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 Knoah interview questions  Knoah Interview Questions (8)
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Question   1.Why do you want to work in Knoah Solutions? 2.Why Knoah? 3.Are you over qualified for this position? 4.And other interview questions in this company. Rank Answer Posted By  
 Interview Question Submitted By :: Dkhan8555
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to achieve high position and earn more money
to improve my work ability 
no but iam perfect to do this job

0 Srinivas
because,this is best job for freshers......i think,they give good training to increase our ability.....
0 K.radha Krishna
To me its the one of the best opportunity. This is a organisation which has all the things which a fresher needs to improve, to learn and to practice. As being a fresher i think this organisation will give my career a good start and help me to fly with colors.
0 Swathi
1.knoah solutions in no work tension and very friendly 

2.knoah solutions is one of the leading company
0 Vinay
Question   1.Why do you want to work in Knoah Solutions? 2.Why Knoah? 3.Are you over qualified for this position? 4.And other interview questions in this company. Rank Answer Posted By  
 Interview Question Submitted By :: Dkhan8555
I also faced this Question!!   ALL Interview .com
Knoah Solutions is an award-winning and rapidly growing, Global Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Call Center and Quality Assurance Monitoring Services Company that delivers flexible, high performance turnkey solutions focused on rapidly driving revenue and value for our clients while reducing.
Knoah is listed among the prestigious 'The Global Outsourcing 100' (IAOP, 2009) and was ranked in the Top 10 by DataQuest (2008) as a leading BPO Service Provider and ranked in the Top 5 on Employee Satisfaction.
1 Bala Saidulu
Question   TELL ME THE STORY OF THE LAST MOVIE U SAW? Rank Answer Posted By  
 Interview Question Submitted By :: Jasmeet
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The movie was so boring that i may not explain the story.....
0 Laddu
The movie was so boring that i may not explain the story.....
0 Laddu
0 Ashwani Kumar Sharma
the last movie i saw was gladiator, that was a pretty good
movie, wasn't it. russel crown had played a general role in
the film,all the scenes were good, interesting action
film.indeed the story is about a general who becomes a slave
and becomes a gladiator latter how he eradicates the slavery
in his country... i enjoyed it, this is one of my favorite
movies. above all the hero's acting in the film was perfect
no other person could act such roles...
0 Royaldominic
The last movie that i have watched was Arundhati.
It was a real good movie, one of the good movies that have 
come in the recent past.The story actually is about a 
kingdom called Gadwal.In that kingdom there is a palace in 
which no one resides because of evil spirit.This evil 
spirit was buried inside the palace in the past, but it 
tries to come outside using its powers.Atlast it succeds in 
coming out and from there on it tries to take revenge on 
the princess of that kingdom her name is Arundhati.But it 
doesnot succed in doin the end it is a happy ending .
0 Naren
The movie which i saw last was enthiren which was fantastic 
movie where rajiny and aisaria play a woderfull roll which 
suits for the modern trend of robotics ...shanker done his 
job very well as how much he can and he gace clear picture 
about future world of robotics and diasters happen in 
future when robos get to the untrustable persons wo are 
ready to spoil science for getting there names in 
history...and music director AR rahemaan did his part very 
plesantly and also rocks in one song party song..totally 
ethiren picture clearly picturising the real fact of future 
0 Tharun Kumar
The the last movie which I seen was "Mr. Perfect". Which 
was the telugu oriented movie. I like that movie and I saw 
that movie around 5 times because the movie contains family 
entertainment, love, full of comidy and emotion. 
Coming to the story part. The hero is Prabas and heroin is 
Kajal. The moral of the story is that for being happy one 
has to compromise some thing in their life, 
The hero wont accepts this, he never compromise for any 
thing, he feels that if he compromises for any thing in his 
life he wouldn't get happy. In the same way he wants the 
same thought girl as his life partner, who doesn't change 
any thing in her life for any one. The story goes on and 
his life teaches him that for to be happy in life 
compromising is necessary. This the story is all about.
0 Sai
i dont watch movies much.but recently i have seen a movie called gunde jaari gallantayyinde. the movie's reputation was good. the music which was given by taman was excellent. it is a comedy as well as a romantic movie.every actor did justice to their roles.coming to the story a guy falls in love with a girl in a marriage reception of his is a love at first sight.he asks his friend for her number. his friend is drunken and he gives a wrong number unconsiously.the given number connects him to a another girl. from there the story will be much interesting.finally the hero could know the value of a true love which comes from more special charecter in the movie who makes everyone cannot stop their laughs was a transgender.the scene in shopping mall was really the best comic scene in the movie.
