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TCS Interview Questions by Category

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why we are declare the function in the abstract class even though we are declaring it in Derived class?    1  324
How can i write a code in c# to take a number from the user and then find all the prime numbers till the number entered by the user. TCS  4  917
who is the father of OPPS Tcs  4  1672
#include <iostream> using namespace std; int main() { int a = 2; int c[5][5]; for (int x=0;x<5;x++) { for (int y=0;y<5;y++) { c[x][y] = x*y; } } cout << c[a][c[1][4]]; } Tcs  2  1016
can you give real time example for polymarphism Tcs  5  1823
Which keyword is written to use a variable declared in one class in the other class?    5  2144
What is the difference between Home and $Home?    2  1107
Out of 4 concepts, which 3 C++ Follow? Write A C Program To Find The Name That You Entered Is Male Name Or Female Name? Tcs  1  1661
What is memory leak and memory corruption?    1  1660
What is the difference between pass by value,pass by pointer,pass by reference in the catch block in the exception handling in c++ Tcs  1  1213
Child cObj = new Parent() Wahts the output ? Patni  8  2253
What is the expansion of OOPS? Tcs  24  6225
Why static Function is used in C++?    4  2357
What is operator overloading? Give Example Tcs Ibm Tcs  11  4338
What is the main difference between C++ and Java    11  3004
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