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 Federal Bank interview questions  Federal-Bank Interview Questions (10)  Federal Bank aptitude test questions  Federal-Bank Aptitute Test Questions (2)
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Question   federal bank clerk po interview questions Rank Answer Posted By  
 Interview Question Submitted By :: Goksr7
I also faced this Question!!   © ALL Interview .com
why should we hire u?
introduce u?
abt fed. bank
trial balance, balance sheet cloud computing
flip flop vs latch, cmrr (btech ec)
4 Goksr7
Question   Hi...I have got thru Federal Bank Written Exam. Does any one received any communication from Bank side about the interview details. Please let me know if u ppl receive it. I am also waiting 4 IOB final list....dont knw when thy r going to declare it. If any one receive any info plz share it on this thread. Rank Answer Posted By  
 Interview Question Submitted By :: Deepak.kherli
I also faced this Question!!   © ALL Interview .com
i am also cleared the exam,but i am not yet  received call
letter for interview.if u got letter please mail me

my email id;
0 Venkatesan
even i have not received any communication. Please do email
me if you receive it. 
my address is
0 Shivali
even i m waitng for the letter............ i ll mail to you 
if i recieve,,,,,, i beleive you also .... my id is
0 Muthu Prakash
Answer far as i know they will interview the candidates on 
the basis of rank in the written examination.please do in 
form me if any one of you receive any info.i too will do 
the e mail id is
0 Rajani Nair
Hi.. I am also waiting for the call letter for the
interview. I think they should email us the details also
apart from sending the call letter by post. If the call
letter is delayed in post then we can at least have the
information about time, date and venue from the email.

If you guys receive the call letter or email then please
inform me at
0 Sandeep Rawal
One of my relatives gave a call to the Federal Bank Office
to get information about the interview dates for me . The
bank officials said that the call letters will be send after
two weeks .
0 Rahul Mohan . G
friends please refer to rashmi's post about federal bank's
interviews. there have been news that the interviews are
going to be held in nov-dec..

I also have a suggestion let us all meet up on Orkut and
create a community there, so that we can share any and every
kind of information about the interviews,and also discuss
about our preparations.

Am sure if worked on it seriously, this will definitely
benefit us.

Shivali Parghi
0 Shivali
i v mailed to federal bank and they replied it will be sent shortly did anyone received it
0 Amrit
Hi Shivali,

Thanks for creating the Orkut community.
I think it will help all of us to share the information.

Keep on updating with latest info.


Deepak Garg
0 Deepak.kherli
Hai everybody
i also want to know about the interview date sothat i 
cleared the written test.Shivali said she created a 
seperate community for the ppl like us . Hw could i join 
it??I didnt take any preparations till nw.But i am very 
much tensed about that.This is my first interview that 
amgoing to attend.Where do ur preparations reach??
Any idea about the questions?/Any idea pls share...I am 
worrying about poor my language skills.What about u ppl???
If anyone interested this topic then we can make 
preparations in Language skills by online chatting...My id 
0 Smruthi
@ Smruthi..

Hey friend I have created a community in Orkut, In case you
are not a member of orkut you can create your account in it

Later you can search for the community named FEDERAL BANK PO
PROCESS and join it.

I welcome you in the community.

0 Shivali
Hi friends ...even i have cleared the exam in clerks and 
waiting for my call letter for interview..let me know when 
they will issue the same...pls share if u get..
0 Srinivas
Hi everybody . call letter  for interview will be sent to 
us in next two weeks.I gave a call to fed bank.

kindly be in touch with me at
0 Rajesh Ranjan
here is some useful info for interview