0 Monica Raj
Question   describe the movie u have seen recently Rank Answer Posted By  
 Interview Question Submitted By :: Rohan Sharma
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recemnt movie that i saw was shivaji
i have a varied opinion than others 
as we allknow the movie was superstar'movie directed by sup
[er director shankar produced by super producers AVM with 
the music dioirection of super arrahman wen everything 
sassociatd here with the movoie is super the movie should 
be super
the story stars like this shivaji is a software 
professiona;l workin in us for the past 20 yrs right from 
his childhood he ll have an ambitiuon to change india like 
after he comes to india he'll want to build medical 
college, he;ll seek the help f sumsan wh is biggest dacoit 
in politics
sumsan will destroy sivajis project sivaji vows to flfill 
his ambitin the very next day hell call suman and 
impersonate him self as a taxation officer he steal all the 
documents and money after a deal hell get 50% and hll form 
a group of gundas and hooligants howere sent to attack him 
and along with the group theyll hold a meeting where the 
assistants and legal advicors of all the leading dacoiters 
ie politicians will be heldtherehell get th infu abt every 
bodys wealth and hell steal all the money hell covert the 
stolen monery ionto ameroian dollars anf ask the ameriocans 
there to sennd these money as welfare amounts
police will become suspivious and sarrest him suman drws a 
plAN TO KILL SIVAJI IN THE JAIL but somhow rsivaji escapes 
and hell comback as mgr who is inturm sivais friend
then in the final confrontation her;kll kill suman and the 
welfare activitiues continue
0 Ram
Question   Describe your yesterday Rank Answer Posted By  
 Interview Question Submitted By :: Guest
I also faced this Question!!   ALL Interview .com
wel i live in present and i would not want to remind the 
yesterday coz which i did wrong i won't make it again and i 
would like to improve my self in compair of yesterday
2 Uk
yesterday i wake at 7 o clock i brush mi teeth.i done some 
of the yuga and hav a cup of tea after that i go through 
the news paper.At first i search the time assent were  i 
get some of the vacancies in the call center and the 
interview dates which r mentioned in the times 
assents.exactlly i m looking for a job so i make it first 
after that i done some of the mind exercise or i can say 
some of the study.than i take some launch. after that i 
would like to play with mi computer coz i hav one of mi pc 
and i like to surff in net.thats all about which i done 
1 U
currently I am doing U.S shift so I get up late in morning.
Yesterday I got up at 10am. After refress my self,I took 
tea my break fast.At 11:30 went through the newspaper.At 
12:00 noon I spend some time with coputeter.At 12:45 I went 
to my english speaking classes.I came back at 2:30 pm them 
I took lunch.At 3:00 pm I shareed some light moment with my 
friends Then I got miscall from cab drive around 4:55 I 
locked room,and went for my job.Yesterday was very good for 
me. because we had a meeting yesterday,and my manager told 
to all of us that I did great job in last 3 months.I took 
my dinner at 9:00 pm. I again returned to my work.At 3:00 I 
logged my system and went to see roaster.I came to my house 
at 3:30am.At my house main gate I gave misscall to my room 
mate he openned door.I enjoyed music through FM.4:30am I 
went to sleep.This is all about which I did yesterday.
3 Akhilesh
My yesteraday was very pleasant... nd 1 thingthe most 
important i m not afraid of 2morrow for i hve seen 
yesterday nd i luv today
1 Naveen Goyal
Hi friends i am madhu.Yesterday i woke up at 6 A.M.I went to
bathroom.later I brushed my teeth.then I went to top of the
building.I did suryanamaskaram.later I read newspaper.Then I
went to my friend room.It's one of the normal day like as I
had before.Thandyou.
0 Madhu
Yestarday..., i slept late night so i woke up around 10;30
A.m, then as usual i brushed my teeths and had a strong cup
of coffee. after sometime around 1, i got a call from my
friend ajay. He invited me for shoping and i agreed.
                                        we both went to Big
Bazar, soon after shoping we took our lunch in a resturant
and  went to Imax wher we had a great fun together.
      When i returned home, it was too late, so i took a
bath and had a chat wth parents at the dining table and went
back to bed for sleep.
