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Question   What is the best mixture ratio in building a power plant? what is the weight of a 1 sack cement? what is the density of a cement? Rank Answer Posted By  
 Interview Question Submitted By :: Aj
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1440 kg per cubic metre
0 Prakash
Question   Heat gain in buildings is best resisted by Rank Answer Posted By  
 Interview Question Submitted By :: Neni.chakri
I also faced this Question!!   ALL Interview .com
1) Large windows 2) Exposed roofs 3) Cavity walls 4) Thin walls
0 Neni.chakri
Proper ventilation & insulated wall &insulated roofs
0 Mohammed Rehan
can anybody giv me the result of the above question??like an accurate one??.....pls do...i need it!
0 Rhea
masonary work must be done by the CLC blocks 

it reduces the temperature upto 10degree celcious
0 Pranav Panchal
Heat gain of a building depends upon its Facade. That is why maximum buildings have structural Glasses & ACP sheets all around. Insulated glass (DGU) transmit the sun light upto 40-75 percent depends on the selection of glass type, DGU glasses have also a reflect index inside it which also reduce the heat gain. For safety purpose we use Toughened glass. 
Other material is ACP which has PVDF coating inside. PVDF also reduce heat gain to some extent, for better result we may also use 25mm thk. glass wool behind ACP sheets which minimize the transfer of sun heat to inside of building.
This technique is broadly used in Gulf countries because of increase in normal temp. as compared to India.
0 Abc
Question   what is design mix of M10, M20, M35, M40 grade of conconcrete? Rank Answer Posted By  
 Interview Question Submitted By :: Akshaysarang2011
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for design mix have to keep it mind that upto M25 termed as nominal mix where there is a specific ratio for each grade of concrete suppose M15(1:2:4)/M20(1:1.5:3) but from M30 design procedure shoul follpw SP23 code.
0 Swapan
Question   How do you check the performance of Teradata Query and list down the basic Performance Tuning steps you use? Rank Answer Posted By  
 Interview Question Submitted By :: Binduc297
I also faced this Question!!   ALL Interview .com

A. In case of product join scenarios,check for
- Proper usage of alias
- joining on matching columns
- Usage of join keywords - like specifying type of joins
(ex. inner or outer )
- use union in case of "OR scenarios
- Ensure statistics are collected on join columns and this
is especially important if the columns you are joining on
are not unique.

B. collects stats
- Run command "diagnostic help stats on for the session"
- Gather information on columns on which stats has to be
- Collect stats on suggestions columns
- Also check for stats missing on PI, SI or columns used in
joins - "help stats <databasename>.<tablename>
- Make sure stats are re-collected when at-least 10% of data
- remove unwanted stats or stat which hardly improves
performance of the queries
- Collect stats on columns instead of indexes since index
dropped will drop stats as well!!
- collect stats on index having multiple columns, this might
be helpful when these columns are used in join conditions
- Check if stats are re-created for tables whose structures
have some changes 

c. Full table scan scenarios
- Try to avoid FTS scenarios as, it might take very long
time to access all the data in every amp in the system
- Make sure SI is defined on the columns which are used as
part of joins or Alternate access path.
- Collect stats on SI columns else there are chances where
optimizer might go for FTS even when SI is defined on that
particular column

2. If intermediate tables are used to store results, make
sure that
- It has same PI of source and destination table

3. Tune to get the optimizer to join on the Primary Index of
the largest table, when possible, to ensure that the large
table is not redistributed on AMPS

4. For large list of values, avoid using IN /NOT IN in SQLs.
Write large list values to a temporary table and use this
table in the query

5. Make sure when to use exists/not exists condition since
they ignore unknown comparisons (ex. - NULL value in the
column results in unknown) . Hence this leads to
inconsistent results

6. Inner Vs Outer Joins
Check which join works efficiently in given scenarios.Some
examples are 
- Outer joins can be used in case of large table joining
with small tables (like fact table joining with Dimension
table based on reference column)
- Inner joins can be used when we get actual data and no
extra data is loaded into spool for processing
Please note for outer join conditions:
1. Filter condition for inner table should be present in
"ON" condition
2. Filter condition for outer table should be present in
"WHERE" condition
0 Hanumanth
Refer the explain plan. 1. check for product or nested 
joins and try to avoid those joins, as they affect the 
performance. 2. try to check the confidence levels of TD. 
Collect stats for the columns recommended by TD. 3. In case 
of long queries, try to use SI appropriately. Should be 
carefully chosen. 4. Check for the usage of temporary 
tables. These tables can be used in case any aggregrate 
results are needed.
0 Tdguy
Question   for columns reinforcement the lap length is not provided then how to rebar the rods then how rebar should be lapped Rank Answer Posted By  
 Interview Question Submitted By :: B.srinivas
I also faced this Question!!   ALL Interview .com
I think alternative step is welding and spiral binding
0 Sjtbehera
1) In the columns portion chip the old concrete in a small                
depth at least we get the tie beam rods.Then make L bend of a 
columns rods and weld it.  
2) In the columns portion drill a holes to insert the new rods
    and pour the bonding chemical ( Bonding agent )
3) In the columns portion fix the MS plate with the required
    holes for the holefasners insert.And make the columns in U
    type shape and weld it.
0 N.rajesh Guttedar
1st thing it should find that problem While Concrete Pouring Time immediately  make The reinforcement at what length needed as per drawing.

