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 UHG technical test questions  UHG Technical Test Questions (3)  TCS aptitude test questions  UHG Aptitute Test Questions (5)  UHG interview questions  UHG Interview Questions (40)
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whether postpaid telephone expenses can be taken under prepaid expenses when advance payment made by a/c payee cheque for the month of march. Uhg  2  659
Hi guys, please design a job with derivation(solution). write exact conditions. My requirement Source table emp_no qualification 1 a 1 c 2 a 3 c 3 b Target table emp_no qualification 1 b 2 b 2 c 3 a Here every employer have three qualifications i.e a,b and c. what ever source table dont have some qualification, that will be move to target table. Like above. Hope u get the point. Thanks.    4  1029
in a certain group there are two families red and brown;search for mahindra satyam for this paragraph UHG Tcs  2  1076
14%of 14000 is equal to Uhg Cts Tcs  10  1548
the successive discounts of 15%,20%is equal to ? Uhg UHG Uhg  3  1175
i have 500 testcases there,how to perform the Regression testin nad retesting?    2  1991
i have 500 testcases , how to perform the regression testing    1  1014
function can return multiple value?how give give sample coding Uhg Uhg Cts  1  3345
what is heath care process and how does it work? Agarwal Eye Hospital Uhg  2  2064
There are 80 coins, among them one coin weighs less compared to other. You are given a physical balance to weigh. In how many wieghings the odd coin can be found. UHG Cts Lenovo  7  3351
what are the main differences between keyword driven frame work and data driven frame work?    1  1664
how to override PROC? please give answer in details. Please mention how to write it in JCL. Thanks in advance. Sintel  6  2883
if one main program ,n -subprograms are then which call you follow ?why reasonuhg    4  1746
How many types we can give input to JCL    5  3218
Hi, If a catolog proc has another proc in it, both have ddnames dd1 and dd2. what proc will override if gave override parameter. Here both have same step names.    2  1025
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