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Could Anybody Please tell me What is the script for Find 3rd Largest element in the Array without using a SORT function int Find(int arr[], int size); Thanks in Advance.. amazon   0  802
Could Anybody tell me the Script for REVERSE an Interger int reverse(int num) Ex:246 to 642.. Thanks in Advance. amazon   1  1250
If there are two copybooks which have same variables and we are using both the copybooks in our program. will there be an error and if i move values to the variable which copybook varibales gets the values i move in. cts   3  8323
what is meant by printer configuration?    0  961
How to reset root password via command Redhat 5.2    13  8582
what is the difference between vb and    2  2510
In the SAS Data step what is the difference between the subsetting done by Where and subsetting done by If? cognizent   4  8298
what are the types of errors available in rpg IV or 400.Like decimal data error,sessional error or device error etc...means important error occurings,ie to find out suddenly???pls give answ if u know?Pls give the answer 1,,,,,,,to how it will happened like...for eg if a file is not closiing ,,,like this error is happened... if sufficient data is not in a pf to write in a display file. or sfldsp is not "on"......sessional or device error this give details all 1 to 12 errors (syam..)....give details PLsssssssssss? cts   1  2112
Why does most servlets extend HttpServlet? accenture   4  5802
how to see the system configuration in your linux system?    7  6261
I want to send pop-up message to samba users when they access the shared folder.... for eg: i want to tell them (dont copy mp3 and video files)    2  3280
1. What is IIS. pl explain practically. 2. Difference b/w webserver and application server. pl explain practically.    1  1823
Is IIS is required for installing the deployment of windows C#.netapplication and to run.    2  1789
What is polymorphism? pl explain practically rather than theoretical?    3  2069
HI, Please let me know the syllabus for Oracle OCA and OCP Certification    0  817
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Un-Answered Questions
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 You want to change some parameters of Application Server? How will you do it? 17
How to read the file names of a text files from a shared drive using SAS? 818
what are the files created after executing QTP script file, please specify the file names with extensions 405
how can i print random rows in plsql table 578
What is XT (eXtended Technology) 356
 write a program that will open the file, count the number of occurences of each word in the the complete works of shakespeare.  You will then tabulate this information in another file. 531
how much weightage in the interview 820
hi,will someone give the answer for the following questions.These r the questions asked in virtusa 1.Testing Methodology 2.Where u maintains the Repositories 3.Tell me about CMM LEVEL -4 …what are steps that to be followed to achieve the CMM -IV standards? 4.What is CVS and why it is used? 415
What is scalable, portability in the view of J2EE? 649
can u please explain what is the exact difference between qtp8.2 and 9.0 526
How to get a list of CDROM drives on a computer? 367
how to create reports on screech? 699
What is Fork swap? 1436
How will you log a Defect when you are in the process of executing a test case? 341
Can you elaborate on SoapBindingSkeleton? 897
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