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iNautix Interview Questions by Category

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Hi All, I have three question. 1) How to remove the header and footer in a flat file in informatica? 2)How to load the first and last record of flat file into the target? 3)I have a Input and Output table. Input Name Salaray Month A 100 Jan A 200 Feb A 300 March B 400 April B 500 May B 600 June Output Name Salaray Month A 100 Jan A 300 Feb A 600 March B 400 April B 900 May B 1500 June How to implement and get the ouput as mentioned above. If Possible kindly provide the SQL query also. Kindly any one help to implement this concept. Thanks, Pradeep Csc  3  854
Display the total debit counts, total credit counts, sum of total debits, sum of total credits from an employee's transaction table (a single table) containing the following columns. Transaction_number Transaction_amount Transaction_date Transaction_type --> tells if the amount is a credit or a debit. As the query alone is important, the table is left with specifying just the field's name. Pls help me with this query.    3  930
How do we eliminate duplicate records in a flat file without using Sorter and Aggregator?    6  3134
In Flat file Input is A B C I need output like this A A A B B B C C C. How will u achieve this?    5  1690
In Flat file, I need Header, Footer and No of rows in Last column. How will u achieve in Mapping Level(With out using Session Level Property)?    1  1264
how to join two table?    1  939
sample code for read a 2nd record from last in flatfile how can do? What Is Your Personal Carrier  4  1613
What are the Input and Output Context Operators.    1  1571
Shall we connect to the oltp systems directly .,    2  1228
diffrence between command task and control task    1  1465
Write a query to get last 10 records from the table.    7  3217
How to load last 10 records of flat file in to the target?    5  3380
i have 5 session (s1,s,2,s3,s4,s5)i want to execute first 4 session after 5th session how will you do?    6  1778
How can u know the current date using jcl? Wipro  2  3265
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