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TCS Interview Questions by Category

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In incremental loading using Mapping variable if session failed with any of reason in the middle of process. is the Mapping variable remains constant or change? Tcs  1  742
how to send unique records to one target and duplicate records to another target by using dynamic lookup cache????? please explain me briefly///(when we use this we look up on which target unique target ya duplicate target) Cognizant Yes Hp  3  1126
how you will maintain version?    2  600
In Joiner Transformation, how to identify the master and detail tables if one is from Oracle and the other is from Sybase.    2  1301
After a load is done to my target table, I need to insert a last row, which might be formed at some expression transformation and brought to target. Do I have to have separate mapping to be run after the 1st mapping? Or in a single mapping how to achieve this?    3  1056
How we will implement Pushdown Optimization and Types in Informatica with better examples    4  1535
What is the difference between Bulk Load and Normal Load    3  1513
Can we create out put ports in source qualifier t/r?    5  2147
What is workflow variable? When we use workflow variable? Can any one explain me with one example???    2  1922
Session S1, S2, and S3. In the session S3 I want to load every Saturday. How it is possible?    1  1795
What is best approach to load 100 different source files (Different structure) to differet target tables ? Tcs  2  1813
What is CHECK-IN CHECK-OUT. Please explane me?    2  1452
Can anyone briefly describe abt audit table loading?    1  1228
Can we call a stored procedure from a unix script which is run using command task    1  1093
what is the flat file partition and where have to specify it    1  1217
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