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Syntel Interview Questions by Category

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why you have chosen to pursue a career in HR    1  285
how to check URL using QTP? write vb script with descriptive programm only?    1  640
1)Declare array with five elements a[]={8,4,6,2,1,10} Print minimum and maximum no from array. Infosys Syntel  1  801
There are 3 jars containing two types of round marbles. One jar contains only red marbles, one jar contains only blue marbles and the third jar contains a mix of both red and blue marbles. Although the jars are labeled “red”, “blue” and “mixed” – all the jars are mislabeled. How many marbles would you have to pull out, and out of which jars, to find out how to fix the labels correctly?    1  1114
QTP Data Table Having 10 records with 10 to 15 fields(lets say).now i want to get alternative records from datatable.pls can any one answer it?    2  1581
How to Write the RESTART Logic Using COBOL? GALAXE L Syntel  3  2927
Can anyone please help me out,In which transformations records will be rejected and how capture those records?and How to reload the rejected records?    3  1774
Can anyone tell me the new features in Informatica 9 Version?    2  1476
Can any one describe what is audit table briefly?how does it look like and what are the columns in it?    3  1413
Can we insert and update a target table without using update strategy transformation?How?    3  2495
why 2 rectifier is used in smps? Infosys  4  2018
How to update the simple views?give me example?if the table having 100 records and created a view on this table. if i can update the table then how to update the views Syntel  2  1430
when we debit any party in our account?    7  1761
(53/3)r=(15)r ,find the value of r? Hcl  6  1066
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