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 Value Labs aptitude test questions  Value-Labs Aptitute Test Questions (1)  Value Labs technical test questions  Value-Labs Technical Test Questions (7)  Value Labs placement papers  Value-Labs Placement Papers (4)  Value Labs interview questions  Value-Labs Interview Questions (58)
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what is the difference between hot backup n rman backup?    1  2844
what is the purpose of catlaog in oracle rman?    2  772
How many scripts do you write per day. What is the average number of scripts you have written in your recent project Aaa Sdjlk Century Link  1  2117
write a program to find the largest and second largest integer from an array    2  2737
write a method for an array in which it can display the largest n next largest value.    1  1028
change to postfix a/(b+c*d-e)    8  998
Two trains 200 miles apart are traveling toward each other along the same track. Two trains have the same speed 100MPH. A bee is hovering just above the nose of the first train. It buzzes from the first train to the second train, turns around immediately, flies back to the first train, and turns around again. It goes on flying back and forth between the two trains until they collide. If the bee's speed is twice the speed of two trains, how far will it travel?    1  2259
Reasoning 1,2,4,13,31,112,?    3  870
Difference between data structure and data base. CTS  5  4442
Value labs Placement paper (Jan2010) Ongc Mat Value Labs  5  6487
Let us assume there is a web-table, In this web table we have no.of Rows and Coloumns , in a Row/Coloumn(like 3*2 i.e 3rd row 2nd coloumn)is a weblist , in this web list we have almost 6links , then we click anylink a new window will activated! How can we write the script for ?? in QTP    1  739
how to connect qtp to qc. what are the steps ?    1  1973
Diff. b/w DataReader and DataSet? Avon Global  8  4504
Can u tell me example for virtual objects?    2  2664
main() { extern int i; i=20; printf("%d",i); }    1  2309
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