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Question   what are reviews in sdlc? Rank Answer Posted By  
 Interview Question Submitted By :: Ppp
I also faced this Question!!   © ALL Interview .com
In SDLC for every phase it has reviews.
The deliverables coming from each phase will be reviewed by 
PM,TM and on-site team.

In Testing phase,we have 2 types of reviews. 1. Peer review 
and 2. SME(Subject Matter Experts) review.

Peer review will be conducted by our lead in our presence 
SME review will be conducted by Sr. Developer or System 

After each review, they will give comments. Then based on 
the comments we will incorporate it in the test cases.
0 Srihari
Review is the process of inspection of the design 
documents, code and test cases.

In SDLC, review starts with the Requirements Document. The 
document is reviewed by the entire team and once the 
feedback/comments are finalised, the Requirement Document 
is freezed.

Then comes the turn of the Technical Design Document. 
Again, it is reviewed by the entire team and 
feedbacks/comments are provied and implemented.

Test Plan is also reviewed by the entire team.

Code written is reviewed, firstly within the developer team 
and then by the entire team(as in my org).

Similarly, Test scenarios/cases are reviewed by the test 
team members and then by the entire team.
0 Vivek
Question   what is analysis and interpretation of results? Rank Answer Posted By  
 Interview Question Submitted By :: Ppp
I also faced this Question!!   © ALL Interview .com
Analysis and Interpretation of results:

Lets start from a bug. Suppose we came across a bug, and it 
is reported. Here we do an analysis means we try to find 
out the causes of this bug and its root cause, phase from 
which that bug is coming, if it is coming from requirements 
or design phase then why was it missed out, what went wrong 
that it was missed out, etc. This process is know as 
analysis and interpretaion.
1 TSri
I don't know
0 Ashwin
all the best
0 3ponam
Question   waht is referencial integrity? Rank Answer Posted By  
 Interview Question Submitted By :: Ppp
I also faced this Question!!   © ALL Interview .com
Referential integrity in a relational database is
consistency between coupled tables. Referential integrity is
usually enforced by the combination of a primary key or
candidate key (alternate key) and a foreign key. For
referential integrity to hold, any field in a table that is
declared a foreign key can contain only values from a parent
table's primary key or a candidate key. For instance,
deleting a record that contains a value referred to by a
foreign key in another table would break referential
integrity. The relational database management system (RDBMS)
enforces referential integrity, normally either by deleting
the foreign key rows as well to maintain integrity, or by
returning an error and not performing the delete. Which
method is used would be defined by the definition of the
referential integrity constraint.
4 Arijitnit
Referential integrity is a database concept that ensures 
that relationships between tables remain consistent. When 
one table has a foreign key to another table, the concept 
of referential integrity states that you may not add a 
record to the table that contains the foreign key unless 
there is a corresponding record in the linked table. It 
also includes the techniques known as cascading update and 
cascading delete, which ensure that changes made to the 
linked table are reflected in the primary table.
3 Manisha
Question   which clause we are not used in where clause? Rank Answer Posted By  
 Interview Question Submitted By :: Ppp
I also faced this Question!!   © ALL Interview .com
Group by clause
5 Aaa
Select  avg(sal) from Emp
where avg(sal) >1000;

This gives an error. So, Group Functions(Aggregate) should 
not be used in the Where Clause
0 Chandana
WE can use group by clause in where clause.
For Ex: SELECT column_name, aggregate_function(column_name)
 FROM table_name
 WHERE column_name operator value
 GROUP BY column_name

We can't use case statement in where clause.
0 Manikanta
Question   what is the syntax of update command? Rank Answer Posted By  
 Interview Question Submitted By :: Ppp
I also faced this Question!!   © ALL Interview .com
update table_name set column_name=value where condition
0 Arijitnit
0 Shahnaz
Update <tablename>
set <columnname=values......> where <condition> ;
0 Ajeet Singh
Question   What is the difference between System Testing and Functionality Testing? Rank Answer Posted By  
 Interview Question Submitted By :: Pooja
I also faced this Question!!   © ALL Interview .com
Depend upon the all Black Box Testing Techniques we r 
conducting System Testing. Functionality Testing is part of 
Functional Testing.