 What is Electronic Clearing Service (ECS)?
Ans: It is a mode of electronic funds transfer from one 
bank account to another bank account using the services of 
a Clearing House. This is normally for bulk transfers from 
one account to many accounts or vice-versa. This can be 
used both for making payments like distribution of 
dividend, interest, salary, pension, etc. by institutions 
or for collection of amounts for purposes such as payments 
to utility companies like telephone, electricity, or 
charges such as house tax, water tax, etc or for loan 
installments of financial institutions/banks or regular 
investments of persons.
What is the meaning of the word ‘Free’ in the lending rate 
Banks are free to fix Benchmark Prime Lending Rate (BPLR) 
for credit limits over Rs.2 lakh with the approval of their 
respective Boards. BPLR has to be declared and made 
uniformly applicable at all the branches. The banks may 
authorize their Asset-Liability Management Committee (ALCO) 
to fix interest rates on Deposits and Advances, subject to 
their reporting to the Board immediately thereafter. The 
banks should also declare the maximum spread over BPLR with 
the approval of the ALCO/Board for all advances.
(i) What are the ‘intermediary agencies’?
(ii) What are ‘housing finance intermediary agencies’?
An illustrative list of Intermediary Agencies is as under:
1. State Sponsored organizations for on-lending to Weaker 
2. Distributors of agricultural inputs/ implements. 
3. State Financial Corporations (SFCs)/ State Industrial 
Development Corporations (SIDCs) to the extent they provide 
credit to weaker sections. 
4. National Small Industries Corporation (NSIC). 
5. Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC) 
6. Agencies involved in assisting the decentralized sector. 
7. Housing and Urban Development Corporation Ltd. (HUDCO) 
8. Housing Finance Companies approved by National Housing 
Bank (NHB) for refinance. 
9. State sponsored organization for SCs/STs (for purchase 
and supply of inputs to and/or marketing of output of the 
beneficiaries of these organizations). 
10. Micro Finance Institutions/ Non-Government 
Organizations (NGOs) on lending to SHGs. 
@ Weaker sections include –
i)         Small and marginal farmers with landholdings of 
5 acres and less, and landless labourers, tenant farmers 
and share-croppers;
ii)	Artisans, village and cottage industries where 
individual credit requirements do not exceed Rs. 50,000/-;
iii)	Beneficiaries of Swarnjayanti Gram Swarozgar Yojana 
iv)	Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes;
v)	Beneficiaries of Differential Rate of Interest 
(DRI) scheme;
vi)	Beneficiaries under Swarna Jayanti Shahari Rozgar 
Yojana (SJSRY);
vii)  Beneficiaries under scheme of Liberation and 
Rehabilitation of Scavengers (SLRS);
viii)	Advances to Self-Help Groups (SHGs);
ix)	Loans to distressed poor to repay their debt to 
informal sector, against appropriate collateral or group 
Loans granted under (i) to (ix) above to persons from 
minority communities as may be notified by Government of 
India from time to time.
In states, where one of the minority communities notified 
is, in fact, in majority, item (ix) will cover only the 
other notified minorities. These States/Union Territories 
are Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab, Sikkim, Mizoram, Nagaland 
and Lakshadweep.
27. 	Whether banks can charge interest rate without 
reference to their own BPLR?
Yes. Banks are free to determine the rates of interest 
without reference to their BPLR and regardless of the size, 
in respect of following loans:
(i) a. Loans for purchase of consumer durables. 
b. Loans to individuals against shares and debentures/ 
c. Other non-priority sector personal loans including 
credit card dues. 
d. Advances/ overdrafts against domestic/ NRE/ FCNR(B) 
deposits with the bank, provided that the deposit/s stands/ 
stand either in the name(s) of the borrower himself/ 
borrowers themselves, or in the names of the borrower 
jointly with another person. 
e. Finance granted to intermediary agencies (excluding 
those of housing) for on-lending to ultimate beneficiaries 
and agencies providing input support. 
f. Finance granted to housing finance intermediary agencies 
for on-lending to ultimate beneficiaries 
g. Discounting of Bills 
h. Loans/Advances/Cash Credit/Overdrafts against 
commodities subject to Selective Credit Control 

What is the definition of net worth of a bank?
Net worth would comprise of Paid-up capital plus Free 
Reserves including Share Premium but excluding Revaluation 
Reserves, plus Investment Fluctuation Reserve and credit 
balance in Profit & Loss account, less debit balance in 
Profit and Loss account, Accumulated Losses and Intangible 
Assets. No general or specific provisions should be 
included in computation of net worth. Infusion of capital 
through equity shares, either through domestic issues or 
overseas floats after the published balance sheet date, may 
also be taken into account for determining the ceiling on 
exposure to capital market.

