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How retrieve field names from the table in SQL through JAVA code?    0  358
How difference windows from dos? Explain the ways of organizing windows. what is the use network neighborhood? what is the use control panel in windows xp?    0  436
1.How can data be developed on Microsoft excel 2. what is the importance of Microsoft Excel to the society    0  331
Hi, If we have 10 company cocodes, in which we created 9 operative chart of accounts for 9 company codes and for last company code we created contry chart of accounts and we assign all company codes to one group company... can we get the reports for 10 company codes ? cgi   4  2877
how we can use a database with php. hcl   2  1053
In F110 - Automatic Payment Program, while setting parameters we need to put " Posting date for next payment run". Please explain what is the significance of putting that. Why is that required to be put?    3  8224
what is the distribution lists in exchange server 2003 hcl   2  8336
what is system public folders in Exchange server 2003    3  6942
what is the Surrogate key?and wt is the diff between Primary key and Surrogate Key?    2  4720
How to execute set of multiple SQL queries in Load Runner? Which component in LR would be used to run the SQL Queries?    1  9393
Suppose you are not using Web server (But using Application Server and DB server). Then what are the graphs available in LoadRunner?    0  429
How to calculate Elapsed Time in LoadRunner?    2  5762
what is heterogeneous network? apex   3  2619
BDC CALL TRANSACTION carry on synchronous processing and update the database both synchronously and asynchronously,where session method carry on asynchoronous processing and update the database synchrousnously.I want to know the meaning of synchronous and asynchronous processing and also the meaning of synchronous and asynchronous database update.    2  6896
how we can know qtp has used smart identification machanism during the execution. ibm   3  2953
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Un-Answered Questions
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what is default length of textfield ? 276
What are hierarchy levels? 391
What is the use of Hyperlink control for DHTML applications? 509
There is an opening in our organization Sierra Atlantic, Hyderabad. All Manual test engineers with 2-3 years of experience can forward your resumes to before May 01, 2008. (Only manual testers) with a covering letter, current CTC and Expected CTC. 377
hey, i recently attended 2 interviews and they asked whether I used qamonitor of softsmith. any help on what it does? 292
which certifications r 4 cobol,jcl,db2,cics what is format of xam n what is importance of these certifications... plz post answer only if u r sure... thanks 312
explain WM_PAINT message ????? 846
you are a universe designer and report developer in BO, what type of information you gather from client?Briefly explain plz 455
what are the prerequisites for costing transactions? 1274
How to publish a package by running Java Script? 500
In Oracle GL how to review the accounts associated with the financial statements? 506
who are the stake holders in reviewing the plann 758
What is the procedure to handle reservation process in sap SD? 379
What are the most important attacks on stream ciphers ? 915
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