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 Wipro interview questions  Wipro Interview Questions (9)
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Question   What is Suspense A/c? Rank Answer Posted By  
 Interview Question Submitted By :: Shilpa
I also faced this Question!!   © ALL Interview .com
credit and dabit balancing diffrence amount posted in 
suspense A/C.
3 Santosh
In order for to avoid the delay in preparations of final 
accounts,the difference in trial balance is put in the 
account named suspense account.If the debit is more than 
that of credit in trial balance then on credit side the 
difference is put in credit mentioning to suspense 
account.if in future any error is found then suspense 
account is closed,then also if there is any balance then it 
is transfered to balance sheet.
3 Pawan Kumar
suspense is taken when we dont know the one of the aspects 
in the posting of an entry and also it contains either 
debit balance and debit is used after the 
preparation of trial balance
1 Kdr
suspense account is a temporary account which is used to 
close the finalisation of acounts, when ever assets and 
liabilities are not tallying.
0 Rajesh
If Trial balance is not tallying then we create suspense 
account and we balance the amount either in debit balance 
or credit balance.
0 Kethura
Suspense a/c is temporary arrangement to tally trial 
balance. We need to create suspense a/c as and when there 
is a difference in particular transaction and we dont know 
in which head it needs to be posted so we posted it in 
suspense a/c and when we find out the real accounting head 
then we transfer it to that particular head from suspense 
0 Satya Rao
when the total of debit balance does not agree with the 
total of credit balance to make it atleast look tally, an 
account is opened which known as suspense account.
0 Hba
when the total of debit side does not agree with the total 
of credit side in trial balance an account is opened to 
make it look tally which is known as suspense account.
0 Hba
its simply a temporary a/c opened to make the total debits 
and total credits agreed,but when the cause  is traced,it 
must be removed.More the suspense accounts,more are r u 
going wrong
0 Ehtesham Zafar
trail balance is the statement for all ledger balances. and
it is used to measure  the arthematical accuracy of
balances... here if trail balance is not equal then we have
debit or credit side which ever is short with suspense account.
0 Durgesh
Suspense account is created when we are unable to trace the 
transaction. For urgency in finalization of accounts, this 
transactions are posted under suspense account.
2 Supriya Shetty
Suspense A/C is a nominal A/C which is opened ion books of 
account for tally the financial statement. and after 
somtime mgmt find he error and write off suspense a/c
0 Prateek
Suspense a/c is the temporary account, it is used because 
the proper account is not determined at the time of 
transaction was recorded. When the proper a/c is determined 
then amount will be moved from suspense a/c to proper a/c.
0 Sandy
Question   What are Accounting Concept? Rank Answer Posted By  
 Interview Question Submitted By :: Shilpa
I also faced this Question!!   © ALL Interview .com
Business Entity concept.
Money mesurment concept.
Cost concept.
Dual ascept concept.
Matchimg concept.
Accural concept.
1 Prami
Accounting Concept are customs & tradtions which are used 
as a guide for preparation of financial statements.

Following are the types of Accounting Concepts

1)Money Measurement Concept
2)Legal Aspect Concept
3)Matching Concept
4)Accrual Concept
5)Dual Aspect concept
6)Cost Concept
7)Financial period Concept
8)Business Entity Concept
9)Revenue Concept
10)Realisation Concept
0 Shilpa
calculating the profit,expendeture,loss,investment of 
product is called accounting cncept
0 Ganesh
Accounting Concepts are the principles followed by a 
business concern regarding the Recording, Classifying, 
Summerizing of transactions and the Analysis and Evaluation 
of results. Accounting Concepts are as follow:
   1.Seperate Entity Concept
   2.Going Concern Concept
   3.Money Measurement Concept
   4.Cost Concept
   5.Dual Aspect Concept
   6.Accrual Concept
   7.Accounting Period Concept
   8.Relization Concept
   9.Periodic Matching Concept
4 Sushil Mohan
1.Business entity concept
2.dual aspect concept
3.going concern concept
4.accounting period concept
5.cost concept measurement concept
7.matching concept
0 Kethura
accounting concept????????????????
i dont no
its so borring subject
3 Angel
Accounting is the art of recording, classifying and 
summarsing in a significant manner, and in terms of money 
transactions and events which are, in part at least, of a 
financial character, and interpreting the results thereof.
0 Smriti
these are set of guiding principles that are used to 
minimise differece in the preparation and interpretation of 
financial statement. some of the major convention include;
1. going concern
2. matching and accruals
3. prudency
4. realisation
5. entity
0 Bashir A.y.i
The following are the important generally acctable concepts.

 1.Entity Concept
 2.Going concern Concept
 3.Money measurement Concept
 4.Cost Conceot
 5.Accounting period Concept
 6.Dual Concept
 7.Matching Concept
 8.Realisation Concept
 9.Balance sheet Equation Concept
10.Verification and Objective evidance Concept
11.Accrual Concept
0 Mahesh
Accounting concepts: Means The basic conditions and basic 
assumptions based on accounting is done.

Concept: Means an idea or notion or thought which should be
accepted by universal.

They are:

1. Accrual concept
2. Accounting period concept
3.Business entity concept
4.Cost concept
5.Dual aspect concept
6.Money measurement concept
7.Matching concept
8.Going concern concept
9.Historical concept
10.Realization concept
1 Murali Royal
The following concept are the accepted accounting concept.
1-Entity concept
2-Money measurement concept
3-Going concern concept
4-Cost concept
5-Realization concept
6-Accrual concept
7-periodicity concept
8-Matching concept
9-Dual aspect concept
10-Consistency concept
11-Conservatism concept
0 S Shrestha
accounting concepts entity concepts
2.going concern con. measurement con.
4.dual aspect con.
5.accounting period con.
6.historical cost con.
7.accual con.
8.matching con.
9.variable objective evidence con.
10.realisation con.
0 Geeta Gautam
accounting concepts are the basic assumptions that should be
followed while doing accounting..
0 Vandana
the concept which guide us in idenfying measuring and 
recording the transaction. entity concept measurement concept 
3.objective evidence concept
4.historical record concept
5.cost concept
6.dual ascept concept
0 Uruthran
Accounts are kept for entities and not the people who own or run the company.  Even in proprietorships and partnerships, the accounts for the business must be kept separate from those of the owner(s).


For an accounting record to be made it must be able to be expressed in monetary terms.  For this reason, financial statements show only a limited picture of the business.  Consider a situation where there is a labor strike pending or the business owner’s health is failing; these situations have a huge impact on the operations and financial security of the company but this information is not reflected in the financial statements. 

Going Concern
Accounting assumes that an entity will continue to operate indefinitely.  This concept implies that financial statements do not represent a company’s worth if its assets were to be liquidated, but rather that the assets will be used in future operations.  This concept also allows businesses to spread (amortize) the cost of an asset over its expected useful life. 

An asset (something that is owned by the company) is entered into the accounting records at the price paid to acquire it.  Because the “worth” of an asset changes over time it would be impossible to accurately record the market value for the assets of a company.  The cost concept does recognize that assets generally depreciate in value and so accounting practice removes the depreciation amount from the original cost, shows the value as a net amount, and records the difference as a cost of operations (depreciation expense.)  Look at the following example:

Truck                 $10,000   purchase price of the truck
Less depreciation  $  1,000   amount deducted as a depreciation expense 
Net Truck:          $  9,000   net book-value of the truck

The $9000 simply represents the book value of the truck after depreciation has been accounted for.  This figure says nothing about other aspects that affect the value of an item and is not considered a market price.

Dual Aspect
This concept is the basis of the fundamental accounting equation: 

Assets = Liabilities + Equity

Assets are what the company owns.
Liabilities are what the company owes to creditors against those assets
Equity is the difference between the two and represents what the company owes to its investors/owners. 
All accounting transactions must keep this equation balanced so when there is an increase on one side there must be an equal increase on the other side or an equal decrease on the same side. 

The objectivity concept states that accounting will be recorded on the basis of objective evidence (invoices, receipts, bank statement, etc…). This means that accounting records will initiate from a source document and that the information recorded is based on fact and not personal opinion. 

Time Period

This concept defines a specific interval of time for which an entity’s reports are prepared.  This can be a fiscal year (Mar 1 – Feb 28), natural year (Jan 1 – Dec 31), or any other meaningful period such as a quarter or a month.

This requires understating rather than overstating revenue (income) and expense amounts that have a degree of uncertainty.  The rule is to recognize revenue when it is reasonably certain and recognize expenses as soon as they are reasonably possible.  The reasons for accounting in this manner are so that financial statements do not overstate the company’s financial position.  Accounting chooses to err on the side of caution and protect investors from inflated or overly positive results. 

Revenues are recognized when they are earned or realized.  Realization is assumed to occur when the seller receives cash or a claim to cash (receivable) in exchange for goods or services.  This concept is related to conservatism in that revenue (income) is only recorded when it actually occurs and not at the point in time when a contract is awarded.  For instance, if a company is awarded a contract to build an office building the revenue from that project would not be recorded in one lump sum but rather it would be divided over time according to the work that is actually being done.  

To avoid overstatement of income in any one period, the matching principle requires that    revenues and related expenses be recorded in the same accounting period.  If you bill $20,000 of services in a month, in order to accurately represent the income for the month you must report the expenses you incurred while generating that income in the same month. 

Once an entity decides on one method of reporting (i.e. method of accounting for inventory) it must use that same method for all subsequent events.  This ensures that differences in financial position between reporting periods are a result of changed in the operations and not to changes in the way items are accounted for.  

Accounting practice only records events that are significant enough to justify the usefulness of the information.  Technically, each time a sheet of paper is used, the asset “Office supplies” is decreased by an infinitesimal amount but that transaction is not worth accounting for. 

By understanding and applying these principles you will be able to read, prepare, and compare financial statements with clarity and accuracy.  The bottom-line is that the ethical practice of accounting mandates reporting income as accurately as possible and when there is uncertainty, choosing to err on the side of caution.
0 Naren Sharma
Entity concept
Money measurement concept
Going concern concept
cost concept
Dual aspect concept
Accounting period concept
Conservatism concept
Realization concept
0 Pankaj Kumar
accounting is an art of recording,classifying,summarising
and interpretation the transactions.
it is something which is recorded chronologically in the
books of accounts to have a record of all the transactions
taken place in the business course of action.
accounting is done to get profit and loss during the
accounting period and to know about the assets n liabilities
of the business.
accounting is done to provide some certain information to
the interested ones.
0 Parwez Alam
Answer entity concept measurement concept
3.going consern concept
4.accounting period concept
5.accounting cost concept
6.duality cost concept
7.realisation concept
8.accrual concept
9.matching concept
0 Priya Jain
1 - Business entity concept
2 - Going cencern concept
3 - Maney measurement concept
4 - Accounting period concepts
5 - Dual aspect concepts
6 - Cost concepts
7 - Realization concepts
8 - Matching concepts
0 Rhoit
Question   What is Working Capital Management ? Give the formula for it Rank Answer Posted By  
 Interview Question Submitted By :: Shilpa
I also faced this Question!!   © ALL Interview .com
working capital is nothing but the capital required for the 
cost of operation and daily needs such as purchase of raw 
material,payement of wages etc
generally there are two types of working capital management
net working capital 
gross working capital 
Net working capital is the net investiment for current 
therefor net working capital =current assets-current 
so managing the requirement of working capital limits by a 
firm so that it is able to meet the working capital limits 
to meet its day to day cost of operations is working 
capital management.
0 Pawan Kumar
the gap between the current assets and current laibilities 
is known as working capital....

  working capital= current assets-current liabilities
0 Aman
A part of a capital avaliable with the firm for day to day 
working of the business is known as working capital.

formula= the difference between current asset and current 
liability is called working capital.

And working capital is of two types:Gross working 
capital,net working capital.

The total amount of current asset is called gross working 
Net working capital is current asset-current liability.
0 Kethura
capital required by a firm to run the business is called 
working capital.

 formula = current assets - current liabilities
0 Rajesh
w.c.= total operating exp./no.of operating cycle
0 Alka Sharma
2.NET WORKING CAPITAL : Currenntasset-currentliabilities.
 a)regular working capital
 b)reserve working capital

2. variable working capital
 a)special working capital
 b)seasonal working capital
0 Rohit Kasana
working capital=current assets-current liabilities
0 Raji
We know wat is working capital  but we dont want to 
0 Jigar
WCM also referred toas finacial management,refers to the day
to day finacial activities that deal with current assets and
current liabilities.               wcm=current
assets-current liabilities
0 Sunil Kumar Dubey
Question   Speak for five minutes about hyderabad Rank Answer Posted By  
 Interview Question Submitted By :: Sre
I also faced this Question!!   © ALL Interview .com
Hyderabad is the capital city of the Indian state of Andhra 
Pradesh. Hyderabad metropolitan area is the fifth largest 
in India. Greater Hyderabad has an estimated metropolitan 
population of 10 million, making it an A-1 status city and 
the second largest (in terms of area) in the country.[2][3] 
Hyderabad is known for its rich history, culture and 
architecture representing its unique character as a meeting 
point for North and South India, and also its multilingual 
culture, both geographically and culturally.
0 Minhaz
Hyderabad is cpaital city of Andhra pradesh.And now every 
one known it became one of the metropolitan city.we can 
find many changes in hyderabad comparing to last 10 to 15 
years.we can find many developements in hyderabad,if we 
talk about technology,in medical,infrastructure.

And we even can find big MNC companies and bpo's now a days 
every one is earning money and they are chaging there 
leaving life.

And if we speak about technology there is a tremendous 
changes the work is going very fast due to this technology.

And in hyderabad we find beautiful resorts,parks, 

And also we can see historical places,and temples, churchs 
and many more.

0 Kethura
0 Gurumurthy
Hyderabad is capital city of AndhraPradesh.everyone knows that now Hyderabad is metropolitan city.In Hyderabad we have lot of mnc companies.Hyderabad is one of the richest city in Andhrapradesh.Hyderabad is famous for historical places and and hitechcity is famous of IT infrastructure and we several bpo's and it companies in Hyderabad.
In Hyderabad we have different resorts,parks and multiplexes for weekend trips.
0 Krishna
hyderabad is a beatiful place of every one for their basic needs and also for the better education and it is known for the indian culture and it also has many historical places and laso temples as well as the developed technology
0 Sneha
Hyderabad is the most beautiful city full of heritage.Hyderabad was called as the city of pearls.If we see, hyderabad is no less than any metropolitan cities in India.Apart from all these it is also the second largest IT hub in the country.

This city was ruled by the Nizams initially. There is a lot to offer to tourists i.e.,there are many historical places to visit like charminar, chowmahala, golconda fort etc.

Apart from all these what makes this place even more special is that the people.The people of Hyderabad are very kind enough and go out of their way to help the people.At the end of the day what a makes a best city or a best place--PEOPLE so as the people are so welcoming and kid hearted the place is undoubtedly a wonderful city.
5 Chandana
Question   Tell me about ur's favourite place in hyd Rank Answer Posted By  
 Interview Question Submitted By :: Sundeep And Idrees
I also faced this Question!!   © ALL Interview .com
i would like to say about
my favourite place in hyd is lumbini park ans hussain sagar
lake.This beautiful enetertainment park situated shore of
hussain sagar lake the landscape is a visual treat make it
an excellent gateway.. musically synchronized water foutain
and majour attraction
0 Sundeep And Idrees
All places which i round with my lover,especially Birla
Mandir and Chilukur.
0 Pawan
Question   If a company X selects you there and then itself and you join the company, After 15 days Company Y (a bigger company than X) who you had earlier given an Interview asks you to join them, and also offer you a bigger salary and Incentives, What will you do? Rank Answer Posted By  
 Interview Question Submitted By :: Guest
I also faced this Question!!   © ALL Interview .com
The opinion for this kinda situations may differ from 
person to person,if you are already working with X 
comapany ,then its not a wise move to take up the new 
company carry on with the company where you are already 
working,because its not advisable to have hoping so early 
in the career.And in the Y company where you are joining 
there you can't prove yourself that you will stick to 
their's company too........,corrections are welcome.
0 Mujeebuddin_in
Everybody will go for the company Y as they r offering more 
salary + incentives than the company X.
But during the interview saying this might sound to the 
interviewers that you are not loyal to one place.
Work environment is also one thing which plays an important 
role here while deciding which company to opt for.