2nd thing retrofitting method

3rd thing chip the column at lap height and tie the rod and weld it and pour the new concrete.
0 Suresh S
By welding the rod,and the welding should be in stagerred 
0 Partha Mitra
Question   what is ment by Requirement tracebility matrix?what is the use of it? what is the template of rtm? Rank Answer Posted By  
 Interview Question Submitted By :: Manubolu.v28
I also faced this Question!!   ALL Interview .com
The requirement trecebility matrix (rtm):It is a template wheich is used to trace all the testcases are coverd as for client requirements, not only test cases test scenorios and when we found a bug it will came from which test scenorio, requirement, module we can easily trace(identify) through RTMa

we can do forword, backword trace by use this template
sl no,requiremnt id,test scenorio id,tc id,bug id ect main columns are have in RTM
0 Vijay
Question   What is Debenture ? Rank Answer Posted By  
 Interview Question Submitted By :: Smarajeet Singh
I also faced this Question!!   ALL Interview .com
debecher is a instrument it consist of company seal and 
0 Dada
1-Debenture is a certificate of loan.
2-it use for borrow mony from market.
3-it is risk free investment for investors. 
4-it pay a fix rate intrest on his value.
0 Nitin Sharma
it is a instrumentaa,and it liabilities to a co, In short 
words acknowledgement of   debt)
0 Raghuv Aps Evng Colge
a type of debt instrument that is not secured by physical assets or collateral.debentures are backed only by the general creditworthiness and reputation of the issuer.both corporations and governments frequently issue this type of bond in order to secure other types of bonds, debentures are documented in an indenture.
0 Dhanasekar
Question   what are the steps to commissioning a DCS system? Rank Answer Posted By  
 Interview Question Submitted By :: Dhanraj Suman
I also faced this Question!!   ALL Interview .com
1. Panel alignment.
2. Power up DCS with electrical wiring checking.
3. Checking of proper grounding/earthing.
4. Preliminary Electrical I/O testing.
5. Instrumentation Loop checking.
4 Dhanraj Suman
Question   can any one tell me the formula to select the thickness of wire selection according to ampere rating Rank Answer Posted By  
 Interview Question Submitted By :: Milan.tripathi85
I also faced this Question!!   ALL Interview .com
AWG: In the American Wire Gauge (AWG), diameters can be 
calculated by applying the formula D(AWG)=.00592((36-
AWG)/39) inch. For the 00, 000, 0000 etc. gauges you use -
1, -2, -3, which makes more sense mathematically 
than "double nought." This means that in American wire gage 
every 6 gauge decrease gives a doubling of the wire 
diameter, and every 3 gauge decrease doubles the wire cross 
sectional area. Similar to dB in signal and power levels. 
An approximate but accurate form of this formula 
contributed by Mario Rodriguez is D = .460 * (57/64)(awg 
+3) or D = .460 * (0.890625)(awg +3). D can be affected but 
the Speed of light c 2.99792458108 m/s and the
Permittivity of vacuum 00 = 1 / (0 c2)
8.85418781710-12 C2/Jm

Metric Wire Gauges
Metric Gauge: In the Metric Gauge scale, the gauge is 10 
times the diameter in millimeters, so a 50 gauge metric 
wire would be 5 mm in diameter. Note that in AWG the 
diameter goes up as the gauge goes down, but for metric 
gauges it is the opposite. Probably because of this 
confusion, most of the time metric sized wire is specified 
in millimeters rather than metric gauges. The
Bohr magneton B B = e h / (4  me)9.274015410-24 J/T
has been included in these factors.

Load Carrying Capacities 
The following chart is a guideline of ampacity or copper 
wire current carrying capacity following the Handbook of 
Electronic Tables and Formulas for American Wire Gauge. As 
you might guess, the rated ampacities are just a rule of 
thumb. In careful engineering the voltage drop, insulation 
temperature limit, thickness, thermal conductivity, and air 
convection and temperature should all be taken into 
account. The Maximum Amps for Power Transmission uses the 
700 circular mils per amp rule, which is very very 
conservative. The Maximum Amps for Chassis Wiring is also a 
conservative rating, but is meant for wiring in air, and 
not in a bundle. For short lengths of wire, such as is used 
in battery packs you should trade off the resistance and 
load with size, weight, and flexibility. NOTE: For 
installations that need to conform to the National 
Electrical Code, you must use their guidelines. Contact 
your local electrician to find out what is legal!
0 Electrical Alie
A log book is available for ch6osing cables at different conditions for different load currents.any how we have to consider voltage drop also in the case of long distance cables(maximtm allowable v.d from mdb to final destination is 5%) if it exceed the limit  choose the next higher size.   (voltage drop/amps/km for all size of cables available in log book
0 Mahesh Babu Calicut
[Positive Automation And Controls]
Question   1.)how to find d most repeated word in a string? string ="how do you do"?? output should be do Rank Answer Posted By  
 Interview Question Submitted By :: Mani
I also faced this Question!!   ALL Interview .com
void main()
char arr[10]={0},x[1000],y[10][100],i,j,k=1,count=0,a1;
int l,a,temp;
	if(x[i]==' '&&count==0)
       else if(x[i]==' ')
       else if(x[i]=='\0')
printf("maximum repeated string is %s",y[i]);
0 Amit Khurana
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