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Wipro Interview Questions by Category

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What is SOAP, UDDI and WSDL ? Network Company Wipro Tcs  2  8666
Query to get max and second max in oracle in one query ? Wipro TCS Cts  32  27522
Types of caching ? Microsectechnology Wipro  1  2078
About DTS usage ? Wipro  2  2321
wipro ask the queation from software engg,the question was water falls method? Sasken  2  2187
How do You Test Application with having any requirement and Document? Wipro Keystones  2  2454
what are the different types of SDLC? Value Laba Intel Middle East Bank I Link Tcs What Are The Water Fall Life Cycle Cybage What Is The Best Mathodology In SDLC. Wipro Difference Between Rad And Vmodel Advantage Of V-model IBM  36  120954
what is the difference between ArrayList and Vector Sasken KPIT Cummins Span Infotech Satyam Difference Between Hashset And Treeset In Java Kpit  19  26880
Design a Transmission Gate based XOR. Now, how do you convert it to XNOR?    1  3181
Give the truth table for a Half Adder, Give a gate level implementation of the same? Infosys  4  4502
Suppose you have a combinational circuit between two registers driven by a clock. What will you do if the delay of the combinational circuit is greater than your clock signal?    3  1267
How many types of action clases are there in stuts and their uses? Wipro  14  28142
What is maximum size of a database in MySQL? BASTION COUP None Nm Wipro CIS  13  20008
Create a PHP web script with the following attributes: on start, three HTML form elements are shown: an string input field, a checkbox field, a dropdown/pull down list with 5 elements and a submit button. On submission, the form should be redisplayed (while remaining all options/inputs as the user has selected/entered them). Additionally, the selections/inputs of the user should be displayed in text. Please solve this without the use of any external libraries. Wipro Wipro  1  1626
What is the use of friend function? Difference Between Static And Constant In Php? What Is Vector In Php? Use Of Friend Function 1>we Use Friend Function When We Want To Share Same Function For Two Different Classes 2>we Use Friend Function Function When We Need To Declared A Functi  7  16853
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