Well.. i hav faced similar kind of situations whenever i 
used to go for interviews at HR consultancies when 
interviewer used to ask me, "if u get a good break in some 
company will u leave us ??
At the back of our minds everybody knows the importance of 
the good break and would not like to squander the 

It also depends on the interviewer as how he/she takes it.
But... a mature and unbiased interviewer will also 
appreciate if candidates says yes to the company Y.
0 Faisal Mustafa Khan
in my view if i hada join X and after 15days Y provide me 
good oppurtuinity then i will stay with X company becoz if 
i will leave the organization it will show that i m not a 
regular person as well as i m not a sincere person. it 
might be possible that after seeing this that i had left 
the X within 15days might be have great chance that Y will 
get neglect me and taking me as unsincere person. 

so many people says that:-
0 Neha
I dont like to go for this type of frequent changes. 
Instead of frequent chagne i will try to prove myself in my 
X company becuase for deserving candidate apportunities 
never end. It is also against the principle of natural 
justice. Moreover stability also play a vital role in 
building on ones career..
0 Rajeev Kapoor
The most mature answer would be that when it comes to career every body must & should follow first come first serve principle. If an organisation provides you a break its for us & jumping jacks don't have a stable career as on switching from organisation to organisation it can prove to be a black mark in one's career. So definitely I would stick to company X & prove myself. If money is what matters then in todays competition talent is well valued thus, be loyal to what you have now & not to one which u may get in future!!!!
2 Krupali
Question   what is the basic difference between accounting and financing? Rank Answer Posted By  
 Interview Question Submitted By :: B.sathyanarayana
I also faced this Question!!   © ALL Interview .com
Accounting relates to booking of the historical 
transactions of an organisation and it leads to preparation 
of Financial Status of the company stating what assets and 
what liabilities are held by the entity as on the day when 
relevant period (say a year) ends, i.e Balance Sheet. The 
profitability is also worked out for that period.

The transactions are entered on routine basis during any 
year and thus there is a need to arrange for the Finance 
for concluding those transactions. Financial status is 
concluded from the Balance sheet, Profit & Loss A/c. Since 
business has to rely upon outside financial resources, 
these outside agencies depend upon the B/S and P&L of the 
organization to draw their conclusions for deciding whether 
it is viable to lend or not. The person engaged by the 
organization for liaison with the lenders is supposed to 
have complete knowledge about B/S and P&L and helps in 
making it draw favorable conclusions regarding financial 
status of the organization before outsiders. Thus, this way 
he arranges finance and thus known as a person looking 
after finance of the company. Cost saving is another 
function which is looked after by this person. Small saving 
in per unit cost of the Raw material may lead to saving of 
4 Babulu180605
Accounting means to maintain accounts only and finance 
means to create funds for run the business.
0 Jagdish Sherla
Basic difference:
If finance is a Tree, account is one branch of the tree.
0 Sonali
Accounting: Accounting means who recorded transaction which 
going on business it helps to know the profit or loss of 
the company.

Financing: Financing means who moblises the income for 
running the business.Because finance is required for every 
0 Ketan Deepak
i cope with ketan deepak's answer, i want to give one 
effective example that the bell sound comes first than the 
elephant's arrival.
0 Sri
Accounting deals with the recording,summarising and 
analysing of various business transactions.
0 Kethura
Finance is concerned with the cash flows where Accounting is
concerned with the accounting profit

for example.. At the end of the fiscal year accountants come
with Net Income in the Income Statement which has elements
such as depreciation expenses, Dep. Exp is not a cash flow
yet it's deducted from the net income.
0 Fahd Karali
Accounting means the process of identifying recording and
interpreting and economic events

difference between accounting and finance;

accounting is no decision making . but finance is the
decision making
0 S.anil Gopal
Accounting deals with the recording,summarising and 
analysing of various busines transactions . its main aim is 
  financing is the main goal is profit maximisation&wealth 
0 Sruthi
Explain why profit maximization fails as a goal for the 
financial manager.
0 Aileen.lee
0 Santosh
accounting means to maintain all account transaction records, and finance 
means to create funds for running business. for example if finance is a  
tree, account is one branch of tree.
0 Sumansharma
Question   Tell me about yourself? Rank Answer Posted By  
 Interview Question Submitted By :: Lakshmi
I also faced this Question!!   © ALL Interview .com
i m an hardworking,ambitious and bit romantic
3 Gaurav
i am very active,positive thinker
3 Gowrimohan25
if u r a fresher
u have to tell ur name, highest qualification,secured 
%,place(where u did),schooling & personal details(family 
members etc.,)

 if u r experinced person
u have to tell ur name,designation, ur present 
company,location,how many years of experince,highest 
qualification and u can tell ur Achievments or projects.
3 Jm Hemakumar
i am baskar.
i come from tiruvannamalai.
i am studing mca 3rd year SHC,tpt.
and my father is weaver.and my mother is house-wife.
my +is=confidence
my -ve=overconfidence

i am hardworking person and also quick learner.
3 Jeevabaski
iam psotive thinker.hard worker. make others happy
2 Kumar

2.Educational Qualification including your P.U or +2 and    
Schooling with what degree you have done and name of the 

3. Work Experience with Designation, name of the Company 
and period.

4. Additional Qualification

5. Hobbies

6. Strengths

7. Family Background (Optional)
3 Mahesh K
ihave all the capabilities to work as like relentless
3 Guest
I am tilak raj of 5th semester (ETC) in B.I.T,Bhilai .
My father is in private service .
My greatest wish is to make my parents proud of me .
3 Tilak Raj
I am a Eswara Naik, i am a third son of my father & mother. 
coming from Davangere, my qualification is diploma in CS, 
it was done in Mysore, earlier i was finished S S L C in my 
Village town. i am interested in designs, creations, 
programs, and my habbies are listen little bit music, 
playing computer games, reading news paper, writting nowels 
and stories.
3 Esha
i am naveen and i am pursuing B.E. in computer science from 
mdu with an aggregate degree of 65% and i have done my 
schooling from DPS Maruti Kunj.My father is a technician 
and mother homemaker.As far as my interest areas are 
concerned they are surfing on net and programing,exploring 
new things,loves to interact with the people moreover i am 
a happy go lucky guy who desires to shine in the darkest 
hour of life.
4 Naveen
if any one is beauty i said I LOVE U.. SO i love 
2 Indian
Simply say with no fear ( for exp professionals)

I am Tamilselvan , come from andheri , i was finished my 
B.Tech IT degree from Royal engg college at chennai on 
2005,then i got selectd in inlott technologies pvt ltd in 
mumbai as a SQL DBA and having 1 year exprience , I did my 
schooling in DGM hir sec school at the home town 
chidambaram , My father name is mr.--- is a farmer, Mother 
name mrs--- is a home maker , 

i think this will enough for tell me about your self
0 Tamilselvan
I am V.Arulkumar from katpadi, which is small near to
vellore.I have completed my schooling in Govt.Boys Higher
Secondary School K.V.Kuppam, i have finished my
Undergraduation degree in Sri Lakshmi Narshima College of
Science Chittor, Now i have completed my MCA graduation in
Sacred Heart College Tirupattur My father is a former and my
mother is house wife. My future plan is to become a good
Programmer, i have the applity to accepting any kind of
challenging job in the concern.
3 Arulkumar
Don't say your name.start from present working 
area,previous work experience,educational details then 
family details.
3 V.kannan
Hi this is sulthan sheriff.i have completed my MCA. now i am
working as a software programmer in Sri Jain Tech Chennai. 
i have completed my MCA acadamic project in Polaris software
lab ltd chennai. i am verymuch storng in java and j2ee current salary is 2.5 lpa.
2 Sutlhansheriff
I am A.Thangamani,doing my III MCA in NGM college pollachi, 
and completed by UG as B.Com under the same college with an 
aggregate of 79% and completed my schooling in A.M.S well 
recognised school in my town,iam second daughter of my 
father and mother. father working for an pulic limited 
company, mother is an housewife. my hobbies listening to 
muisc and livechatting with my friends. very much intrested 
in learning new things. 

+ve  -   confidence, smile
-ve  -   quick depressed
4 A.thangamani
I am the conclusion of my experiance and experties as i 
have gained from my work and education.
4 Virendra
I am Nagesh. I am hail from khammam. I did my graduation 
Bachelors of Commerce from Andhra University. Working as a 
System Administrator In softest Technologies Ltd in 
Hyderabad. I have MCSE Microsoft Certified. My hobbies are 
playing foot ball, cricket. I played foot ball in Andhra 
University captain. strength are hard work, honest, punch 
alit. Then my families ditties.
1 Guest
I am rajadurai,system engineer in vel group at avadi.
I have been working since 2005 to till now.
I have completed Msc Comp.Sci in rajah's college.
which is located at pudukkottai.I have done my basic degree
also same college.I did my schooling in governmet higher 
sec school at thanjavur ,which is also my native place.
and my strengths are 
I can tune myself into any new environments.
I have good learning skills,I perfectly fit into a team.
3 Rajadurai
Hai, This is Srinivas Come From lppuram,which is small near 
to KKD.
                                                    Now  I  
am working as a  Software Developer in ADVANZ  TECHNOLOGIES 
at  Hyderabad  since May 2005 to till now. I have gained 
2.7 Years of Experience as Oracle Database Programmer 
(Oracle9i,SQL, PL/SQL) on UNIX.

                         My Education Qualification are,   
I did  my schooling in zppHigh school Tallarevu with an 
aggregation of 73%,I have done  my Intermediate in Ideal 
college KKD with an aggregation of 54%, ,I have finished   
my Under Graduation Degree as B.SC. in Chaitanya College 
KKD with an aggregation of 60% ,and I have  Completed my 
Post Graduation  as MCA in Bsr College Rjy  with an 
aggregation of 66%,.
                      My father is a former and my mother 
is home maker.I have three brother’s and one sister.
                       My hobbies are listen little bit 
music, playing cricket, and some english novels.
          I am an hardworking, ambitious and bit romantic, 
I am ready to learn new Technology, I am very active, 
positive thinker, I have been good learning skills,
4 Sriniva
i am suhas patil.
i am 22 yearts old.
i have studing in diploma in software Engg.
(c,c++,java,oracle) & also B.A.
my +is i am confidant & hardworker.
i have no -ve's.
my father is farmer.
& mother is housemaker.
2 Suhas
Well,As you know Iam MuthuRamalingam from karaikudi which 
is little near to Trichy in the part of TamilNadu. I born 
and brought up in Tamilnadu itself. 

My Education Qualifiacation are I did my schooling in 
st.Arulanandar Hr.sec school at oriyur. After my schooling, 
I finished my graduation of Bsc c.s from Naina Mohamed 
college of Arts and science in 2003 that is affiliated to 
Bharathidasan University at trichy. After finishing my 
graduation, I have done my MCA from Alagappa University in 

Then I got selected in Solidus Multitech pvt ltd in 
bangalore and having around 2 yrs exp in Microsoft .NET 
technologies such as,, and other tool 
such as Ms sql server,Flat Text file,photoshop and 

Here you should specify your experience on your projects...

My career objective is Looking forward for a better carrer 
in Organization

My strengths are dedications....willingness to walk an 
extra mile to achieve my career.
Iam very eager to learn new technologies

My weakness are.....

About my family background:
My father is a retired headmaster and mother is a homemaker 
and i have 4 sisters and don't have brothers.

About my hoppies:

singing song,playing cricket and watching TV

That is it..

Good luck
4 Muthu
Well its my pleasure to introduce my self to you . 

I am Rajesh Kumar. I am perusing MBA with specializations of
Marketing and H.R from International Management Center
.Which is approved from AICTE, and this going to complete in
this month 
so I am trying to enter my foot step in corporate world by
getting my fist job. where I can apply all my theoretically
knowledge which I have learn during my MBA curriculum in a
practical way. 
For the past 2 Year , I have successfully progressed to
increase my knowledge and skill in the field of Marketing.

 I have always been energetic , and  good team player either
it has the Presentation in my institute or it is project
work or even game.
 I have gained additional skills of Computer while working
in my summer training and also when I was working for the
making a annual report of a company where I have done my
summer training 
Recently, I have done some Project work and Marketing
Research. So my MBA course knowledge and my recent
experience in Project work , both aspect make me capable to
start my career in the field of marketing and Provide  best
effort to my employer .
4 Rajesh Kumar
GOUNDER MAHALINGAM college Pollachi,with an aggregate 75% 
and completed by UG BCA in KARPAGAM ARTS and SCIENCE 
COLLEGE Eachanri with an aggregate of 60% and completed my 
schooling in P.K.D Matric Hr.Sec School well recognised 
school in my town,i am only one son of my father and 
mother. Father was expired, Mother is an housewife. My 
hobbies hearing to muisc and live chatting with my friends. 
very much intrested in learning new things. 

+ve  -   Confidence, Smile and Boldness to talk
-ve  -   Quick Depressed
 and completed my schooling in A.M.S well 
recognised school in my town,iam second daughter of my 
father and mother. father working for an pulic limited 
company, mother is an housewife. my hobbies listening to 
muisc and livechatting with my friends. very much intrested 
in learning new things. 

+ve  -   confidence, smile
-ve  -   quick depressed
3 Balasubramaniam
GOUNDER MAHALINGAM college Pollachi,with an aggregate 75% 
and completed by UG BCA in KARPAGAM ARTS and SCIENCE 
COLLEGE Eachanri with an aggregate of 60% and completed my 
schooling in P.K.D Matric Hr.Sec School well recognised 
school in my town,i am only one son of my father and 
mother. Father was expired, Mother is an housewife. My 
hobbies hearing to muisc and live chatting with my friends. 
very much intrested in learning new things. 

+ve  -   Confidence, Smile and Boldness to talk
-ve  -   Quick Depressed

Now i am working in SYSTECH INFOVATIONS Software company 
coimbatore from the date of April 22 2008
0 Balasubramaniam
i'm satyam father is a govt. employee,my mother is a
housewife,i've elder sister & younger brother.i have done my
schooling from k.v.gcf-1,jbp.currently i'm studying in
sgsits, indore,3 yr,EI.
My edu has turned me into an optimistic family
values are always giving priority to ur work & respect every
human being, whether he is rich or poor.
my strengths are determination & hobbies
include reading novels & cosmology.i'm also interested in
movies & computer games
0 Satyam Mishra
iam rajender.i completed my bech in srit and having an agg
of 67% and a did my diploma in ece and have an ag of 70% and
i did my schooling from bapu high school with an agg of 78%
in nizamabad.
my hobies are playing volley ball and bascet ball.
my strenths are +ve attitute and self confidence.
0 Raj
Friends this question seems to be easy, but is not that 
easy to answer.

First of all just think about these questions:

1) What exactly is the question??
2) Why HRs ask this question??
3) And what I am supposed to say???

Of Corse question is to tell about you.
So try to talk about your self more, instead of telling 
him/her about your father, mother or family. HR is least 
concern to know what ur father do or how many sisters u 
have. Hr is more interested to know about what u have done 
and what all qualities you have.
If u think it’s very important to tell about your family, 
and then restrict yourself to very few words.
So point is: Try to tell him only about yourself.
You can talk about:
 * Your Schooling.
 *Post Graduation.
 *Your subject of interest.
* Your hobbies 
 *Your strengths
 *Your Weakness. (Also tell, what are you doing to improve 
on ur weakness)
*Your future plans (optional)
And for god sake don’t try to mug up all these things, and 
then say in interview.
It will surely reflect that u have done a good home work to 
remember those lines one by one like a poem or a song.
So speak it slowly, naturally and confidently.

Now question still left “Why this is HR’s pet question??
Answer is pretty straight; they want to test ur 
communication skills and your confidence.
As in IT industry u will be working in different location, 
u will be interacting wit different ppl, in teams, and may 
be interacting wit your clients sitting in US, so they want 
ppl who can communicate well and can explain what they want 
and understand what others wants form them.

