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Wipro Interview Questions by Category

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what is software?    6  547
Given a string write a program to print all alphabetical characters in the order of their occurance first,followed by the sum of the numeric characters then followed by the special characters in the order of their occurance. College  1  543
#define f(g,h) g##h main O int i=0 int var=100 ; print f ("%d"f(var,10));} what would be the output?    1  572
say the following declaration is correct nr not. int b=a,n=0; Wipro  4  604
why Language C is plateform dependent Scimense  3  1092
how to multiply two number taking input as a string (considering sum and carry ) Wipro  2  991
which operator is known as dummy operator in c?    2  1572
how to use virual function in real time example Wipro  1  525
how to go with this?    1  403
wat is the difference between array and pointer?    4  819
what is void pointer? Wipro  1  842
write c program without semicolon Mindtech Wipro Tcs  11  2263
Write a program in C to print the alphabets in order as on a mobile phone.i.e:When 2 is pressed once 'a' prints and if it is pressed two times 'b' prints and so on.we have to print all the alphabets as on mobile phone like this.    1  1270
Method Overloading exist in c ?    3  1382
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