Whether banks can invest in fixed deposits of non-financial 
There is no prohibition on banks’ placing of funds with non-
banking non-financial companies under their Public Deposit 
Schemes. However, investment in the Public Deposit Scheme 
of such companies should be classified by banks as loans/ 
advances in their balance sheet and returns submitted under 
the Banking Regulation Act, 1949 and the Reserve Bank of 
India Act 1934.

What are the parameters to be adopted for identifying basic 
banking services? 
Banks have been advised to identify basic banking services 
on the basis of two parameters indicated by the Working 
Group, namely, (i) banking services that are ordinarily 
availed by individuals in the middle and lower segments and 
(ii) the value of transactions, namely, cheque collections 
and remittances up to Rs. 10,000 for each transaction and 
up to $500 for forex transactions. The indicative list of 
banking services includes services relating to Deposit 
Accounts (cheque book facility, issue of pass book / 
statement, ATM Card, Debit Card, stop payment, balance 
enquiry, account closure, cheque return - inward, signature 
verification); Loan Accounts (no dues certificate); 
Remittance facilities (Demand Draft – issue/ cancellation/ 
revalidation, Payment Order - issue/ cancellation/ 
revalidation/ duplicate, Telegraphic Transfer - issue/ 
cancellation/ duplicate, Electronic Clearing Service (ECS), 
National Electronic Fund Transfer (NEFT) / Electronic Fund 
Transfer (EFT); Collection Facilities (collection of 
local /outstation cheques, cheque return- outward). Banks 
are required to implement the recommendations of the 
Working Group on making available the basic banking 
services at reasonable prices/ charges and towards this, 
delivering the basic services outside the scope of the 
bundled products. 
What are the principles to be followed by banks in order to 
ensure reasonableness in fixing and communicating service 
Banks are required to follow the following principles for 
ensuring reasonableness in fixing and communicating the 
service charges - 
(a)     For basic services to individuals, banks should 
levy charges at rates that are lower than the rates applied 
when the same services are given to non-individuals.
(b)     For basic services rendered to special category of 
individuals (such as individuals in rural areas, pensioners 
and senior citizens), banks should levy charges on more 
liberal terms than the terms on which the charges are 
levied to other individuals.
(c)     For basic services rendered to individuals, banks 
should levy charges only if the charges are just and 
supported by reason.
(d)     For basic services to individuals, banks should 
levy services charges ad-valorem only to cover any 
incremental cost and subject to a cap.
(e)     Banks should provide to the individual customers 
upfront and in a timely manner, complete information on the 
charges applicable to all basic services.
(f)       Banks should provide advance information to the 
individual customers about the proposed changes in the 
service charges.
(g)     Banks should collect for services given to 
individuals only such charges which have been notified to 
the customer.
(h)     Banks should inform the customers in an appropriate 
manner recovery of service charges from the account or the 
0 Veena
hii this is ashish sharma i have also cleared d federal 
bank po writen exam plz let me join d community on orkut 
for tht and keep on sending information bout d recent 
updated and b in touch regarding interview prepration as 
well my mail id is and another id is
0 Ashish Sharma
hello dear frns.....i hv also cleard the wriiten exam of 
federal i hvnt got any call letter for interview 
from their side.......pls tell whn it will be send to us??
31st aug 2009.
0 Manasvi
I come to know that FEDERAL bank has started sending call 
letter for interview in southern area (Kerala)
If any one has received than please tell./
0 Deepak.kherli
hi frns. cleared the written exams but waiting for the call
letter of interview.dont know anything but i heard that they
r sendin the call letter on the basis of ranks in written
plz if anyone gets any info plz share it 
my mail id is
plz let me join the orkut community also
0 Piyush
hi deepak
will u plz tel me the questions u faced during ur IOB 
0 Veena
Dear friends please do not go with unconfirmed sources that 
they are sending call letters with rank in written test.I 
personally talked to federal bank PM department.They told 
me that the date of interview is not confirmed yet.Once the 
date will be confirmed they will start sendng it. On 
october they will take chill and start 
Rajesh Ranjan
0 Rajesh Ranjan
Hello Frnds

This is a pakka news dat they have started sending call 
letters. But as per rank i dont beleive but as per region i 
do agree. 
Question i was asked in IOB 
1)why Bank :  and they asked many question from my answer
2)How u will add value to Bank
3)What is Bank
4)How banks help in Economy
5) Two question were from Economics which i cudn't answer 
and simply said that i m Engineer. Even I not remember 
question properly was Diiferential Rate and 
other was Financial Inclusion
6)They asked have u taken education loan.