I hope this will help you in some extent, and will help you 
in preparing for your interview. All the best 
4 Mayank Juyal
My self Pavan Kumar.I'm 21 years old.I pursued My graduate
in Electrical And Electronics Engineering from St.Martin's
Engineering College located at Dhulapally,Secunderabad.I
secured 61.06% aggregate in did Intermediate from
B.S.R.V Naidu Jr.College.I secured 65.40% aggregate in MPC.
I did Schooling from People's High School.I secured 63.66%
aggregate in SSC.I pursued C language from CMTES Institute
located at paradise.My hobbies are playing cricket,listing
to songs and chatting with friends.I achieved 1st position
in athletics held in our college.I'm Capable of doing any
work,quick learn,working with confidence.My weakness is
believing everyone.About My family background,My father is
APSRTC Employee And mother is homemaker.I have one elder
brother,one elder sister and younger sisters.My brother and
Sister are working in Top MNC companies and My younger
sisters are twins and they are studying.this is all about me.
0 Pavan Kumar
my life journey started in Hyderabad and my parents named me
sunil kumar.i have done my schooling from the indo english
high school.i have completed my intermediate with C.E.C
background attaining ___% from vjc.i have done my graduation
with background attaining 54% from vdc.comming
to my family backgroung my family consists of ______ father is a mother is a home maker.and
my brothers work _______company.comming to my strenghts i am
dedicated to work.hard working.goal oriented.mingling with
others.and my hobbies are listening to music.and playing
0 Sunil
hai everybody, my name is karthi from salem, my father is 
an supervisor and my mom is house wife i have one elder 
brother he is working in sbi bank... i did my ug in anna 
university and i secured 81%.. i did my school days in my 
hometown and i secured 91% in both sslc and my 
strength is self confidence and my weakness is beleiving 
everyone... my hobbies is playing cricket and hearing 
songs... come to my working experience i started my carrer 
on october 2006 as a system admin in chennai,due t osome 
personel problem i left that job. At present i am working 
as a system engineer here i can handled 87 systems and 14 
printers... thats all about me..
1 Karthick
My name is Raj kumar, i m just 24 year old. I am putting 
up  at Dwarka morh, i did  my graduation from Delhi 
University.  I have sound Knowledge of Computer. Regarding 
this i am working with an NGo as a Computer Operator for 
last one year. I worked in a Delhi Metro as a Tom Operator 
under Trig Company on Contract Basis.AS far as my  family 
background my father runs a small shop. My mother is a 
housewive. I have two sister.I can tune myself into any new 
0 Rajkumar
I am Ramu from nellore,andhrapradesh.
i did my post graduation as ME in Engineering design in 
Bannariamman institute of technology with an aggregate of 
85% in 2006.
i finished my under graduation as in VITS 
with an aggregate of 60% in 2005.
i did my Intermediate in Ratnium college with an aggregate 
of 71.5%.
i did my schooling in ZPP high school in 1998.
0 Ramu
if u r a fresher..... then say ur name,ur education 
qualification,percentage secured,place were u did it, ur 
greatest strength, achievment if any and say ur Goal...
0 Priya
if u r a fresher....
u have to tell ur name, highest qualification,secured 
%,place(where u did),schooling & personal details(family 
members etc.,)

 if u r experinced person
u have to tell ur name,designation, ur present 
company,location,how many years of experince,highest 
qualification and u can tell ur Achievments or projects.
0 Kumar
My name is pooja sharma i have completed my +2 exam from 
cbsc bord presenty pursuing b com final year from delhi 
university besides i have done air ticketing from ymca & 
also done amadeus software from bird travel & turisum 
academy i have four member in my family my younger brother 
& sister both are studing my mother is a home maker & i 
have lost my father in road accident.
0 Pooja Sharma
i am kiran rai i have done becholar's of commerce from B.U.
i am persuing PGDBA from SCDL,Pune.i am positive thinker & 
willing to work in team.
1 Kiran Rai
hi, This rajasekhar. iam from rajahmundry. i did msc app
mathematics from andhra university,vizag. i started my
carrier as a test engineer in ssr info technologies ,
banjarahills , hyd for the past 3years. 
as a testing person, i have been working on various
platforms like windows 2000, windowsxp, i have been
preparing test cases, test case design and executions. 
come to my family back ground, my father is .., my mother is
house wife, i have two brothers,one my elder brother is
movie character artist, another one is doing finance.
0 Raj
I am Lokesh. I did my Diploma in computer Engg in sri
venkateshwara politechnic. Last year i have finished my
diploma course. I worked as a quality analyzer in "Bmd Bpo
technology" for six months. I quite my job since, I had to
continue my higher studies, but due my financial problem i
was not able to join in college. And again i am searching a
good job.
My hobbies are playing cricket, listening music, and reading
news Paper..
And i am a positive thinker.
0 Lokesh
hi,this is jeelan from Yerraguntla which is one of the town
in kadap.and it is also called as Land Of Cement Industries.
i completad my B.Tech in mechanical engineering from M R R
Institute of Technology Science,which is located in Nellore.
and i got 66.12% of aggregate in my
0 Jeelan
hi this is mahesh,i come from yellandu which is near to
khammam in the part of andhra pradesh.I born and brought up
in  andhra pradesh it self and coming to my education
qualifications are i did my schooling in brilliant public
school at my home town after my schooling i finished my
graduation of (m.e.cs)from r.j.c degree college of arts
and science in 2004 taht is affliated by kakathiya
university at khammam.After completed my graduation i have
done my postgraduation in electronics from p.b.siddhartha
college of arts and science affiliated by acharya nagarjuna
university at vijayawada secured by i'm trying to
enter my foot step in corporate world by getting my first
job and my strenghts are dedications........,willingness to
walk an extra mile to achive my career and i'm eager to
learn new technologies
and my weak ness are..???
coming to my family background my father is a driver and my
mother is a home maker. i have elder sister.she is a student
and my hobbies are listening music,watching cricket and also
palying,traveling and watching t.v 
finally i want beome team leader and i want help full for my

best of luck for ur tell me about your self
3 Mahesh
In many cases we tend to give a btief scetch of out personal
introduction. But many of us are not really aware of giving
a nice introduction. Introduction involves these factors:-
1. About your self
2. Your nature
3. Qualification
4. The type of person you are
5. Family background
6. Likes and dislikes and
7. Attitude towards a particular issue of life.
0 Vamsi.v
I am Gopinathareddy.
Iam a science graduate.
I come from Ternekal in Kurnool dist.
we are a small family comprising parents ,younger sister and
myself.I can cope with my teamates.i have positive attitude.
my hobbies are surfing net ,listen to old melody,playing
shuttle and carroms.
0 Gopinathareddy
Iam RamaRao.Boina.Iam hail from Khammam.Iam pursuing PGDIT 
In 21st Century gurukulam.I was finished my graduation 
Bachelor of commerce from Kakatiya University.My father is 
farmer,my mother is Home maker.My further flan is to become 
a good Employee.
My hobbies are net surfing,playing kabbadi,making friendship
My strength is confidence and Smile 
My weekness is Fear
0 Ramarao
As you already Know, I am Shalini Gupta was born in New 
Delhi.In my qaulification I did my scholling from V.S.S 
School. Then I did my Graduation B.Sc from IGNOU. Along 
with my graduation I was also doing my GNIIT Program from 
NIIT.This is diploma of 3 years in software Engineering. 
After Completing my 4 sememster I got selected as a Senior 
Computer Teacher in New Green Field Scholl in Kalkaji 
Branch.Right Now I am working as a trainee with the 
Business Development Team in NIIT Limited.

In My Family my father is a business man and mother is a 
Teacher.I have two younger Brothers.They both are Studying.

About my hoppies:

singing song,surfing on Net, solving puzzls(Sudoko) and 
watching TV
0 Shalini Gupta
I am Babu,
I hail from Ananatapur district.
now i am pursuing PGDIT in S.V.Universiy, Tirupati.
I Have completed my graduation in Govt.Degree college
Anantapur.i got 74% marks.
and I have completed My +2 level in APSWR jr college.I got
I have done my schooling in at my own village.
i got 78% marks.
in my family my mother and my self only. i have no siblings.
my mother is a labour.
my hobbies are browsing net for programing skills and
reading books.
my role model is my mother.
my ambition is to be placed in IT sector.
4 Babu.d
I am Venkatesulu from sirunambudur, which is small near to
Thirupati.I have completed my schooling in Govt.Boys Higher
Secondary School Uthukottai, i have finished my 
Undergraduation degree in Madrass University, Then I got 
selected in Accel Frontline, in Chennai and having 
around 3 to 4  yrs exp in Data Analysis. My father is a 
former and my mother is house wife and I have Two Brothers.
0 Venkatesulu
my name is thippesh , i coming from davanagere , i am 
presentley staying in hoodi, bangalore. i have completed in 
govt college santhebennuru in 2nd p.u.c , my father is a 
farmer and my mother is house wife , i have elder sister 
she is a govt school teacher. my hobbies in listening 
music , watching t.v . and i have good computer skills.
0 Thippesha
I am Nirmal kumar. I did my post graduation (master of
computer application) from st josephs college of
engineering, which is affiliated to anna university in the
year 2007 with 70 percentage. i did my under graduation
(bachelor of computer application) from Dr. NGP arts and
science college, which is affiliated to bharathiyar
university in the yr 2004 with 56 percentage. i completed my
schooling's in hindusthan hr sec school and srimathi d
padmavathi ammal matriculatin school respectively. i am
certified in Sun solaris 9 i can perform my duties with
greater perfection. i am looking forward to work as a system
administrator in your esteemed company. my strengths are
sincere dedicated and friendly. and my weekness is i am
little bit workaholic.
0 Nirmal Kumar
Hi this is Mohammed muzzakier and people call me mushy,i was
born in bangalore and brought up in chennai, i completed BCA
in 2005 and worked for sutherland global services for one
year and now looking after my business which is special for
travel services and iam doing well, mine is a very huge
family of 8 people and iam the last one, hard to say my
negative point is quick emotional and happy to say my
positiveness is getting satisfaction to the customers...

You can also add your marriage exp if u are married, your
college exp, your first crush, your hobbies etc....
0 Mohammed Muzzakier
with pleasure sir/madame,

I m sanjay srinivas, i m pursuing M.B.A degree with Major
marketing and minor finance stream from ABC college
affiliated to AICTE.
Prior to this i Worked in vijai electricals Ltd in projects
division for one and half year. I m in business development
department, i oversee tenders, quality inspection and
technical follow-up. 
I did my engineering in electrical stream from GITAM college
of engineering, visakhapatnam.
 I believe i would fit in to the marketing profile offered
because of my prior industry experience and knowledge and
skills acquired during my MBA programme.
0 Sanjay Srinivas
wish good morning or good afternoon like ....

Well,i am madhusudhanreddy from kodur its 
little near to tirupathi

My Education Qualifications are I did my schooling in 
H M M school at kodur. 
After my schooling,I finished my graduation of Bcom (comp)
from sai degree college  that is affiliated to sri
venkateswara University . 
After finishing my graduation.

i am having around 18 months exp as a system operator  in
Kishan enterprizes at mangampet 

My career objective is Looking forward for a better career 
in Organization

My strengths are an amicable,team oriented and straight
forward person

My weakness is straight forward person

About my family background:
My father is a business man and my mother is a homemaker 
and i have one sister and i have one  brother.

About my hobbies are play cricket and listen to music

Thats  it..

thank you...
0 Madhusudhanrk
My name is Nilesh. I have done my graduation in
Fergusoon college. My hobbies includes listening
music,chatting,playing cricket. I like surfing on internet
to take information.
My positive points are I always listen and pay attention to
opposite person. 
Negative points are I think my English ability is my weakest
 trait. I know it is an temporary problem. I am definitely
studying hard to communicate more effectively.
Now I am in search of job. Hopefully I will get soon...
0 Nilesh
My name is Deepak kumar. I am basically from farrukhabad. I 
did my schooling from MBBSN, farrukhabad. I did my 10th and 
12th from CIC, farrukhabd in 2001 and 2003 respectively. I 
have completed my b tech from XXX engineering college in 
mechanical engg in year 2008 with an aggregate of 70%.
As per my family background, my father mr. XXX is a 
government employee and my mother mrs. XXX is a house wife. 
we are two brothers and two sisters. My eldest brother mr. 
XXX is an optrometrist and working in XXX. My elder sister 
XXX is working as a teacher in a government school. My 
another sister is pursuing her post-graduation from XXX. 
About my hobbies, i like dancing, listening to music, 
watching movies etc.
right now i m looking for a great opportunity to make my 
career bright..
5 Deepak
if ur fresher.

1.Tell ur name.
2.Your from.
3.Education qualifications.
4.Technical knowledge.
5.other qualification inf.,
7.Achievements in ur life.
8.Strengths & weaknesess.
9.Your gole.
0 Muralikrishna
I have been in the sales  industry for the past five years.
My most recent experience has been handling tough customers
One reason I particularly enjoy this business, and the
challenges that go along with it, is the opportunity to
connect with people. In my last job, I formed some
significant customer relationships resulting in a 30 percent
increase in sales in a matter of months."

Next, mention your strengths and abilities:

    "My real strength is my attention to detail. I pride
myself on my reputation for following through and meeting
deadlines. When I commit to doing something, I make sure it
gets done, and on time."

Conclude with a statement about your current situation:

    "What I am looking for now is a company that values
customer relations, where I can join a strong team and have
a positive impact on customer retention and sales."
this is from
0 Preetham
HI I am Ramalingam come from Tiruvanmiyur. My native is 
Trichy. I did my schooling in Tanjore. After my schooling, 
I finished diploma in teacher education in viruthunagar 
district. Then i am pursuing my graduation through corres 
in annamalai university. This is my final year now. First i 
worked in vetri as a junior processor for one year. Then i 
worked in siemens as processing officer for six months. 
then i worked in flextronics as a analyst for 3 months. Now 
i am looking for suitable job now. Then my family have 4 
members. I have one brother. He is studying now. My hoby is 
reading books.
0 Ramalingam
your name , education,exp.,
other activities,
 when you fresher that time
0 Gajanan
Iam Syed Imran ullah.And my education qualification is,I 
have done Diploma in Civil Engg from Govt polytechnic 
college, affliated to JNTU hyderabad.Earlier I finshed 
School of Secondry from APRS. Coming to my technical 
skills, Iam very good in AutoCAD 2d and 3d Dwngs, with that 
I have done Diploma in civil draftsmanship from_______-.

iam having three of experince in construction field,and Iam 
Presently working for __________since ______ year,
Earlier I worked for _________from____to______as a civil 
before this I worked for _______from____to____as a AutoCAD 
Engineer.Overall iam having 3 years of experience in 
preparation of Conceptual, Presentation, and Detailed 
Drawings using Auto CAD.

Hard work, Technical Skills, Team work and keen to learn 
new things could be added as my strengths. 

Family background :
My father is an retired Teacher, mother house wife,
i have 3 sister and 3 brothers,
2 of my sisters got marries one is studying and my elder 
works as ______-and second elder brother works as _______
and my younger brother is studying.

and my hobbies are Photography, Playing soccer and cricket, 
Cooking, music, poetry. thank you.
0 Syed Imran Ullah
Good Morning Sir/Madam,
My  name is Arvindlal Jaiswal , I completed my with
specializtion as IT from Vardhaman college of Engg and
secured  58.64%, I completed my Intermediate from Sri
Chaitanya kalasala and secured 81.3% , I completed my
schooling from Shree Hanuman Vyayam high school and secured

My hobbies are listerning to Music, singing songs especially
Sonu Nigam's songs ,Playing Cricket , Riding Bikes.

My strengths are, I m very Hardworking ,caring person , +ve
thinker,eager to learn new things,

My family consists of my mother, she is a home maker and i
have 1 elder brother and elder sister.
0 Arvindlal Jaiswal
My full name is **********, working as TSE in Brigade India 
Corp Pvt Ltd since June 2007 till date.

My career objective is to become a professional SE in a 
reputed organisation.

Coming to academic details, I have compleated my B-tech 
graduation in G.K.C.E college affliated to JNTU, Hyd.

(Tip: Please do not say that "I have compleated inter or 
tenth. Because HR will know that you will come to B-tech 
after compleating them only. However, do not express the 
percentage of any)

Coming to my Family details, my father is an employee and 
my mother is a home maker. I have a cute little sister 
studying tenth class.

Coming to my achievements, as being a best Scout in the 
year 2001-02, I got a RAJYAPURASKAR award from the Governer 
of AP.

At last my +ves are my SMILE  (Don't say confidence, 
romantic, Bull Shit)

My -Ve's are I beleive in people.

That's about my self
0 Kalesh
Well. Its my pleasure to introduce myself to you.