Functional Testing is one technique 

Functionality Testing: Testing of internal funcationality 
of the each object.
0 Rajesh
in blackbox testing we r conducting system testing.
  system testing is test the 
functionality,performance,security,usability of the 
  functinal testing is comes under system this 
testing we r test the functionality of the software.
0 Sumathirajagopla
Question   u posted a bug with screenshots and steps to reproduce but still the developer is not accepting this is a bug. in dev system it is not reporducing . how u'll convince he developer? (if the developer is in india or onsite(give the answer for both the cases) Rank Answer Posted By  
 Interview Question Submitted By :: Pooja
I also faced this Question!!   © ALL Interview .com
At that moment as a tester once we check our requirement 
document based on that we wil try to convience developers 
this is our requirement document based on that we are 
getting bugs in ur application like that we wil convience 
still he is not conviencing then we wil take this issue to 
our team lead for his assistance.

if i am wrong pls. correct me
0 Mythri
a)	In this time I will give the, which test data I     
executed, where I found the mismatch of the expected and 
actual, all the snapshots with full description, before 
test cases and after test cases description also, and my 
system environment also I will send to the my developers in 
same place or different places
my name is k. chandra sekhar
my phone no is 09246540049
my mail id
3 K.chandra Sekhar
Fine if the developer is also at same place call him up and 
show him at u'r system under what inputs the system is 
throwing error.

Onsite show him thru net meeting.

Insist the dev to install the same build from which u got 
the error.If still it is not reproducible,keep the bug on 
hold for some more testing to go on and see for later 
builds. if u are once again facing the same problem,then 
reopen the bug.
0 Jyothi
I will recheck it & then I discuss with the developer to 
convince him.Still He is not convinced I inform to my 
0 Mys
This answer is bit tricky;

Yes.There is a possibility that the functionaly can work in 
his system or environment. Because his system can have some 
development tools which makes the application to work.
This conflict always occurs between the developers and 

Thats why we should have two different environments as Dev 
and QA.

Fine.Now coming to the point.
Its not working (i.e. Reproduceble) in QA Environment and 
working in Dev. Environment right ?

Where ever you are, its not an issue, if you are in the 
client network and if your systems are in the client 
network then ask him to 

1. install VNC in his system and install VNC in your Test 
PCs.Then you can ask him to come to your test PC and solve 
this issue.
2. Ask him to come to your test PC using Remote desktop and 
solve the issue.

If you are not in client network then ask him to install 
the application in a fresh system.

See, screen shots will not serve the purpose(its just 
supporting thing thats all, through the SH you are telling 
that some where/Some how the defect is happening).As a 
tester you should try to isolate the problem to a maximim 
level and provide max. informations to Developer to 
reproduce and solve the issue.

If you isolate the problem then easily you can guide the 
developer to reproduce it.
0 Rajasundar
I totally agree with the solution provided by Rajasundar.
If the developer, inspite of all these, is not convinced,
the last option is to escalate. Put the bug on hold. First
involve the seniors (Test Lead/Test Manager). And as a last
resort involve Business Analyst/Customer to decide whether
this actually is a defect or not.
0 Hemal
I will ask the dev team to release the new build (with the
code currently in Dev environment...
If the bug still exists then may be the QA environment needs
to be updated w.r.t the Dev environment....
if they still not accept i will leave to the Client with its
status Open... I will definitely not close the defect...
0 Venkat
In this case,v try ourself to reproduce the bug with same 
steps & Test data.If it reproduce again then take the 
screen shot and send back to the developre along with Steps 
to Reproduce,Test data and Screen shot.

-If developer is in india or at same location(where Tester 
is available) then in front of him Reproduce the same 
bug.But if again he is not accepting the bug then show the 
bug to the TL of both Testing and Developers side with 

-If developer is on site then call him and tell them in 
what scenario v get the bug along.But if again he is not 
accepting the bug then show the bug to the TL of both 
Testing and Developers side with Severity or mail him along 
with attached steps to Reproduce,Screen shot and Test Data 
and take TL,PM or client into loop.