0 Chandu
Hy i am krishana from jaipur city. I am describing about of 
When i woke up early in the morning at 5'o clock.Than went 
to park. Some friends mat from me and said to me that hay 
krishan. We all making a programme to go a picnic. We want 
to you aslo go with us and include us team. I thought about 
of this programme. Post said my all friend. OK
            We went to Nahargath and enjoyed there. 
Returned home at 7'o clock in the evening.I was very tried.
0 Krishana
yesterday,i prepared for today's aptitude test and watched 
a movie in theater with my friends.
0 Prasht
i was sleeping whole day
5 Sanjay
yester day is a beautiful day for exists in 
gods creation.
0 Chandra
0 Deepti
i am as i today.
i wake up at 5.00am.
but when i think yesterday, it was a intersting day when i 
decided to work for reputed company like you.
0 Thillai
Nothing Special whole day I'm in bed................!
0 Pramod
yesterday, I woke up at 7 am.  After freshen up, I took tea 
and packed the tiffen for my ...then I did my house hold 
works.  After that I checked my emails.  I took my lunch in 
the noon and took rest.  Then I went to my frined's home 
and had evening tea with her.  We went for shopping and had 
water balls there.  After coming back to my home I prepared 
my dinner and had it with my husband.  We watched tv for an 
hour and slept.
0 Priya
I enjoyed very well,preparing for the interview.
0 Laddu
I enjoyed very well,preparing for the interview.
0 Laddu
yesterday, i woke up at 9:oo, as usual after refresing my 
self. i went to market to bring sum vegitable. me and my 
rummate perpare the lunch. after finishing lunch we went 
for movie at pvr saket. it was gud movie. in the hall we 
met with other friends they were also in the same hall. 
after movie we made a plan to visit our friend's home so we 
carried some snax n beer n we had fun overthere. when we 
came back at home it was so late we reach at 1:00 in night
3 M. K. Mehra
Nothing Special whole day I'm in bed with my neighbour Aunty
0 Suhkhi Laakhan
As usual yesterday was a bright and wonderful day.The day 
begins with morning Freshen up with a nice cup of coffee or 
tea along with some snacks for lunch..had breafast and goes 
to work to my respective place as usual .
0 Augustine
yesterday 6 o clock wake up early in the morenig after that 
i went to morening walk after came back and take bath after 
eaten break fast and went to cushine office .8 o clock came 
back home takeing the dinner and watch the t.v.11 o clock 
0 Atul Sharma(ans)
I got up 8 O'clock in the morning. Then I brushed my 
teeth .I took my bath, i had prayer and then i had my break 
I left my home for the office. I reached my office I met 
coligues and I have done my routine work I switched on my 
computer I signed my attendance register at 2 O'clock i had 
lunch with my friends and at 6 O'clock I left my office i 
went to the market for some vegetables and i reached home 
at 7.30. i went for fresh n up and i had prayer I cooked 
food for my self.I switched on fm radio and i went to wash 
my cloths and utensils . After all this i played ludo with 
my roomate and at 1.30 we came to our beds.
0 Soniya
yesterday was  pleasant day for me.i got up by 7.00am,asual 
i brushed my teeth..then i had a strong coffee and i 
prepared my breakfast and i had it by 9.00am and i sat in 
front of my laptop,daily i will surf thro net to gain some 
knowledge and i started learning golden words per day and 
one of the golden words i learnt yesterday was "when there 
is a conflict between heart and brain,let heart be 
followed" by swami vivekanadha.then by 11.00am i started 
preparing ma lunch and i had my lunch by 2.30pm,later i 
slept for 2hrs and i woke up 4.30pm n took bath and i 
cleaned my home,usually i used to watch rellity shows so i 
started seeing those shows by 6.30pm and i had my dinner by 
9.00pm and i went to bed.
0 Ramya
yesterday i woke up at 6 am then i had my morning tea after 
that i refreshed myself & went to the bus stop. i catched a 
bus for my office and start doing my daily routine office 
work. At 1:30 i took my lunch with my office colleges. then 
again started my work. arround 6 i checked out from my 
office then again i took a bus for my home i reached my 
home arround 7:30 & went to the wash room for refreshment. 
after that i had shared some light movement with my 
roommates. AT 9 pm i took my dinner & after that i went to 
my bed bcoz i have to wake early in the morning again for 
my office
0 Raj Rana
yesterday, i woke up at 6 in the morning then i remembered 
GOD and lett the bed.After that i went to play cricket 
match with my friends.By 8:30 i came back and took bath 
then i read newspaper for searching jobs.After that i ate 
my breakfast.Then i went to  the Nehru place with my friend 
to purchase a pen drive and cd's of software. After coming 
from there i took some rest. Then i teached my younger 
brother. After that i listened musics at computer. By 10 i 
took dinnerAt night i went to bed at 11.
