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What is the exact difference between pooled table and cluster table and explain with examples? genpact   3  2484
what is oops dell   4  3207
What is the difference between select single and select upto 1 rows? genpact   4  4338
Hi, I have 3+yrs of HR experience & completed Oracle HRMS Functional Training in Bangalore(Not Oracle Certified). Is there any possibility of getting an entry level position(as a Fresher/Junior/Trainee Consultant)in Oracle HRMS field or Please advice me, how to proceed further to get a job in Oracle field ?    3  4174
what is invoice tolerance ? and what is T.code?    1  3333
what is account assignment in MM?    3  2416
Condition Type s in OBYC?    5  4752
what is the meaning silverligt control    0  544
Working for a logistics company, I need to know your suggestion which preferred processing technique for the computers of end users, multiprocessing or multitasking? and why?    2  2149
how to create a jar file in java    1  2326
while initialization of two dimensional arrays we can initialize like a[][2] but why not a[2][] is there any reason behind this? aptech   4  3178
is it possible to change the default calling convention in c ? aptech   1  1824
Whtz the specialty of 77 level number ? infosys   2  2909
class a extends b { } class b extends a { } why java doesn't support cyclic pls explain me with example wipro   3  5460
class test { private static void main(String []adsf) { } } explain me that the above code is error or exception    3  1943
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Un-Answered Questions
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I need the output file in the below format using Informatica. __0946684800__ 6 1 3 1 5 1 6 1 10 1 6 10 Pos State Time Split AgentID Reason Spaces Code in Code Spare state ______ ___ _____ ______ __________ ______ 1234 14 0 4321 3103 abcd 4321 15 5 123452 3150 Can someone help please?? We need the data in space-delimited, fixed ASCII format . 89
What VBScript operators, functions, and statements do you use in QuickTest Professional? 1058
Does anybody has SAS Platform Administration certification dumps. pls send to 1311
Some one is given me xsd file am not having  any flowservice how to create wsdl?how to consume wsdl and generate services? 572
Hello again!! wanted to ask you HOW EXACTLY create stubs and driver in integration testing? 2.whats the difference between integration testing and system integration testing? Thanks!! 522
How would you access objects created in ActiveX Exe and ActiveX D1T ? 548
what is aom and how to add object repository? i am very new to QTP please help me 444
Hello everyone, I need some help. I completed my SAP Fico course and appeared for an interview in IBM under the payroll of WDC- vendor of IBM. Fortunately I have selected for IBM Projects under the payroll of wdc. But worst thing start from there, for 1 month I'm just waiting for a project to allocate for me, but unfortunately no projects have been allocated and after 1 month wdc has released me. Now I fall in a big trouble, i'm not understanding anything what i should i do now? Again I have to start for searching job in sap field and i'm not getting that. So, can anybody help me out and plz. give the information is there any place mainly in kolkata or any information about the other vendors companies or consultancies who are recruiting candidates for MNC companies, is there any requirement going on for sap fico module in kolkata. I have shown just 1 years of exp. in Sap. So, plz. help me out if any one can, i'm in a big trouble. You can mail me also for the information- Thanks in advance. 1141
How does the submission process work? - SEO 67
which the best institute in india to get trained on telecom protocol testing? am a e.c.e fresher 1310
hi all can anyone explain how to write the code for finding the mandatory columns in table which are having (red*) (red Astrik) 371
Consider a problem of preparing a schedule for a class of student. This problem is a type of a) Search Problem b) Backtrack Problem c) CSP d) Planning Problem 263
What is shading? 72
How to set predecessor relationship between two transport requests? 896
i do not find the category Sap HR .Let me know who is the moderator for this forums 767
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