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Wipro Interview Questions by Category

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can you give the dynamic polymorphism types?    2  154
#include <iostream> using namespace std; struct wow { int x; }; int main() { wow a; a.x = 22; int c = a.x; int *b = new int; cout << c; return 0; } option: No output 0 22 -(11) Will not compile Wipro What Is The Output Of This C Program?  1  1041
#include <iostream> using namespace std; int main() { int a = 2; int c[5][5]; for (int x=0;x<5;x++) { for (int y=0;y<5;y++) { c[x][y] = x*y; } } cout << c[a][c[1][4]]; } Tcs  2  1003
Finding of the 4 larger (bigger) numbers from the list like{1245,4587,2145,1163,29987,65783.....}    1  560
write a program to enter a string like"sunil is a good boy and seeking for a job" not more than 10 characters including space in one line,rest characters should b in other line.if the next line starts from in between the previous word,then print whole word to next line. Netizens' Latur  0  248
what is data hiding.    3  1398
What is virtual Function.    1  847
what is main difference between object oriented object base Wipro  2  946
what is the difference between javap and jad utility    1  1566
what is the function of 'this' operator ? Wipro  7  7976
What is the correct syntax for inheritance? 1) class aclass : public superclass 2) class aclass inherit superclass 3) class aclass <-superclass    6  3647
What does the code "cout<<(0==0);" print? 1) 0 2) 1 3) Compiler error: Lvalue required Ists  15  3941
what is the main difference between c and c++? TCS Sanjeevni Institue Aztecsoft What Is The C Micro Soft Ibm Sd ZeOmega ORACLE No Gdfj Ibm Khalsa Institute Of Management Technology PTU Hemant None I B M Itm HCL In My Mind Sathyam Wipro In Ibm Cmc What Is The Concept Is Not There In Java A  386  377331
how to create thread in java? Infosys Wipro  16  5335
Tell us about yourself. Sutherland, Wipro, Franklin Templeton Sutherland Global Services Tcs Wipro Ibm What Are Your Weak Points Rofous Amazon Infosys Tell About Your Self? Tcs Wwwwww Rofous Silgate Tcs Hcl  47  67312
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