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EPFO 2009 result has come or not which is held in sep 2009, pls told me, I have ever asked you.    0  1119
what is nis server?    4  6544
what is defect density ? we say it is No of defects / line of code.. what is line of code ? pls if possible give some real example tcs   3  3875
how to do testing estimation ? is there any genearl formula for that ?    3  3768
What is agile testing ? how can we perform agile testing ?    0  338
How to calculate testing productivity?    0  334
How can u sort strings in array where strings are passed to method as arguments. syncfusion   3  3051
Hi, What is the integration T.Code for PP and FI? What steps and entries involved in integration between those two modules? Any idea...? Reg, Keerthi. ibm   3  3459
what is the need of pp in sap, what is the flow diagram of sap pp.    3  10808
question related to interview of sap crm functional consultant    0  8816
When selecting the states by giving the country as input using ajax cal, how can we ensure that every time it is hitting the DB and fetching the data? Many time it may load from the cache. cts   0  647
What is the Use of true or false in Ajax cal using Java Script? cts   3  3041
what is the uses Of Global.asax    3  2332
what are the State management and Its Uses    2  1500
What are Session states available and its Uses? ilogic   2  1908
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Un-Answered Questions
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How to get DLL function parameter listings ? 379
Anybody having documents and URLs about BFSI domain...Please is really urgent 735
As a part of your job, what are the DBCC commands that you commonly use for database maintenance? 643
what value is returned to operating system after program execution? 417
How does the submission process work? - SEO 20
In R/3 we can represent a company's structure by defining and assigning corporate structure elements. What is the purpose of doing that? 300
What is post recovery scenario? 480
tell me something about aix? what is unix and Aix? tell me the difference? what is special in AIX while compare to other servers? why you have chosen AIx? 1778
Overview of G/L account :- Dear, what type of G/L account use in SAP.How to see all type of G/L account in sap those are used in a organization. 269
How to Print a WEB page with the HTML control? 602
Can any give an example(if possible templates) how to test web application using QTP. thanks in advance 396
What is an algorithm? 699
Please post the scenerois for writing the complex sql queries , for my practice.Can be any query if you cannot solve. 856
What is GSS-API? 904
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