That way should be work. :-)

But first twice,ur bug must be valid otherwise u r in 
0 @mit
Question   what is the difference between QTP 9.1 and ATP 9.2 Rank Answer Posted By  
 Interview Question Submitted By :: Safi
I also faced this Question!!   © ALL Interview .com
qtp 9.1
abd qtp 9.2
some addtion al
all platform 9.1
to 9.2working
0 Ramakrishna
QTP 9.2 as trial version. I am recording on an 
environment with Oracle forms 10.1.2, JInitiator 1.3.1 
running as web ... But I really need to go through the qtp-
script, remove some of the lines recorded add 
wait() statements etc. Furthermore it looks like qtp isn't 
able to recognize.
For example, I was to test a user-login with a list of 
username and password. What I used to do  in QTP 8   is to 
creaet a xls file in which there are two columns, username 
and password. I can load that xls file in the QTP testcase 
and create some checkpoints to verify if the login is 
succesful.Now in QTP 9.2, can I create a XML file, instread 
of the xls file to do that ? 

Becasue if that is true, it would be a great benefit for 
me.  Can someone share some light on this ? 

Thanks a lot !
0 Satish
Question   what is the Exact Meaning of Environment Variables? Rank Answer Posted By  
 Interview Question Submitted By :: Sreeprasad
I also faced this Question!!   © ALL Interview .com
Environment Variables enables you to use the variable

values from other sources during the run session. the

variable values can be specified by the users or QTP can

specify depending upon the conditions and options u choose.
0 Sreeprasad
Environment Variables are global variables, which can be
used in all the tests , by all users and in all environments.

   again there are two types:
Built in: Values will be defined based on current system
User Defined:
   We define and store in XML file, to use later.
0 Nanda.d Reddy
Question   On which basis u'll prepare the test cases. Rank Answer Posted By  
 Interview Question Submitted By :: Srinivas
I also faced this Question!!   © ALL Interview .com
SRS describes the requirements of the SW system.
we use SRS document as a basis  to write testcases.

We use traceability matrix is basis to decide whether
the desinged no of test cases are enough.

Requirement Traceability matrix is very importent in 
deciding number of testcases and also in  review process  
of testcases.


0 Rajendra
Hi ,
          By using UseCases as well as SRS Document we can 
write the test cases.

0 Satya_k21

   By using SRS or Screen shot of the particular module we
   can write the test cases.

0 S.ramprasad.
depend on analise the requirements and pllingout main main 
functionalities and writen the testcases
0 Ramu
The following basis we will prepare test cases

1 Business Req. Specifications Based
2 System Req. Sepecifications Based
3 Input Domain Based (BVA, ECP and Error Gussing )
4 Usecase based 
5 User Interface based 
The above based requirement we can writen test cases
0 Chaitu.c
The main basis of the preparation of the test cases are as

1. On the motivation behind the Functionality.
2. On the Business requirement Motive.
3. On the Use Requirement.
4. On the System Requirement.
5. Above all according to SRS.

0 Aman
Question   Difference b/w srs and functional specifications? what are the approaches u'll follow while integrating the modules Rank Answer Posted By  
 Interview Question Submitted By :: Srinivas
I also faced this Question!!   © ALL Interview .com
SRS specifies the software requirements
i.e requirements to make a software 
   users(who will use this system)
            4.description of each module
            5.general conderations for all moudles
            6.functioonal requirements
               1.Navigational requirements
            7.Nonfnctional requirements
                1.Performence requirements
                2.Security requirements
                3.Resource requiremts
                   i.Software requiremsnts(operating system)
                   ii.Hard ware Requirements
                   iii.Networking requirements
               ii.definitions ..ext

Ans FRS means Functional decomposition of each module .
It contains

            Model screen shots of sceens of each module
            different elements of each page 
            and their location,action of each element..etc
still if you contact feel free to contact me
0 Rajendra
Hi Mr. Rajendra,

Really you gave the great answer here.

But here I have one clarification with your point no 3.

Target user:

When we develop the system, we have to analyze who are all 
the users of our system and they are all coming under which 
category. Say like Admin, CCO(Collection counter office), 
public…. instead of developer and testing… 

This is the way we have to specify the target user and we 
provide the access permission based on their category…

Am I right?

Thanks and Regards,
0 Venkat
Question   What are default add-ins in qtp? Rank Answer Posted By  
 Interview Question Submitted By :: Srinivas
I also faced this Question!!   © ALL Interview .com
Hi, This is first one that i am answering,

Active x
0 Krishnachand
Visible add-ins are:
Active X
Invisible one:
Standard windows.

