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emc2 Interview Questions by Category

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why universal motor work on ac & dc both? EMC  1  1275
How do you initialize a class member, class x { const int i; }; GB ROAD,, BANGLA NO 64  7  1109
What is Difference between Comprehensive AMC and Non- Comprehensive    2  9134
how many new transformations are introduced in 8.1 which are not available in 7.1? any new transformation in 8.6?    2  988
In SCD type 2 if we had select date range. then suppose we had inserted today's date(eq. date is 30 aug 2010) then start date will be today's date(30 aug 2010) what will be the end date,we cant leave it blank? Congnizant  2  1362
In update strategy t/r we had given dd_insert condition & in session we gave delete condition . Then what will happen? mapping will run ?    2  1466
suppose we have 1 to 10 records.In router transformation we had given two condition A>= 5 A<=5 then what will be the output?    2  1511
Precompilation ?    1  862
What is conditional Compilation? Hcl  3  1300
Polymorphism with an example? Accenture  8  3031
What is Hashing and how is it done? Pictorial form? Vipro  2  1984
Write pseudo code for push in a stack?    1  1973
What is difference between #define and const?    3  1638
What is difference between new and malloc?    7  1777
What is difference between function overloading and overriding?    1  1585
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