I am Harish. I did my Batchelor of Technology in Computer
science Specialization in the year 2008 from St. John's
college of Engg & Tech. I secured 64% in my Batchelos
degree. I did my +2 from so and so college and S.S.C from so
and so school.

Coming to my family bachkground, my father is Mr. G.Nagaraju
and he is a businessman. My mother is Mrs. G. Sreedevi and
she is a homemaker.

My hobbies are playing cricket, volley ball, shuttle and chess.

My strengths are Hardworking,  honesty, confidence and
0 Harish
my name is venu 
im worked for 3yrs as a rm
currently im rm at x company
before that i was arm in y company
im pursuing my ba from z college
my father is an retired employee
he retired from z sevice
mother is an house wife
my strengths are confidence &hard worker ,quic leaner
0 Venu
I am B.Venkata Durga Prasad.I have Completed B.SC.(Computers)in Jagruti Degree College with an aggregate of 51%. My Experience is I Worked as DATA ENTRY OPERATOR For 10 Months In 3 Companies. 
Completed Intermediate with an Aggregate of 55%.
Completed SSC with an Aggregate of 64%.
Completed P.G.D.S.E. Course with an Aggregate of 66%.
Father is Asst. Engineer.
Mother is Home-Maker.

Strengths are Disciplined, Positive Thinking.
Weakness are Hard Worker, Straight Forwardness.
Hobbies are Watching T.V., Movies & Listening Music.
0 B.venkata Durga Prasad
0 Sanjay Kumar
i am very active, studious`
0 Vivek. K

     well its my pleasure to introduce my self to you.i am 
swetha  completed by m.b.a in barath  with aggregrate of 
my graduation from avanthi college of  with aggregrate of schooling from geetanjali shool .speaking abt my 
family my father is a government employee and my mom is a 
home i am trying to enter my foot step in 
corporate world by geeting my first job.

HOBBIES: hearing to music,surfing internet and live 
chatting with my friends..

strengths  :dedications,willingness to walk an extra mile 
to achieve my csreer

weakness   :quick depressed
0 Swetha
Well,As you know I am GOPI from chennai.

I finished my graduation of B.C.A from Madras University,   

I have completed in MARDAS UNIVERSITY.

Then I got selected in MNC (Banking Sector) in Chennai as 
Senior Officer and having around 4 yrs exp in this field. 

My career objective is Looking forward for a better carrer 
in Organization

I am very eager to learn new technologies

About my family background:

My father was retired RBI Asst.Manager and mother is a 

About my hoppies:

Driving Car, Listening music, and watching TV.

I have always been energetic, and good team player.

My strengths are Hardworking, Honesty, Confidence and

My weekness is Fear, Quick Depressed, Easily beleive in 

That's about my self
0 Gopi Narayanan
I’m Tilak Bhukya born in KHAMMAM and brought up in 
HYDERABAD, I’m electrical graduate from J.B.I.T and now I’m 
because to improve my skills in management, my 
specializations are Marketing and Finance, I’m a marketing 
person where I can convince the people and can handle the 
tuff situations.  
I like to dance and play shuttle when I’m free. I’m 
adoptable and flexible to work any kind of situations.
My contents Daddy he is a D.E in BSNL, my Mother is a house 
wife  and my Sister is purposing her graduation.
0 Tilak
Hi, I am Srikant. I am a commerce graduate. I have done 
B.Com(H) from Rayagada college, Berhampur University, 
I have 7+ years of Experience in Finance and Accounting.
I am working for a BPO company and placed in corporate Tax 
compliance and Reporting process for an insurance company 
located in US.

I also worked in a manufacturing company as Accounts 
Executive for 3 years and was responsible for all accounts 
department and reporting to Managing Directors & Auditors.
I am positive, hard working and a quick learner.

My family consists of 5 people.. My father (retired Govt 
emp)my mother(home maker), elder sister(married) and 
younger brother(working for an MNC in Delhi).
0 Srikant P
my name is jayarani

doing baclelor of computer application

i finished my typing in lower and higher in first class

my father is working in private company

my mother is an home maker

i hv two elder brothers both working in information 

my strength  hard working,
my weakness  more confindent
0 Jayarani
hai, thank you for giving this oppurtunity to tell about my 
self. i am magesh. i finished my B.C.A in jj college with 
the aggregation of 67%. i finished my 12 in sd higher sec 
school with the aggregation of 76% and i finished my 10 
standard in the sd higher sec school with the aggregation 
of 56%. i am very strong in c and java. my strength is 
confidence and my weakness is over confidence. my father is 
government employee and my mother is a home maker. i have a 
sister and a brother. both are workig in mnc 
hobbies are playing cricket and watching tv 
ambition is placed in the it sector. my cocurricular 
activities are i am one of the cedet in national caded crop
i am also participate in national level nss. if you give a 
work to me i will work with fullest satisfaction of yours..
0 Magesh
To the individuals whom posted before me, 

     I have learned how to properly communicate using the
English language. I maintain credentials which surpass those
of the individuals who have posted before me. I received a
Masters of Business Administration with a focus of
accounting and a Bachelors of Science in accounting from St.
John's University. I am writing on this message board simply
to give an example of how to write English and not sound, in
America, as an immigrant. Follow the sentence structure, use
a dictionary to understand the definitions if you do not
understand, and most importantly please be sure to be
capable of communicating your strengths, experience, and
accomplishments relatively adequately in the English language.

My good deed has been completed, 
0 Lrnsmenglsh
Good morning to all(wishes)

i am navaz from banglore i was completed my graduation in commerce from SV university with aggregation of 60%

about my family consists of four members father is a SI

mom is a home maker(dont tell house wife)and brother doing his MCA

abou my experience im haing 3 years exp in bpo sector from DEll banglore 

my hobbies are singing chating with friends 

strengths r positive thinking.matching for corporate field.and highly motivative

my rolemodel is Nandhamuri Taraka Rama Rao 

and my policy is 

"try and fail but dont fail to try 

thnk u
0 Alinavaz
hi im marlon from philippines
 weel im fresh graduate of a two year course of computer
science associate in programming language last April 14
2009, well for now im still looking for A job that will make
my abilities fits for any position that aim looking 4 .i
know that i am highly motivated with the desire to do a good
at whatever position or company i am in,i am a happy person
also i can easily catch ones person attention by means of
approaching them  but if they doesn't like  my companionship
weeeel i have nothing to do with that at least i approach
them right???i am a person with a can do attitude self
determination,fair,and a friendly person, when it comes to
work I'd like to make sure that my work is perfect so i tend
to perhaps a little much time checking on it.however i
become a good balance by setting up a system to ensure that
everything is done correctly at the first time ..ciao!!!☺  ☺
  ☺  ☺   ☺  ☺  ☺  ☺
0 Lon
I'm sathish kumar and putup near Medavakkam. i have
finished my U.G course Which is Bsc., computer science from
Prince Shri Venkateswara Arts And Science at Gowrivakkam.
    I'm always positive thinker and also confident which has
to motive my career. This is my first foot step to start my
life with ur company. 
    And my father name is Mohan who is in Southern Railway.
My mother name is prabhavaty who is a Housewife. i have one
elder sister who got married.
3 M.sathish Kumar
I am Dipankar Verma from Delhi.I am in 5th sem of B.Tech in 
ECE..... I have chosen this trade because i alwayz like to 
be in Electronics field.... My interesting subjects are 
ROBOTICS,COMMUNICATION....and My hobbies r watchin TV, 
surfin net, playin cricket...
0 Dipankar
Hi i am srinivasan,coming from kolathur.I finished my
engineering in R.M.D engineering college in the field of
computer science & engineering.before engineering i did my
diploma course in pallavan polytechnic and also same
specialization.I finished my schooling in don bosco higher
secondary school
and about my family
my father is doing business.He is manufacturing the fish
toys items and my mother is a house maker and also field
officer in LIC.I have one elder brother he is working as a
tele caller in polaris.

my strengh is,positive thinker & easily adapt with new
environment.I dont lose my hope at any situation.
no one is perfect,so i want to tell about my weakness that i
am feel nervous before some higher authorities and over

and also tell about some extra qualication and this words
are isolate from other candidate.this answer helps to you
avoid the question "Why should i hire you".

that's it

all the best buddy's

good luck......
0 Srinivasan.r
  Iam Ramachandrarao.dadi from Vizag.
  I completed my Bachlor of Commerce form Andhra University
  in 2005. 
  My Previous experience
  I workd for First Indian Corporation that is in Hyderabad
 as a process executive. It Deals with US Real Estates 
documents. I have to update the documents throw Database by 
using their softwares like Netterm. And i also check the 
document for errors like QA.
  coming to my family My father is working in Govt Sector.
  My Mother is HomeMaker. I have two sisters and one brother
  my hobbies r bike riding and beach valleyball.

my +ve  confidence
   -ve  sometimes will get depressed
0 Ramu
am a fresher...

Well,I am E.Vinoth Kumar,My Educational Qualification are, I
did my schooling in Rama Krishna Mission Higher Secondary
School(Main) at T.Nagar with an aggregate of 62%, After my
schooling and I am completed my under graduation course as
B.B.A in Guru Nanak College at Velachery with an aggregate
of 55%(Up to 5th sem)and am waiting for my results...

My father is a police and My mother is a house wife and i
have one brother,I am second son of my parents....

My hobbies are listen music, watching T.V
MY interest are newspaper, playing games
0 E.vinoth Kumar
well,dis is deepthi as u know..I came from 
visakhapatnam...I am pursuing B.E in computer science 
engineering with an aggregate 86% from gitam 
university,visakhapatnam....I did my schooling frm vijetha 
public school at vizag only with an aggregate 80%..
     As cuming to my family background,my father is an 
employee,who is working in telecom dept as an LM..My mother 
is a Home maker...I have only one brother,who was completed 
his under-graduation in Electrical engg..
     As cuming to my strengths..I hav the ability to grasp 
innovative ideas,self-confident,i easily mingle with new 
people....As cuming to my weaknesses,i am very 
sensitive,quick depressed but i can easily cum to normal 
      My hobbies are playing caroms,listening to 
music,doing sudoku.etc..,
plz forgive me if there is any mistakes...
Al da best...
0 Deepthi

Myself pramila jain i m basically from gwalior i hv done
M.Sc. in computer science and B.Sc. in mathematics from
jiwaji uni gwalior I hv also done 6 month of java course
from niit delhi i m in delhi from last 1.5years nd i hv 1+yr
of exp in SEO field from candid software noida there my
profile was link builder.

my best time pass are net suffing,chatting nd playing vedio strenth is my positive attitude.

as far as my family background requier there r 6 member in
my family my father is shop keeper,my brother works in
orange bussiness services gurgaon as a SDM,my all3 sisters
hv got marry, nd i m younger one in my mother is no more.

dats all about me.  
0 Pramila
i wish you all good afternoon 
i am shirish deshmane
i m from nashik
i ve passed 12 th 
a part from i ve doen h&n diplomain jetking
my family conscist of 3 member
my mother is home maker
my botheris farmer my sister laso homemaker
as person i m hard working&sicerperson
ido no not like to say NO & NEVER
i like to gardnig & net surrfing
0 Shirish
hi this is Saranya,coming from Madurai. I am doing my Post 
Graduate degree MCA.I did my UG in SRNM College,Sathur with 
aggregation of 78% ...I am very much interest in learning 
new things.My Strengths are Hardworking,Leadership 
qualities and adjustable.My negative is i will make others 
also to work.
1 Saranya
hi i am rajat jain, done my engineering from jecrc,jodhpur..
it's my pleasure to tell u something abt myself.. well i'm a
damn enthusiastic person who can walk some more miles to
achieve a quality career.. i like to write.. making friends,
making animations and presentations are my keen interests
and ya i'm a racer.. love to win and drive anybody crazy.. 

sir i believe that smart hardwork is the only key for the
success, that's why i'm here. 
thank you..
0 Rajat Jain
hi, i am Ravijain i completed my M.B.A. from Indore
management institute Indore from Finance and marketing . i
completed my graduation from m.B. Khalsa college  Indore My
strenth are my team work ,puntuality, sincere towards work
my Greatest week ness is i believe to someone very fast.
about my family background there are six member in my family
My Grandmother My father , mother a little brother and a
0 Ravi Jain
0 Ss
yeah. This is sujan javvaji born in tirvur ,a 
small village near vijayawada in andhra pradesh. 
         I did my schooling in my own village ,where i 
learned how to face the difficult situations and i stood 
first always in schooling.Coming to my intermediate i was 
destined to get 96%,a platform taught me how to read 
people.And coming to my graduation i am doing my computer 
science degree in vignan's enggineering college now it 
called as Vignan's University, where i am implementing my 
theoreotical knowledge in to implementation.
        my stengths: 
            my friends since i was provided with every 
thing i wanted.
            yeah.willingness to walk any number miles to 
reach my goal.
            my dedication.
        my family: my father is business man, my mother is 
home maker and one brother doing intermediate.
my short term goal:To achieve a good job in a software 
my long term goal :To become a movie director
my hobbies:  playing chess-improves my brain thinking,short 
film making
          That's it about sujan
5 Sujan
If You are a FRESHER
u have to tell ur name, highest qualification,secured 
%,place(where u 

u have to tell ur name,designation, ur present 
company,location,how many years of experince,highest 
qualification and u can tell ur Achievments or projects.
0 Kushma
It must starts from,
Education Background (From Schoolings to College)
Work Experience ( For freshers its not Requiered)
To tell about family details.
And their Positive & Negative
5 Surya
i am srinivas 
i am a graduate in computer science
i have 2 years of work experiance
i worked as an xml programmer for a year.
and i worked as counceller for about 1 year 6 months.
my hobby's are playing cricket and watching cricket.
0 Srinivas


-VE -----------------------


5 Loukik
This is suresh. I am coming from K.K.Nager. i have 
compleated diplamo electric and communcation engg,. in 
cheyyaru polytecnic which is located in cheyyaru. And done 
my school studies till +2 in at 
vellimedupettai. that is my native place. My total exp is 4 
years . first 2 year is working with the electronic field. 
now i am working in HCL ltd as a desktop engg past 1 and 
1/2 years. And Completed CCNA & MCSC in sansbound solution 
private ltd at chennai.
0 Suresh
first give a respect to the interviewer . start with your
name and your highest qualification with percentage. then
tell about your final project work if you are an engg
fresher.then tell about your roll on that . then come to
your family and your hobbies. dont tell about your positive
and negative till they question you.
if you want to express yourself more add your curricular and
extracurricular activities you did.
0 Govind
My name is Gaurav Rai and i am from kanpur. I have done my 
engineering from RKGIT,Ghaziabad in Electronics and Comm. 
with 66% marks.
I have done my schooling from GHA, Kanpur with an agg. of 
82.5% in intermediate and 78.2% in high school.
We are a family of 5 members. My father is a businessman 
and my mother is a housewife. I have a younger sister who 
is in BCA 3rd yr and i also have a pet named maggie.
Being an adventure loving person i love river rafting and i 
am very good at chess.
My other hobbies are collecting currencies and reading 
My strengths include high working efficiency and good comm. 
skills. I am always eager to learn something new and last 
but not the least i believe in myself and my capabilities.
0 Gaurav R
Some of the points which could must be follow while 
answering the question "tell me about yourself" ?
1) The answer should be realistic & small that could meet 
company requirements.
2) What area that u skilled
3)Your successful achievements to your previous organization
4) commitments-if u selected ? 

@End up the answer with your polite look@
0 G.ratna Babu
If ur resume is with the interviwer, never start answering 
this question from telling ur name, educational background 
etc. all that is the bullshit becoz interviwer knows 
everything as it is written in ur resume. Here one has to 
answer those things which r not written in the resume.such 
as ur unique qualities, some achievement which is not 
written in the resume etc. 

