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 TPSC interview questions  TPSC Interview Questions (4)
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Question   What are the total population of tripura ? Rank Answer Posted By  
 Interview Question Submitted By :: Jweel Paul
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Question   1)What's are the diff. types of column based on loading? 2)Is there any difference bitween Development length & Anchorage Length? 3) What is the basic diff. between one way & two way slab? 4) Where should use OPC & where should PPC? Rank Answer Posted By  
 Interview Question Submitted By :: Chiranjib_acharjee
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3)if length width ratio less than two it s called as two 
way salb and if length width ratio higher than two it s 
called as one way slab.
0 Azri
1. ly/lx 
(value)  > 2 Is 
one way slab, < 
2 then its two 
way slab. 2. 
Column depends 
triaxial column 
due to acting 
the load i.e 
eccentricity 3. 
OPC - ordinary 
portland cement 
used all 
concrete and 
cement related, 
PPC- portland 
cement- used 
for except 
concrete works
0 Vigneshwaran
 Based om types of reinforcement
1) Tied Columns
2) Spiral Columns

Based on type of loading
1) Columns with axial loading
2) with uni axial eccentric loading
3) with bi axial eccentric loading

Based on Slenderness Ratio
1) Short Columns (lx/D and ly/b <12)
2) long(Slender) Columns

Development length is the length overlap of bars tied to
extend the reinforcement length. is about 50 times the dia
of bar is consider to safe.

Anchorage length- this is the additional length of bar
req to insert in another at the junction. For example-
Main bar of the beam in column at beam column junction.
this length is simiilar to the lap length.

when the ratio of longer span to shorter span is less than 2
is called two way slab and the when it is greater than 2 is
called one way slab.

4. opc (ordinary portland cement) settle quicker than
ppc(portland pozzalano cement). the curing period for ppc is
greater than opc.
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Question   Who initiated the prohibition of female infanticide in India Rank Answer Posted By  
 Interview Question Submitted By :: Das_debasis74
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ishwara chandra vidyasagar
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Raja Rammohan Ray
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Question   Mrs Junko Tabei, who created history on May 16, 1975 by becoming the world?s first woman to reach the 8,848 metre (29,002 ft) high Everest peak belongs to which of the following countries ? (a) Japan (b) Tibet (c) Thailand (d) Nepal Rank Answer Posted By  
 Interview Question Submitted By :: Guest
I also faced this Question!!   ALL Interview .com
( a ) Japan
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0 Aizaz
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0 Cherryl
first women to reach the 8848 is from japan and first men to
reach the 8848 is form india
0 Hans Raj
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