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Question   What is the best way to answer, what is test scenario, strategy and test plan Rank Answer Posted By  
 Interview Question Submitted By :: Rajesh
I also faced this Question!!   ALL Interview .com
online test,which give the all result of each and every
questions ask in exam and test plan is the step by step answer
0 Ujwala Bhagath
Question   What are teh characters of a good tester Rank Answer Posted By  
 Interview Question Submitted By :: Rajesh
I also faced this Question!!   ALL Interview .com
10 Characteristcs of   a good tester is :

1) Critical Thinker
2) Should be diplomatic enough to handle Developers, in 
order to maintain Team spirit.
3) Domain Knowledge should be most important.
4) Well versed in communation and should be expressive .
5) knowledge of Language platform would be an added 
6) Must be aware of QMS ( Quality Managemant system)
thats all what hits in my mind.
0 Anamica Abrol
A good tester is a one who could work on an appln under any 
circumstances and make the appln fail.
0 Sudha
1) Having project knowledge 
2) pointing out hidden bugs 
3) Domain knowledge
4) hands on exp on various testing methods
5) should always Question every scenario in 2 ways (WHY,How)
6) Verifying
7) Validating
8) Quality
0 Santosh Kakani
HI Anamica,

Ur answer is good, but if u cover some more points it could 
be more better.

1. A tester need to provide the confidance in the system.
2. Tester should have test to break attitude.
0 Rasul
Good tester could be selfish in their project,so she/he can 
find more bugs in their project,Testers are the boss within 
the company.But  only he can clarify and his  doubt with 
their testing team .All of them will know how costly of 
each and every bug in the project.Good Tester can reveal 
the uncover bugs from Business Analysts,Project 
Manager,Developer and customers.Good tester having much 
more technical knowledge of Computer,Heuristic way to 
thinkning,He must aware of l world problems
0 Santhankumar
negitive thinking is a must for a good tester
0 Hari Kumar
Question   what is differnce between QC @ QA , test strategy, very urgent pls Rank Answer Posted By  
 Interview Question Submitted By :: Rupesh
I also faced this Question!!   ALL Interview .com

QA is Quality Assurance and QC is Quality Control.

QA is Process Oriented
Provides suggestions on process improvement
Output of QA is input of QC

QC is Product Oriented
Provides suggestions on product improvement
Output of QC is input of QA

Test Strategy :
The way in which the test will be implemented like top down 
or bottom up..

Top-down - >
main module---sub module---subsub module

Bottom-up - >
subsub module---sub module--main module
0 Rudraneel
QA:In QA we mesure & moniter strenth of the development 
QC:In QC we generally do the validation of final product 
before release to the customer.
0 Chandra Bhushan Singh
QC is corrective; it helps catch bugs which are there in 
the product. QA is preventive, it would not allow the bug 
to remain. So code design reviews, code reviews,  test 
reviews, etc are part of QA. While actual testing is QC.
0 Swati
Question   How to write a Scenario and test cases for ATM Machine or Lift Operator/Escalator? Rank Answer Posted By  
 Interview Question Submitted By :: Sivathetester
I also faced this Question!!   ALL Interview .com
Verify the operation when u insert a right card.
Verify the operation when u inserted a card in right angle.
verify the operation when u inserted a card in wrong angle
Verify the language selection.
Verify whether its displaying the selected language or not.
Verify the operation when u entered a right pinNo.
Verify the opertaion when u entered a wrong pinno..
Verify the pinNo is in encrypted form or not.
verify the options.
If we click on option verify whether its giving the selected
option .
verify the amount entered.
Verify whether the money is drawing from the selected
account or not.
Verify whether the correct amount is coming out or not.
Verify the operation when u draw money greater than balance.
verify the operation when u draw money greater than the day
Verify the operation when the machine dont have money.
verify the operation when the machine have some problems
3 Sri
ATM Machine:

1)Check the whether we can able to access the atm machine 
entrance door with the valid atm card or not
(the door should open only for the valid/accessible atm cards

2)Check whether atm card insertion accepting card into the
machine properly or not 

3)After inserting the card check the next most display msg 
is coming properly or not like enter the pin

4)Identify the functionality if we enter with wrong pin
and identify the functionality if enter with correct pin

5)Identify the provided functions are working fine are not
like change pin,banking,internet banking etc..

6)identify whether the machine is giving money according to
the existence balance or not

7)Identify whether the machine is giving correct amt or not

8)identify the print statement is coming with correct
balance details of current transaction or not.

9)Identify whether atm machine is giving back immediately or not

Lift Operator:

Lift should open by sensing the persons at the in front of
the door

life door should not get close when the person is at the
exact location of door

It should get close when the while pressing the close button
of door

Lift should get stop in the entered floors in ascending or
descending manner based on up and down operations of lift

And the door should close finally
2 G
1-The ATM ask the user to insert the card;the user insert 
the card
2-The ATM accept the card and read its serial number.
3-ATM request the passward; user enter the passward like 
4-ATM verify the serial number and passward with 
consortium_check it with bank code and notify the ATM of 
5-ATM ask the user to select the kind of transaction ( 
withdrow,deposit,transfer,mnistatement -user select the 
6-The ATM ask for the amount of cash-user enter the amount 
like 4000.
7-ATM verifys that amount is within predefine policy limit 
and ask the consortium to process the transaction - the 
consortium process request to the bank.
8-The ATM ask the user whether the user want to contonue-
user indicate no.
9-The ATM print the reciept eject the card and ask the user 
to take them user takes the reciept and card.
10-The ATM ask the user to insert the card.
0 Sudhir Kumar
check properly Debit card...
0 Hasan
Question   which process u followed in ur company? Rank Answer Posted By  
 Interview Question Submitted By :: Subhasis.nk
I also faced this Question!!   ALL Interview .com
we fallowed SDLC process in our company
0 Shailaja
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