0 Sumit Goyal
yesterday was a normal day for me, i woke up at 7 in the 
morning and went to bathroom.There i did my daily 
routine.After tooking a bath i prpared my breakfast that 
was a coffe and some maggi.thenafter i went through 
newspaper.At 10 am i went to maket and bought some fresh 
vegetables for lunch and then i came back to my room.There 
i did some work on internet.At 1'o clock i prapered my 
lunch and then took it.then i red a book named 'Mean kamph'
at 5'o clock i went to the big bajaar for some shopping.and 
after shopping i returned to home.Tere iagain did some work 
on internet and then i prapared my dinner and took 
that.then i went to bed and again read that book and during 
reading i slept.
0 Rahul
Currently I am doing PTE Shift from 7pm to 11:30pm. I get up
late in morning.
Yesterday I got up at 10am. After refresh my self, I took my
break fast at 11:30.
At 12:00 noon I spend some time with computer by playing games. 
Then my little sister came to me at 1:30 noon, because she
needs my help for her corporate project. Then I helped her
in that project. She needs a financial statement of a
banking company, so I searched that at internet. I got the
financial statement of State Bank of patiala.
After that I took my tea at 4:30pm. After that I spend my
time with my friends on internet. Then I got a missed call
of my Friend Vikrant at 6:00pm. I picked him for office at
6:15pm. Then we reached on floor at 6:40pm. After briefing
we logged in at 7:00pm. I took 
my dinner at 9:00 pm. Then I again returned to my work.
After my shift I reached home at 12:15am. I 
went to sleep. This is all about which I did yesterday.
0 Sunny
Well yesterdway was usual day for me. I woke up early in 
the morning by 5.30. got ready wnt to office. Logged in by 
6.30 am .. I had given some complience CBT yesterday as per 
my clients requirement. Finished my work. and logged out by 
4.30Pm catch a bus. went back to home.. had some rest. had 
dinner by 9:30 and went to bed.thats it.
0 Nivas
yes it is good.
0 B.jyothi Ester
yesterday i wake up at 8 o,clock after that i had cup of a 
and took fresh and bath. after that did pray to god and 
then i took my brek fast at 11;00 o,clock after that 2;00 
o,clock i went for shopping at sarojini nagar with my frnds 
i came at home in 6;00 o,clock after that for one hour took 
rest after 7;00 o,clock
0 Priya
Yesterdy i wake up at 5am went to running.After comliption 
of running i reached my home by 6am.I complete my daily 
activities,then i took a cup of cofee,after thet i goes 
through the news paper.It's 8am now i checkout my shedule.i 
went to meet some officials.At around 1pm i reached my 
home,i took my lunch after that i watched the news for some 
time,i took a small nap.Iwake up at 3pm.I went to equaties 
office i took updates&met some officials,i reached the home 
arround 6pm.i chat with my family members for some 
time,then i check my mails&spend some time on browising 
&check my tomarrow shedules.Oh god it's 9pm,i had my 
supper&arround 10.30pm i went into my dreams.
0 Chiranjeevi
yesterday was not a very special day it was very similer to 
my daily routine but there was some changes which i want to 
share "as i woke up round about 07:00 and after freshen up 
i did some exercise so i could keep myself fit for the day 
after that i took shower and had my break fast,then at 
10:00 i went to attend my coaching classes as it was 
schduled for 12:00 but i got a call from my teacher that he 
had reschduled the timings so i had to rush in.....and when 
i came back i had my lunch,and then i called my friend and 
we went to a cyber cafe we spent 2 hrs and when we came 
back we thought to study together so i asked him to come to 
my place and he finally agreed for we studied for 
2 hrs and finally after a very long day i went to sleep at 
0 Rubal Singh
yest was a pleaasant day. spent time with ma frnz
mrng had some bank job done and after left for a movie.

even we had some time at necklace road and finally had a 
delicious dinner at ohris banjara.

i enjoyed the day.