Beleive me i was a simple chat and pannel was very cool.
They not expect every answer.

Thanks and good luck
Plz share any info if u get abt call letter 

Deepak Garg
0 Deepak.kherli
guys now i got to know some have recieved the call 
letter........ for some felows its on 22nd sep...... lets 
hope we ll recieve soon
0 Muthu
deepak did u clear that interview @iob

abt federal bank i d mailed them on 2\09 and they replied me they l post call letters shortly
0 Amrit
hi frnds..
this is amar from hyderabad.. i got cleared federal bank
written exam and waiting for call letter. i fany body got
information please inform me to my mail
0 Amar
i also hv cleared written xam..of didnt got letter or email..i m frm delhi region..if any 1 frm this region has got a call..plz inform email id
0 Gautam
hey me 2 got selected fr federal bank...n i'm awaitin the
uco bank p.o interview rezults..if n e 1 get call lettr plz
inform me...on y federal bank
selected more tha 2500 candidates...whtz d called out ratio?
plzzz tell if n e 1 knows
0 Sandy
guys i got call leter a day back and my interiew is 
scheduled on 14th this month in kochi marine drive 
branch......... if any one attending for same please do 
contact me....... 
0 Muthu
hi i too got selected in written test.i have'nt received 
interview date.this is my 1st interview.does anyone know 
wat ques will bw asked in the interview?
0 Shailaja
Hello My Dear friends,

I'm Dinoj Abraham Mathew, from Calicut. I'd been successful 
in the written test of Probationary Examination. I've 
received my call letter for the interview today. The 
interview is on 23rd September at Federal Towers at Cochin. 
My email id is or call me at 

God bless you all...
0 Dinoj Abraham Mathew
Hi dear friends,
                I got the call letter two days back. My 
interview is on September 26 , 2009 . For queries contact 
me at or 09886109110 -


Rahul Mohan .  G
0 Rahul Mohan . G
Hi Dear Friends,

I am Ravikumar from Bangalore. cleared clerical 
preliminary. I have not received any communication from 
federal bank regarding my interview. Do let me know if 
anyone know when they scheduled the same for Bangalore 
region. Also anyone of u got idea about the clerical 

My e-mail Id:


Pranavam Ravikumar
0 Pranavam Ravikumar
hi everyone...
this is ritu banerjee
i have also cleared the written exam of federal bank
pls suggest me how to join the orkut community created by u
guys and do keep me posted
will b very thankful
my email id is
0 Ritu Banerjee
Hi... i too cleaed the exam and got the acll letter 2 days 
back.. My Date of Interview is 18th september...
m really new to this Bank PO tests n interviews.. Can u pls 
help me.. i dunno how to prepare for the interview.. If 
anybody can help me pls mail me the details to

Thanks in advance..
n Best wishes...
0 Deepthi
Hi 2 all...
 i'm from cochin.i just saw this site, while searching 
interview preparation for fed bk..2 of my friends hav cleared 
test..their interviews are on 17th and 19th.Dont worry, this 
is a very genuine news.
0 Varma
my interview on 14th sept,in marine drive branch.... 
kochi... is there any one got on the same day .... or on 
13th or 12th..... please do contact me....
0 Muthu
Hi... I have also got through Federal Bank written exam from
the bangalore centre. Can anyone tell me when are the
interviews for the candidates from bangalore? I havnt
received any call letter yet
0 Anujay
i m also from bang zone and i guess it l be in october
my no is 9886012223 and i stay in bsk 2 stage
0 Amrit

