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 Tavant Technologies interview questions  Tavant-Technologies Interview Questions (11)
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last week i attended tawant technologies. it may be useful for for u. i could not remember every qustion and answer. . 1. verfification is a. r we buliding the sys right? b. r we buliding the right sys? 2. regeression tetsing a. always can be done automation b.unchanged areas have not been affected c. changed areas have not been affected. 3.Equalent class partition is a.white box tetsing technique b.Black box tetsing technique ........ box .............. 4.arrange order unit testing,integartion, validation, sys tetsting 5.debugging is a.testing activity b. developement activity c........ d......... tetsting a. bullet prooof...... wrapped s/w b....... 7.smoke testing a..... 8.defect managent tool does not conatin a. b. 9. sys reliability a. 10.user accceptance tetsing is done by a.tester b.developer c.end users d........ 11.which is not static testing technique a.walk through b.inspection c. d. 12.wat is diff b/w? if the s/w isdeveloped by other country if the s/w isdeveloped by ur country? a.culturtal diff b. re allocation resources. ctrl pf process d........ plz go through these topics.....i am not able to rememeber every qusetion and answers. sorry let me know u ahve any questions.u can add here extra questions.    3  1399
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