0 Ranjith
well, yesterday, i woke up at 7 o' clock . After that i
finished my usual activities. Then i prepared magi as my
breakfast & had it also with my room met. After that i
completed my study with the help of books & internet around
till 1 o' clock. Then i left room for attend my class. i
took class of CCNA & Linux till at evening 8 o'clock.After
that i returned at home approximately 9 o' clock & prepared
deener with my room met , had it also till 12 o'clock, Then
i done study 1 hour & went for sleeping ,It was my yesterday

                                    Thanks & regards
0 Abdul
yesterday i woke up 8.30 in the morning..then i took bath 
and then i took my breakfast.after my breakfast i checked 
my e-mails on net after noon i went to my friend house 
then i came back home at 2.30 then i ate my lunch i took 
some rest i got up 6pm in evening then i took tea after 
that i went to my shop there i helped my mother and i came 
back to home 9.30 then i took dinner and  at last am  went 
back to my bed for sleep
0 Harish
Well it was fine,I woke up at 6'0clock,than i went for walk 
and after that i took my tae and had a bath,than i prayed 
to god.i also went to mall to buy some vegetables,and in 
the evening i went out along with my elder brother to watch 
a movie..
0 Prabhakar
Answer was good.i did my work as usual i do.every day i woke up it's in my mind have to do something every day i wake up having new dreams.
0 Krishna Kumar Garg
i am preparing for the interview.......
0 Sunny
good morning every one i got up early in the morning at 6 o clock after that i went to garden there i did some yoga and some exercise and after came back i took bath after that i got ready and i took my break fast and i went to it park Chandigarh for international calling  and came back from there in evening 5 p m after that i took a tea  and after 1 hours i went to market after came back i read some books and some stories book night 10:15 i took my diner with my parents and after finished i watched some TV serial and after that i went to bed
0 Gandhi
My yesterday was to gud.I wake up early in morning and freshed.Then i went to the park for jogging and exercise from my daily routine.Then i came home and watering plants after that i take bath.I had my breakfast and gone for my English spoken classes.When i returned from my classes i take some rest then doing my practice of common entrance test(CET).After take my lunch with my mother i went for CET classes.on evening again  watering plants sometime.After take some rest i went for my Hindi shorthand classes and come back at late night.Then i had my dinner with my family.
This is all about which i did yesterday.
0 Akhil Raj
yesterday,,,,,i slept late night because i went my friend birthday party so i got up 9:30 a.m after refresh my self,I took
tea my break fast.At 10:30 went through the 11:00 a.m  I spend some time with laptop in which i was watching news channel.after that i took launch at 12:30 1:00 p.m i went to bed for sleep.after that i got up in 2:30 a.m. and  after 10 i got a call from my
friend rumesh chawla. He invited me for shopping and i agreed.
0 Yash Malhotra
Well my yesterday was fine, i got up at 5am the after refreshing myself i went to my job , at 3 pm i came back to my room and make few calls to my friends, 
and because i was so tired so i went to bed at 5 pm the at about 8 o'clock i got up again and prepare dinner , after taking it i went to bed again ,it all about my yesterday
0 Rajeev Thakur
yesterday i woke up at 6 am and went for morning walk with
my friend.
i returned back around 7 am followed my daily routines ,
took breakfast at 9 am..
after this  i spend couple of hours on my computer and then
went to meet my friend at his house..
there we played cricket and had lunch by 3 pm watching some
of my favrait tv shows..
then we went to garden to meet our other buddies we had good
time together....
then i went back to my home and chat wid my parents at
diening table ...
around 10 pm i went to my bed and slept..
0 Parv
Yesterday I got up at 7am. After refresh myself, I took 
tea in my breakfast. Just then I went through the newspaper .at 8 I took bath then I got ready. Near 8:30 I took lunch. At 9:30 I reached office by metro, I started my computer. at 1:30 pm I took lunch then I again returned to my work. near 4 pm I took tea with my colleagues and discussed some work at 6 pm I left my office and at 7 pm I reached home then I enjoyed music through FM. near 9 I took dinner with family and done chat with them . at 10:30 I slept This is all about which I did yesterday.
0 Mannu
Yesterday was very good for me because yesterday was my week
off. I got up early in the morning and i did my daily
routine  as usual after i went to morning walk with my room
met and enjoyed morning walk after 1 hour i came back room 
after  and that i took my break fast with read the newspaper
after that i went to my english speaking class after 2 hour
i came back in my room and cooked the lunch and took the
lunch with my room met and i went to GIP mall with my
friends and enjoyed very much and looked the movie after
that i came back in room  till 5:00 pm. and i spend the 2
hrs on computer after that i cooked the dinner and took the
dinner with my room met and i slept my yesterday was
good ....
thank you .... .
