase id 2, c) TestCase id 3 d) Test case id 4 ordain-solutions   3  5841
Can anyone explain me these 3 techniques with an example? 1).Equalent Class Partision 2).Cause-Effect Graph analysis 3).Error Guessing.    3  2494
What is Gorila testing? aztec   8  4659
What is Mutation Testing? aztec   8  3757
What is Migration testing? aztec   4  11889
How we validate and creating frameworks?    1  1361
Qtp Automation Engineer , Can he login in VSS? What purpose he login In VSS? But Some companys are using CVS AND VSS ? some are Have log in in VSS Some Not login(not accessing) into VSS, not login persons are working on CVS? my doubt is, can Qtp automation engineer have loin in VSS or not? Where he store QTp Script? ctc   3  4063
What is the difference between CVS and VSS? Are you store QTP SCRIPT In VSS OR CVS? Where you store QTP Script? ordain-solutions   1  5509
hi friends please tel me how to handle the recovery manager(All i.e PopUp ,Application Crach ,Object state,etc) in QTP ibm   1  2005
Hello Friends , I am the new joinner of this website. I am working with Sapient ,Gurgoan I would like to ask few qurries regarding the QTP Tool of (Testing) Currently working on QTP Tool . I would like to no learn VB Script can u name some Books which i get in market. And a small issue in QTP I had 2 users right i have to login and send the document from this user to second user right. when i am send this doc some contendId number generates right. now i am loging into second user and i have to search for that contentId right i found it now i dont want to accept the document so i had an opption of check out ok i have to click on check out my QTP Code is like this Browser(" ").Page(" ").WebTable(" ").ChildItem (3,5,"Image",0).click Browser(" ").Page(" ").Link("ChecK Out").Click i new this code is perfectly right but when i am run the script i have to click on that particular contentId and click on check out but now the Problem is started the error is the document has been already checked out remeber every time my content id changes means it is the new contentId which is not been used atleast once Please help me out in this issue i am in big trouble sapient   0  885
What is Desktop Testing    0  521
can any one tell me about ieee standrad testcase formats plzzzz    1  1754
Is there anyway to have QTP go into a website and map out every object before I actually record any tests? I basically want to map out a website with all the objects and build a complete repository. The reason is because I'm running into issues with hierarcical objects. for example: Browser("ABC company- Home").Page("ABC company - Home").Link ("About Us").Click Browser("ABC company - Page 2").Page("ABC company - Page 2").Link("About Us").Click Both these links ("objects" and I use that term loosely as I'm trained mostly in OO programming) go to the same place but but the object heirarchies (pages) are different. I want a repository that will find any possible link on any possible page without having to manually record it. Is there a way to do this?    1  1973
What is the difference between Extension DLL and Regular DLL? ge   6  20948
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have in 100 records in a file i want to read first 3 records and skip next 3 records and agan i want to read 3 records and again i want to skip 3 records... 3803
In a concurrent batch if a session fails, can you start again from that session 147
What output will the program produce: System.out.println(x+"+"+y+"="+(x+y)); 600
What is a designated confirmer signature ? 519
What are Naming Standards in QMF? 81
Hello, My project requirement is like I need to create a web page using MVC pattern. I hava a bean class, jsp page, servlet, service and dao. My jsp has two fields. One is dropdown list. The option values has to get populated from the database table. The other one is a text box and its value has to come from database table. As of now I have defined the fields in bean class, got the values from database using arraylists in dao class and I called this from service class. Can anyone please tell me the workflow of how the servlet will get this arraylist and populate the arraylist values as dropdown options in jsp page? Also I would like to know the role of bean class in MVC pattern? Thanks in advance! 554
what do u mean by an abb control?explain in brief? 891
How will you set the Dependency in the Quality center? Say if you will fail a test case and two or more test cases are dependent on that particular test case. In this case how will you handle in failing the test case. 1036
Using any system, product, or service your organization provides, identify the human system roles for the product. 813
What are the built in javascript functions available to customize your web template? 385
Does any body has ORACLE Certification Dumps or Materials on 9i DBA, 10G DBA, Internet Application Developer, OCP 8i to 10g DBA Upgrade, Oracle 11i if any body have it, please kindly drop an email to: 618
How to limit the cut,copy and paste operations for an user in reportlevel? Can anyone please send me the steps as i am new to cognos? 877
What is the difference between BPEngine and Integration engine? 415
What are the tuning techniques you applied during your last project 403
8. Oop-Why and were we use Interfacse and Abstract class. 555
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