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Question   you have a computer with 80GB hard disk and ubuntu 8.04 is installed on entire hard you have to create a seprate partition for windows OS and install win XP as dual boot.write down the steps involved along with the commands Rank Answer Posted By  
 Interview Question Submitted By :: Ravi
I also faced this Question!!   ALL Interview .com
i have no ability to answer this qn.........
0 Md Shamsher Alam
Question   what is inorganic chemistry? Rank Answer Posted By  
 Interview Question Submitted By :: Dinesh.pahi
I also faced this Question!!   ALL Interview .com
is the study of non organic elements
0 Guest
Inorganic  is a branch of chemistry  that deals with the 
properties and behavior of inorganic  compounds
0 Jagadeesh Vanam
branch of chemisty which deals with organic  compound
.except carbon
0 Jeelan
Question   You have a computer with 80 GB hard disk and Ubuntu 8.04 is installed on entire hard disk. Now you have to create a seprate partition for Windows OS and Install Win Xp as Dual boot. write down the steps involed along with the commands. Rank Answer Posted By  
 Interview Question Submitted By :: Pratap Nayak
I also faced this Question!!   ALL Interview .com
leave free space and install windows XP and give boot loader
to ubantu . used free space for Xp
0 Kamran
If entire hard disk is given ti Ubuntu there is no space 
for XP. First install Windows else windows will overwrite 
MBR of Ubuntu. So first install XP. Leave free space for 
Ubuntu. and then install Ubuntu using free space
4 Ravinder Pal Singh
fdisk /dev/hda(sda)
m --> for menu
n-- to create a new partition 
t-- to set the partition type
l-- to list the partition type
p-- print the partition table
w -- write the partition table to disk

reboot the system and select the newly created partition and
make changes in the /boot/grub/grub.conf file
0 Mcmarc
Step 1:Check for sufficient disk space avilable for Windows
Xp Installation (use command df,fdisk etc.)
Step 2:Make a seprate Partition (use fdisk)
Step 3:Note the active partition no(number of the partition
where your Ubuntu already installed) it will need after
installation of the XP operating system
Step 4: reboot the system
Step 5: insert the Installtion CD in the CDROM. Install the
xp on the newly created partition in (Step 2).
Step 6: your system will only start in XP after installation
at this stage.
Step 7: Make changes in the boot.ini file (XP). Insert the
full path of the Ubantu Kernel of your system(noted in step
3).Editing the boot.ini is necessary because XP over ride
the MBR.
Step 8:reboot the system
Step 9: now you will see a menu to select the OS to boot
5 Shyam Nandan
first currept the boot loader of linux (some time it can be
done by window cd if not then currept the boot loader of
linux by using dd command ) then install window on free
space (if u have ) after instalation recover the boot loader.

                                    VINOD THAKUR
                                    ACL Wireless
                                    NOIDA sec-127
0 Vinod Thakur
call an computer expert omeddiately
0 Sanjay
put the xp cd in the drive
and then restart the system press f8 or f9
read the menu install the xp soft..........
in the harddisk kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
TRY IT..............................

                  ANZAL ABDUL AZEEZ
0 Anzal
step 1:first check the free space available for win  if the 
disk  there  is no space for win  then
step 2:
  insert floppy disk and partition  the disk 
step 3:note the current Ubuntu partition for next use
step 4:
then reboot the system 
step 5:
insert the Win Xp os cd in cd drive
step 6:install the win xp  on new partition 
step 7:
restart the computer
0 S.venkatesh
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