Hi Amrit,Congratulations for clearing the exam...pls ping me
if u get the interview call letter... i will do the email id is
0 Anujay
hai  every one . i got innterview call letter, it is on
0 Glitcy
Dear Friends
is anybody from kolkata centre have idea about interview 
schedule? has anybody got the call letter yet? plz reply in 
this thread or mail me
0 Rajesh Ranjan
hi i phoned to federal bank office they told me that call 
letter will get in the end of september if you have any 
ideas about interview questions plz tell me this is my 1 
0 Varsha Jamdar
hi varsha 

r u from kolkata centre?? i know many questions about 
interview. b in touch with me in given mail id.
0 Rajesh Ranjan
i am from chennai zone.anybody from chennai zone got call
0 Venkatesan
I have also passed the Federal Bank Po Exam and waiting for 
the bank's reply. If anyone get any news plz do contact me.
0 Shouvonik Bhattacharjee
Hi shouvnik

are u from kolkata centre? I am from kolkata centre. kindly 
be in touch with this e-mail
0 Rajesh Ranjan
Hello Friends... I'm back after the interview today at Cochin... It was a good experience for me to attend the interview.. Questions were based on my profession, designation and my job area... 

Email me :
0 Dinoj Abraham Mathew
Two questions - 
1 . I'm from Bangalore and am awaiting the interview call.
Did anyone from bangalore got the interview communication.

2.Is the salary offered same for freshers and experienced ?

s jain
0 S Jain
hi friends. i got the call letter for the post of clerks in
federal bank. my date is on 10th nov. hope you all prepared
0 Archana
Hi Folks,

I also have appeared for the Federal Bank PO exam from
Bangalore Centre. I got the call letter for Interview. It is
scheduled on 4th Nov in Bangalore.

My mail id is
0 Mahesh
i m frm pune and i received the call letter..interview is 
on 11th nov.
0 Gaurav
hi gaurav, me also from pune, my intrvw is also on 11th, 
Bandra kurla complex at 9 am.
let us share how u r preparing for it? also do u know how 
many openings it has?
my id is
0 Veena Deshpande
hi ppl, i am frm CHENNAI. i got my P.O interview date as 
ppl who hav finished interview are requested to please help 
others by posting the questions in this link or in the 
orkut community "FEDERAL BANK PO PROCESS" creted by our 
batchmate shivali. Shivali is requested to start a forum 
named "INTERVIEW QUESTIONS" so that others can post their 
questions n suggestions to those who are about to attend 
the interview.
0 Prasanth
my intrw got over yesterday
the qustions were based on educational quali + work exp if 
u have
wish to go out of state or nt
wat is the difference betwn parliament and leg assembly
wat is priority lending
the amount of total reserve of all banks with rbi
no of banks in India
asked around 12 qestions in 15 min
all the best
0 Veena
I got interview call from FEDERAL BANK and my interview date is 23rd nov
0 Sami
Hi Everybody, the results of the interview has come... 
Unfortunately, I missed an opportunity to serve in Federal 
Bank. Congrats to everyone who had qualified...

0 Dinoj Abraham Mathew
hi friends,
i applied for federal  bank exam. so plz say me how to prepare and how many section and wat r they. if possible send model questions friends
0 Tharani
Hi friends..... I also have cleared Federal bank written 
exam for clerical post. I also haven't received call letter 
for interview... Plz inform me if anyone receive the call 
0 Lekshmi Unnikrishnan
Got thru the written test and waiting for the interview 
plz do share the info if any one knows..
0 Pranavi
Question   Hi i am rashmi.I cleared Federal bank PO written test.Please help me for interview and what will be ask in interview. Rank Answer Posted By  
 Interview Question Submitted By :: Guest
I also faced this Question!!   © ALL Interview .com
hi rashmi

could you tell me question pattern of federal bank po exam

i am preparing for it.

4 Jay
hi rashmi i hav also cleared federal bank PO written can u 
pls give ur e-mail id i am kanika from hyderabad
2 Kanika
Hi, I'm Rajeswari. I've also cleared Federalbank Written
test. I'm from chennai.. can you mail me at
0 Rajeswari
i have also cleared Federal bank PO written test .. did u 
gals have recived d interview call letter????????
0 Garima
Hi All,
have any one receive any letter from Federal Bank? I yes
than plz tell, i haven't receive it till nw.

come together and i beleive it will help all of us to crack it.