0 Sumit Singh Sengar
Yesterday i woke up around 8 'o'clock and got freshen up my self after that I did worship for half an hour and went to the temple and came back to my room and took my breakfast then I spend my time with my laptop, at 2 'o'clock I took lunch and did rest,at evening I went to the park with my friend and spend a good time there, I came back to my room and took dinner then i did chat with my friends on facebook and after that i slept at 11 'o'clock.
so that was my yesterday
0 Ravi
hi i am  afzal  i want to descirbing about my yesterday
 i was woke up around 8:00 am. usaully i brush my teeth and bath and i had cup of strong coffee and go through the news paper.specially i was see the classified of Sakshi paper to search the to days interviews date and time. why because i am looking for job.after that i done some of the mind exericse
or i say that read some time. around 1:00 i had lunch and pay with my p c i had my own computer and i like stuffing and chating with 6:00 o clock i was prayed and went outside and chat with my neibhour friends. i had dinner around 9:00 o clock and went to bed for sleep.
0 Afzal
Hi my name is ravi basaboina.i would like to describe my 
yesterday. so yesterday was also normal day as like 
everyday.Because of yesterday i was alone at home no one 
with me. my parents went to home town for chirsmas. So 
yesterday  i woke at 9 in the morning and i went gym and i 
came back home at 11am. i had stronge cup of coffee and i 
brushed my teeth,post that i ahd my breakfast from hotel 
and agian i went to sleep little while.and i got up at 
1pm.after that i gone though FACEBOOK chatting with my 
friends little while. and after that had my lunch. then 
after one of my frined called me for smoke, we went out 
sometime post that again facebook surffing and watching WWE 
wristling i like to watch wristling.soon after around 
8:30pm i had my dinner at my sis home. and i came to my 
home at 10:30 pm.after i had chat with my girl friend till 
12:30am and after i went to sleep. this is how my 
yesterday. thanks
0 Ravi Basaboina
Yesterday was very pleasant to me. I got up at 7'0 clock in the morning and got fresh up soon because I had two marriages to attend, I planned very decently to go to each single marriage. I started at 9:30 A.M from my home to reach the first marriage at Kukatpally met my friends and from their directly I went to the second marriage which was at Bowinpally. And moreover, the climate was very cool to travel when compared to last 3,4 days.
0 Srikanth
Question   tell me something abt ur dream? Rank Answer Posted By  
 Interview Question Submitted By :: Harsha
I also faced this Question!!   ALL Interview .com
A small house of my own with happy family.
2 Murli
A small house of my own with happy family.And lots of money 
in account
3 Murli
Dream is the thing which begins with sleep and ends with 
sleep,it has no fact,so i dont believe in dreams i make 
things go in real...
0 Syed
i want always be happy wherever i do work. My dream is to 
be settle in good position.
0 Sridevi
I will earn money myself and whenever i use that good 
things then i will get happy.
0 Hai
hello friends,actually i have so many dreams.but i didn't
reach to that dreams of my best dream was i have to
earn enough money and i have to make my parents happy for
the rest of their life with out any sorrows.I always want to
see my parents and well wishers happy.
4 Sreekanth
my father is basically 4m a small village near tonw,wer he 
did his schooling,he use 2 come 2 school by walk 4m his 
village 2 school in town nearly around 5 kms,people 4m his 
village use 2 tease my father,y u r going 2 study, go & 
plough the land,they use 2 tease my father weather by 
studying r u ging 2 purchase a car,so my dear friends is i 
want 2 by car in my salary & 2 go ride with my father among 
the same village people is my dream,i think it become true 
within few years
3 Anand Roni
In my view dream is nothing but a sleep were we could 
achieve the things which not possible in daily life.
0 U Chandra Kiran
I want to live a life which i could get satisfied whatever
may be the position.
0 Laddu
I want to live a life which i could get satisfied whatever
may be the position.
0 Laddu
i want to be business tycoon. So this is my only dream. Now 
i am working for money but i want to change this formula. 
my dream is that someday money for me.
0 Kamal Ghanghas
I want to establish a school in my village to provide 
quality of education to the slum or poor  childrens.

If financial status doesn't permit me to meet my goal
 then i'll sponsor atleast a few childrens to be graduated.
