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WIPRO Interview Questions by Category

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Can we have a function Overloading with same number of arguments but with different return types of function Wipro  8  4706
1.what are components of querystdio and report studio and cognoss connection? 2. how to use prompts in query studio? 3.what is lock and un lock objects? to test the re[ports in query studio? to use brust option and when? 6.what is the performance testing? 7.condition explorer whaen your using? impromptu how do you create cascading prompt? 9.diff between section and group? 10.types filters where you are using group filters and tabular filter? 11.tabular model, tabular references ,tabular set , tabular sql? 12.what is the use of multi[le packages? 13what types of problems arise when create a join? to provide package sequirety? server components? many kinds of quality subjects? do you specify the joins? would you maintain the relations in frame work manager? 19.what is usage of segments and how to provide it? 20.governer settings in frame work maneger? to create filter in frame work manager? 22diffrence between represention layer and physical layer? to create prompts in frame work manager? 24.what errors occured when verify the model? to publish package in net work or local system?    1  1768
what is primary key,unique key, foreign key? can u teach me in simple language? Keggfarms Every Conpany Hcl Wiprow Wipro Tcs Cts Tcs Infocics Skyess Tcs Tcs What Is Join And How Many Joins Are There In SQL Server Joins Sunraisesolutions Websynergies Websynergies Websynergies Bank  44  129360
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