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Question   What is Static Testing? Rank Answer Posted By  
 Interview Question Submitted By :: Anand
I also faced this Question!!   © ALL Interview .com
it is nothing but Before Going to execution what we are 
doing in testing  is static testing. Like verification 

wrong let me know plz
0 Uday
static testing is process in which we dont execute 
application or code we just conduct review of requirement
0 Naynish
the testing which is related to code.
this ststic testing is done by the developers(integration
testing and unit testing).this static testing is also called
as white box testing.
0 Sumithra
Static testing is a testing where the code is not
executed.That is why it is named as Static.It has three types


int a,b,c=0;                               ---> STATIC CODE
printf("\n Enter the values for a & b ");  ---> STATIC CODE
scanf("%d5d",&a,&b);                       ---> STATIC CODE
c=a+b;                                     ---> DYNAMIC CODE 
printf("\n Yhe Sum is ",c);

and the reverse of Static Testing is Dynamic Testing,where
the code is executed.
0 Rudraneel
It means that review on Documentation,code and Gui testing
are called static testing.
0 Sandy
Static Testing is the testing that done without executing 
the software by reviews, like using (data flow and flow 
chart) and this it's objective is to find the cause of 
failures 'defects' not the failuers themselves.
0 Ahmad Alsheikh
Question   What is Prototype Testing? Rank Answer Posted By  
 Interview Question Submitted By :: Anand
I also faced this Question!!   © ALL Interview .com
Prototype is the screens of the build/project.Itis not
operatable because prototype is given to the testers where
the build is under construction.
0 Sumithra
Prototype is nothingbut screen shot of the application,this
prototypes are non functional screens,validate the
prototypes to meet the customer expectations is called the
Prototype testing.
0 Santosh Sunkoji
0 Raj
In this type of testing, a module/functionality is added to 
the application in each step...this is calld proto-type, 
they test it and if it works well(proto-type testing), 
another module/funcionality is added...

There are 2 type of proto-typing:
Throw-Away Proto-type: After meeting the requirements,
the completed application is thrown-away and started from 
design phase freshly/correctly.
Evolutionary proto-type:After meeting the requirements,
Product goes into deployment.
0 Sowjanya
As the name says Prototype, its a prototype of the original 
application but created earlier than the original 

Prototype testing is to test the model/dummy application 
crated by developers or sometime given by customers, 
example: in car manufacturing company creating the clay 
model/3D models (Prototype) and designs of car than live 
model (Real car)

Prototype testing is a type of testing to test the pre 
created/dummy model application or dummy application of 
real application that can be referred to check the 
consitency and flow of the field values/data while testing 
the real application. 

This prototype model is created by developers on request 
from the inhouse marketing team/managers to show it to 
customers/clients to satisfy the functionalities/design 
part and look and feel of the application and to get it 
approved and sign off.

Hope this helps you or if you think its wrong pls update me 
so that i can get more knowledge from you, I appreciate 
your time.

Best Regards,
Umesh Gowda
0 Umesh Gowda
Question   what is the difference between *.do & /do.*/? So what is the diffenence btn extension mapping & path mapping.What is those difference in work effect? Rank Answer Posted By  
 Interview Question Submitted By :: Laliasonu
I also faced this Question!!   © ALL Interview .com
hi i know only about *.do.
If we declared as *.do then from the browser we give any 
url ends with .do.
ex: http://localhost/8080/../
0 Hari
Hi Frns.
        In order to achieve MVC architecture feature the 
file should be extends with .do extension. Means if we are 
giving file name as "" it goes to the mixture of 
MVC architecture.
No idea about do.*.
0 Shanawaz`
We can use both. *.do and do.* both are valid in struts. As
a matter of fact anything is valid when we are using the url

*.do or  routes all requests with a .do extension to the
specified page. And in the other case do.* directs all
request urls ending with a do.(html,jsp,whatever)to the
specified page
0 Mayookh Mitra
hey,*.do is the extension match which is vallid in struts.
and /do is the directory match which is also valid,but we
should not mix up both like /do.*/,which is invalid.
0 Tirupathi Rao
If we specify *.do in <url-pattern>, the ActionServlet 
specified in <servlet-class> will respond to all the 
request whicheverr comes from the client.