0 Rakesh
0 P.v.prasannakumar
i knw tht all dreams not comes true so we should alwayz live
in reality but still its human nature ...i also hav a dream
i want to be a biz tycoon..n tht i knw tht my dreams comes true
0 Dolly
I want to be sucessful at any cost. I would like to see 
myself at good position so that i can be satisfy .
0 Anwar
i want to see always happy my parents and also looks me a 
good position when i get setifacton to myself
0 Priya
Dreams are colourful, but when dreams comes to our practical life to achieve, we should be active, confidence,dedication and hardwork........and most important thing is that our dream should be in positive way,and reliable to us.
0 Latha
My ultimate dream is to get placed in a good organisation and earn enough money to make my parents happy for the rest of their life because now its my responsible to take care of them.
0 Srikanth
Question   How do you work in a team situation? Rank Answer Posted By  
 Interview Question Submitted By :: Guest
I also faced this Question!!   ALL Interview .com
co-operation ,co-adination....easy moving
All the information required in a project  should  be co-
ordinated, coummunicated amoung the team people, to achieve 
accomplish the project at the specified time.
4 Meenu
I work for the company in the team but not for an individuals.
0 Laddu
I work for the company in the team but not for an individuals.
0 Laddu
listen to the superiors..
learn new things....
help each other..appreciate each others work..
create a friendly environment...make it a happy place to
work in!!respect each others opinion...
All of the above can be called TEAM WORK in 1 WORD
0 Ashwini.r
good determination, will power,co-operation,friendly
natureand dedication towards the work
0 Saffi
Question   when i went to a call center she asked me. where u want to see after few years? Rank Answer Posted By  
 Interview Question Submitted By :: Baba Bhai
I also faced this Question!!   ALL Interview .com
i would like to see myself in a higher post with the same 
company i am working for.
0 Monika Lal
i  would like to  see myslef working the same company 
consitently  and improve my  postion from a cal centre 
executive to  a opertaions  manager in the next two  years 
as per the companeies  growth cylce .

Regards & thanx
zakir hussain 
0 Zakir Hussain

0 Sunilkumar
Your anser should be like . after facing many challenging 
roles i want my position to be like a boss in all aspects 
were i can face any kindda situtaion and move towards my 
goal and this is not only after 5 years but for my full 
life term.
0 Sreekanth
I would want to see my self in ur position asking the same 
question to the other people professionals seeking for 
jobs...5 yrs downl the line, wud like to see myself in 5 
diff positions/levels, probly heading operations for this 
0 Faheem
Well., i belive in a steady progress, and if i would have to
imagine 5 years from now, then i would like to c my self in
a good position wher i can take up more challenges and to
make sure that i would make more positive contribution to
the companies ambition.

            Frnds never mention that u want to c in the HR
position or somethng else, that may lead you to a bad feed
back. Hope my answer and suggestion helps u ther.,
3 Chandu
I want to grow with the company and whatever comes my way i 
would take it in a positive manner.Since this is my first 
BPO job i would like to know more about the company,about 
the working process and master the process i m working on 
and try to learn as mush as possible each day.I believe in 
giving my best to whatever i do so i think the company will 
take care of my progress if they see the potential in me.I 
have never worked in a BPO before so i really don't know 
about the heirarchy there so i completely put it on company 
to take care of my growth.
4 Gaurav Rajgor
i want to see myself in a respectable position, intialy 
from executive to teamleader and hr........
0 Kranthi Nag
Top ranking in the companies.
0 Laddu
Top ranking in the companies.
0 Laddu
I want to be a major contributor for the amelioration of 
company's reputation.
0 Rakesh
being the part of bpo industries  after few years i want to 
see my self as good team leader bec the first posi is team 
0 Jitender Khera
answer of this question only for the 3 words
cubical to cebin
0 Amol
0 Harish Sharma
my zeal is to aim towards the hopes and enthusiasm 
towards my given responsibilities and goals will give  a 
practical proven example regarding my position within few 
0 Vinod
now im fresher and after few years  im an experienced and know everything about this company that how can i will be beneficial in giving the greatest reaturn which will be productive for the company and also providing better suggestion what to follow and what not to follow which the company promoted me for better position level and for the best salary .the result is that after few years i will see myself as a manager who priorited the best and only the best working enviroment and helping other to grow  fastly and efficiently that's all.
0 Nitin
i would like to see my self as a owner of this company or minimum as a shear holder
0 Basheer Imran
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