Thanks & Regards 
Deepak Garg
0 Deepak.kherli
HI All,

No I have not recieved the call letter for the interview 
till now....if i get it will suerly the way 
how r u guys preparing for d same?

0 Kanika
Hi..i am too have cleared Federal Bank PO 
Written exam..
Spoke to the recruitment dept of the bank. they said they 
havent yet despatched the call leters. so we will have to 

My id is 

lets share the interview Qs.
0 Reshma
hi all,
I have cleared the federal bank po exam. I havent received 
call letter yet. Please let me know how when you get call 
lettrs and also how to perpare for the interview
0 Sangeetha
hi everyone,
i m 2 cleared federal bank po held on no email regarding interviews...does any one 
of u hv any idea dat wen it wud b held???my email id is    if u find anythng rite frm 
interview details to interview questions,plz mail me at my 
0 Shubham
Hi all,

 im sudeep too cleared federal bank written test...what
is the possible date, that we may receive call letters...any
0 Sudeep
iam latha i too got shortlisted for federalbank po interview.
i haven't received the call letter if any one get the call
letter please post u all r preparing for
interview?please post here,so that it will be helpful for

0 Latha
Hi I am Suman. Can you please guide me in preparing for the 
interview of federal bank.
0 Suman Nayyar
Hi I am NITIN . I also cleared Federal Bank PO exam .

I had lost my application printout and also the link on 
website is not present.

Kindly anyone send his application to my mail , , so that i can make changes in it 
for my application..
Kindly mail me soon....

Also plz mail if anyone receives interview call letter
0 Nitin
Hi..This is Srikanth, Shortlisted for Federal Bank PO
Interview.Working For Mascon Global .I am  waiting for the
call letters as you Folks .I just called up The Recruiting
Department of FB.They informed me that our Interview wil be
scheduled on October Month Onwards for the Bangalore
Zone.May be this is the Probable answer..I insist you guys
Call them an Post the hot news in case if you got to know any..

Lat me start Posting Basic Interview questions Probably I
think they might ask few of these..LOL

Tell About Yourself???
Why Banking Domain??
Family Background??
Tell me something about Recession?? what are the reasons,,
impact on Indian economy,,??? What Measures you insist to
get rid of recession...Bla bla??
How was your job?? Roles an Responsibilities?? 
What do you Know about Federal Bank??
Which Bank in India You think is the Best??
what is Gdp??
Shares?? Stocks ?? Income tax??
what do you do to save Tax???
Why Did You Choose Amrita School?? (Since I studied in
Amrita Bangalore?? Why Btech ?? Why Engineering ??
Anyways You Coming to banking Domain..Dont You Think You
repent Doing Engineering ?? (..Yes I repent a
lot!!!!!!!!..Hahhaha..Who knows How many Recessions would
come in future ??.. I think Banking Domain is safer..!!What
do You guys say??
My Head Is breaking...  Its Now your Turn .. 
If you Know any Banking Interview questions ..Or You already
got shock during any probationary officers Interview..
Please Spend Some time and Post some Shocking Questions ..

All The best !!!! 

Thanks and Regards,
0 Srikanth H
i cleared it too, i contacted federal bank HR department and they told me that there is a financial audit going on and after that they will conduct the interviews around october-november.
For preparation as far as i know from successful candidates of bank po, read banking as much as possible. prepare also for financial market, regulatory bodies etc.
Besides this general questions like "tell me about yourself" "why banking" "why federal bank", current affairs
you should keep in mind that interview is conducted by banking personnel, they hardly know much about BTech, BA, BSc, and you are their for banking job too right, hence banking questions will be in focus. 
buy some good books on banking for any help contact me on
hey if anybody received the call letter plz tell me the date  of interview
0 Varun
Hi all,
I too cleared the fedpo. Does anyone know where the 
interview will be conducted for bangalore zone 
candidates....and also mention some good books on banking. 
0 Sangeetha
hello friends, I am Shivali and am from Ahmedabad thus
coming under the Mumbai zone. Guys do u have any idea as to
whether all the interviews will be conducted at a single
location or at separate locations according to the test

also would like to share some questions for interview..