if we specify do.*, ActionServlet class respond only to the 
request comes from the resource with "do" primaryname and 
with any extension. like do.html, do.jsp,
0 Kartheeswari
whatever Tirupathi Rao told it is correct. I am adding few
more words to this question.We need to follow either
extension matching or directory match to achieve "Front
controller" design pattern. By using this design pattern
only we can able to trap all the requests to Action classes
and forwarding control to ActionServlet class.
0 Ramanjaneyulu
Question   ELVISTA DIGITAL SYSTEMS PVT LTD Rank Answer Posted By  
 Interview Question Submitted By :: Guest
I also faced this Question!!   © ALL Interview .com
0 Guest
Question   can i use two web.config files of ConnectionString in One Default.aspx page Rank Answer Posted By  
 Interview Question Submitted By :: Badarinarayana
I also faced this Question!!   © ALL Interview .com
basically an application can contain only one
web.config file. so there is no possibility of using 2
web.config files for connection in an application.
0 Bipin
Above Answer is not exactly right.we can have more than one 
web.config file in an application. We can have web .config 
file for every folder in application.but not 2 web.cofig in 
one place
0 Anoop.r
You can use multiple web.config in multiple folders in one 
application but not in same folder.You can use conection 
string in same folder's web.config not others if you want 
to use other connection string then you can assign many 
keys for connection string in same web.confg.for that not 
nessacary to use other web.confg.
2 Sudhir Kunnure
0 Asif
    reading above points i have one question , tell me i 
have two web.config file in two different folder but the 
connection string name is same in both web.config 
file..with different server detail tell me what will 
0 Amar Shah
To: Amar Shah 

While using Webconfig file in your project, you can 
override the Machine configuration details. If you are 
having the webconfig in sub folder, this will override your 
root folder webconfig file. 


Root:       Webconfig  --  ConnString ="Root Connection"
Sub Folder  Webconfig  --  ConnString ="Sub Connectin"

If your page in Root folder, the "ConnString will take from 
Root folder webconfig. If it is in Sub folder, obviously it 
will take from subfolder webconfig file.
0 Pradeep
Question   I learned all the objects of my application in object repository thru English Language. now i want to use same object repository for other languages(French,Dutuch and Chinese) Rank Answer Posted By  
 Interview Question Submitted By :: Hariprasad
I also faced this Question!!   © ALL Interview .com
First I tried to use a non language specific way of
identifying the object, like the Window ID ( a unique number
, it is also only 1 primary identifier). This means that
each object is usable irrespective of language. This of
cause does not work for a window or a dialog so here I
create a Environment file for each language ( including one
for English, xml but simple) and then map the window O.R.
item to that environment variable ( a little complicated )
and then on execution I find out the current language and
use that as part of the Environment file to load like 
EVF_English.xml so if it finds French then it loads the
EVF_French.xml  environment file. Since its only windows I
have to worry about since you can not have a window ID for a
window then there are fewer vairables I have to have in the
Environment files. Oh and one more thing the Environment
variable can not have spaces in it so you can use
Environment("MainWindow") but not ("Main Window").
0 A>s>
Question   . One train leaves Bangalore at 15 kmp heading for Mysore. Another train leaves from Mysore at 20kmp heading for Bangalore on the same track. If a bird, flying at 25kmp, leaves from Bangalore at the same time as the train and flies back and forth between the two trains until they collide, how far will the bird have traveled? Rank Answer Posted By  
 Interview Question Submitted By :: Guest
I also faced this Question!!   © ALL Interview .com
approx 100 kilometers of distance will be covered by the 
bird while the two trains collide.
0 Jobin Antony K
The answer is depend on the distance between Mysore & 
Bangalore which is not given in the question.Bird 
0 Sanjay Vaij
5/3 * Total distance between the two stations

But distance between two terminals is not known.
0 Azad
let say x is distance between them

      ( x/40 )+((0.225*x)/45)
0 Kp
Question   whats consignment? and whats the procedure to do it? Rank Answer Posted By  
 Interview Question Submitted By :: Deepak
I also faced this Question!!   © ALL Interview .com
Consignment is an agreement between the consignor(company) 
and the consignee(customer), that the consignor will send 
goods to the consignee and the consignee will pay only 
after selling or consuming the goods. The goods which are 
not consumed will be taken back by the consignor.

Steps involved:
Consignment fill up
Consignment issue
Consignment returns
Consignment pick up.
0 Rakesh
Sorry Rakesh, Consignment is an agreement between the 
consignor(company) the consignee(Agent)and not a customer.
Steps invloved -
1)Consignment Fill-up - The Company send material to the 
Agent.Ownership of the material remains with company.
2)Consignment Issue - Agent sells the material to the 
3)Consignment Pick-Up - If material is not been sold by 
agent then the Company takes the material back from agent.
4)Consignment Retun - Customer sends damaged material back 
to agent, and agent sends it to company.
3 Us
Us, I disagree with you. 

