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Wipro Interview Questions by Category

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what is the difference between reserves & provisions and accumulated reserves & surplus Neel  1  497
what is the difference between BE and BTECH??    1  544
what is surcharge on which purpose is used please explain    1  443
what is Smart identification    1  588
what is indian income & foreign income    1  356
How we can set the password length in linux?    1  1124
Please give some Examples for Change Requests in SAP SD? Wipro  1  836
1. how Product Cost Collector Works? 2. What are the master data for MRP? 3. In a production order without making goods issue, i should not be able to do goods receipt. How do we do it? 4. i have one particular part 'A'. it is available in two storage location X & Y. when i run MRP, I don't want MRP to consider stock that are available in storage location Y. what should be done. 5. for in-house production, planned order are generated & for external procurement purchase requisition. i want, system will go in external procurement to a particular vendor. what is the setting? 6. what are the problems you faced in MRP?    1  722
Assignment # 1 Print the pattern given below using single printf statement XX XX XX XX XX XX X X X X XX XX XX XX XX XX Assignment # 2 Print the pattern given below using single printf statement (please do NOT use the string function below) 0 909 89098 7890987 678909876 56789098765 4567890987654 345678909876543 23456789098765432 1234567890987654321 Wipro  2  696
Your project got delayed by 40 days and you have to keep it back.what steps you would take.    3  2007
what setting Item category TAS makes generate automatic Purchase requisition in third party sales L  4  1021
Can we use parameters of parameter file in presession command    1  1372
There are 4 source files which contains same metadata create target that should display the file name along with record please send answer with mapping    3  1362
Given a string write a program to print all alphabetical characters in the order of their occurance first,followed by the sum of the numeric characters then followed by the special characters in the order of their occurance. College  1  495
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