All the Best

Ashutosh Kumar Upadhyay
3 Ashutosh Kumar Upadhyay
(1)ur self
i am Rammehar dhiman(ur name).i am from haryana in jind 
distic(where u live).
(2).(where u live)
Now i live in salimar bagh AF block A20 new delhi88(whose 
person live alone to his family ).
i have passed my 10th and 12th from haryana board 
bhiwani.and i have completed my graduation from kurukshetra 
university(where u passed his 10th ,12th,graduation told 
i have completed my diploma  in computer hardware and 
networking from institude of NIIT new delhi and six month 
diploma in computer application and programming and diploma 
in EMC from niit i have completed.(where u comleted ur 
diploma ,dgree,course told them).
About my family-
my father is farmar my mother is a home manager .i have 
three brother,they are student of 12th family is 
joyent family(about ur family ) .
my hobbies are playing cricket,working on computer  
and net surfing,(told ur hobby).
i am an hardworking ambitious and bit romantic,iam ready to 
learn new technology,i am very active,positive thinker,i 
have been good learning skills.
+ve  -   confidence, smile
gud luck friends
0 Rammehar Dhiman
The interviewer doesn't want you to read out what you have 
given in the resume, so please dont spit out your name age 
gender family qualification etc. 

Freshers can give an answer which would portray your 
personal abilities, passion and enthusiasm.

Experienced guys could go with someting like this " I am a 
seasoned marketing professional with a track record of 
building and promoting brands of high value. I am very 
proud to say that I could save/generate/contribute __ 
million rupees to the last company I've worked for.I would 
like to discuss how i could do that to your company too" 

This is a very strong brand statement and this is what 
companies want to hear. Add more things if you feel like, 
but make it short so that your interviewer doesn't sleep.
5 Anoop Nair
in this question no matter include for about your 
qualification. also include your positive and negative 
points >> my positive point is i am always cool and kisi 
kaam ko karne se pahle me us kaam ke sub negative point ko 
sooch leta hu and un ko remove karne ki kosis karta hu.
0 Mukul Sharma
wish first......
im srikar and i have completed my graduation from XYZ university in 20..,
my HSS from XYZ college in 20..
and my SSC from XYZ school in 19..

i have an experience of 6years in BPO industry where i have worked for 3 companies.
presently im working for a recruitment consultancy as a HR.
i worked for WIPRO where my job profile was tech asso,
and i started my career working for HTMT a domestic company.

my hobbies i like listening music and kishore kumar songs

my strengths self confident. flexible and good communication skills

want more just ask me
0 Srikar
iam ravichandra.
iam hyderabad.
iam a electronics and communication graduate.
i graduated from hold a degree from )with agg%.
i completed intermediate with agg%.
i completed ssc
iam good at managing people.
i can work in a group.
 say any strength as weakness. 
 eg (fully dedicated for reaching the goal(or)forcing myself
        to extera hardwork till i complete given work)
finally hobbies:
       dont say similar hobbies as listing to music .
 say a different hobby as (in free time i move to temples )etc

if u have done any project mention it detailly above weakness.
0 Ravichandra
Iam Ramachandrarao.dadi from Vizag.
  I did my Bachlor of Commerce form Andhra University.
iam having 2.5+years experience in BPO field
  My Previous work experience
  I workd for First Indian Corporation it is in Hyderabad
 as a process executive. It Deals with US Real Estates 
documents. my duty is to update the documents throw their
Database like Netterm. And my additional responsibility is
Quality checking.
  coming to my family My father is working in Govt Sector.
  My Mother is HomeMaker. I have two sisters and one brother
  my hobbies r bike riding and beach valleyball.

my +ve  confidence
   -ve  sometimes will get depressed
0 Dadi
0 Pradeep Rajan
hey gentleman , my name is narendra , i hail from chandigarh.

 now, moving towards my educational backround 
 i hav done my class 10th from army school guwahati in year
2004 and got 70% and i did my 10+2 from army school
chandigarhin year 2006 where i got 65.2%. write now i m
pursuing my B.E degree from ujjain engg college , ujjain. 
now as far as my area of interest is concerned they are
surfing on net , loves to interact with peoples,reading some
english novels, listening music and maticulate visiting new
places. i also hav an active participation in sports , i
like to play football and practice martial arts.

putting a flash on my acdemic and social achivement 
i hav won 2nd prize in science project
i am a blood donar whenever there is need
i hav attented tree plantation camp when i was in N.C.C.
      moving towards my family background
 my father is in defence services and my mother is an
excellent house manager. i hav an younger brother who is
completing his schooling from army school chandigarh. as my
father is in defence services from him i hav lent the way in
living in discipline and sincere manner . 

 my sterenth are dedication , i hav good planing skills ,i
am an adoptable person , i can motivate peoples and
willingness to walk extra mile to achieve my career.

and my aim is to join defence services. 
0 Narendra Patel
i am vishal singh.i have done my schooling from cbse board 
and engineering from uptu.
i am hard working and optimistic.
0 Vishal Singh
   This is chakri.I came from Miryalaguda which is pointed
50 Km away from Hyderabad.My educational qualifications are,
    *I did my school days in ZPHS with an aggregation of 72%.
    *I have done my IPE in Govt Jr.College with an    
     aggregation of 75.90%.
    *I have compleated my Master of Computer Application   
     in QSES with an aggregation of 64.59%.
My father doing some buisiness and my mother is home-maker i
have two brothers.
    I have quick learned mind,i am a hardwaorker,and i also
have a kind nature.I have to step first in
learing,reading,writing,in compitions and also in cultural
programs and in managing every i have good
management skills. 
    In past three years,when i am in M.C.A.I learn more i show expertise skills in C programmming
language, and also shows good skills in C++ and Java.I have
good touch with theritical subjects like OS,DBMS and so.
    Recently i have done a project titled as Multibanking
system.This project is on java platform and back end is Oracle.
0 Chakri
If You are Fresher You Need to Give Your Introduction with 
these Parameters :-
1) Your Name :-
2) Your Home Town :-
3) Currently Put up at :-
4) Acadmic Quilification :-
5) Technical Quilification :-
6) Introduce your Family Background :-
7) Your Hobbies :-
8) Carrer Objective Relevent of Your Job Profile :-

Fx :------------------------------------------------

My Name Is Narendra Sharma . Basically I am from Kanpur, 
Currently put up at Shahadara In East Delhi . I am doing BA 
(english Hons) from IGNOU . Technically i have done 
DOEACC "O" Level Diploma , As far as My Family Background 
is consered . There are five member in My Family My father 
is into bussiness ,My Mother is home maker, Beside me i 
have two siblings . My Hobbies are , I take delight in 
Reading Books and Listening to Music , My carrer ambition , 
I want to make my carrer in BPO services in a stable 
possible possition throuth the dedication towards my work .
0 Narendra Sharma
These questions usually seek out to learn about your
personal traits,like

"I am priya.My father is working as a commercial tax
officer...."(not too lengthy about your siblings)

Like this give your details shortly that tells your family
background.You should therefore ensure that your
introduction is enough for the hr.

if you have achieve anything in your college tell something
about that(indirectly tell your leadership quality
,interests in sports)Like,

"I am passion with cricket.That helps me to mingle with
others in a group." 

give the strength and weakness.(weakness must also your

"My strength is my perfection"
"My weakness is also the same.To finish a job with perfect
manner,additional time is needed for me.My  hope is surely i
will avoid this weakness."
0 Priya
Hi! Dis is Murugan come from Chennai. I have finished My
Diploma in Information Technology from Govt. Polytechnic
college at Chennai. I was working in Indiainfoline Company
as a Customer support Executive and having 1 and a half
experience. I did my schooling in S.M.B. Jain. Hr. Sec.
School at Chennai itself.

My +ve is confidence and Boldness to talk.
My -ve is quick depressed.

My hobbies are listening music and watching movies.

About my Family:

My father is a salesman.
My mother is a home maker.
My sister is doing BBA second year.
0 Murugan
i am d king.  have ability to tease everyone well.. i am li d greatest man in world
0 Baba
Well,As you know Iam ARUN MOZHI from Thanjavur which 
is little near to Trichy in the part of TamilNadu. I born 
and brought up in Tamilnadu itself. 

My Education Qualifiacation are I did my schooling in 
Oriental Hr.sec school at thanjavur. After my schooling, 
I finished my graduation of Dip c.s from Vandayur dip 
college that is affiliated to 

My father name is t. naga manickam .he ia ab artist ….

My mother name is selvi ..she is a home maker.. and I have 
a brother  he is doing B.B.A in bharat college at 

My career objective is Looking forward for a better carrer 
in Organization

my area of interest is designing photo’s at Photoshop. and 
I am very much interest in analyzing software .. that’s why 
I choose my career as a software tester 

My strengths are....willingness to walk an 
extra mile to achieve my career.
Iam very eager to learn new technologies

My weakness are.....

I will get angry … not at all I will get angry once my 
friend’s or calig go wrong.

That is it..
0 Arun
0 Deepak
well, I am saurabh kumar, I have done B.Tech in Electronics from Aligarh Muslim Univ. and i was gold medelist,I have done my schooling from DPS, noida. In my family there are 5 members including me.
through campus placement i was selected in csc,noida, where is am working for the post of design engg, and have experience of over 1 year.
my biggest strength is my concentration power and creativity.
 my hobby is to read novels, travel different places.
0 Saurabh Kumar
I am Ankit Sharma from mumbai .
 i m graduate from barkatullaha university ,bhopal
at the moment i am persuing Master of business 
administration from sikkim manipal university.
and also persuing Post gradute management program from 
Inter national Institute of management Science,pune
during my cource i have done my project from top n town 
0 Ankit Sharma
hi this is sri i have done my be in anna univ and my 
scholing in chennai.i have an year of experince in bpo as 
customer support.and my nature of job would be calling the 
u.s customers and peaching the customer for sales.then i 
moved to mainframe admin and working as an administration 
trainee in roles and responsiblities are 
hobbies are playing cricket and hanging out with my frienda 
and\\\\\.my goal would be like to learn the teachnology 
well and master in the platform soon.and about my family my 
father is doing buss and my mom is home maker and i have an 
elder brother who is working in an private concern.
0 Sti
Firstly when u go for interview

* Name of an individual
* Age
* School’s/college’s name
* Amount of percentage secured in an year
* Personal hobbies
* Ambition of one’s life/career
* Likings and disliking(Tastes),etc.
Normally you are not required to talk about last 2 points.
Framing up of points in to the mind in advance is very
important. In fact, I will highly advice you to make a list
of all such questions. You can check our Most Frequently
asked Interview Questions for this.
The most important criteria of ‘Interview’ is never to allow
unbearable or availability of difficult word vocabulary or
any inappropriate idiomatic expressions to be used before an
interviewer with complex or usage of compound sentences to
‘Impress’ him.
One should be up to the point with clear and précis
information with attitude and aptitude applied to answer
spontaneously for the questions asked in a stipulated time
Here is a sample interview -
Interviewer: Good morning! I’d just like to check your name
in the list.
* Could I have your name…? (Please).
Answerer: - My name is ‘joshua peterson’. (Don’t say,’
-Myself ‘xyz’).
Interviewer: - How do you spell your ‘Family’ name…??
Answerer: - That’s P-E-T-E-R-S-O-N.
Interviewer: - Thanks a million!
Interviewer: - First of all, I ‘m going to ask some
questions about yourself ?
* Where do you hail from…? (Where do you belong to).
* Do you prefer living there?
* Where is the best place to live in your country?
* How much percentage did you secure last year?
* What are your personal hobbies?
* What is your ambition in life?
* What are your likings and disliking of everyday life?
* Who’s your role model in life?
* Why do you want to be like him/her? (follow the footsteps)
* Where would you like to see yourself in this reputed
company from now? (time limit to be mentioned by an
* Will you relish (take delight in) working with us in the
near future as well?
* How many languages can you speak for better transactions
with our company?
* (Job title, academic qualifications, specialization,
length of contract with a company(duration procedures),etc.
0 Vidhan Jain
I'm salim, i have done my graduation in management and I'm
currently pursuing my Post graduation in management with
marketing as majors. I'm passionate about marketing with
special interest in social media marketing, consumer
behavior and branding
0 Salim
goodmorning sir,

its my pleasure to introduce myself to you.

my name is Anuj Kumar.i am pursuing PGDM from Shiva
Institute of Management Studies with specialization in HR
and Marketing & this will complete in April 2010.

during my graduation i discovered my interest in
management.listening others view with full dedication,
providing suggesstions and acknowledging the feedbacks are
the few virtues which comes naturally to me.

so i have decided to do PGDM in HR which would surely
increse my knowledge and skills in people side of the

now with this vision iam trying positively to enter in the
corporate world where i can apply all theoretical knowledge
which i have gained comprehensively during my PGDM period.

my teachers,collegues consider me as a good student because
of my dedication in everything i do. Besides, i have been a
good team player throughout my life wheather its a
presentation,case discussion,project work or even a game. 

my hobbies are playing cricket, reading journals and
magzines,listening music and surfing internet. iam also an
active member in various HR sites and thus sometimes writes
blogs also.

i consider myself as a creative person and that is also my
greatest strength.Good listening skills,positive ,emotional
and straight forwardness are also my strong point.

As far as my weakness is concerned i get frustrated whenever
my efforts are not recognized by other people.Also being a
result oriented person i dedicate lots of time in projects
which left me little time for my friend and family.

The first time i realized that the practical knowledge is
very much different from the theoritical aptitude was in my
summer internship.

i have gained knowledge about the various technicalities of
the real time business.

therefore sir, i am very positive that my PGDM knowledge and
my experience in summer internship, both aspects equip me to
jump start a career in the field of HR and provide value to
my respective employer.
3 P.s. Anuj Kumar
I am santu Chakraborty,Completed my schooling from West 
bengal board & Graduation from Calcutta University on 
2002.Though I have Commerce background but I have interset 
in computer networking from my college life.I joined at a 
non technical post on 2003 after completion of my 
graduation but i was looking for technical job in hardwar 
and network related. on that time I did a computer 
technical course and then joined a company as junior 
technician.After that I joined a DSA of vodafone and 
continued there 4 and half years after getting promotion 
from technical staff to senior system engineer.Now I am at 
Alchemist Ltd.on the post of technical staff and as my 
desired line is networking,so that i am doing CCNA from 
WEBEL  at  present.
And from my family background , I am the only son of my 
parents.father is an retired persion mother is an 
housewifeand my wife is an School teacher under west bengal 
govt .also have a kid.
thats all.
0 Santu Chakraborty
good morning (sir/madam) 

1 name--> my name is Ravi kumar kadam,i am 22 years of age
am frome delhi..

2 Education--> i have done my  +2 C.B.S.E board in delhi
2009 and now i am pursuing B.A 1st year frm Delhi university
in corespondents..

3 Family Background--> my father is a business men my mother
 is house maker i have 2 sisters and one brother my sisters
  also doing in study..

4 Work Experience--> work with NIIT as a Marketing Extrusive
(promoter) in 3 months..
0 Gunkar
I am Ravi..
I come  from Mathura.I have done B.Sc a part of P.C.M from 
the Agra University As well As Pursuing GNIIT(Software 
Engineering) from the NIIT Delhi. My Father is a bussiness 
men and my mother is house-wife. i am  third son of my 
father. we have four sivling.I obtain 66% marks in 10 and 
67%  marks in 12th. I have interest of develope the 
software. I have implement the RailwayReservation by using 
c# .net and Sql Server.
My Hobby are Ring the Gitar,talk with the girls.
I am hardworker,punctual,honest,Crediable.
0 Ravi
gudmorning sir i am srinivas from dilsuknagar,i have 
completed my degree from braou with aggregation of 
and my schooling from vamshi mohan school with agregation 
of 72 per recently i have passed my UG and i am looking for 
good job my hobbies is playing indoor and outdoor games 
listening music and i have more interest to read english 
news paper because to develop my skills and my fluency and 
coming to my family members my father is a farmer and we r 
having a smal busines general stores my father nd my mother 
use to see the shop nd i am havin 1 brther nd sister both r 
got married i am the last one nd my positve thing is my 
confidence and sincere never tell lie,and my neg thing is 
hardworking comitment in work meaans if i start any work i 
complete compulsorily nd i am interested to work for 
custumers and i feel happy nd satisfy,thats all for my self 
and thank u for giving this opurtunity to talk my self nd i 
am pleasure to talk with u sir.
0 D.srinivas Reddy
I am Harish, Completed my DME in 2001 with 85% first class 
with honours and completed my BBA in Madras University with 
55% i did my schoolings in Donbosco-Perambur

From April 2007 to till date i am working in Precision 
Infomatic as Senior Stores Executive, there i am taking 
care of stores, purchase and commercial activities

DEC 2005-MARCH2007 at CMS COMPUTERS as a Stores Officer

SEP 2004-DEC2005 at EBM-NADI as a Incoming QC, Stores & 
Purchase executive

I love playing cricket and carrom

Two years training 1yr in ICF(INTEGRAL COACH FACTORY) & 1yr 

My career objective is Looking forward for a better carrer 
in Organization

My strengths are dedications....willingness to walk an 
extra mile to achieve my career.
Iam very eager to learn new technologies

About my family background:

My father is a retired Bank employee, my mother is house 
wife, I got 2 sisters and 1 brother both the sisters got 
married, my brother finished his B.E in computer science 
and working in HMA Harware as Software Engg.