Sorry Rakesh, I accidentally marked your answer as wrong. I 
think what you are saying is right. Consignment process is 
an agreement between the company and the customer or 
consignor and the consignee. If there is an agent in 
between, then he is more likely called an intermediate 
consignee. What I know is the intermediate consignee then 
becomes the ship-to to the company selling/sending the 
goods requested by the customer.
0 Vikram
CONSIGNMENT is the business process where the business 
appoints consignment agent on behalf of 
business .Consignment agents sells the materials to the end 
customer (may be on commission basis).Consignment agent 
services the material and he sells the material to the end 
customer .Consignment agent has the right to return the 
materials if he does not want to sell the remainning 
goods . Business treats the cosignment stock as a special 
stock (indicated in item category ).WE can map the process 
in 4 phases ;such as -
1 .Consignment fill-up
2 .Consignment Issue
3 .Consignment return
4 .Consignment pick-up
0 Manoj Kumar Guin
All are right i ll just add some more info

cons fillup-CF-movmnt type-631 scedule line cat e0/e1 item 
cat KBN

consi issue-CI-movemnt type 633 schdule line cat c0/c1 Item 
cat KEN

consi pick up-CP-movement type 632 sch line cat f0/f1 item 
cat KAN

consign return-CONR movmnt type 634 sch line cat d0/d1 item 
cat KRN 

plz correct if i am wrong
0 Vijaydahiwal
consignment is the process of dump the goods into the 
customers locati like c&f agent and company godown. 
eventhough the goods are dumped into customers location the 
goods are owned by the organisation. its a recommended 
practice for domestic sales.
Consignment fillup(CF)
Consignment  issue(CI)
consignment pickup(CP)
consignment  return(CR)
we used the movement types like 631,633,632,634.
0 Subrahmanyam
Question   without using matchcode ,help view ,check table , domain how to create the search help anybody know this answar plz post imdtly Rank Answer Posted By  
 Interview Question Submitted By :: Bighnaraj
I also faced this Question!!   © ALL Interview .com
Steps for Creating Searching Help
Screen 1.
  Choose Radio Button ‘Search Help’.
  Enter the name of search help starting with y/z
  Click Create.
Screen 2.
     Write Short Description.
      TAB Defination
        Enter Selection Method ‘TABLE NAME’.
        Enter Dialog Type ’Display values immediately’
        Enter Search Help Parameters Fields to which search 
        help is to be attached.
        Check Imp and exp Box
        Lpos and spos.
Screen 1.
  Choose Radio Button ‘Database table’.
  Enter the name of table to which the search help is to be 
  Click Change.
Screen 4.
  Check the fields in the table to which the search help is 
to be attached.(They should be  
                               the same as defined in the 
Screen 2 Search Help Parameters Fields)
  Click the Search help button .

  Enter the search help name
  Click Generate purposal
  Click Copy.
Screen 4.
   Click on Utilities on MENU BAR
   Choose Table maintenance generator
Screen 5.
    Enter Authorization Group ‘&NC&’
    Enter Function Group
    Choose maintenance type
    Maintenance screen NO.
    Choose create.
    Save and Activate
Screen 4.
   Save and Activate.
0 Ap
there are some function modules which you can use on a 
field in selection screen.You have to pass the name of the 
internal table which holds the possible F4 values to this 
function module.
This function module starts from F4* somethin...i dont 
remember exactly
0 Ruchi Biyani
these are the fm we use for providing the sh with out usint 
the sh,vies...etc
0 Sivaramakrishna
Question   What are the difference in Windows nt server ,2000server and 2003 server and now win server2008 Rank Answer Posted By  
 Interview Question Submitted By :: Pratap.negi1980
I also faced this Question!!   © ALL Interview .com
winnt has hirachekal and windows 2000 has flat database
0 Satish
win 2000 domain name can't change..
bt in 2003 server we can change.

in 2003 we can able to add morethan 220 group policy bt in
2000 it not posible.
0 Vinay
[Allied Digital Services Ltd.]
NT SAM database is a flat database. Where as in windows 2000
active directory database is a hierarchical database.

In windows NT only PDC is having writable copy of SAM
database but the BDC is only read only database. In case of
Windows 2000 both DC and ADC is having write copy of the

Windows NT will not support FAT32 file system. Windows 2000
supports FAT32

Default authentication protocol in NT is NTLM (NT LAN
manager). In windows 2000 default authentication protocol is
Kerberos V5.

Windows 2000 depends and Integrated with DNS. NT user
Netbios names
Active Directory can be backed up easily with System state data

Application Server mode is introduced in windows 2003

Possible to configure stub zones in windows 2003 DNS

Volume shadow copy services is introduced
Windows 2003 gives an option to replicate DNS data b/w all
DNS servers in forest or All DNS servers in the domain.

