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What is the maximum length of a table name, database name, and fieldname in MySQL? Internet Mojster Accenture Pioneer Solutions Dreams And Ideas ANIT Solution Pvt Ltd. One Of The Software Company In Chennai  2  15285
The average salary of three employee is $950 per week. If one employee earns $1150 and other earns $650, how much will third be earn?    13  2529
If a card punch operator can process 80 cards in half an hour How many cards can this process in 7hr30min?    5  2282
In a certain company 20% of the men and 40% of the women attended the annual company picnic.If 35% of all the employees are men . What % of all the employee went to the picnic?    8  2841
A man owns 2/3 of a computer service buroue business and sells 3/4 of his share for $75000.What is the value of the business?    4  2179
During a given week a programmer spend 1/4 of his time preparing charts,3/8 of his time for coding,rest of his time for debugging the programs.If he had 48 hrs during the week how many hours did he spend debugging the program?    3  1621
In a computer tape library there are two racks with 40 tapes per rack.In a given day 30 tapes are in use . What fraction remains in the rack?    6  2007
From its total income a company spent $20000 for advertising, half of the remainder on bonuses and had $6000 left.What was the total income?    3  2181
A 16 story building has 12000ft on each floor. Company A rents 7 floors and company B rents 4 floors. What is the number of square feet of unrented floor space?    8  2522
If a 12 shell cupboard requires 18 ft of wall space then how much wall space would a 30 cup shelf require?    8  2207
A boy multiplied a number with 10 and got 100. If he divided it by 10, what would be the answer?    19  4156
TISL PLACEMENT PAPERS -------------- Placement Paper 10    1  2155
TISL PLACEMENT PAPERS -------------- Placement Paper 8    1  1705
TISL PLACEMENT PAPERS -------------- Placement Paper 6    1  1622
TISL PLACEMENT PAPERS -------------- Placement Paper 5    1  1609
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