I am married, i got a kid he is in LKG, my wife is House 
0 Harish
Hello, My name is Siddhartha Bhattacharya. I am coming from 
Chandannagore. We are four member in my family. My father, 
my mother,my elder sister and also myself. My father is a 
retired person, my mother is a housewife and my elder 
sister is doing her S.S.C exam. I complete my grad in the 
year 2007. Last one and half year i was working in a 
construction company. But i resing that conpany. My hobby 
is watching Television. I am honest and hardworking person. 
My aim is i want to working in a good company. I think that 
quality will help me to fullfil my aim. Thankyou.
0 Siddhartha Bhattacharya
First of all thanks for giving me this oppertunity.
let me introduce myself. I'm Tulasi. I born and brought up in vijayawada itself.
   My educational qualifications are I did my schooling in SVBVN High school with 78%. and diploma with 80% in KES polytechnic, vijayawada.
  I have done my Graduation in Information technology with 64% in PVP Siddhartha institute of technology itself in vijayawada.
  coming to my family details my father is an Iron worker. mother is a home maker and I have one younger brother doing MBA presently.
 My career object is looking forward for better career

Hard working, helping nature and positive attitude are my strengths.

and My hobbies are listening to music, browsing internet.
0 Tulasi
hi let me introduce name is surajit debnath .i m hail from kolkata. i m from simple family with high father is a bussiness men and my mother is a home i m pursuing my degree from AIEMD in Information technology.i like strength is my honesty , diligency , mission is i m become a good Engineer and as well as socialworker.

0 Surajit
Hi this is T.keerthivasan. my native is tanjore,currently
residing in k.k.nagar with my friends. my education
qualification are i did my schooling in Don bosco,Thanjavur.
i got 88.2%in tenth and 80% in twelvth as well. after that i
completed my post graduate( in SMK fomra
institute of technology and got first class with a
percentage of 68... And my field of interest is totally
based on networking and internet .and i also got a good
communication skills in English as well as in tamil.i worked
in two Bpo companies which is dynamic and inn-switch
affiliates,Chennai. both are outbound process about payday
loan and grants package respectively. altogether i got six
month experience in bpo world.

That,s all
0 Keerthivasan
James Bond & South Indian

On a flight James bond was sitting next to a Telugu guy.

Telugu Guy: "Hello, May I know your name please?"

James Bond: "My name is Bond" Continuing in his inimitable style,

"......James Bond."

Then Bond asks: "And you?"

Telugu Guy: "My name is Rao...

Siva Rao...

Samba Siva Rao...

Venkata Samba Siva Rao...

Yarlagadda Venkata Samba Siva Rao...

Rajasekhara Yarlagadda Venkata Samba Siva Rao...

Sitaramanjaneyula Rajasekhara Yarlagadda Venkata Samba Siva Rao...

Vijayawada Sitaramanjaneyula Rajasekhara Yarlagadda Venkata Samba Siva Rao..."

Since then when anyone asks Bond his name he simply says "James Bond"
0 Aag Gaddi Bomb Driver
Hai Im Maha Devi From Guduvancheri,which is near 
to Tambaram.
                                                    Now  I  
am working as a  Account executive in UE Development India P
Ltd which is sister concern of UEM Builders  
at  chengalpet  since Dec 2008 to till now. I have gained 
1.3 Years of Experience.

                         My Education Qualification are,   
I did  my schooling in Govt girls hr sec school with an 
aggregation of 73%,I have done  my Intermediate in same
school with an aggregation of 83%, ,I have finished   
my Under Graduation Degree as B.Com. in Sivet College 
with an aggregation of 72% ,and I have  Completed my 
Post Graduation  as MBA in Same College with an 
aggregation of 75%,.
My career objective is Looking forward for a better carrier 
in Organization

My strengths are dedication in work.
Iam very eager update new thing related to work

+ve  -   Confidence, Smile and Boldness to talk
-ve  -   Quick Depressed

                      My father is a Supervisor in private
sector company and my mother 
is home maker.I have one sister and one brother.
                       My hobbies are Gardening, lisening
music Chatting with friends.
0 Maha
iam bhargavi.i came from khammam eduucational
qualifications are i did my schooling in new vignan with an
aggregate of 65%.i have done my under graduation as bsc c.s
with an aggregate of iam pursuing mca 2nd year in
geethanjali college with an aggregate of 75% .my father is a
farmer and my mother is a house hobbies are
listening to music and strenths are im hard 
working person and i have good listening a
positive thinker.

0 Bhargavi
i am madhumathi, i have completed my in Electrical engg ,I like to be confident,As a fresher i want to enhance my skills and learn about the company ethics. 
In general, life has taught me determination and the importance of maintaining my ethical standards.
0 Madhumathi.p
hi, my name is meshak malachi.
i am from Raichur which is situated in north of Karnataka.
i compleated my PU and with First class in Raichur. My
schooldays were not so interesting because i have to change
my school every year, it was hard and i do not have any
childhood friends, because my dad had a transfers every year
or twice in a year my dad is a priest and my mom is a
teacher, i have two elder sisters one elder brother, my
elder sister is married and working as a teacher, another
sister in a nurse and my brother is working as a web
designer, its been only three months i came to banglore, my
brother and i stay to geather.
0 Meshak. Malachi
Well,This is Md.Shadab from Kurnool i have completed Btech
in computer science from Safa college of Engg & Tech.I
worked as IT Associate in a company called 'IEG' having 1
year of experience.
My job responsibilities are 1)To train Btech/MCA final
graduates on IBM DB2 Database concepts 2)To conduct
workshops on IBM DB2 awareness across Engg institutions in
AP and 3)To make them certified in IBM DB2 Database software.
Coming to my Family Background..My father is a business
person and mother is a home maker.I have two siblings,one is
working as a supervisior in a telecom company and another is
studying in 7th standard.
My hobbies are Browsing,Reading News papers and watching TV..
My strengths are hardworking,self confidence and Dedication
to work..
My weakness is i get involved in work till the work gets
completed since its exceeds to its limits but am trying to
change this...

That's all..

0 Shadab
2.native place
3.academic qualification(school,ug,pg with yrs n streams) background
6.strengths n weaknesses
9.your objectives n goals activities/college activities/prizes/awards
0 Lalita
Well you know, i am mahbub alam, i came from bihar and i 
have copleted my schooling from PACHLAKHI HIGH SCHOOL, 
SIWAN in 2001, +2 from ORIENTAL COLLEGE, PATNA CITY bihar 
intermediate board in 2003. and Bsc.A(IT) from sikkim 
manipal university D.E. and my M.C.A completed from 
I have done my final year project from carlo soft solution 
in java and sql server.
my +ve=hardwork proper work and honest
my -ve=some time serious

0 Ladan
i am chandru completed my computer science in vlb
janaki ammal college of arts and science
coimbatore,aggregate 61% and completed my school in sboa and
i have one helder brother he is working in hrc my father is
doing bank manager,mother is hobbies listening
music,chatting with my friends
0 Chandru
 I m post graduate diploma holder in finance and having 5
years of working experience in banking sector
0 Radhika Bhatia
My self is purna
s/o sankra rao
frm vijayawada

i did my schooling in aditya high school gvm
i have done my DEEE in mbts coll gunture
i have fineshed my btech in sscet

characteristics of me are

hardworking,confident,active,straight forward
0 Purna
This is indumathi from paramakudi. I have three profile 
about my self, the first one is my qualification,second one 
is work Experience and last one is my family background.
Now i'm going to tell about my qualification, I have done 
my schooling in finishing,i 
completd B.Sc(C.S)MKU evening College.After finishing,I did 
MBA in Govt Arts College.

Second One is I have more than one year experience in 
Aditya Birla Money Ltd as dealer.

Thrid oone is ,My father is astrolager and My mother is 
Home Maker.

My strength is i'm positive thinker and Quick Learner.
My Weakness...

My hoppeies are listen music,Reading Books
0 T.indumathi
0 Vishal Chunne
Hai, Iam Niraj Prasad from navy nagar ,colaba,Mumbai.Iam 
working as a steward in hotel marine plaza for the past 1.6 
yrs.Before this I have worked in dominos pizza as an 
associate manager for 3 months ,due to academic 
qualification I left the job.I undergone 6 months 
industrial training in park Hyatt goa  resorts and spa.
My education qualification are I did my schooling 10th and 
10+2commerce from kendriya vidayalaya no.1 vasco goa.I 
completed my hotel management from cmtes college margao 
goa,besides this I have also done from indira Gandhi 
national open university.
My hobbies are playing cricket ,football ,volleyball and 
athletics.under my captaincy we secured runner position in 
cricket at national many positions in 
athletics at regional level.    
There are four members in my family including me,my father 
is working in Indian mother is a house wife and my 
sister is doing B.ed.
For the past 2 yrs I have successfully increased my 
knowledge and skills in food and beverage both 
theoretically and practically.iam socially adaptable to all 
environment couple with a quick learner and a good helper 
those who needs it.
0 Niraj Prasad
i am v. umakanth from vizag. i completed post gradition
diploma in banking and finace service from niit. i did my
graditon in computers from kalinga univecity in the yeat of
2004. i have don my +2 from sai siddharada college. i had
tow yaars exprnce in reatial indristy. there was to my job
profil attid call from supplirs and makeing calls to
potintial coustmers to get new orders. my achivement i got
best of the month employ award twice.

my hobis playing  my hobbies are playing cricket,working on
my strenths is i am confident at the time of challeges,
my familiy back round my father is bussines man and my
mothes is home maker and i have elder brother he is working
in retail fild/.
0 Umakanth
I am cc rambabu. i  have completed my schooling in 
tirupati. then i have completed my intermediate, graduation 
and master degree in tirupati. my native place is also 
tirupati. my father is a multi purpose worker in ttd at 
tirumala. my mother is house maker.I have one brother and 
one sister.
      now i have 3 years of experience in auditing. i was 
working from 1st june,2007 to 10th may,2010. my works are i 
have done the sox auditing in ICICI BANK, Bank verification 
reports, prepare the personal discussion report of reliance 
finance ltd., then i have done the company registration.
0 Cc Rambabu
higher qualification
additional qualification
job experience
achievments of project
family background
0 Bala
I am venkat, staying at karmanghat. I have completed MCA from St Stanley enineering college in 2009 with an aggrigate of 72%. i did graduation from Osmania university in 2005 with an aggregate of 61%.

Being a professional student i can work more professionally and understand requirements of the job.Having an ability to work under pressure and I enjoy working in an environment that is challenging.I am an extrovert type.
I can learn the new things quickly by observing.

Represented college cricket team in deverse HCA tourneys.
Participated actively in cultural activities and sprots.

My father is a former and mother is a home maker.i have 2 sisters.
0 Venkat
0 Dubuk
I'm Silambarasan.I did my schooling in Govt. Higher Sec. School in ullikkottai.i did my B.Sc.,CS in MC College of Pattukkottai.I have completed MCA in PR College in Thanjavur,with aggregate of 75%.

My Father is a Agriculturalist and my mother is a homemaker.I have one younger brother.He has completed B.E(CS).

My Hobbies are watching TV,Listening Music,Surfing the internet.
0 Silambarasan
i live in rajouri garden, m 18 years old now just i
completed 12th class from c.b.s.e board. en roll from b.a
correspondence. M hard working person and positive attitude
As far as my hobbies are concern Singing songs, listening
songs and making a new friends. 
As per my family back ground 
There are four members in my family 
1st is my father he is production had in news channel 
2nd is my mother she is home maker 
3rd is my elder brother just he is completed b.c.a and
oracle d.b.a 
4th is me 
0 Amme Singh
Well its my pleasure to introduce my self to you .
Well,As you know Iam ganesh from pangaradarawadi which 
is little near to solapur in the part of maharashtra. I 
born and brought up in maharashtra itself. 

My Education Qualifiacation are I did my schooling in 
jv Hr.sec school at andur. After my schooling, 
I finished my graduation of BE mechanical from stb
college of 2006 that is affiliated to 
aicte. After finishing my graduation, I have done cad/cam 
cources from naissance institue in dec 2006 
    Then I got selected in anand machine tools pvt ltd in 
pune and having around 1 yrs exp in spm design
such as fine boring machine, broaching machine, fixture 
design, spindle design, base design. here i worked 9 month.
after this i have joined atlantis lab from oct2007 to till  
date. and having around from 2.8 years i wm working there 
as design engginer. from this company i worked onsite in 
atlas copco, minda project, tata group project. currently 
from last 2.2 yrs i am working with johndeer india ltd. as 
onsite design engg.
0 Ganesh Nimbalkar
Tell me about yourself
Well it’s my pleasure to introduce myself to you.
a)	Coming to my personal information:   I’m Ch.Surya 
Teja of 21 years old and my native is Eluru, the famous 
town  in West Godavari District  which is situated on the 
national highway connecting Vijayawada and Vishakapatnam. 
By the year 1925 it has become the head quarters of W.G.Dt. 
Many famous industries like Persian Carpets, hair & jute 
mill, Ambica Group &  Industries are situated in this town. 
It is also well known for Sir C.R.Reddy educational 
b)	Coming to my academics:   I have completed my 
B.Tech in the academic year 2010 in Sir C.R.Reddy College 
of Engg. at Eluru and I’m a computer science graduate 
pursuing 72.45%.I have done my intermediate at Sri Sai 
Chaitanya Jr. College in Eluru pursuing 92.9%.I have done 
my S.S.C at Sree Sree Educational Society in Eluru pursuing 
c)	Coming to my family background:   We are totally 4 
members. My father is a Junior Telecom Officer in B.S.N.L 
at Eluru, my mother is a home maker besides house wife and 
my sister is studying 3rd year E.C.E at Eluru.
d)	Coming to my strengths:   I have better inter 
personal communication skills that I can interact with 
every member in my team. Besides this I can adaptable to 
any situation taking correct decisions confidently. As well 
as I can think logically during the problem solving.
e)	 Coming to my weakness:   Some times I would be 
over confident even after hearing to other views.
f)	Coming to my hobbies:   Listening music, chatting 
with my friends over the internet.
g)	Coming to my career objective:    I want to be 
settled in your  well reputed company  as a successful  
software trainee.

                          Ok Sir. It’s enough for  
introducing myself  to you. Thank you  for  giving  me this 
0 Surya Teja
Myself XYZ, Completed TYBSC(CS),cyrrently working with TCS 
as a Process associate for SHL project.Regarding my family 
family, my father working with XYZ pvt Limited as a 
Drafsman and my mother is  housewife, i have a small 
brother presuing his engneering in EXT.
5 Shrikant Pol
this is pradeep kumar dash , basically born and brought from
orrissa, my father govt employee ,my mother is a home maker
i have two younger sister both are studying , i have
completed my hsc now pursuing in Ty BA , recent i have done
diploma in hardware networking in jetking thane, i have six
month experience in position of desktop engineer , i have
very good knowledge networking device like route switch etc,
i believe i am a hard worker and quick Lerner , 

if  I will get a chance to work with your organization i
will prove my self as competent candidate and meat the
management requirement.
0 Pradeep Dash
Well sir, My name is Ragavendran.G from Mayiladuthurai 
which is near to Nagapattinam. 

about my education
I have completed my under graduation BCA in TBML College 
and post graduation MCA in Annamalai University through 
distance education.alos i have certified course PGDCA from 
Green Apple Computer Education.i good at Vbscript.also i 
can code at Excel Macros.

about my family, my father is former, my mother is 
intelligent home maker, i have two siblings both are 

about my experience
after completed my Under graduation, i started Computer 
education in my native place. the business did not fetch 
insufficient gain as i expected.but i still managed to run 
the company for 4 years.after that i closed it down. at the 
time i got  offer from Poompuhar college to work as a 
computer science lecturer on contract basis.there was i 
paid with hourly basis. in the current market scenario BPo  
are blooming industry. This is the right to time for me to 
be part of BPO industry
0 Ragava
Iam Jagadeesan,
i have finished MBA from Annamalai university
my family consists of five member, two elder brother and
myself. father and mother.
 my hobbies are playing cricket,football,
0 Jagadeesan
Hi, I am gaurav jain.I have completed diploma in 
electronics from 2003 to 2005.I am pursuing in B.TECH
rajasthan university. I am working at Kortek Electronics as 
a Process Engineer.I have been working since 2005 to till 
now.I have worked with Hotline from 2002 to 2003.
0 Gaurav Jain
My name is Sanjeev Rawat, I am living in Bhajan pura,
I did completed my schooling from sarvodaya kaniya vidalaya,
yamuna vihar,Delhi.
I have completed my from Delhi
university(Correspondence).Apart from this i also completed
short term basic computer course from IGNOU.and now i am
pursing my MBA from IMT gaziabad.