So, there are four add-ins in QTP by default.
0 K.rammohan.
Different default addins/classes that come with QTP are:
3.Visual Basic
5.Utility Objects
0 Sowmya
1. Windows
2. VB
3. Web
4. Active X
0 Nagender
0 Prasad
What if no add-ins are checked in the add-ins manager of 
QTP ?? 
Is QTP still going to take any add-ins by defalt ??
0 Aniruddha Mukherjee
Yes, it takes Windows add in
0 Narayan
By default qtp use only three add -ins 
1.Visual Basic
3.Active -X
0 Jagath S
QTP default add ins qte:

Visual Basic

for QTP Documents & Scripts visit

I have got job by practicing scripting from that site
0 Ramesh Kulkarni
Active X,Visual Basic and Web.
0 Shivaprasad
Visual Basic
These are the 3 Default Add-ins in QTP 10.0
0 Priyaramesh
Wow let's all answer the same question like 10 times...
0 Bjork
Active X
Visual Basic
Visual Age
Power Buildter
Terminal Eumlar
Web Services
0 Geena
1. Standard windows application
2. Web Object/Application
3. Activex controls
4. Visual basic
0 Sky
Question   What is parameterization? What is syncronization pt.? Rank Answer Posted By  
 Interview Question Submitted By :: Srinivas
I also faced this Question!!   © ALL Interview .com
QuickTest enables you to expand the scope of a basic test 
or component by
replacing fixed values with parameters. This process, known 
parameterization,it greatly increases the power and 
flexibility of your test or

synchronization point is that which handles anticipated 
timing problems by ensuring that QT waits for some times 
until the application is ready for the next step
2 Radhika Ravishankar
parameterization is passing multiple input values instead of constant values to verify the functionality.

whenever there is a timegap between the qtp and the application process the test fails, to avoid that we have to use synchronization.
waitproperty "property name", "property value", "time"
0 Thirumalareddy
Parametrization: Checking the same operations with multiple
sets of data 

Example : For checking the Username in the login window with
multiple sets of data (Characters, Special
Characters,Numbers, varying length of User Name etc)we can
parametrize the User name so that it can select separate
input each time (for characters, numbers,etc) and display
the result. This way parametrization helps you save the time
from repeating the same task with hundreds of different records.

Synchronization: Synchronization helps to handle the Time
gap problems between QTP and the appropriate application by
helping QTP to wait for the application to Invoke 

Example: If the application takes 1-2 min for the data to be
rendered on the screen or for navigating to the next Screen,
QTP will display the results as Fail since in that
particular time period it was not able to fetch the records
or display the Screen, Here the Wait statements helps QTP to
wait till the particular time being mentioned to get the
0 Ana
Question   How do u write regular expression for a window name which is changing for each build ? i.e. in first build the window name is : "computer graphics are very ...." . in second build the window name is : "computer graphics can be created" . - Appreciate proper replies Rank Answer Posted By  
 Interview Question Submitted By :: Allurbabu
I also faced this Question!!   © ALL Interview .com
I think the right answer is "computer graphics.*".  

Here ?.? means any single character and ?*? means 0 or more 
occurrences of preceding character.  So .* means 0 or more 
occurrences of any character.
0 Uday
.* is not working for window changing its name completely for 
example "abc" to "xyz" in next build. suggest some other
0 Venky
Right answer is :computer graphics.*
It works perfectly
0 Venkatabala
computer graphics.*
0 Sandipgami84
Question   How do u write a regular expression for date (dd/mm/yyyy) field ? Rank Answer Posted By  
 Interview Question Submitted By :: Allurbabu
I also faced this Question!!   © ALL Interview .com
4 Hi
(0[1-9]|[12][0-9]|3[01])[- /.](0[1-9]|1[012])[- /.](19|20)
0 A
(0[1-9]|[12][0-9]|3[01])[- /.](0[1-9]|1[012])[- /.](19|20)\d\d
0 - selects '0' Literally
[1-9]- selects the range between 1 to 9
[012] - selects either 0 or 1 or 2
[0-9] - selects the range between 0 to 9

[- / .] - selects either - or / or .
(19/20) - selects either 19 or 20 literally
2 Chandradeep
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