1. Are u ready to relocate??
2. what do you think of sales& marketing?
3. where do u see yourself 5 yrs down the line in the same
4. why federal bank?
5. why should we select you?
6. give a brief of the indian banking sector. 

friends please share if you get any information regarding
interview dates,locations or any other communication made or
received with/from the bank.

Shivali Parghi
0 Shivali
I also have a suggestion let us all meet up on Orkut and
create a community there, so that we can share any and every
kind of information about the interviews,and also discuss
about our preparations.

Am sure if worked on it seriously, this will definitely
benefit us.

I have already created a community in Orkut in the name of
FEDERAL BANK PO PROCESS. I invite you all to join. Please do
join lets share information so as to increase our chances of
getting selected. Lets build a strong network.

Please do join friends.

Shivali Parghi
0 Shivali

I Admire your effort to Create Orkut Community. I guess you 
got long hands to accomplish a great task. Thanks for Your 
Initiative.Orkut is banned in my office. And I request you 
not to deviate folks from this Blog.

All Interview Blog is Transparent and easily accessed by 
Google search. It will be Easy for New Users to showcase 
their comments. I Request you to stay with This Current 
Since You are the owner of Orkut Community .You really 
deserve the Punishment .LOL..(No hard Feelings PLS..).Its 
Your Job to Copy all the Recent News and Questions whateva 
Posted in Orkut Community to This Valuable blog. 

Thanks & regards,
0 Srikanth H
If any one Know Websites for Basic Finance and banking 
knowledge. I request to post the links of various sites and 

Thanks & Regards,
0 Srikanth H
some probable questions

basic banking terminologies..

some questions can be:

1. what is BPLR?
2. what is CRR?
4. what can be the different products for banking?
5. what is sme? and what is priority sector lending?
6. give a brief of indian banking sector?
7. what are RBI's roles for the indian banking sector?

these are some of the questions...

If a candidate has undertaken any kind of project/internship
at a bank(particularly MBA's) then questions regarding that
can also be asked. 

some other could be related to marketing and cross selling
of products..

one tricky question can be what do you think of Sales &
Marketing as a part of your job profile?

what do you mean by commercial banking?
what do you know of the Indian banking system?
Why do you think the Indian economy survived the
recessionary trends?How much was our country's banking
system responsible for it?

some questions can also be asked regarding financial markets..

what are primary and secondary markets?
which are the regulatory bodies for Indian financial markets
why do you think our stock markets crashed to a level of
8000 after touching a high of 21000? 

what is Repo rate?,reverse Repo rate,Bank Rate
0 Shivali
How many vacancies r ther for federal bnk pos.. if anyone 
has the list pls post it oon this thread
0 Sangeetha
hi iam anoop  i got selected for thr interview for po and 
got the  call letter for interview today mine is on 3rd 
0 Anoop Mohammed
iam latha.iam from hyderabad.i didn't get the call letter.
can u tell me where is ur interview venue and u r from which
place.did u get it in speed post...

Latha R
0 Latha
hi everyone..m aparajith ..i too cleared th po exam held on 
the 28th ..m from chennai..i still havent got the call 
letter keep me posted regarding ny email id 
0 Aparajith
hi  iam anoop i am from trivandrum and my interview is on 3 
rd october and it is at trivandrum
0 Anoop
Hi ALl 
I cleared Federal bank Clerical exam
Can anybody say what is the question pattern for interview??
pls reply for my e-mail id .
When is the interview date also??
I am still waiting for intimation....
0 Blessing

Any one in chennai got the interview call letter for 
If so please respond when and where the interview?
0 Babulreddy

I am Sree.  I have not cleared the written test for PO. But I know the qns that would be asked in interview. If anyone wants them please drop a mail @ sree[at]
0 Ms. Sree Rajagopal
sree ,

i hope you are not joking!!!!