Now I am working with Gintan Project Management as a 
Account executive.I have 3year experience in Accounts.

In my family we are five members my father is a govt
employee and my mother is a housemaker. I have one brother
and one sister.

My hobbies are watching cricket and listen to music.
0 Sanjeev Rawat
Iam mani.  my mother is an homemaker. i have completed my 
schoolings in my hometown at tvmalai on i'm 
studying 3rd year in jec at chennai with an aggregate of 
above hobbies reading newspapers,watching tv,playing 

+ve :confidence and opmistive
-ve :quick depressed,emotion
0 Mani
good morning sir,
Am Omkareswari daughter of  Venkataiah he is a private 
employer.My compleated my Btech of computer science through 
the university of javaharlal nehru technology in andra 
pradesh at thirupathi.I scored 66%of marks in this 
graduation.My quality is passions.and my hobby is trying to 
get understand the human mentality at every situation how 
they perform
0 Omkareswari
Iam boopathi. coming from tirupur. I have completed my SSLC 
in GOVT.Boys school. I  did my higher studies in perundurai 
boys higher secondary school. my father name is Mr. P.Manian
he is a tailor in a Eastmen Garments. my mother name is 
Mrs.C.Rajamani. she is a labour in a textile company near 
to my house. Now I am studying BE CIVIL ENGINEERING in 
Erode Sengunthar Engineering College. I have got one 
younger sister her name is M.Poornima. she is studying SSLC 
in GOVT. Girls Hgher secondary school. I like to listen sun 
music songs and sun news. my Favorite hobby is playing 
cards and cricket with my friends. My achivement is get a 
second prize in district level running competition. my 
ambition is well placed in one of the best construction 
company in tamilnadu. 
I think this information is enough for my self introduction
0 M.boopathi
let me express my gratitude to being given a chance to speak
something about my life.
i am shivam garg.i come from a happy family of shamli of
meerut of u.p in a northen state of father is a
hopkeeper and my mother is a house wife.he is a honest person.
we are three siblings. my sister have got brother
have done in rtu university.and i am pursuing in mca.
i did my nursury education from s.d.r.r during my nursury
education i used to be shy.all my teacher used to me love
very much.
i wanna be a engineer. it's my childhood dream.i long to be
a engineer.i know very well dreaming alone is not fulfill my
aim or i workhard.
the positive point in my personality are +++++ good
communication skill,intracet with new
person,reading,appriciate music
the negative point in my personality are ------ i am bit
quite temper.i loose my  temper in trifels.
0 Shivam Garg
let me introduce myself.
 i am deepak kumar from far as my academic 
quallyfication concern i have done my 10th delhi public 
school dhanbad .i got 89%i have done my intermideat. with 
science nalanda college,biharsarif which comes under bihar 
intermideat examination board patna.igot 65%.i have done my 
B.A. with histort honrs.rsp college dhanbad comes under 
binowa bhawe univercity.

now iam prepair for mba.........
0 Deepak
i am manzoor alam.i come from bihar.i am studing bca 3rd
year AMC,Banglore.and my father is serviceman.and my mother
is positive point is negative
point is overconfidence

i am hardworking person and also quick learner.
0 Md.manzoor Alam, Amc College,
well....I am Allivizhi coming from native is 
mayiladudurai....i bought up in chennai.....

my qualifications are i have completed my computer science 
engineering in this year with 81.3% in rajiv gandhi college 

engineering, sriperumbudur and i did my schooling in 
st.marys matriculation hr sec school tambaram and secured 
69.67% in 10th and 

82% in 12th....

my additional qualifications are i did my j2ee in NIIT...i 
have completed it with good score....i have taken scjp(sun 

java Programmer) and secured 41%... i have planned to take 
it again and i will surely get cleared next time....

my rolemodel is sachin tendulkar....he is passionate 
towards cricket and a hard worker...i liked him only 
because even after 

getting lots of troubles he is playing for india....

i can describe myself as hardworker my academic records 
shows on how i have drastically improved from 10th till 

my strength are i'm very confident about myself, flexible 
to any environment...

my interest are in learning new things everyday, solving 
sudoku, surfing net, listening to music

currently my aim is to get placed in a software 
0 Allivizhi
1.Tell me about your self?

Well its my pleasure to introduce my self to you .
  I am Ravindra kallur. i had done B.Tech in  roa & nadu 
engg college  with electronics & communication engg I got 
65.33% .my schooling and intermediate  are completed in 
well recognized intuitions I got both are distention 
marks . Coming from my family   my father name sudhakar 
reddy, he is farmer, my mother Bharati she is house maker, 
I have one sister she is married ,this is my little family.
. “I am a creative individual who always keeps seeking 
inputs from environment and surroundings that may help me 
understand people which in turn helps me in building long 
term relationship.”
I am a person with strong interpersonal skills and have the 
ability to get along well with people. I enjoy challenges 
and looking for creative solutions to problems. 

My strength are  I am a smart worker, I have more 
dedication in my work ,I am well communicating  with people

Besides the details given in my resume, I believe in 
character values, vision and action. I am quick in learning 
from mistakes. I am confident that the various tests that 
you have conducted will corroborate my competencies 
aptitude and right attitude for the job.
My hobbies are plying out door games ,listening music. 
that’s it.
0 Ravindra Kalluri
i am goutham coming from nellore 
i completed my in narayana engineering college at 
gudur with computer secience is my specilization and i got 
i studied my intermediate at  narayana junior college at 
i studied my schooling at ratnam high school at 
pidthapolur,nellore our's is small family with 6 members.
my father name is ramanaiah he is a bussiness man
my mother name is susselamma she is a homemaker
i have two elder brothers and one youger sister
elder name is hariprasad he is contractor at krishnapatnam 
second elder brother name is chakravarthy he is field 
office in sbi at nellore
younger sister is studying 4th in narayana 
engineering college at nellore
my strengths are hardworking
my weaknesses are little nervous i can overcome through my 
my hobbies are playing cricket,watching tv
0 Goutham Kumar Pamula
name,work experience,educational details,technical 
skills,strenths,family details
0 Yhgdfsasfdg
Hello everyone, My Name is Pankaj Singh Chandel,I am a final
year student of computer science department from Globus
Engineering College Bhopal,

Let me talk about my interest.I would like to mention three
things that I like most.
1. First of all I like to listening soft music, which give
coldness in my mind.
2. I also like to playing Cricket when I am free in my work.
3. And my third interest is playing SUDUKU puzzle,its act
like brain exercises.

Now let me talk about my hometown:
I grew up in Majhauli which is in Sidhi Dist of Madhya
pradesh State of India,
since it is a town its population is not so large, there is
3000 resident in Majhauli,that's only 2.5% resident of Sidhi
Majhauli is famous for its Production of fruits,There are
many mangoes and oranges farm in Sidhi, You can also enjoy
with very fuzzy orange.
If you have a chance to go Sidhi then you should visit the
following places:
Firstly you should definitely go up to the top of the fort
of Maharaja Gulab Singh, which is 2000m above from the
ground level,that's very  gorgeous place.
you can also go JP cement factory at Baghawar and bansagar
Dam. There is various places for visiting.

Now let me talk about my family back ground as per as my
family background there is seven member in my family.My
Grandfather, My Father, My mother,My Three younger Sister
and me.

Before i concluding my self introduction I want to tell
aboutmy straightness I am very positive attitude and
straight  forward.I have a friendly nature so I can make
good friend in every organization..

Its my pleasure that I persenting myself in front of you
thank you very much

That is the end of my self introduction,,,

                               If you want more tips about
campus then please contact me. 09752973034 Pankaj Singh
5 Pankaj Singh Chandel
I am (Name). I completed my schooling from (school name). 
After schooling, I finished my BE in Information Technology 
from (university name). At present, I am pursuing my final 
year of PGDM from (institute's name). I completed my summer 
internship at (company's name). In my family, my father is 
(designation) in (company name). My mother is a homemaker. 
I have an elder brother who is a (designation) at (company 
My interest areas are blogging, solving puzzles, playing 
keyboard and painting.
0 Priya_
well, i have 1 year sales of computer (sales and service) as
volunteer experience covering small,i am a
sincere, hard working person with good cordial relations
with my team and my clients. so thats make me work alone and
i am self motivated person.
well, in 1 year, i got a lot of opputunity to convey myself
through visting school, market place and offices along with
product, take them into demostration, presenting about the
products knowledge and teaching the enduser about the product.
Also we used to give door to door services to the, i have always provided my customers with best
possible solution services. my customers hence trust me and
make they feel as if, I am a family member for them.So all
this kind make me reliable .
My personality is easy going, so I can get along with
people. My ability is laugh at myself, put people in a ease
intensity situation.
Talking about my education background I am a MBA with
specialisation in Finance and Marketing from Sikkim Manipal
Instituetion of Tecnology of 2009 batch.
About my Gradution I am a B.Com from N.B.U of 2006 batch.

Well, I am from beautiful Place called "Sikkim" which are
2nd small state of India and My family consist of 5 members
along with me.
My mother is a home Maker and is the main source of making
me understood the relations an how the world workers. I have
2 Brothers and 2 Sisters.
That is it.............
0 Yap Chungla Bhutia
I am Mr. RBK(said full name though), 
I am an ambitious and focused individual. 

I have worked for ax... and smu.. as a software developer for 4 years with emphasis to SDLC and advanced programming paradigms. 

I have developed software for various EU authorities, which are close to current JD. 

I have obtained Informatics from NU, UK and MCA from OU, Hyd. 

My Dissertation at NU was about suitability of AOP, which is advanced programming paradigm aimed to complement popular OOP, the outcome was effective an substantial. 

I have been asked about my schooling and family..

Ans: I am born and brought up at a rural village 50 miles away from HYD, I did my schooling at Govt. high school IBP.
I am from a respected family, My dad is a part time employee in a state Government body. My brother graduated from REC warangal and now working for NTPC. Mom is a house maker, she teaches basics to children in my village..

Result: I refused the offer as it was not in Hyderabad
0 Rbk
I am sandeep kumar ,i am pursuing final year electronics and
instrumentation in native is andhrapradesh,but
because my father works in chennai,we shifted to chennai.I
did my schooling in montford matriculation at perambur and
topped  maths and science during 10th ,physics during 12th.I
managed to maintain a CGPA of 8.33.To tell about my
co-curricular activities,I won first prize in a robotic
event during "gravitas'09" an international knowledge
carnival in VIT,vellore and also participated in many
robotics symposium in and around chennai.I did a miniproject
Right now I am working on a project of my interest on IMAGE
PROCESSING and FUZZY LOGIC in MATLAB. My area of interest is
process control. my hobbies are playing EA sports game 
in computer,watching TV,listening music. My strengths are
consistent hardwork,invovlement,my power anger.To list my
weakness i am easily carried by people and i am trying to
convert this as my strength for quicker achievement of my
goals.My short term goal is to prove myself as an innovator
for which I am thinking on new ways of measuring the
electrical quantities with high accuracy and my Long term
goal is to create my own simulation software like labview
and matlab with new dimensions of flexibility and also
0 Sandeep Kumar
My name is sheetal kadam,iam 25 years old. i am staying in
thane. my qualification family background is my
elder brother is working in airtel. my mother is housemaker.
0 Sheetal Kadam
Hi tis s stephen frm ambattur,i complitade my bba in nazareth college f arts &sci, earlier i was finished +2 in my town city of ambattur emmhs den i hv two sisters den my father doing own business my mom s house wife,den my hopies s singing song,playing cricket and watching TV,my strengths are 
I can tune myself into any new environments.
I have good learning skills,I perfectly fit into a team.
my -ve=overconfidence.

god bye.

0 Stephen
I am a romantic, naughty, playboy..i would like to be known as casanova among all girls and females in your lovely company. :-)
0 Stifler
i am jeevitha,
i came from miryalaguda,
i did my ssc from...............with some....% and
i completed my intermediate from..........colg with....%and 
i finished my Bsc computers from .......clg with.....% and
i had completed my pg from.........clg wich is located 
in........ and i scored....% at the year of 20..,
i can easily learn new things,
my hobies are making greetingcards,cooking,
coming to my family baground :
my fathername is..............he is a employee in..........
my mother name is ..........she is homemaker, i have one 
sibling his name...........he studied................
0 Jeevitha
well its my pleasure to introduce my self to you .
I am Arun come from Attur,which is in Salem district.
My Education Qualification are
I did my Post Graduation MCA in Valliammai Engineering College,
and i did my Graduation Bsc Mathematics in Bishop Heber College Trichy,
and completed my schooling  in my home town Attur,
My Father name is Mr. Ramachandran,Mother name is Sathiyavani  is a home maker and i have one elder sister, My Hobbies listening  Music and playing computer Games very much intersted in learning new things.
I am hardworking person and also quick leatner.

My greatest wish is to make my parents proud of me
0 Arun
I am Amith Pattanashetti from Davangere, My father is a Bank Manager working in Syndicate bank, My mother is home maker, I finished my primary school in New Delhi and high school in Bangalore and 11th and 12th in Hubli. I have been good at academics right from my school. I'm kind of person who likes to work in a team and guide my team whenever possible. I like to travel. I believe time management is most important and whenever i commit to do something i see to it that it is done. I love to play cricket and all kinds of game that keeps me active and energetic. Technically i'm good at programming and problem solving and i am a quick learner. And i never leave a chance to learn from people around me.
0 Amith Pattanashetti
I am Amith Pattanashetti from Davangere,
 My father is a Bank Manager working in Syndicate bank,
 My mother is home maker,
 I finished my primary school in New Delhi and high school in Bangalore and 
11th and 12th in Hubli. I have been good at academics right from my school. 
I'm kind of person who likes to work in a team and guide my team whenever possible. 
I like to travel.
I believe time management is most important and whenever i commit to do something i see to it that it is done.
I love to play cricket and all kinds of game that keeps me active and energetic.
Technically i'm good at programming and problem solving and i am a quick learner. 
And i never leave a chance to learn from people around me.
0 Amith Pattanashetti
Well its my pleasure to introduce myself to u.
am s.jagadeesan coming from broadway.i did my schooling in 
st.gaberial's chennai and then i have done 
bsc comp science in the new college chennai.
currently am working for sparsh bpo service limited at 
ambattur as a customer care executive for aircel inbound 
process since 09 july to till date.
my father is a business man. my mother is a home maker. and 
i have 2 elder brother is working in tcs and 
younger brother is doing his higher secondary.
my hobby is listening to music as it refreshes our 
workloaded mind.i have a very big friend 
circle,i am very jovial and soft very frankness 
and out spoken person ,its my possitive and some times its 
my negative also.
when i commit to do something ,i make sure its gets 
done,and on time. my long term 
goal is to become sucessfull person. Am looking for a long 
term commitment with the company in
which i can utilize my skill and grow professionally.
thats all abt myself.
thank you.
0 Jagan
am s.jagadeesan coming from broadway.i did my schooling in 
st.gaberial's chennai and then i have done 
bsc comp science in the new college chennai.
currently am working for sparsh bpo service limited at 
ambattur as a customer care executive for aircel inbound 
process since 09 july to till date.
my father is a business man. my mother is a home maker. and 
i have 2 elder brother is working in tcs and 
younger brother is doing his higher secondary.
my hobby is listening to music as it refreshes our 
workloaded mind.i have a very big friend 
circle,i am very jovial and soft very frankness 
and out spoken person ,its my possitive and some times its 
my negative also.
when i commit to do something ,i make sure its gets 
done,and on time. my long term 
goal is to become sucessfull person. Am looking for a long 
term commitment with the company in
which i can utilize my skill and grow professionally.
thats all abt myself.
thank you.
0 Jagan
I am Shiju Antony from Kerala. I have completed BA in 
Sociology. I am working in a reputed BPO company since 
2years and i was in teaching field 3years. I have basic 
knowledge in hardware and networking and i can type 40words 
per min. My father is a farmer and mother is a home-maker. 
i have a brother studying in marain Eng. and my sister 
studying nursing 
That is all about myself.
0 Shiju
my name is umesh kumar.i did my schooling from st. ignatius 
high school gumla(jh) and 12th from st.xaviers college 
ranchi(jh).now,i am pursuing my B.E in new horizon college 
of father name is ram lakhan mahto.he is a 
forest officer in forest department.I have one brother and 
one sister.
      my hobbies and interest are playing cricket,singing,
photography,enjoy visiting new places and experimenting new 
things,always try to do diffrent fron others.
      my achivment are:- co-ordinate 3 days national 
confrence held in college.
0 Umesh Kumar
For Experienced:-

I am Rakesh. I'm working in Alphasoft, New Delhi. I have
more than two years experience in Web Design. My educational
qualification is BA (His Hons.) and professional
qualification is Software Engineering. I'm now working on
two project ABC and DEF.
0 Rakesh Kumar
You may rise a question for my education or my experience 
or other

Then telling about yourself according to human resources 
question, if they asked tell me about yourself as a 
employees, then tell us your whole things.