PDC contains a write copy of SAM database where as BDC
contains read only copy of SAM database. It is not possible
to reset a password or create objects with out PDC in
Windows NT.
There is no difference between in DC and ADC both contains
write copy of AD. Both can also handles FSMO roles (If
transfers from DC to ADC). It is just for identification.
Functionality wise there is no difference

windows 2008 is fully script based software with more group
policies and permissions
4 Satish
[Allied Digital Services Ltd.]
windows 2000 & 2003 as updated are some new 
thing in 2k8 boot.ini its replaced with BCD
2.RODS -Read only domain controllers.
3.server core installation whihc needs to be maintained 
with shell commands or windows commands utility now GUI 
only remote administration 
4.supports ipv6
5.server manager icludes event viewer ,server role 
sysdm.cpl page 
6.hyper v only on 64 bit 
0 Alchemist
[Allied Digital Services Ltd.]
Question   which T/r we can use it mapping parmeter and mapping variable? and which one is reusable for any mapping mapping parmeter or mapping varibale? Rank Answer Posted By  
 Interview Question Submitted By :: Anil
I also faced this Question!!   © ALL Interview .com
i believe it is seq gen, filter, expression in which v can 
use mapping parameter and variable.

mapping parameter is reusable. v simply change the value of 
the parameter in the parameter fle.
0 Bsgsr
What is T/r..?? is it Transformation..!!
If ur asking about transformation then Lookup Cache (named 
and un-named) is a transformation which we can use in a 
multiple mapping and also in same mapping in different 
0 Vijayb

All T/R's which we give conditions,their we have an option 
of 'variables' here we can use this mapping parameters & 
mapping variables mapping parameters are reusable
0 X
Question   i have five step in forth step is gdg.gdg was abend.when will job complete,hoe to handle you Rank Answer Posted By  
 Interview Question Submitted By ::
I also faced this Question!!   © ALL Interview .com
not clear ur question first of all.
0 Anji
if you know abend is happning on forth step. so for the 
next execution give restart parameter on job statment
0 Shailendra
If there is an ABEND after the fourth step then the 
execution will stop after the fourth step itself (i.e. the 
fifth and the steps ahead will not be executed). If you 
want the steps after the fourth step to be executed then 
code COND=EVEN or COND=ONLY for those steps causing them to 
be executed "even though" or "only when" the ABEND occurs.
0 Suneet
Question   i have two file one is ksds another one is esds i want store matching records in flat file how to you matching. Rank Answer Posted By  
 Interview Question Submitted By ::
I also faced this Question!!   © ALL Interview .com
esds<rno, rname....>,

Procedure division.
        open input fileksds, input fileesds, output file33.
        read fileesds at end perform end-para.
        start fileksds key = rno<esds> invalid key 
               perform para-1.
        write rec33 from rec<esds>.
        perform para-1.
        close fileksds, fileesds, file33.
        stop run.
0 Satish.klnm
you can do like Satish  or you move KSDS to flat file and 
ESDS to another flat file and after this, u sort it...
0 Lu
Question   5 negative test case for lift.... Rank Answer Posted By  
 Interview Question Submitted By :: BharatSharma
I also faced this Question!!   © ALL Interview .com
1. Check the total weight exceeds the total weight it 
specifies, Check whether the error signals or sent properly 
or not
2.Check for whether the lifts stops in correct floor when 
pressed the perticular number

3.Check whether (if the lift doors are automatic) the doors 
are opened properly only when lift is not running

4. Check for the indicator representing the floor number 
are displayed properly and is matched

5. Check the behaviour of the lift when pressed some 
irregular ( like pressing open the door) button when lift 
is moving

6. Check for what should be the behaviour of the lift  in 
case of emergency,

Please let me knw whether the above said cases are correct 
or not.
0 Maria
I dint think the 2nd and 3rd test will fall under -ve test 
0 Abhishek Pradhan
[Tangence Inc]
1) Enter more than the specified person
2) smoke or lit fire inside the lift
3) try opening door while moving.
4) press stop before the destination.
5) press opposite button from the source eg. if on ground
floor press down button and vice versa


0 Kishore
[Tangence Inc]
2,3,4 and 6 are in Positive Approach.We Can Prepare Thease
in Negative approach Also

2.Check for whether the lift will not be stopped in Expected
Floor  when 
pressed the Wrong number.

3.Check whether (if the lift doors are automatic) the doors 
are  opened properly only when lift is not running.

4. Check for the indicator Not representing the Another
floor number When We r in Specified Floor.

6. Check for Whether it is not Behaving Normally in
Emergancy time.
0 Karunakar Reddy
[Tangence Inc]
Question   What is the memory size of one object repository file in Qtp Rank Answer Posted By  
 Interview Question Submitted By :: S.saravanan
I also faced this Question!!   © ALL Interview .com
I think it depends upon the objects in the Application
0 Srini
no srini,i am asking what is the maximum size of OR.

Example: 1 cd max size is 700mb
0 S.saravanan
Up to QTP8.2 , limit is 5MB
After QTP 9.0 series, no such limitation.
0 Sankar
For QTP8.2 and below Mercury recommends that OR size should not be greater than 1.5MB
0 Nazir Bhat
What is the Object Repository maximum size?

5.2 mb
0 Vamsi
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