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Wipro Interview Questions by Category

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Consider the following code fragment: int main(void) { int m = 4; mystery ( m ); mystery ( m ); printf("%d", m); return 0; } What is the output on the monitor if mystery is defined as follows ? void mystery (int m) { m = m+3; } Wipro  2  683
What is size of a empty class? WIPRO TATA ELEXSI  6  2687
how to explain our contribution in the project? Yahoo! Wipro  0  181
What are Binay tress and B trees? Diff between them? Wipro Wipro Gate  8  4061
Write the program for fibonacci in c++? Tatacompany Fibonacci In C Use Class With Output That Display The Fibonoce Using Recursion Function (hint Fibonoce 0,1,2,3,4,5,8) Write A Program That GCE Of Two Integers Using Recursion Write A Program That Add Two Integers Write A Program That A  18  18210
write program for palindrome W.A.P That Accepts A Number And Find How Many Zeroes Are There Wipro Csc GE Temenos HCL Hcl To Print A Triangle Of Stars Palindrom Vipro Write Programme For Exponential Series Infy Amazon Amazon Aricent Syntel Write A Program To Open A File In Read  81  130815
difference between c and c++? Info Wipro Infosys Infosys Oracle Assam Sarva Shiksh Abhijan Mission Cognizant What Is Pharmacy? Ibm What Is C What Is Html Infosys  38  86784
what is data Abstraction? and give example Hcl Qbit American Expression 123 NIIT PACT Tcs Ibm Wipro First Advantage Mind Link It Aadithya Infosolutions Microsoft Googel Infosys Html Oops What Is Data Abstraction Collage Data Abstraction Hh Explain The Data Abstractiom CMS Data Abstr  143  110305
what is importance of data sturture in a programming language? Tcs Wipro  21  13570
What is the Maximum Size that an Array can hold? Adobe Futuresoft TCS HCL Infosys Wipro  55  30880
what is the order of initialization for data? Wipro  10  7385
Difference between static global and global? Wipro Microsoft  15  14736
What is the difference between a copy constructor and an overloaded assignment operator? Citrix Wipro Belzabar  3  11311
What are the differences between public, private, and protected access? Ibm  11  14617
What are the differences between a struct and a class in C++?    6  4115
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