Send to ma id

Thanks & Regards,
Srikanth H
0 Srikanth H
Answer email id is give me a
guidance to PO interview questions.What are the various
ranking for bank employees?
0 Athirarc
Am SmruthiMadhavan
Anybody is there worrying about there communication skills
We can develop that skill thru chatting
I hav opened a community in Orkut named ""interview helper""
thru which we can share our ideas and which will helps to 
develop self confidence...
Anyone interested am inviting u..
Study ,Enjoy And Help Eachother thru this community
0 Smruthi Madhavan
hey m nityasri..even ve cleared fed po...plz do temme how u 
guys preparin...i seriously ve no idea as to wat l b asked 
in d next round...if u guys get to know sthn..lemme know..n 
plz do tel if someone receives d call letter
0 Nityasri
hey i recieved my interview letter 2day. the info is available on the site too.
best of luck.
0 Jatin
Hi everybody out here i am a PO in federal bank joined the 
bank only 5 months back, you'll can mail me at for any queiries i'll try my best to 
help you'll out in a way i can...!

All the best to everyone out here..!
0 Mitesh Puri
all aboyt ur personality and ur weak and strong point....
0 Guest
does any 1 know what actual time dis whole process wil take.i.e, interview in oct 2011, then results after how many months ?
and please share any new news wid me @
0 Akshay
HI All,

I am Arvynd, and I also cleared it.
I am from Hyderabad and do let me know when you guys get the
interview call letter.

0 Arvynd
hiii i m dheeraj i hav also cleared the exam can u help me just send ur email
0 Dheeraj
i have cleared federal bank po 7 i got a letter.
i think the question will be same as in PSB.
i have faced 6 po interview & one thing is common in all.
For detail mail me at
0 Vivek Jha
hi rashmi this is vyshnavi i have also cleared written and GD for PO post in federal bank ....and im having my PI on 23rd can u plz share any details regarding PI and hw do i need to prepare  for it !!!
0 Vyshnavi
Question   When result will declare of FBL PO exam..?? Rank Answer Posted By  
 Interview Question Submitted By :: Shikha
I also faced this Question!!   © ALL Interview .com
Result of written test conducted
on 16.03.08 for Recruitment of Probationary Officers is 
published on 11th June 2008. Logon to 
and cehck out the results...
0 Psm
Question   I want to know about the marketing aptitude topic which i have to prepare for federal Bank probationary Exam.I want to know how i prepare it and from where i get the sufficient study material for exam. Rank Answer Posted By  
 Interview Question Submitted By :: Rahul Gupta
I also faced this Question!!   © ALL Interview .com
please let us also know about this exam as it is very 
difficult to find about it.
0 Shikha
For marketing aptitude, no dont need to prepair.These are 
symple questions to check your attitude towars the banking 
indutry. Answer all tje question positively.All the best.
0 Renny
the test is a consisted of 5 parts-basic aptitude
which is a very simple test having high school
maths,financial  awareness,banking,general awareness n
psychometry test
0 Indu
i want to know about the marketing aptitude topic which i 
have to rerare for bank of baroda p.o exam .please gve me 
sufficent knowledge about it.
0 Kshirod Rana
some sample questions........hope it will be helpful

1. In ‘Double-win’ strategy-
(a) Customer gets an additional benefit
(b) Customer gets price debate. 
(c) Both customs and the sales person come out with sense of satisfaction
(d) Both (a) and (b)
Ans: (b)

2. Consumer behavior, ‘Perception is a process through which 
(a) a consumer make ultimate purchasing
(b) a consumer is satisfied
(c) a consumer’s mind receives, organizes and interprets physical stimuli
(d) Both (a) and (c)
Ans; (c)

3. Sales forecast implies
(a) an estimate of the maximum possible sales opportunities present in a particular market segment
(b) an estimate of sales, in physical units, in a future period
(c) Both (a) and (b)
(d) Neither (a) nor (b)
Ans: (c)

4. In advertising for ………… is not allowed on T.V
(a) Liquour
(b) Cigarattes
(c) Both (a) and (b)
(d) Neither (a) nor (b)
Ans: (c)

5. A theory states that no matter how efficiently goods / services are produced, if they cannot be delivered to the customer in the quickest possible time it is vain. 
This theory is called
(a) Quickest the best
(b) Instant service
(c) Service on time
(d) Timely effort
Ans: (b)

6. Entrepreneurs find direct marketing the attractive because of 
(a) Investment is low
(b) It doesn’t required specialized skills
(c) Returns are quick
(d) All of the above
ANs; (d)
0 Vishnu
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