Hi, good morning/good afternoon/good evening sir/madam,

My name is ________________
as far as concern my work experience I have had a 6 year 
experience in backend field, I was worked as a data process 
associates for this________________ company, my role as 
a_________, my past experience is so good, i was feeling so 
good for previous organization, but now i am interested to 
work with you.......
and your education
and your strength

and last greet thanks you with smile for good impression
0 Dharmender Kumar
first start with ur name.
then about ur education 
qualification:schooling,intermideate,graduation,if there p.g
about your family,
about your strengths & weeknesses,
about your carrier objective,
if u have any work  xperience then go for it.
must hav to give ur answers as confident
0 Uday Kiran
i m very happy to answer this question.I m saranya i m 
doing my 2ndyr MCA in SSN.I did my bachulor degree in 
comp.sci and persued with 81%.I finished my schooling in 
Namakkal and passed out the HigherSec with 80% and SSLC 
with 83%. Coming to my family,my father is a bussiness man 
and my is a homemaker.i m having an younger sister who is 
doing her +2.Switching to my passtime....i spend  my time 
in reading story books,playing video games,listening to 
music,chatting with my friends and dreaming about my 
feature,i like gardenning.And i like to say about my 
strength and weakness.
My strengths are: Good in team work,good leadership 
quqlity,adjustable to situations, hard worker,confident 
person,friendly to everyone and my main  stength is i m 
converting my -'s to +.

My weakness:over confident at sometimes,not recollecting 
the learned things...
0 Saranya
hi,my name is mohd waseem.i stay in hyderabad.i have done my
graduation in computer science and engineering from shadan
college of engg.i have done my intermediate frm royal have done my schooling frm zikra high school.i
have done diploma in hardware and networking.there are 6 six
members in our family me, my mom,my dad and i have three father is a govt employe and my mother is a home hobbies are playing cricket and surfing net.
0 Mohd Waseem
Whenever this question is asked in interview, no need to 
say about the things your resume contains. This question is 
asked to test your ability ti express yourself.Express 
thosething important for the job like your attitude, your 
specific ability etc. Sometimes this question is asked as 
first question to make you relax.
0 Dinesh K Sinha
i am kunal and i am pursuing B.E. in computer science from 
mdu with an aggregate degree of 65% and i have done my 
schooling from DPS Maruti Kunj.My father is a technician 
and mother homemaker.As far as my interest areas are 
concerned they are surfing on net and programing,exploring 
new things,loves to interact with the people moreover i am 
a happy go lucky guy who desires to shine in the darkest 
hour of life.
0 Kunal
i am karthik i am from kolathur i was finish my bca in tamil
nadu open university and my father was late and my mom is
house wife  and i have 1 elder sister she was married and  i
am at present i am working in accel frontline ltd as a store
assitant from 2009 in greams road 
and my + is confidence and smile and my - is quick depressed
and i am hardworking person and also quick leaner
0 Karthik
This is rajendraprasad pursuing mca from jntu,with an aggregate of 76% and i have done my schooling in raghu high school narsampet,my father is a autodriver and mother is homemaker.As far as my interest areas are concerned they are surfing net,programing,chatting with friends ,exploring new thing,love to interact with people moreover iam happy go lucky guy who desires to shine in the darkest hour of life.
0 Prasad
well,this is goutham kumar
about my qualifications i have completed my graduation from JNTU university in the year 2009.As per my work experience is concern working as database administrator in web-mark technologies over a period of 2years.
0 Goutham Kumar
my name is manikandanthiyagarajan from trichy and it is my native place.
I have  done my schoolings in matriculation school of 10th and i done my diploma in computer science engineering in srinivasa polytechnic college of pudukottai with
aggregate of 79% and i joined engineering in the same campuse of mookambigai college of engineering with an aggregate of 71%.i am fresher. 

My Additional qualifications are finished my hardware n/wing . My hobbies are  reading news paper, listening music, watching movies and surfing on net. my strength is nerver give up, self confidence and i am eager to learn new technologies. my weekness  are quick depressed.
My father is retired employee of ordinance factory tiruchirapalli and my mother is  house wife. i have 2 elder brothers.
0 Leopanthera
As you know sir i am s. selva kumar from chennai
i did my UG BE(EEE) in SMK fomra institute of technology in
kanchipuram and did my schooling in lifco in Chennai
and my family background my father is working as a GM in
private company ,my mother is home maker and i have a
younger brother he is doing his 2nd year BTECH 

. I enjoy challenges and looking for creative solutions to
,I am quick in learning from mistakes , I’ve always been a
great team player and therefore I can work efficiently to
produce quality work in a team environment.and i am a
confident person . Besides the details given in my resume, I
believe in character values, vision and action.
 my hobbies are playing keyboard and listening to music
0 S.selva Kumar
my name is P NAGARJUN,i had completed my B.Tech in CSE with
an aggregation of 65.36% from GSCET Nizamabad, i did my
schooling in Vignan High School and Intermediate in Narayana
Jr College,and recently i had completed my academic main
project successfully on .net platform,  my father is former
and my mother is home hobbies are listening
music,watching movies and roaming with friends, my future
plan is to become a good programmer , and my strengths are
confidence and smile, weakness are believing everyone.
0 Nagarjun Nzb
Well its my pleasure to introduce myself to you.Im Sowmiya.I was born in coimbatore,Tamilnadu and attended st.marys girls higher secondary school.Ever since I was a teenager,I tingered with computers.Its was my hobby,passion and my way of learing.Like most kids I  enjoyed computers games.When my folks gave me a computer as a reward for making honor roll my sophomore year.I mastered Dos,Windows and Word perfect within six months.
      I now want to work for a major player so I can be at forefront of breaking trends and new technology.when my collegemate told me about your department, I hounted her until she helped me get a referral which brought me here today.
      I have always been energetic and good team player either it is presentation in my institution or it is project work or game.
0 Sowmiya
hi mam/sir gud morning im deepika im cumming from marai malai nagar i have completed my graduation from pdc col at kelambakkam i finished my schooling from sda hss at cpt. i cum from family of four father mother elder brother nd me, father working in rly mom s house wyf nd elder bro wrkng in amco batteries. my hobbies s chatting wit my family membrs nd frnds. my positive s im very jolly type to all my neg s communication skill tats it about me
0 Deepika
Well,I am Prasanna..I am living in hyd..
I am doing my 4-1
I did my schooling  in Triveni talent school and i did my  intermediate in narayana Jr college..
I am ambitious cool and having patience...I am optmist..
I  love hanging out with friends...
 my hobbies are like 2 play kabaddi,badminton..
0 Prasanna
My name is saurabh banerjee. i have done my schooling from
LK Singhania education centre ,gotan.Apart from my Academics
i Have Participated in International Seminars on Water
Conservation Organized in my School On behalf of Unesco,also
i Have Participated several Cultural activities...
I am currently pursuing btech from jaipur engg college..i
have participated in several seminars on entrepreneurship
My carrier goal is to became successful software developer
0 Saurabh Banerjee
I m prakash comming from pudukkottai,recently i hav complted my nehru institute of eng and tech  at coimbatore.
Bfore i did my ug B.Sc computerscience in  ganaser college of arts and sc college pudukkottai
i had my schooling goverment hr.sec school nachandupatti
about my achivements
 i participated cultural events at college level..
 i hve teaching exprience of csc computer center...
 i was student organizer of nationl level technical at college level............

regrading my technical skills i got proffsional trainnning on .net framework from niit 
i spent my time with playing ckt, active browsing..

i used do have great confident challenge whateverthings i m doing thats my strength...
my aim is 
 i want to becaome a good software eng in IT industry

Thank you to give this opportunity and spending your valuable time for me.
First tell ur names and native place from where u belongs 
to, then after say about ur current designation & KRA, then 
previous one. After that say about ur highest qualification 
and other short term courses which u had done in between ur 
acadmics, and also achievements if u have.
0 Amit Kumar
well u see i dont speak about myself to strangers so please 
u introduce yourself to me first and tell me about yourself.
0 Javed
hai, my name is kiran
i came from andra.
Still now i am stayig  at koparkarni
and my 1st qualification is diploma in c.s
and my 2nd qualification is diploma in digital multimeddia
and my hobbies
playing carroms,lisioning music etc
i did my schooling in sree seshu residential public school 
which is also my native place
my strengts are
i have good learnng skills
i perfectlli fit into a team
my father is business man my mother is teacher.i have one 
sister taht is my familly.
and thanks to giving this oppartunity
0 Kiran
welll....i'm abhilash rao kanduri. i was born and bought in hyderaba. i completed my ssc nd 10+2 der itself. right now i'm persuing my btech 1st year from jntu university campus with mechanics as a specialiation.
well coming to my project ...i hav done my prjct on so ans so.....
next strenghts, hobbies and at last your famly details..
thank you
0 Abhilash Rao

My name is Vishnu vardhan reddy,
I born and brought from Nizamabad,
I finished P.G diploma in Networking, from Computer Power College, which is in New Zealand,
and graduated from SRIT engineering college, which is Affiliated to JNTUH,
I worked has an Help desk executive for WoolWorth's group of companies.
Coming to my Family, my family is of three my father, mother and me.
my father is working as an assistant Engineer for State government and my mother is home-maker,
Coming to my hobbies, my hobbies are Playing Cricket, listening to music and surfing on internet.

           Thank you.
0 Vishnu Vardhan Reddy
hi, i m gagandeep kaur from jalandhar.i am pursuing office 
management from GPCG Jalandhar.i have done my schooling Dev 
Raj Girls Sen.Sec father is a labour man and my 
mother is a housewife.i m intersted in designs and my hobbies 
are listen little bit music,playing computer games and 
reading love greatest wish is to make my parents 
proud of me.i m very hardworking person and also quick very active and positive thinker.
                                       that,s it...
0 Gagandeep Kaur
Hai, this is Surendra Come from Anjimedu, near to Tirupati.
   My Education Qualification are, I did  my schooling in
Socrates English Medium High school, Tirupati with an
aggregation of 54%,I have done  my Intermediate in
Ranganatha Jr college, Tirupati with an aggregation of 54%,
,I have finished my Under Graduation Degree as B.SC. In
SEICOM Degree College, Tirupati with an aggregation of 73%,
and I have Completed my Post Graduation as MCA in Raylseema
Institute of Information and Management Sciences, Tirupati.
With an aggregation of 74%.
  My father is a former and my mother is home maker. I have
one brother.
  My hobbies are listening little bit music, playing
cricket. I am a hardworking, ambitious and bit romantic, I
am ready to learn new Technology, I am very active, Positive
thinker, and I have been good learning skills,
0 Surendra
2.Educational Background
3.Family Details
6.Cultural Activities(if any)
7.acchiving any awards in school and college level
0 Nakshatra
i am vivek.i have completed my engg in xyz college.i scored 68% in graduation.i had worked as a site engineer in telecomm company in pereiod of 2 years.coming to my hobbies i am like to watch cricket match and football match and i have a time means to playing cricket with my strength is i am a hard working person and quick learner.thats all about me.
0 Vivek
Hy My Name Is kapil I am an outminded person willing to 
work in insurance field, and intrested to grow up and take 
some knowlege about this company as I am currently working 
in advertising firm I have the experence of 4 yrs in 
marketing and sales skills 
As gone through my education qualification I am currently 
completed my graduation in ba as well as I have basic 
knowlege on ms office, I have completed my hardware and 
netwroking so its an added advantage for it
0 Kapil
i have great pleasure to tell myself sir
i am selvi i am coming from periamet, i completed my bsc 
computer science with 78% marks. now i am presently working 
private company, my designation as joint custodian come cse.
two years i am working in this company, 
about my family my mother is tailoring, my brother is 
studying engineering 3 rd year, and my sister married and 
she has one child.
0 Selvi
I Am Mukesh Nakka completed graduation from kirthi college in IT stream.Ia m very dedicated and +ve thinker.I love to do & learn new thing.I like to travel the new places.
0 Mukesh
i am Ahmadur Rashid, i am from Assam, i have done my llb 
form Gawhaiti University in the year of 2009, i have done 
my graduation  from B.n.coolege under gawhati university 
and schooling from Dhubri Govt.boys'Higher Secondary School.

Presently i am afinal year student of cs.

Presently iam working with a pcs as a mangement trainee.

I am very much fond of sports Ilike to mplay footbal and 
Volly ball.

My short term goal is to get placement in your company.

My long term goal is to make your company as a benchmark 
for your competitors.

Thats all about in a nutshell.
Thanks to all of u to give me such an oppoutunity.
0 Ahmadur Rashid
My name is krupa. i am born to telegu parents. but i was born and bought up in Delhi. my dad is a social worker and mom home maker. I have a younger brother who is pursuing architecture. Well talking about me alone I did my schooling from convent institution later did my graduation in Psychology from University of Delhi. Then i joined the prestigious institution TISS for my MHA. While pursuing my course i was engaged into research projects like staff satisfaction, fund raising, medical transcription. Well from childhood my mind was always inclined towards healthcare industry. As i grew up i tried to chanelise it through that track. I am result oriented and very flexible. If selected for this organisation then i will try my level best to become an asset and make sure that i attain a position where the organization would never want to lose me.
0 Krupa
Good morning to all of you/sir/madam.
It's my pleasure to introduce my self.

My name is Bhaskar Reddy.
I am basically belong to Trupati/Chittoor in Andhra Pradesh.

About my education:.
I did my Schooling in Z P High School 49 KothaPalli Mitta, and I did my intermediate in PCR Govt Junior College Chittoor, and I have done my MCA Sri Venkateswara University, now I am Searching for a Job.

About my Family (this is not necessary).
My family contains 5 members including me,
My father is farmer, my mother is good home maker, and I have two sisters both are getting married and that all about my family.
I always believe in my parents.

About my Strength and weakness.
I am adaptable in any environment.
I believe in myself, I am quick learner of anything.

My weakness is straight forward.
My habit are listening music, playing cricket and watching movie.
My short term goal is too placed in a multinational company/ (your company).

My long term goal would be reaching the higher position is your company.
I am here as fresher to give my best to your organization.

That's all about me, thank you sir/madam/all of you.
0 Bhaskar Reddy
My name is sachin I have done + computer application from rdvv and if i talk about my pg diploma, i have done pgdca
my father was in police, Now he is retire. My mother is housewife. I want to tell u sir about my straight and weakness
my straight is i always try to learn a new things and always   
want to work hard to improve my companies growth. my weakness is i am emotional boy.
0 Sachin Dubey
Iam Anbarasan from karaikudi currently staying in chennai.

I have complete my B.E (ECE) from Mount Zion College of engineering and Tecnology in the year of 2009.

Currently Iam working as a System Administrator in IT System Administrator solutions Pvt Ltd since October 2010.

Where Roles and responsibilies are
0 Anbarasan
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